Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

(deep breathing) (panting) (electricity arcing) (panting) (rustling) (distorted growling) (yelping) Alyx! Alyx? I am here. So what’s the plan If we can get this weapon, what we’re doing here could
change things forever. (suspenseful music) There’s no straight shot to the vault. (electricity arcing) I’m gonna head inside, find a way out. Got it! I’m with you every step of the way. You’re gonna need a gun! Don’t worry, it’s unloaded. (glass shattering) It’s unloaded now. (gun reloading) (primal growling) (beeping) (banging) Combine chatter’s really picking up. They know you’re coming. You need to get out of here, now. Approaching target. Exposing hostile in three, two, one. (gunshot) (beeping) Oh, God. They’ve got Dad. They’re gonna find out what he knows and then they’re gonna kill him. All this is my fault. I never told you. I couldn’t, I’m so sorry, baby. You will not save him. Alyx Vance alone cannot prevent his fate. Close your eyes, honey! (suspenseful music) (footsteps falling)

100 thoughts on “Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

  1. actually i would have liked if they remade half life 1 or 2 with this VR not seperate game… like bruh 90% of us dont even have vr to play…
    this is literally marketing so fans would buy VR

  2. Doom 1993: Alotta people had to upgrade PC graphics card to play
    Quake: Alotta people had to upgrade PC graphics card to play
    Half-Life 1: Alotta people had to upgrade PC graphics card to play
    Half-Life 2's: Alotta people had to upgrade PC graphics card to play
    Half-Life 3: Alotta people have the option to get a (300$-1000$) vr headset, but of course there probably mods to let you play on–

    "VALVE GREEDy aAND WaNT biG moneYis!"

  3. i am so excited that a new half life game is coming out, but im so sad that its on vr, VR is sick and this game looks amazing, but im a little poor gamer that probably will never be able to play this. still i am excited for everyone else that can!

  4. Okay but really, are we going to talk about how promising this game looks? I mean there are some VR Shooter games, but none of them feature this degree of realism. Just imagine shooting an enemy with your own hands and them dying in a realistic way, that's just a whole another level of immersion. Not even to mention the physics puzzles that will most likely be in the game, and VR is like made for playing around with physics. I probably won't buy this at launch, but I am still excited to see what this will mean for the future of gaming.


  6. Just in time for freemans mind season 3

    Im sure people won't complain that alex's thinking voice sounds like freeman XD

  7. Creepy, gmans glowing eyes in the dark are wide open, but as soon as he comes out of the dark his eyes loosen like a normal human

    Thats good creepy detail XD

  8. To people legitimately unimpressed just because it's in VR: Your puny existence is hurting the videogame and virtual reality markets, even if just by an insignificant ammount… go away.

  9. Thanks Valve. Us regular people, the majority, your biggest fans from the old half life days who cannot afford VR and/or a supercomputer, will not be playing this. Thanks for a shitty move. I wish I could be more positive but I can't.

  10. Valve has stated that this is their first re-entry into the Half-Life universe and will be building more Half-Life. This is how they're rebooting the series and Half-Life 3 is in the works. Imagine if they remade HL1, HL2 and all the episodes. Making it a package like the Orange Box to prepare us for HL3 and for the ones that haven't had the pleasure of playing any of the originals. That would be insane.

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