– All right Spy Ninjas. If you don’t want me to reveal, Vy’s big secret, then you’re gonna have to compete, in the dangerous board game! – This is a huge board game PZ9. Okay, I volunteer to
go (claps hands) first. – Let’s get into it! Ah! Roll the dice. – Don’t worry Vy, I’m
gonna win this challenge. And I will not reveal your secret. (suspenseful music) I got a three! Woo! One, ow. – [Vy] Oh my God! – Two. Three. What’s blue mean PZ9? – It represents the color of water, which you’re gonna cross on this, plank challenge. But to spice it up, you’re on a scooter. – What?! How am I supposed to
ride this little scooter, on this huge plank? I’m gonna fall on the water. – I think that’s a fact. (laughs mockingly) Look at the wood planks, they’re not even. Gonna be difficult. – So if I fall in the water– – Then you start at the beginning. (laughs loudly) You guys are Spy Ninjas. You guys should not fail. (laughs loudly) – Woo! Let’s do this! – [Daniel] Ooh! – Show off. – I got a little plan here. I think it’s gonna ride very nicely, right along this little groove here. – It’s like a train– – (train whistles) – Just going on the railroad track. – You can do it, Chad! You can do it! – Yeah, you can do it, Chad! You can fall in the pool. (laughs loudly) – I don’t think Regina has
much faith in me either. She’s recording slow motion, like I’m gonna fall in
the water or something. You think I’m gonna fall
in the water, Regina? – Maybe. – I got my GoPro on, so you guys can see what I see. – Everybody ready? – Ready! – Three, two, one, scoot! Oh my goodness! Oh shoot! It’s bending! The bars are bending. (suspenseful music) – You did it! – [Spy Ninjas] (cheering loudly) – Well it was too easy. Next challenge! Ah! Do you need help rolling this dice, Vy? (laughs loudly) – I don’t need your help. – It is like half your size. (laughs mockingly) – It is, but I’m strong. (rubber ducky squeaks) I don’t wanna roll a three because that’s what Chad rolled and it’s a water challenge. And I can’t swim. – Let’s get a three! – What!? – Yeah, a three. That’s good. – Is she on PZ9’s team now or what? – It’s a joke. – Good luck Vy! – [Daniel] Go Vy! Go! – Five! Oh my gosh! – [Chad] One! – Two! – Three! – Ha!
– (screams loudly) Oh my gosh!
– (laughs loudly) – I can’t swim, PZ9! Four, whatever! – Here’s the second half of three. – Four! – Five! – Miniature golf. – I can do this. Miniature golf for a miniature person. I can handle this. – (laughs loudly) Cause she’s small. I guess I have a miniature brain. (laughs loudly) – He finally got something right. – (stomps loudly) – All right Vy. You ever played golf before? – Maybe once. – Okay, it’s all in the hips. Swing it and get a nice strike. – Shut up already. You’re taking forever. Let’s play! – Vy, you gotta listen to me. I’m a pro at golf. Home run! – All right, okay. – Home run? Daniel! I don’t think he knows
anything about golf. – What did you say? – I said, if you think this is a home run, that’s not golf. That’s the wrong sport, buddy. (suspenseful music) – [Spy Ninjas] (cheering loudly) – You did it! – Oh my God! – Way to go out there! – Yeah! – Who’s up next? Regina! – I don’t know. Let me roll this thing. Woo! – [Chad] A one! – [Daniel] Oh! (sad trombone) – Awh. – [Daniel] Aww, how sad. (jump squeaks) – [Chad] One. – [Daniel] Aww. – (laughs loudly) – Whatever! – [Chad] What does red mean, PZ9? – It means you move back one space. – What?! – Which matches her life. (laughs loudly) – Hey! – [Chad] Well, at least, okay. – I have rolled many dices in my lifetime. I’m a Yahtzee expert as they say. Here we go! What is that like a six? – [Regina] It got two.
– Seven? – [Regina] Daniel, you suck like me. – Not as much. Two is better than one. – [Regina] Whatever, go! – One! – Two! – [Regina] Oh, very close. – Black. – Black means back to the
start! (laughs loudly) – What?! – [Regina] You have to
go back to the start too. – It’s my turn next. Let’s go! – [Regina] What the heck? – It’s for my Instagram. – [Regina] It says Tar.
– Tar. You Tarzan or something? – Superstar! Okay. – [Regina] Six! – No! – [Regina] He cheated! – No. See you later losers. – [Regina] Hey! – (laughs loudly) Oops. (laughs loudly) – You’re ruining your own game, PZ9! – [Daniel] It’s four. Five. Six. – Right over here where you belong. – Get in your six. What does white mean? – It’s the absence of color, thus, I don’t do anything! I’m cool. – You’re just making these rules up. Give me those dice. PZ9’s in the lead. I have to go pass him, so I’m gonna go ahead and move this dice. Oh, come on! – Come on! Oh! – Hey, but at least I’m safe. – Yeah, and you’re closer to me now. – Vy’s turn to roll. – All right. Are you ready, Daniel? – [Daniel] I’m ready!
– [Chad] Come on, Vy! – [Spy Ninjas] A two! – Yeah! Passing PZ9. (laughs loudly) – [Daniel] (laughs loudly) – She thinks. – What’s red, PZ9? – Do you remember when Regina got red, she went back one space. Welcome back, Vy! – I have to share a square with you? – (laughs loudly) – I don’t wanna be next to you. Can you move over, please? – I’m a big body. – Okay, Daniel. Your turn. – Huddle real quick. Vy, she’s with PZ9 where she belongs. – She’s been acting really strange. She’s definitely hiding a big secret. So we got those two secrets, but now we need this third one to read the full sentence. – I know your secrets Vy. – You don’t know anything. You think you know, but you have no idea. – Well say with your Spy Ninjas. Wait until they find out. – I’m gonna win this challenge and no one’s gonna know the secret. – I’m telling you right now, if I win I’m opening that envelope. We’re gonna find out what her secret is. – Okay. If I win, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. What do you Spy Ninjas think I should do? Should I keep Vy’s secret and not show everybody or should I show all you
guys what’s on that envelope? I don’t know. – Big number.
– Oh! – [Regina and Chad] Six! – Whoa!
– Good job! – [Chad] You got this, woo! – Let’s go! – [Chad] One. Two. Three. – Four. – [Chad] Four. – Five. – And six. Hey, there’s not much room for ya. – Oh this is weird. – Regina, it’s up to you. Come on. – I gotta roll a big number. – Yes. – Three! One. Two.
– Uh oh. – Three. What’s this again? (gasps loudly) – You gotta scooter across the pool. – Oh no, I’m scared.
– Oh no! I believe in you, Regina. – Thank you. – Unlike when I went and
you were filming slow-mo, cause you thought I would
fall into the water. – But it would’ve been good. – That’s true. It would’ve been good. – I’m nervous. – You got this. Hang on, let me get to the other side. Vy, what do you think’s gonna happen? – I don’t know. She’s really clumsy, so I think she might fall. – Regina can barely walk. She’s like, oh! – Jeez dude, jeez.
– Nevermind. – You can barely stand. – Yeah, okay. You don’t know. – She’ll fall. – [Chad] Come on, Regina. – I’m nervy. – [Chad] You can do this. Are you ready? – No! (suspenseful music) – [Chad] You got this, girl. – (screams loudly)
– [Chad] Oh God! – (screams loudly) – [Spy Ninjas] (cheering loudly) – Good job! – That challenge I didn’t
realize was gonna hurt my ears. – (screams loudly) That’s me. – [Chad] PZ9’s turn. A one. – Oh no, it hit Daniel on the way down. – [Chad] You go to the red, and then you go back one space. My turn! All right, back up Daniel. I’m gonna throw it nice and high. – [Daniel] Okay. – Whoa! Four! – You get, three chances to land the water
balloon in that blue square. Make it and you advance. Miss all three, go back to the start. Plot twist! The three of you will be standing, in front of that blue square. (laughs loudly) – He’s gonna hit us. – I’m gonna throw it over
those three Spy Ninjas, into the blue square. – Do your worst, Chad. – You’re gonna film it in slow-mo, Daniel? – I am.
– Yes. – Just in case I hit you. – You can do this, Chad. – Ready?
– Ready. – Give me a countdown. – Three. Two. One. (suspenseful music) (water splashes) – It broke before I let go. I guess I filled up too far. Try number two. This guy’s smiling. Oh shoot, he’s ready to go. – [PZ9] (laughs loudly)
– Okay. – [Spy Ninjas] Three. Two. One. (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) (water splashes) – (screams loudly) – Shoot, I was a little too short. – [PZ9] (laughs loudly) – My leg. – Third times the charm. Here we go. I’m really sorry about hitting
you guys in that last one. I feel really bad about that. We got this. – [PZ9] Do it again. – Give me a countdown, guys. – [Spy Ninjas] Three. Two. One. (suspenseful music) – [Spy Ninjas] (screaming loudly) (water splashes) – I made it! I made it! – Yea! – I’m in the blue. Okay, what is this PZ9, Melvin? Whatever, whoever you are. – He’ll find out next
round. (laughs loudly) – Vy, you’re up. – [Regina] Go Vy! – Four! (jump squeaks) (jump squeaks) (jump squeaks) – Woo! – You almost made it to me, Vy. – I know, but I’m safe here in the white. – [Regina] Danny boy’s turn. Big money. – [Spy Ninjas] Three! – Okay, see you later PZ9. One. Two. Three. (fail buzzer plays) Oh no! – Black! – That means go back! – It does! – Back to the beginning, Daniel. Oh! – It’s like I made that square for Daniel. What a loser, right? – Yeah. I mean, no. No. – Come one, Regina. It’s up to you. – Big numbers.
– [Chad] (cheering loudly) – Ready?
– Yeah, I’m ready. – It’s a two. – You’re supposed to get
a big number, Regina. – One. Two. – Hey!
– Mini golf. Hole in one. – Daniel, you said you were a pro at golf. – What’s your advice? – Regina, Vy took my advice and you know what happened? Home run, baby. You got to do the exact
same thing I told her, okay. – On the hips. – Yeah, on the hips. Go down the alley and get a strike. – Down the alley, strike, bowling? – Three. Two. One. – [Chad] Yeah! (cheers loudly) PZ9’s turn. – See you later. – Six. You’re in the blue with me. – (laughs loudly) – And it’s my turn, so now you’re going to explain
what this bridge thing is. – Just cross over it, that’s all.
– [Chad] Oh. – You just gotta trust my carpentership. – This thing does not look stable at all. I’m gonna fall into the pool here. This is a bridge to nowhere. You see how skinny this plank is, Daniel. Look how shaky this thing is. This isn’t gonna hold my weight. I’m so heavy. – We made a fort out of these. Vy ran into it, no problem. It broke. – No, I’m strong and huge. – You’re strong, not huge. – Use that for balance. – I’ve seen circus acts do this. Okay. Oh my goodness! PZ9 you did not build this very well. – Yes, dangerous, ain’t it? I wasn’t kidding. – Whoa! Oh!
– [Vy] (screams loudly) – It’s falling apart already. I don’t need this thing. I’m a spy. I’m a ninja. I’ve got the balance. Oh my gosh. – [Vy] (screams loudly)
– [Daniel] Oh my gosh! Oh no! – I don’t know if it
can support my weight. If I step right in the middle, that’s gonna fall apart. I’m gonna try to skip over the middle. Oh my God!
– (screams loudly) – Oh gosh! – (screams loudly) – Oh! Yeah! – [Spy Ninjas] (cheers loudly) – You did it. – There’s no way PZ9’s gonna
make it across that thing. – Oh my gosh, that was so intense, I hope I don’t get that water one, Chad. – I hope not either cause you can’t swim. You’re not gonna like that one. – No.
– Two or four. – [Spy Ninjas] A four! (jump squeaks) (jump squeaks) – Not this one? – No.
– That looks fun. (jump squeaks) – Oh, my lucky day. I’m safe again. – Vy’s the closest to the finish line. And that means her secret
might lay in her hands forever. – You’re right. You’re not gonna win Vy. – Roll a big one. Yeah, you got it. A five. That’s pretty good. – My specialty, golf. I’ve won many super bowls in golf before. Don’t wanna get a foul. Let’s do this thing. – He’s embarrassing himself. – Three, two, one. Go! (trumpet plays) – Daniel, I thought you were a pro. – You’re back at the beginning. – Oh! – You don’t understand how golf works, so you hit it past the hole, it’s like eight more points. – [PZ9 and Chad] (laughs loudly) – Go Regina. – Go Regina! – All right, big number. – [Spy Ninjas] Five! – (cheers loudly) (jump squeaks) (jump squeaks) – Five. – Uh oh. – What’s this? – You already know what it is. Jump in! – Jump in! Jump in! – Hey! – [Daniel and Vy] Hey! – Shout out to Stephen Sharer, yeah. – So are you down or not? – I guess I have to do this, whatever. It’s hot. Push me in. – Okay. – (screams loudly)
– [Chad] (screams loudly) (upbeat music) – It feels good PZ9. (splashes water) – Okay, all right. I get the point. – You thought it would be a punishment, but it ended up to be a reward. I had to cross the bridge, now it’s PZ9’s turn. Ooh. You’re gonna fall in. You know why? You ain’t got the balance of a Spy Ninja, to ready to collapse. – You probably don’t
have this much muscle. I’m probably twice as heavy as you. (clock ticking) – Nope. Oh my goodness. – This thing is gonna go! (suspenseful music) – Uh oh. – Your foot looks really slippery there. (suspenseful music) – What are you doing? (upbeat music) – I’ll give it to you. That was a pretty good move. – Yeah, that’s terrifying. Yeah! (laughs loudly) – What the heck. – Regina, you still have a chance to win. – Yes, I do. If I win, I think I’m going to expose Vy. Although, I do know what
it’s like to have a secret, I have the secret room, so maybe I won’t expose her. But I really wanna know! I don’t know. – Here we go it is Chad Wild Clay’s turn to roll the dice. Oh! A big two. – That’s a very small number actually. One. Oh. And number two. Oh this looks fun and familiar. PZ9 what do these sodas mean? – For ever soda bottle you
cut through in one slice, you advance that many squares. With only a couple squares left, you can win! – If I can slice through three bottles, one– – Then you can be in the square with me. – Two. – The black square. (laughs loudly) – Back to the beginning. I wanna slice through three. The end. – Vy’s secret. I think you oughta know Chad, of all the Spy Ninjas to know. – You think I should know the secret? It’s like she betrayed us. And I wanna see what
those missing words are. I kinda do wanna know what the secret is. I’m gonna get through all three of these, with my futuristic machete. – Ooh la la. – Remember this lie detector, Daniel? – [Daniel] I do. That was the first ninja
gadget I ever held. – That’s right. – I got to use it too. (laughs loudly) It’s sharp. – It’s gonna go plonk, plonk, plonk. (rockets to the sky) – You gotta find her secret Chad. I wanna know. – Me too! Ninja slice. Give me the countdown everybody. – [Spy Ninjas] Three. Two. One. (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) – [Spy Ninjas] (cheers loudly) – You did it Chad! – You barely got this one. – Look at that, I definitely knicked it. Look at that a soda stream. Ah! Orange soda in my mouth, in my face. – That really looks tasty. – Here have a sip. Have a sip. Oh! (laughs loudly) – You ruined my beard. – But you know what that means, I hit three sodas, so that is a one, a two, and a three. (triumphant music) Vy’s secret! Yay! Oh gosh what should I do? Spy Ninja’s comment down below. Count how many are there open it, or comment, don’t open it, or burn it. I don’t know. – Chad, open it! – Yeah, open it. – Open it already. – Vy, what do you think? – Don’t open it, Chad. You’re my husband. You should respect what I want to do. – That’s true. I should respect your
privacy, shouldn’t I? – Yeah. – Even though I really
wanna know what’s on here. – Remember our vows? For better, for worse. For whatever your wife wants to do, you do it. – I don’t remember saying
that at our wedding. Vy, I probably should trust you. You are my wife. I’m gonna open it like this. I’m gonna reach into my pocket. – Yes. – For my glasses, so I can read the note. Just kidding. – No! – [Daniel] Chad, what?! – I gotta respect Vy’s privacy. It’s the interest to light things on fire, so we’re just gonna go ahead and stomp it, out like that. – [Daniel] No, Chad! – Vy needs her privacy. If she doesn’t want us to see something, if she’s got a secret– – Yes. – We should let her have her secrets, just like–
– Yes – Regina’s got her secret room. – Oh yeah. – Chad, that was a really bad idea. You just missed out on
one of the juiciest piece of spicy knowledge. – About Vy? – Oh yeah. – Juicy, spicy? – But I guess it’s good. You guys can continue on
with your regular lives now. – Chad, we told you man. – [Spy Ninjas] Hey! Get ’em! Go! – Give me back my phone! – We’ll look in that envelope. – It’s only half way burnt. – Yeah, let’s go. – It’s sitting right there. – Yeah, yeah. Here’s the secret. – Yes. – It’s finally time to find out. – See. (gasps loudly) Oh! (suspenseful music)

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