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  1. Great-grandmothers are a wonderful thing. I wasn't able to meet mine, but the stories my family tell paint her as a kind-hearted, straight-talking, no-nonsense woman. The documentary that you have created to tell your great-grandmother's story is wonderfully heartfelt and truly amazing. This is so lovely!

  2. This left me with an ache in my heart but in a good sense. My grandma is the most amazing woman I've ever met. She fought in the war for her country as young as 14 years old. She transported guns and messages in her skirts up to the mountains for the revolutionaries. While young, she faced up to one of the most violent military men in the country (known for liking to torture young girls) when he kicked her in the back and said: "That didn't hurt." I was lucky he found it funny and let her go, I guess 😂.
    She then continued to be badass by doing things like confronting her armed abusive husband while pregnant with my mother and say: "Bitch, you better not shoot, I have big plans for this little one," and when the dude put the gun to his head instead she said: "You can shoot yourself but not with my gun. Let me step out, so people see me and don't accuse me of your murder."
    She participated in the campaign teach everyone in the country how to read and write and went on to work in the Ministry of Labour, focusing on women all over the country.
    She's full of stories and impressive moments. I hope to one day write a book about her.
    She's now battling breast cancer but… she wasn't diagnosed with cancer, cancer got diagnosed with her. He ain't living through this.
    Absolutely love this video, Hannah. Your grandma sounds like an amazing human being ❤️

  3. This was such a sweet tribute. Your grandma sounds like she was a wonderful woman. And it's so nice that you and your family are all so close. I'm close with my Aunts and Uncles and their kids. It's great. Sadly all of my grandparents and great grandparents have passed on. Family is truly one of the most precious gifts.

  4. Made me think of my great-grandma, she was illiterate but smarter than all of us. I only knew her for the first four years of my life, but she was also the glue that held my extended family together and thankfully it kept being that way for decades. I hope to be that for my future family as well.

  5. Hannah, this is a beautiful tribute. It reminds me so much of my family. I’m fortunate to know both my great-grandma’s and much of my extended family. My paternal great-grandma lived to be 100 and died when I was in middle school, she was sharp until the end and the sweetest lady. My maternal great-grandma is still alive, she’s 95 and unfortunately, her memory is going but I still see her as much as I can and she is the most loving, funny woman. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your family with us!

  6. This is everythiiiiinggg hannahhhhhh!!! I want to do this about my great grandma! She was an actual icon in my hometown

  7. I think this was a record of shortest video that made cry. I miss my grandma everyday, this documentary speaks to me is so many levels, so beautifully done!

  8. Wow, I didn't know you had German roots. One of my grandfathers lived in Suhl and the other is called Heinz. Funny coincidence!

  9. This was so lovely! 💛
    I think it's amazing to learn about ones own family history. I never met any of my great grandmothers (or -fathers) but I love to hear stories about them from my other family members.

  10. this brought a (few) tears to my eye. as someone who constantly lives in thanks for her own Jewish Great-Grandma (who we called GG), this was so very special to see for everyone to understand the importance of the older generation. thank you for sharing hannah, it is beautiful.

  11. My grandma always took me to the zoo when I was little. I can still see us going around whenever I eat a certain kind of ice cream. She always had her nails done and hair up.
    She's still alive and now I stop by hers whenever I'm in town. She keeps my favorite tea in her kitchen so she has something for me when I'm with her and there's always biscuits. She tells me I'm too thin and that she's proud of my achievements. She never needed a man and she's happy to show me that I'm loved. She's getting older every day, she tells me about her past and how she grew up abroad with her grandparents and how she was a prankster and a boyish child. She hums songs and asks me if I know them. She thanks me every time I call her – and I do call her regularly. She's so kind of I love her deeply.

  12. Thank you to you and your family for sharing Grandma’s story and celebrating her life with us! This video was beautiful, well wishes to you and all your family 💕

  13. This made me cry, I feel like my grandma have got on with yours

    I would really love to look through my family history, I know lots about my mums side but it’s still really interesting and cuz they had 12 kids other people seem to love hearing about it all and all the stories and stuff of having that many people all together, we are all still really close and take all the time with seems crazy since there is 34 first cousins, I’m really lucky to have that though

  14. This was lovely Hannah , reminded me of my Jewish grandma who passed away a couple years back. She loved to feed anyone, wether they were hungry or not !

  15. Wow this is lovely! So sad I never got to meet any of my grandparents. Hope I might one day become one who can tie a family together like that

  16. Wonderful video! This reminds me a lot of my own family. My 'grootmoe' has 4 daughters, 7 of 10 grandchildren are women and 6 out of 8 great grandchildren are girls. Going strong!💪🏻😍

  17. Watching Leah and Hannah have identical eye contact and body language patterns sitting opposite each other was hilarious! Like they were in a mirror!

  18. I think this is one of the most sweet things I ever watched. It made me remember of my grandmother and all the memories I would like to have. I think is beautiful of you to make this, not only for the future wonen of the family, but for all of you amazing women now. I'm not crying, you are. Loved loved loved. Thank you for sharing your adorable Grandma with us.

  19. This is a great piece of work, Hannah. I am sure your daughters (or sons, in case you break the tradition) will enjoy it greatly.

  20. Really random and totally not the point of this video its just crazy to me your Aunt had two daughters Alanna (my name down to the spelling) and Shauna (what my mum wanted to call me)! Gotta love co-inkydinks!

  21. That's a beautiful way to honour your grandma! It sounds like she was a very happy woman who lived a full life. And a long one. Interesting that your family always has two girls. I didn't even know you had a sister.

  22. Omg. I can relate to this whole women only family. My grandmother is an only child, she married a man who had only one sister. My grandparents then had two daughters, each daughter had 3 daughters. Now myself and my cousins wonder if we will have 4 each. 😂 I'm nearing 30 (am the oldest of the girl tribe haha), no kids yet (neither for my sisters and cousins), but hoping soonish. I'm definitely sure it will be a girl. 😂
    Coincidence or not, we're also of Jewish descent (but from my grandparents' fathers so not transmitted, and also they baptised catholic just in case as born in 1939).

    The only great grandmother I knew was my grandfather's mother. She lived till 95 and I loved her to bits. She was so sweet. And my grandfather is now 90, today. This video made me feel so grateful. Thank you. ❤️

  23. I loved this so much, thank you Hannah for sharing this with all of us. Made me tear up in the end. I never knew my great grand mother, but I'm lucky enough to have two loving grandparents whom I love spending time with. This made me realise though, that I don't have nearly enough pictures or videos of them. Going to change that in the future.

  24. What a lovely video, you're lucky to have all shared such a wonderful woman. I sadly never knew my paternal grandparents and my Nanna died when I was 5 but I love hearing about them and recently found some home videos with her in that was lovely to see. <3

  25. Hannah, this is a masterpiece. It's touching and funny and cute and honest and truthful. It has all the makings of a true masterpiece. Well done to everyone who was a part of this.

  26. Your grandma reminds me of my “Aunty May”. She was my dads aunt, she couldn’t have children so she collected them haha. I was like to have her and my Nana among many strong (but each in their own way) female role models. I miss her greatly!

  27. I love this, I was actually smiling throughout this video. My granny passed away this year as well. We were really close. Sorry for your loss Hannah 😕 I think this video is very beautiful way of preserving memories of your gran. Keep well

  28. I'm honestly crying a bit. This is so incredibly lovely. I think about all the time how lost and jumbled my family history is and how unattached I am to it, but this was truly inspirational.

  29. This was a beautiful video! Your grandma sounds like an amazing woman. I lost one of my grandmothers about 6 years ago and I miss her every day. She was also an incredible woman. She was also the glue that kept the family together. ❤

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