Gmail: Receiving mail meant for someone else

Gmail: Receiving mail meant for someone else

Gmail: What to do when you receive mail meant for someone else We’ve all received a letter addressed to the wrong person, or gotten a misdialed phone call. But what about getting someone else’s email… or a message addressed to your username, but with a different number of periods in it? Let’s say this is your email address… but you receive a message addressed this way. That extra period isn’t anything to worry about because Gmail ignores periods in your username. Messages sent to all these addresses will all go to you, and you own your username along with all the variations with different periods. So if you tried sending a message to yourself, with a few extra periods in your username, you’d still get it in your inbox. If someone ever mistakenly types in your email when signing up for something, or a sender just got the email address wrong, you can ignore or delete the message… Or try responding to the sender, so the message can get to its rightful owner.

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  1. It is amazing – and completely unacceptable – to find out, years after establishing my Gmail account, that any account name, regardless of any distinct periods before or after first and last names, gets all the mail with that name! I can assure you there are millions of users who have no idea this is the case. I would think it's a huge legal issue for your company. I think you're telling me that anyone using my name, my wife's name, or my children's names, but considered distinct because of a different use of periods, is getting my, her, or their mail??!! Creepy and totally unacceptable, Google!!! Unbelievable!

  2. Please fix this issue!! I am still receiving such emails 🙁 I will have to change my email provider…can't trust gmail!!

  3. what if I just don't need the last email for everyone at my home? I have the one that is all my stuff there and not everybody else needs to get a chance all about me. I am a big deal with the same person really like me!!

  4. I too am getting two someone else's emails. One from the UK where they think I'm selling a car/camper and one from Texas where they think I'm looking for a job. The one from the UK may be a single mistype on the ad, but the Texas one is more widespread so can't be a mistype.

  5. "gmail.ignores"

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  7. I am afraid, because when I click on to the strange email address – MY email account opens. Does this mean that the strange email account holder has access to MY emails and files? Can THEY read it all, or are they blocked, just like I was, when I clicked in the email to see the youtube video that they were following. NOTE, I searched the entire video and did NOT see any name (but mine) that came close to the wording on the suspicious email that I got. This all started with getting the strange emails 2 days ago. Has MY email account been hacked? Or is the other person just not getting their emails?
    Oh, yeah, those emails are going to my Yahoo account, but their address ends in

  8. Absolutely useless video clip – does not show how to permanently stop receiving emails of other users with similar email addresses.

  9. What I do, in this order:
    1. try to reach out to the other person to explain the mistakes, if this doesn't solve for any reason
    2. try to reach out to the service support to explain the issue, if this doesn't work
    3. take over the account and delete it, hey mate. I tried, you ain't using my address for anything, sorry.

  10. This is absolutely insane. I just lost my email to someone with the same exact name only, he has a dot. Now even he can't figure out how to fix it. Google is not reachable at all so forget trying to call. How can such a large money making company like Google still have this glitch? How is it possible this cannot be fixed? And yet when I created this email, it was, after all, "AVAILABLE" so how is it that now the, "dot" doesn't matter? Are they stupid? Am i missing something? OMG why did I get a google account? Why!!!!!!

  11. I'm so furious right now and the worst part is, I….no wait, "WE" are completely alone in this because Google does not give a damn, F***!!!!! This is by far the worst email experience I have ever dealt with and never did I imagine it would be with Google. This is not going to go down like this. Not if I'm alive.

  12. Gmail has zero customer service unless you subscribe to G-suite, what the fuck. They gave somebody else my email address and have no customer service to fix it.

  13. No. Thrice NO! This person has a similar No. Thrice NO! This person has a similar name to me and has also had access to my 'bluetooth+wifi'

  14. Google Help, would it be possible that i create a new email and i want some of the contacts from my last email to send me mails on the new email, or emails that i was receiving at my previous email i want them here too, is it possible????

  15. Your directions on this page:
    on how to delete old messages suks! I have 10 years experience as a network admin
    and the "filter" that your directions produce when I create a filter to delete stuff older than 9 years old is a filter
    that will delete everything!!! Admit it, Google does very little other than EVIL. You are in the extortion business and nothing will be acceptable to you until you extort money from me for more storage space.

    It is going to be fun watching Google fall when the anti trust actions start hitting you. Millions of injured customers like me will be supporting your total dismantlement.

  16. this is an incorrect address that was connected to my google account. How do I get this person off my computer and out of my devices?

  17. This is not helpful, as I don't know what info somebody else has seen using my e-mail address.
    The dude said he thought it would be ok, since he added me to one of his google circles.
    old soul? more like hacker. I have been receiving a lot of spam for a while, and I don't know if any private info has gotten out.

  18. So… a person that has a similar email with an extra dot is also receiving loads of emails that are intended for me? this doesn't make any sense!!! what a stupid video… e received emails that are not for me EVERY MONTH! surely I have nothing to do than contact them letting them know that is wrong…

  19. I have been getting a woman's emails, she is in the UK, I have received a vac, 3 bills from a kinder garden in the UK at 3 different periods of time. I have spoken with, a hotel in portugal (she booked), and have spoke with a gas station in Uk x2, I have been told that they have spoken with her, she tells them my email address (without the period I have between my first & last name is definitely hers. Sometimes I guess she is the only one that gets the messages before it has been wide amounts of time between day care bills? The pull downs in her emails definitely document my email address without the period.She is not going to obviously change her address and I guess I will have to change mine. I like my name on my gmail account and I have had mine for years? All Gmail forums say is the same thing as this youtube video that it is impossible, the people I have spoken with tells me she says it is true? So far I have not been hacked that I am aware of related to this, but I sure could have hacked her account and could have lied to the day care after all the 3 bills from the day care had lots of information on them. I don't understand, it will obviously be up to me to do something.

  20. Its not true.I have email ID and other person has similar email ID without '.' And i am getting all amazon orders made by him in my amazon account too. In face payback money which i was going to receive on amazon, he got on his amazon account. Worst part is he changed my amazon registered Phone number by login in with his gmail id. What if i had automatic payment through debit card ? he can use it to order directly. Even worst is my mail ID is registered to my Aadhar ID and other bank accounts. So all my secured details that person is receiving and this is big security glitch and a crime. You need to fix this issue instead of forwarding this video coz this bug can be used to hack in someone's online shopping account and can misuse it very easily.

  21. Nah, something is definitely messed up with Google's email accounts. I keep getting emails that were intended for someone in another state who has the same name as me, the only difference is that I spell my name with a dot while his doesn't have the dot. I already know he has a Spotify account and I'm notified every time he gets an Uber and even about his doctor appointments! This is really creepy as I imagine that someone out there is probably getting my emails too. Telling me to just ignore the issue is straight-up irresponsible.

  22. This is happening to me too – I'm getting emails to someone with the same address as me but without the "dots". As in, super personal emails that should not be shared. It's very worrying, and I've tried to contact them and the people who send emails to them, but so far nothing. Google, you have to fix this!

  23. I'm getting someone else's emails and private information in my Gmail account. I've been using my Gmail account for over 8 years now and this person with the same name as me appears to have created a Gmail account and the only difference is the fucking period "." I have his address, his billing information and some credit card information. How fucked up is that??? If I was an asshole I could do some heavy damage, but to me is scary to think that he's also getting my emails. This is fucking infuriating specially when all my clients have been emailing me for the past 3 years to this Gmail account. Fix this shit!

  24. I'm getting emails from an Indian bank because someone had used my email address without a period. When you reply back to the bank complaining they reply saying l need to send an email from the same address, i.e., the one without the dot otherwise they can't unsubscribe me from their marketing spam 🙁

  25. I've been receiving emails intended for another person with the same name as me for over two years. She's a highly regarded professional (I know this cause I see who's emailing her and why) and I'm quite certain she would not appreciate knowing that her private mail is coming to me. I've tried to contact her by emailing the address that is on the emails coming to me, and it comes right back to me, as you state in your video above. How is it that you're giving out email addresses that are so similar that they cross over? Very frustrating, and very unprofessional. I wonder how many of my emails end up in someone else's in box?

  26. Seriously!

    I don't want their mails. It's disgusting and disturbing. And it seems like the intended receiver just set up their account and sign up to a nasty website

    AND they might get my mail

  27. I have the same exact problem and for more than 4 years I have been receiving emails that should be going to someone else and not just one user, I am talking about several people that have the same firs and last name as me but even the account is different… This is clearly a security issue and nobody is listen to it or paying attention to that to investigate it. Google never contacted to me to get further testing, so I don't feel that my emails are safe and I decided to create another account for important stuff.

    It's sad 🙁

  28. This is undeniable proof that complete idiots (that would be you folks at Google) can be successful in a business venture. A 6th Grader could have foreseen such a glitch being problematic.

  29. Google can not verify that this account is yours. I gave all my numbers, I also said that Google could not verify, but on the same phone, logging in on one place, please come back to your Gmail account now.

  30. I keep receiving someone’s credit/debit card bills reminder, I don’t have any credit/debit cards. Please, make it go away.

  31. all the time getting someone else bank statements which is addressed on my many years unused gmail address from which i have forward all to my current account.

  32. WTF Not pay attention to the dots? I keep on getting emails from vendors, in one case the vendor was convinced to open a second account with my credit card. This makes me think that Google security is actually a hole in my security because Google is too stupid to connect the dots.

  33. Google has allowed people to open accounts without the dot, even though I opened an account with the dot. They really need to block all iterations of a name once it has been taken and now they don't.

  34. How is this possible? How can this be legal??? Today I reseave mail from a person with simular email. The only different was a dot. This is shit!!!!!


  36. What rubbish is this? That guy is just going to various sites and signingup with my ID. And I dont even get alerted. That is the issue.

    A supposedly high tech team like your's cant fix this.. Its a bloody security issue.

  37. I have the same problem, but what worries me more is that my messages might be received by someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if??? I agree with many users here

  38. I am receiving emails with different username(same but same email id) , worst is when I want to join Facebook and give my email , it shows your email already taken with someone else name.

  39. this is crazy! there is another lady using my Gmail identity in everything then! this is not acceptable!

  40. So, if dots do not affect the address… why in hell doesn't Google validate that the address already exists at CREATION time? Years have passed and each day I get more and more email not intended to me because people with the same name keep creating email addresses with different dot combinations, why is that allow if its the same address? Why allow the dot in the first place? If something as simple and important as you EMAIL ADDRESS is bugged, then what kind of email product is this?

  41. Possibly the most useless, unhelpful video on youtube. In other words "We know it's a problem, but just close your eyes and wish it away because we are such incompetent twats that we can't do anything about it"…

  42. It is most likely a blind carbon copy and you can't see your or anyone else that was bcc'd on the email…you only see a different email which isn't
    yours that it was addressed to.

  43. this is insane!! how am i to mail the other person if the mail is reaching me!! GMAIL how are you the biggest freaking comany and what not and you have this bug!

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