100 thoughts on “Hanging File Box // How-To

  1. Great video and project Bob! In my experience, the green 3M painters tape prevents finish from bleeding better than the blue tape.

  2. Dress this up a bit [like he said with handles and stain] and it makes a great! wedding gift. Tell the newlyweds it's for the important household papers [old taxes, insurance stuff, etc.]

  3. You've really got a knack for doing "how-to" videos. Not everyone can do it well but you explain and show everything very well.

  4. You should try "fine line" tape in the future, it's an extra step but you will get nice clean lines that way without the clear coat step first

  5. I like this project but the paint job really bothers me because it's uneven (i know it's supposed to be that way but still) but great job tho

  6. It looks great! And so much more pleasing to the eye than plastic! Wood is much better and I love the colors..

  7. You should use your CNC to make an aluminum stamp with the I like to
    make stuff logo, then build some sort of heating element to attach to
    the bottom so you can make a custom burn-in wood stamp. Not sure if
    that's what they're called, but it would be awesome.

  8. Do you think you could do a few more videos with only basic hand tools? I would love to make some of the boxes and other things you've made, but I only have a simple toolbox from Walmart (it was a christmas gift) and no space for any kind of powered tools (I do have a drill though). I can't find any videos of hand tool projects, and the ones that I have (from The Wood Whisperer) use stuff that I can't quite invest in yet. I love all your projects, and would be thrilled to see some that lean towards those of us without the awesome tools you've got (i.e. apartment dwellers).

  9. Well done mate!. There is something usually grind my gears: Protect with tape part of the box and cover with paint, when you remove the tape there is always a thin line of open paint, and i don't know how to make it disappear

  10. You could also cut the tops off of folders and then put pieces of paper that look like files in the folders. Glue all that together and then put secret stuff under there

  11. Hey man, I've been looking for a DIY racing wheel stand and it would be really cool to see your version of a wooden one because I don't know how to make one. Thanks!

  12. hey you know they sell those at the 99 cents store!! lol love seeing nice simple, useful projects! keep up the great work my friend! '

  13. Your channel is the reason why I want to buy a house so, I can build stuff.
    I loved the box. Making your own stuff gives it a special meaning.
    Thank you 🙂

  14. Like your videos a lot! It's not my business and all, but I keep wondering whether you're making a living just off this, or do you have a not related daily job?

  15. I learned carpentry due to your video.
    Thank you. Ask for more video!
    Oh, and it reduces the studio very much. lol

  16. I built something similar for a friend but used aluminum flat stock from the home center for the rails. Just routed a stopped dado into the sides and cut the flat stock to length, then they slide right in but can also be removed should he want to use the box for something else in the future.

  17. masking tape over the gap in the saw insert makes a make-shift zero clearance insert….probably not the best but it works and is basically free. Love the vids, Bob!

  18. The secret to getting a good line with spray paint (It even works with the plain white masking tape) is to go over it and let it dry a couple of times and it fills in the gaps that the bleed forms.

  19. Love the paintjob and there is no way we're buying some plastic box… we like to make stuff here. Let em know Bob! 😀

  20. Suggestion for paint bleeding under your masking tape: I use a 4" flexible putty/drywall knife to go over the tape edge. It generally gives a good seal to the surface. Looks like the fingernail and clear coat method worked pretty well on this one though.

  21. I see you've put french lyrics on this video ; did you learn french or just Google Translate and other methods ? Nice video by the way 🙂

  22. just be careful that as you make the box bigger how much weight is going to be in it. Don't make it so heavy you cant lift it.

  23. i thought this channel died but it was just the youtube glitch that unsubscribed me…can't believed that i only noticed after 5 months

  24. hey bob, So I have a pretty extensive CD collection in my car and as my collection grows it gets harder to fit them all in the container between the driver and passenger seats. It would be super cool if you could come up with something that would make my CD's easily accseable from the driver seat and hold alot of CD's with the cases on them. Thanks man! i love the vids!

  25. Don't need a box but your method is helpful for turning a deep drawer into a hanging file folder one.

  26. 5:01, Bob says he only used the table saw, but on 3:04 he used the mitler saw. Not complaining Bob, just mentioning a point….awesome project by the way, Nice but unusual paint job….

  27. Great video, appreciate all the suggestions at the end at how versatile the box is and the different ways to make it.

  28. You can just buy a plastic one at the dollar store, to all of you who thought that🤐 (that means shut up, see he it she has their lips sealed)

  29. Haha! “Yeah. You could, but that’s not really what this channel is about.” That was great, and always needs to be your closing statement. Totally dig all of your projects.

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