Get More Views By Adding A Beauty Light – Neewer Ring Light Review!

Get More Views By Adding A Beauty Light – Neewer Ring Light Review!

Looking to add a little bit of beauty to
your streams and content creations a ring light may be the perfect solution
for you and in this video we’re gonna go over the neewer ring light which is one
of the best introductory ring lights and you can have we get started right
now hey all Wild4Games so you’re helping
you become bigger and better and obviously more beautiful this is your
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what my videos go live for you and hey at any point in this video if you like
the product that we’re talking about which is the neewer ring light I did you
all a favor I put links in the show notes below for the best place you can
find deals on it now of course as much as I like looking handsome for all of
you beautiful people out there let me flip this light around so that way you
can see it and we can go over it ahhh that feels so much better now that you can
see the ring light as you can see you’re right over my shoulder here we have the
neewer ring light now it currently comes in two sizes you have the 14-inch neewer
ring light and you also have the 18 inch neewer ring light a little bit more on
this later on which size would be appropriate for your needs and what
you’re using it for the nice thing about the newer ring lights is you can choose
to purchase it as a complete package which means you would get the neewer ring
light the light stand the filters that it comes with the carrying case and a
few other things like you know iphone mounts and clickers as well if you need
those for your type of content like we said earlier the neewer ring light comes
in two sizes 14 inch diameter and 18 inch diameter it comes with a wide
opening in the middle for a circle that can accommodate any phone that you have
out there if you’re a beginning content creator and can accommodate webcams and
DSLRs and even professional cameras if you plan on using it for YouTube
streaming or even twitch streaming one of my favorite things about the newer
ring light are these snap onto diffusion you get to you get the orange and you
get this nice clear white one which all it does other than the orange which will
change the color temperature is they will diffuse the light by scattering a
little bit more as it goes through the diffusion
which will allow it to fill in gaps on your skin like if you have acne or
wrinkles or anything like that making it a lot smoother so you look better than
all you do is just snap it right on and just like that and you’re good my
favorite part about the neewer ring light it is a dimmable ring light so it’s just
a simple turn of the knob you can turn it up to 100% or turn it down which
makes it accommodating for beauty lights ring lights or separation lights for
whatever you need and just with that simple turn you can dial in exactly what
you need for your style of stream or content the ring light also comes with a
hot shoe mount so this way you can mount in any particular type of mobile phone
that you have or even web camera or DSLR likewise you can also just mount a
tripod right behind the ring light so this way you can shoot through whatever
style of lens you have on your motion camera or on your DSLR please note if
you plan on using anything like a mobile phone perhaps like an iPhone or a web
camera you’re gonna need a particular mount to fit into that shoe I will make
sure to put a link down below so that way if you plan on doing that you’ll
have the proper one so that way you’re good to rock and roll for your content
the nice thing about the neewer ring light is it’s lightweight and portable
so if you want to use it as a multitasker for photography or video
production you can take it for wherever you need so that way you have extra
lighting in your tool kit the neewer ring light also produces virtually no heat
which makes it a perfect solution for anybody that’s doing live streaming
within a small room no more of those big condesent-light bulbs that you have that are radiating heat and making your stream
room feel like a sauna and of course since the ring light is LED based that
means there is no power loss when you dim it down which means there’ll be no
flickering they’ll be picked up within your camera you will get a constant
power through it now that you know all the details and specs of the neewer ring
light how does it look well let’s take a look and here you go this is me being
illuminated by the newer ring light now just to let you know I have the 14 inch
ring light to fit within my studio setup and you can see it illuminates my face
really well from all sides now and be a little harsh at times which is
why I’ll recommend a little secret here coming up in a moment but it fills in
all the gaps and illuminates my body really well and face and brings out my
eyes while separating me from the background which has all these colors
hence creating planes which is gonna make you stand out that much more on
your streaming platform and content creation what you see me here I’m
technically using two lights I’ve got my ring light and I’ve got my key light off
to the side because I’ll be the first to admit I’m not that handsome to look at I
got a big nose I sometimes get acne and I have what I like to call experienced
lines which has essentially just wrinkles and there’s only so much a ring
light can do to beautify me and if you’re the type of person that has
rugged defined features or you’re perhaps just a male out there I like to
use the light as more of an accent light to help illuminate my face and really
bring out my eyes so that way again I can captivate the audience so just using
it as an accent light is also good but having a key or a fill light is gonna
help really wrap in the rest of you really bringing you out to stand out on
platforms now ring lights don’t only have to be used for illuminating your
face you can use it to illuminate entire scenes because you can allow it to
spread out since it’s got that dimmable power there they can take up to the
eighty ninety or a hundred percent so you can use it to light your entire room
or scene for whatever you need but a nice thing you can also use perhaps if
you want to upgrade down the line perhaps so like some neewer LED bi-panels
or color panels or an Elgato key light all excellent choices by the way
is you can move your ring light from the front of your face to the back by having
it beat a nice rim light that causes separation between you and your
background and the foreground lights that are keying your face and just like
you see now it creates a nice little light across my shoulder and my face in
here that really makes me stand out let me show you what it looks like when it
be turned off and there you can see there’s the difference of it not
separating me out as much and you can simply just turn it back on and throw it
frame and it’ll look very good now the newer ring lights come in a wide variety
of prices depending on the diameter that you need the smaller diameter ones
generally range between 65 USD to 85 USD and these are perfect for your live
streaming content or if you’re just starting out and you need to save a
little bit of money because they’re so small they’ll fit into pretty much any
type of streaming or content space that you need the larger ones generally are
around a hundred USD and these are perfect if you’re making any type of
YouTube content or if you have a wider space for your streaming room that you
want to illuminate also these are extremely good if you like to do
something like makeup tutorials or body art or even photographing your art in
general or even just doing selfies because it can illuminate that much more
of a space so make sure you take these all into consideration when picking
which one you think is best for you of course links down below having a ring
light is a really good tool to have in your toolbox if you’re a streamer or
content creator out there especially he’s been gifted by the gods with good
hair and subpar looks just like me it makes your eye stand out that much more
captivating an audience when they click in on your content and channel and if
you are a beautiful man or women out there it’s just gonna accentuate your
looks that much more across your face and even body with that nice soft light
that’s gonna wrap around your skin making you look oh so pretty now having
a ring light is fun and all but gonna need to know the proper way to use it
and light with it and if you’d like a video on that do me a favor leave a
comment down below and I’ll be more than happy to make a video on that if it’s
gonna help you out with your streaming and content creations lighting is super
important if you plan on being a content creator because obviously people have to
see what you’re doing but you know what’s even more important is sounding
good on your streams and content which is why I’m gonna put a video over here
to the side that’s gonna show you how to 10x your microphone so that way you can
take it to the next level you’re welcome until next time my name is Wild4Games that I will see all of you beautiful people in my next product
review take care and PEACE!!!

25 thoughts on “Get More Views By Adding A Beauty Light – Neewer Ring Light Review!

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    I need to buy 2 ring lights? One for me and the other one for green screan, right? Keep it up mate! 👍🏻

  3. I'd been wondering what was the differences in performance based on the size. Thanks for making this video. I've been thinking about this one since I watched one of your earlier videos. Kudos! 👍

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