GRAFFITI in Rust? Spraycan model | Rust update 14th February 2020

GRAFFITI in Rust? Spraycan model | Rust update 14th February 2020

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly jet of Rust development foam, but first! make sure to slap the subscribe
button and shoot up the notification bell in case one day it decides to work.. No harm
in being future proof eh? So what do I have for you this week? Well,
those of you with still functioning memories may recall that many moons ago I showed you
an idea for a spraycan in Rust, that has been in CONCEPT LIMBO ever since… But just within
the last 24 hours (as I write this) it resurfaced in an animation posted to Twitter.. Now I do have to emphasise firstly that this
is still just an idea, and that just because we’ve got some new footage of it, doesn’t
mean it’s moved any further forward.. But it is an interesting prospect.. Also, exactly what we’ll be able to do with
it, if and when it ever moves out of CONCEPT LIMBO, is still unknown.. Will it be something
for freestyle graffiti and Banksy-esque adventures? Or just a tool for reskinning certain large
objects such as boats or building parts? If it was for graffiti could you use it to camouflage
your base? Could you tag bases you’ve already raided? would you have to wash it off with
buckets of water with more being needed the longer it was on there? What would the aimcone
be like? And should it really be called Rust-Oleum instead? So many questions, and I guess we’ll just
have to wait for answers.. I like what Ser Winter suggested on Twitter,
high vis paint like they use to spray dead kangaroos with, to show they’ve been checked
and are definitely dead.. Although that would only apply in Rust if we were actually able
to play dead, with a ragdoll key or something.. LIKE I’VE SUGGESTED A BILLION TIMES ALREADY..
Plus it would be good practice for when you do actually die a few moments later.. I wouldn’t get too excited though, It’ll probably
end up just being a boring tool for re-skinning.. But we can always hope eh.. Further to last week’s video about the MINIGUN
model, which I showed you as being in the works.. I have heard rumours – and they
are just rumours – that not only will we be able to hold it in our greasy mitts, but
possibly also mount it on things… Does that mean Scrap helis, turrets, cars?? Really not
sure at the moment but I’ll tell you when I find out.. Talking of cars, much work is still going
on, with many commits relating to the vehicle lift, a video of which was posted to Facepunch’s
Instagram as far back as September last year.. Seems this will be an electrical item, but
how we’ll use it, where we’ll get it, how big it’ll be and where we’ll find the bits
to build cars is all still an unknown… There was also a fix in the commits for everyone
in any seat trying to hold the steering wheel, shame, that could have been fun.. Work on HDRP continues of course, with this
week’s commits seeing much improvements to caves and mines along with better blending
between terrain and underground entrances.. plus some upgraded cave textures.. There’s also a new ‘branch’ to optimise the
foliage grid The next iteration to Farming is also still
being moved forward, with the small planter becoming a default BluePrint to help farmers
get their hands dirty early on. There’s the sprinkler system of course as mentioned before,
a composter, fertiliser, and now DUNG? What kind of dung exactly? Will we be making
this ourselves or?… Now this could open up a whole pile of possibilities.. Dump your
thoughts for me in the comments below Talking of dung.. A new version of Unity – 2019.3
– is out, and Rust is being moved over to it I think, although of course there are always
little wrinkles to iron out so I’ll update you on progress as we go.. In the meantime
and if you’re that way inclined I’ll leave a link to the release notes in the description.. Finally there were some new more helpful messages
added to show you what you’re doing wrong when trying to place a building part, such
as when trying to build in a prevent building volume (including monuments), when building
too close to another building, and when trying to build in an area where you do not have
building privileges, you silly, silly player… Join me over on Twitch where I stream three
times a week, and please consider funding my habits on Patreon like these amazing folk
on the right here.. You can keep up to date with my content also on Twitter, Facebook,
Discord and my Steeeeeam group and I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep
calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

100 thoughts on “GRAFFITI in Rust? Spraycan model | Rust update 14th February 2020

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  2. Just imagine a huge Zerg group driving around in scrap jeeps/trucks with miniguns strapped to the tops with a gunner, oh lawrd

  3. Like the cars, minicopters and scrap helis should be crafted to balance the vehicles. what would the point of building a car be if you can just ride a horse for free (or a few pumpkins) which isn't limited to roads and are pretty fast. not just horses, the helis that just spawn on roads are going to be alot faster to get to locations and are currently free to get and relativity cheap to operate.
    Tldr : Cars would be pointless if you need to craft them, limited to roads and slower than helis.

  4. They could make a lighter that you can add as an extension to the spray can for a cheaper flame thrower maybe.
    Also, you could use the lighter to light campfires and similars.
    Whatcha think about that?!

  5. ………….. Art……….. ART…………. AAARRRRTTTTTTTT……………… I better be able to do Graffiti Art…… because I love art and have even been complimented by my teachers for great art………. which I love making………. I will love doing this.

  6. I think itd be mad if you can custom own tags and it can go through the market and clans get their own tags they can apply to their bases

  7. i wish they would make it so meat attracted bears and wolves, you could also make so u could bait dear with corn. i want to trap a bear.

  8. IF they will add an minigun it will need electricity to operate because in real life it needs electricity to run motors that spin barrels and load bullets into the firing chamber – M134 minigun

  9. Are they ever going to say when this game is coming to Console? Because I’ve been waiting a while and I thought I heard it was supposed to be early this year but so far nothing.

  10. I play rust since January 2017, i have 5000 hours now and I got the conclusion that the game was a lot more fun in 2018. It's the time for me to uninstall it for good, because I have a 3k$ pc and i still have a lot of frame drops, lag spikes. And they are adding instruments, spray cans, and other ussless things instead of makeing the game better and optimaizing it more. I'm not saying that they don't, but instead of adding more ussless content, maybe you will work more on bugs and lag. It took like 3 months (correct me if i'm wrong) to fix the ,,see trough cargo ship''. (sorry for my bad english)

  11. I'm getting kinda tired of rust getting more "modern" with things like miniguns. People are already on t3 within 2 hours of a fresh bp/map wipe, this is just going to make the chads and sweats that much more dominant. I just want modular cars =(

  12. They dont enoughmake of the new items craftable, for example, mini choppers, you should have to find the parts to craft one, slow the progress down a bit, cause now its, spawn, kill bear, craft low grade, loot everything in heli. easy. too easy.

  13. I wish they would add a warning/timer on your screen to show when you're hostile and cannot enter the bandit or outpost. please facepunch :(.

  14. i can imagine a guy going around drawing german political pinwheels and male organs as well as the vulgar word for a reproductive verb

  15. Im pretty sure i read on reddit or whereveritwas, that someone requested to be abel to sh*t, and use that to throw on other players, exp: door crapping. Enyways, i would love this to be implemented, im pretty sure Pubg Players would be really interested to tryout Rust if that get's implemented, as they for some reason love dung. -Brownhole

  16. the fact that its says highly flammable on it. Maybe its going to be a component for a new component based explosive.

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