GALAXY Z FLIP: a Samsung começou a ACERTAR nos DOBRÁVEIS? | Hands-on

GALAXY Z FLIP: a Samsung começou a ACERTAR nos DOBRÁVEIS? | Hands-on

Are the foldable devices here to stay? This is a question that we still don’t know how to answer, but it is visible the war that the largest mobile technology companies in the world are braking to launch their models. Foldable screen phones were launched by Huawei, TCL, Samsung, Motorola and even by brands less known as Royole, and in the quest to produce something that is not as fragile and to become more popular with users, different folds and formats reach the market. And they got here in Brazil, who knew! After the Motorola RAZR and the Galaxy Fold also comes the Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone that is a mixture of these other two. But what is it like? Is the fold fragile? Is it better than the RAZR? We have prepared a complete hands-on for you here at After launching the Galaxy Fold which, from a long rectangle opens up to become an almost square, Samsung decided to bet on the format Motorola brought with the RAZR, what was seen as more practical by analysts. So, the Z Flip is a small square when closed and a traditional bar phone when opened. Samsung bets on a shiny holographic metallic finish for this foldable, in purple or black. It is not for discreet nor boring. Being expensive, it is being positioned as a fashion accessory and, therefore, it will be flashy. In general, it does not disappoint in build quality and it has metal in the frames and glass on the outside. The hinge looks sturdy – it’s a little bit harder to open than RAZR’s, if that will mean a longer longevity, only our complete tests will tell. The bottom back of the device has nothing and is at the top where the dual camera is and the tiny 1.1 “display. This small touch screen is used to see the time, without having to open the device, and also for notifications and some commands like taking a selfie with the external cameras. You can even see a little bit of yourself, enough for you to have a framed photo. Closed it is very small, but not so thin. Opened it is very similar to any other smartphone from the brand – tall, Which is understandable because of all this technology. On the right side are the volume buttons and a biometric sensor, while the left one brings the cradle to the SIM card. Below we have sound output, USB-C connection, and microphone. The fold has an embossed Samsung logo. It is not waterproof, but it comes with a protective hard plastic case in the box. And because it has magnets, Samsung asks you not to leave it near cards and other fragile things like that. On the screen, the highlight: Samsung claims that what covers this display is a kind of flexible glass from a German company, extremely thin, but it ends up resembling plastic a lot, although in touch it is different, softer than plastic. Some problems have already been found in this type of screen, including scratching easily with the nail if you force it. But the company says it is a protective film. The crease in the fold is clearly visible. Unlike Fold, it is a very normal size display when opened, with 6.7 “, Full HD + definition, 21.9: 9 aspect and Dynamic AMOLED technology without high Hertz. The camera is resolved with a hole centered at the top of the screen. The edges are very present. The display occupies less than 83% of the body, showing that the folding screens still cannot have edges as thin as the common ones. Anyway, the visual quality is very good, as expected from a Samsung screen, with bright colors and a good viewing angle. A novelty in relation to Fold is the Free Stop hinge, which allows you to open the Z Flip in any position, so, for example, you can support it with the bottom on a table with the top folded, almost like a mini-notebook. This brings new functions to this type of screen. With several other strengths, the sound here didn’t get much attention. It is not stereo and only has the sound output on the bottom for media although it also has one above the screen for calls. There are no P2 connections for headphones and Samsung ships AKG headphones, which are also available for your other line tops, only with the USB-C connection. They are expected to be top quality headphones, you will find out about this in our full review. Like any Samsung, it comes with the One UI interface – here version 2.1, on top of Android which is also in its most current version, the 10th. And although it is the same as other branded phones, it has some special functions to take advantage of this foldable screen. One of them is the Flex Mode, which we have already mentioned here, where you can leave the device half-open on a surface to watch videos or even control the camera. Half of the screen has a view of the photo and the other has the controls. This can be very useful, for example, for long exposure shots, as it brings stability, and also for video calls, so you can leave him standing at the table. The other is the multi-task, which benefits from the very long screen. With all this space you can comfortably use two applications at the same time. It’s not as cool as Fold’s three simultaneous apps, but it makes good use of this display. In connections, it is quite complete, including NFC, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and others. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with DeX support. Its big difference to the RAZR is here – while Motorola says it needed to put simpler hardware in her folding, so that it would fit well inside, Samsung has managed to bring the very best in performance. As it was made in 2019, it brings this year’s top-of-the-line Qualcomm processor, is a Snapdragon 855 Plus, along with 8 GB of RAM and space with a 256 GB UFS 3.0 fast memory. There is no MicroSD slot, but this storage should be fine. Our standardized tests will tell you how good this set is when compared, for example, with the Galaxy S10, those launched last year and even in relation to the S20 of that year, but with specifications like this, it is certain that he will not trip over anything and will last for a few years. With little space, we couldn’t expect a big battery here. There are 3300 mAh inside the Z Flip, which is not terrible but is far from good. Anyway, the Full HD + screen helps to save money and with that little screen just showing Always On, this also ends up generating an economy. Our partners from HDBlog warned that a day of heavy use makes it difficult to reach the end of the day, with just over 6 hours of screen time. In average use, you can reach a whole day. The charger that comes in the box is fast, 15-Watt, but not one of the fastest like the 25-Watt S20, because the battery isn’t even big. To compensate, we have 9-Watt wireless charging here. The camera is good, but it is not a highlight like the one we have in the new S20 or Galaxy S10. There are only two rear cameras and a front camera, a simple set but, apparently, leaves nothing to be desired in general. We have a 12 MP wide sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and another 12 MP ultra-wide sensor with f / 2.2 aperture. At the front, a 10 MP wide aperture f / 2.4. The main camera has a fixed aperture, unfortunately, and is a conservative set, but it doesn’t change the shooting experience much compared to last year’s Galaxy S10. In what we saw, however, the wide-angle has a field of view of 123 degrees and there is no color change for the main one, besides good white and temperature management. It also has little distortion on the sides. The front is also very interesting, even though it is inferior to the S10. Video can be captured in 4K at 60 FPS and also super slow-motion in HD. The front makes 4K videos at 30 fps. You may have seen the price around and been shocked, but the truth is that folding is new technology and, for now, these new models will indeed cost a fortune. With a waiting list, the Galaxy Z Flip is reaching the Brazilian market costing R$ 8,999, also known as R$ 9,000. Not by chance, this is the same price as Motorola RAZR in Brazil, and maybe we’ll even see the Samsung foldable being sold before Motorola’s retro. Costing the same amount, Samsung’s phone is more powerful and virtually better, it just doesn’t count on the nostalgia factor. This is a price that shouldn’t go down too much because Samsung knows it’s going to sell a few units, so, don’t expect sweeping deals. In our conclusion, the Galaxy Z Flip is a good example of how you can interpret the same idea in a completely different way. If this format is better than those adopted by Fold or Mate X, the time will tell. The Z Flip certainly looks like a more mature design than the Galaxy Fold less fragile, with the more expensive final product and without sacrificing much besides the battery. It looks like a more solid design with cutting edge hardware and that takes Samsung on a very interesting path in the foldable category. And as much as it is very, very expensive, it is still cheaper than Fold, which is good news. We wait for the next less expensive ones, who knows. Do you think the Galaxy Z Flip is better than the Fold? I want to know your opinion down there in the comments. And as much as it is expensive, if you want to do this madness, do not forget to use the link in the description to make that purchase. I’ll stick around, and see you next time.

43 thoughts on “GALAXY Z FLIP: a Samsung começou a ACERTAR nos DOBRÁVEIS? | Hands-on

  1. Stella, é uma loucura mesmo esses preços. Mas, entendo que a tecnologia é "nova". Quem sabe no futuro seja mais barato ter um dobrável kkkk

  2. Colocando sensores, câmeras, alto falantes (direcionado para a pessoa) de baixo do display e bordas estilo cachoeira em todos os lados, esse sim seria bacana. De 5.8, 6.1 e 6.7 polegadas

  3. Quero vê quando quebrar . coitado de quem comprar sou técnico sei bem oq as montadoras dos aparelhos estão fazendo.vai chegar um dia que os aparelhos vão ser descartáveis quebrou joga fora.ta uma pouca vergonha .os antigos duravam anos.hoje acabou a garantia joga fora pq fica mais barato comprar outro doq consertar.patifaria.

  4. No momento utilizo um S10+, mas se eu fosse comprar um dobrável, dentre as opções atuais, seria esse. Acho elegante, moderno e internamente não deixa a desejar em nada pra mim.

  5. Muitos julgavam os primeiros "telefones digitais" na época, dizendo que era muito frágil, mas hoje 97% das pessoas tem smartphone. E olha que bacana, está acontecendo mesmo com os dobráveis. Muitos estão julgando, mas em um futuro não tão distante todos vão ter um 😹😹

  6. As empresas querem empurrar esses dobráveis goela a baixo no consumidor, todas dizem que esgotaram os estoques mas nunca disponibilizam a quantidade de unidades kkkkkk

  7. É um celular muito frágil, não é a prova de água e nem poeira. O preço é como uma tapa na cara, muito muito caro a samsung está viajando na maionese, 9 mil reais, se tivesse esse dinheiro sobrando preferia o S20 com toda certeza.

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