Gnar vs Riven Matchup Guide [ACTIVATE SUBTITLES FOR INFORMATIONS] – How to play vs Riven as Gnar

Gnar vs Riven Matchup Guide [ACTIVATE SUBTITLES FOR INFORMATIONS] – How to play vs Riven as Gnar

Starting Dorans Shield vs. Riven is essential! Do it! Fake pulling with Rage so they don’t know where Seju started. Taking one hit so it looks real. When in lane I keep my distance and don’t try to harass her right away. That would be really dangerous because she outtrades me hard Level 1. Once she uses all 3 of her Q’s I can go in, because Rivens Q has a 13 second CD on Level 1 (without CDR) But I don’t want to go past my caster minions… just to be safe. Here I didn’t need to run away because if she wanted to fight me, the fresh wave would help me attack her. Without her E or W to drop the aggro I’d win that trade. When Level 2 is about to happen you should stay all the way back. A good flash combo by her can ruin the lane for you. I don’t skill my W or E right away. I wait until I see what she took. Riven E=skill W, Riven W=skill E Here she took E to avoid harass, so I take my W to harass her. When Riven takes W Level 2 that means she wants to set up a gank or play aggressive, which means you NEED your E to be safe As you could see there, her Q’s are down, I go aggressive. Now I can go aggressive because I have a lot of minions on my side. If she decides to fight me in here, she loses hard. I need to push the wave under the tower, otherwise Maokai can gank me easily I was too close, she still had 2 Q’s and her W ready to fight me, so I jumped away. Q’s are down… Proc your Hyper! Keeping my distance and only going close to do the last hit while Riven has her CD’s ready. Using Q to farm so I don’t need to go close for an AA She used her first Q, so I know I can harass her in a few seconds. Positioning accordingly Again. Way more minions=I can play a little more aggressive because they’ll help me in a fight. I lost my boomerang …. Q___Q Was thinking about TP’ing but my bot lane was too low and Seju was top side While she is under tower you can harass her quite often. She has to decide between damaging you (if she does, she loses minions and you just pot and heal back up) or farming and taking damage. WIN WIN situation. I overreacted a little here. She had cooldowns so I could’ve stood still and fight her. She used her Q’s and didn’t get to me… so I can punish her Bad call by her to still try and fight. She has nothing ready and I am about to transform. Getting a free backport here by pushing under tower and then backing. The wave will push to my side no matter what Riven does. I am going for a quick Mallet because I want the 700 HP to survive Riven’s burst. Muting flaming people so I can concentrate on my gameplay… you should do that too πŸ˜‰ So here I would’ve lost the trade, but she has cooldowns and I can chase her down. My mega is on the way too so I have nothing to fear. She used 2 of her 3 Q’s to farm, only the last one to attack me. BAD! But sadly I fuck up πŸ˜€ Canceling the TP because that fight was completely lost already. She missed all of her Q’s so I can go aggressive. or at least could’ve πŸ˜‰ I know she tries to back so I go and tilt her a little bit. Tabi’s are great vs. Riven … so you should take it if you feel like she can still duel you She used all Q’s ->go in Now I am about to transform and I have my ult ready, so I can easily fight her without waiting for her to use her Q’s. And now the lane is over for her… have fun! πŸ™‚

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