Google Glass: How to pair your Android phone

Google Glass: How to pair your Android phone

Glass needs to connect to the internet to
complete setup. In order to do that, Glass needs to pair with
your phone. What is pairing? It means that Glass is connecting
to the internet by sharing your phone’s data connection. Make sure you have Glass on your head for
this step. Look at your phone. Click the pair phone and
Glass button. In just a few moments, you’ll choose your
Glass from the list of Bluetooth devices. You will see a passkey. Look up at Glass to confirm that the passkey
matches. Tap on the Glass touchpad and tap pair on
your phone to finish pairing.

23 thoughts on “Google Glass: How to pair your Android phone

  1. Google glass please come with reasonable price I am thinking of 300 to 500 dollars okay, please do that and you will succeed 🙂

  2. On the simulated Glass display, it says "pair with nexus 4" but that phone is a Nexus S. I'm such a nerd for noticing that and commenting about it.

  3. Very much needed for new Google Glass Explorers that are just getting started this week. 
    #googleglass   #glasshelp  

  4. Glass is just a mini-screen and a camera with a bluetooth conection! 🙁
    Nothing new 🙁 It's just how they integrate it in the "world".

  5. hey is there a way to get these for free or cheaper because i really love the idea but i could spend a very VERY long time just to get these and will the work in Australia ? thank  ^_^ # love everything about google glass yay

  6. I have an idea that will make millions… So people hate google glass cause it is heavy and I hate it becuase it is basically a whole computer. My idea is that it will not be a computer and the rest is kinda the same. You are going to take out the voice commands and put in notifications. I wanted to buy a smart watch or a fitbut just to get notifictation. I would so much rather have something on my glasses to see the time and phone notifictions via bluetooth or even better wifi broadband for range if you dont have you phone and you in your house. If swipe a notification away on your phone it will be swiped on google glass (my version). Google glass will just be something you can set up to easly see notifications, time, or even weather. This is manly for android unless you make more complex for apple.

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