Friend’s BF Is Cheating. Tell VS Don’t Tell | XX | EP.06 (Click CC for ENG sub)

It’s perfume. So this is a French brand?
I’ll use it well. Where did you get this perfume? How could you compare a perfume
from France to one from Itaewon? -I’m positive that it’s mine.
-You have the same perfume as I do. Na Na. I’ll let you guys talk. What is it? I have to say a few words
regarding your thoughtless nosiness
yesterday. What? Just for the record, it’s wasn’t him. So quit trying to come
between us. You’re right. I crossed over the line. Whatever happens to you
is none of my business. Right? I’ll mind my own business
from now on. Danny. This is about the launch party. The marketing team wanted
to meet our bartender in person. Can you go? Sure. Is that fine with you as well,
Na Na? Good. Work hard tonight. Thanks. I mean, thank you. If you keep staring,
my face will disappear. I wasn’t staring at you. You have something to say,
don’t you? No, I don’t. Come on, I’m a bartender. You do, don’t you? I don’t. Oh, right. Jeong Deun told me
to buy some ramyeon. I forgot again. He’s going to scold me. I should go first.
Thanks for the coffee. What is it? Why do you look so serious? Is it because of Ru Mi? Ru Mi? Yes, something came up
between her and me as well. “As well”? She said
I was being thoughtless. Apparently, I’m trying to come
between the two. Is that so? She’s humiliated to believe you.
That’s why she’s blaming you. She’s incorrigible. She’s right, though. I’m going to mind
my own business from now on. Did you say her boyfriend
works at a law firm? -Yes.
-What’s the name? Segeon Law Firm. Why? “Segeon Law Firm”. Let’s see how dazzling he looks. Can you get anything
through that? Of course. Many lawyers
promote their law firms online. Let’s see. They’re all working so hard. Oh, there he is. Hold on. It’s him? I know him. Na Na, what are you doing
on your day off? It’s nice to meet you. Hello. Is this fate or what? You know I’m good at
remembering men’s faces. I remember him wearing
a nice suit. Was it last month?
He bought a few perfumes. Recently, he brought
his girlfriend to the workshop. It was some sort
of an anniversary. Did they take the photo? I swear they took a photo. I even checked the comment
they wrote. I think it was… What was it? “Celebrating our sweet
200th-day anniversary”. Do you remember
the woman’s face? But I know for sure
that it wasn’t Ru Mi. It’s been a while
since I’ve seen Na Na. Do you know her? I know her very well. She’s a renown bartender,
you see. I look forward to this upcoming project. He’s a scumbag. Poor Ru Mi. After getting humiliated
by Tae Hyeon, she’s dating another scumbag
like him? Does she really not know
about his cheating, or is she just ignoring it? She’ll manage on her own.
I’m just going to mind my own business. Right. She’s a nasty wench,
after all. This is just karma
doing its work. Look at how shameless she is
after stealing her friend’s man. I heard she goes crazy for men.
Should I seduce her as well? I heard she got dumped
after a one-nighter. If I were her,
I’d be so ashamed. What goes through
such people’s minds? She’s so shameless
to be walking around like that. I heard she’s seeing
a psychiatrist these days. If I were her,
I’d be so ashamed. Should I seduce her as well? Hey, they’re chewing Ru Mi out
so badly. They’re running her down. Why are you still reading that? Turn it off. I’d feel so humiliated
if I were her. She’s really something. -She’s so shameless.
-I know. -I’m so speechless.
-Me too. Hey. People are calling Tae Hyeon
the King of Hotel Management. The guys are praising him
for cheating on the two most popular girls
in our major. They’re the ones who cheated, so why is he so shameless? Just ignore him. You may feel sorry for Ru Mi, but she did you wrong. I’m leaving. -Where are you going?
-I’ll see you there. Why do I feel so uneasy? Aren’t you supposed to feel
relieved and happy if that same wench gets
what she deserves? I don’t feel that way at all. It’s eating me up. That’s because
you’re too kindhearted. Na Na. Make sure you get
my confirmation when you meet guys from now on. That won’t ever happen. Are you still uninterested
in dating? It’s been five years now. It’s about time
you found someone. -Okay?
-Look who’s talking. You’ve been single
for the past two years as well. Hey. Why would you mention that? That’s cheating. Fine, I’m sorry. Let’s forget about dating
and focus on work. Let’s go. Darn it. Na Na. Are you making
your signature cocktail? Yes. Can I take a sip? It’s good. Is it Cherry Bounce based? But I think it could be
a bit sweeter. It’s a bit bland, right? How about adding amaretto? I think it’d go well with
the cherries. That sounds nice. It’s good. You’ve improved greatly. It’s all thanks to someone. Did you like what I just said? Since you’re helping me anyway, could you come up with a name
for this drink? I’m not good at that. How about this? The drink is so sweet
that once you have a sip, you’ll become a couple
right away. In that sense, how about Cold Game? “Cold Game”? I like that. I guess your experience
in baseball paid off after all. Really? Was it okay? Our bar seems to do better
without me. Hello. Hi. You’re both here early. You look happy. Do you have good news? Revan called. They agreed to do
the launch party here. It’s all thanks to you, Danny. Not at all. The man in charge
was very hospitable. He’s going to visit the bar
this month and discuss the details. That’s great. We should pop a bottle
of champagne today. What do you think? Let’s have a get-together
after work. I didn’t expect you to say that. Sure. What do you say, Danny? Sure, I’d love to. Good luck tonight. Why is a non-employee
at our get-together? We made plans beforehand. You snatched her away from me. Why do you keep closing the lid? I just don’t understand you. You have it too. It’s an
occupational disease, right? Since I’m used to closing
the whiskey bottles at work, I find myself doing that
with soju bottles as well. Right? What’s going on? You know I have
sharp eyes, right? You better confirm this
with me once we go home. It’s not like that. Just stop, will you? And I thought you were going
to mind your own business? I am. I’m just here
to spend her money. Fine. Would you like some soju
mixed with beer? Are bartenders good
at mixing those drinks as well? No, but everyone thinks that way
when it’s not true. People who work at companies make mean soju and beer shots. I’ll do it. Jayden Wang knows how
to mix them the best. Hey, what are you doing? Be quiet. Don’t call my name. My ex is over there. Your ex? The one from two years ago? No, not him. The guy
I briefly met three months ago. Why today of all days? My fashion isn’t on point. Do you feel guilty or something? Hey, don’t be ridiculous. I’m not like you.
I have nothing to hide. Imagine if Tae Hyeon was here. Do you think you’d be able
to look Na Na in the eye? (Gyu Min) Tell him to come to pick you up. Or is he too busy? But no matter how busy he is, he can come here
if his woman asks, right? Hey. I’m having a get-together
with my employees. Do you want to stop by?
I’ll send you the address. Okay, I’ll see you later. Was this why you wanted to have
a get-together? But then again, you’re not the type who’d
easily listen to me. I forgot. Just wait and see. Get ready to apologize as well. Over here. Is that him? There’s no doubt. Hello, we’ve met once before. I don’t think we’ve met, though. Hello. I’m Na Na’s friend,
Jeong Deun Wang. By the way, you look familiar. Do I? Is it because
I look pretty ordinary? I hear that often. No. I think we’ve met before. Are you sure about that? Jeong Deun,
what are you getting at? Thanks for coming. I wanted to see you. I finally remember. I knew it. That’s why. You came to my shop. It’s in Itaewon. It’s called Jayden’s Workshop. No. This is my first time
meeting you. That can’t be. We rarely get male customers, so I definitely remember you. You came with your girlfriend. You guys made perfume together. Ru Mi and I never attended
any workshops before. No, not her. Your other girlfriend. Sorry? You’re making me uncomfortable. You mistook me for someone else. Did I? But that can’t be. You wore a suit that day. Not many of our customers
wear suits, so I remember you. How long have you and Ru Mi
been dating? I think you and your girlfriend were celebrating
your 200th day together. That’s enough. Quit suspecting other people and make sure
that your memory is correct. I’m serious… Ru Mi. I know I’m crossing the line, but let me say this
one last time. I can finally tell you
that it’s him. I’m positive that the man
I saw that day was your boyfriend
who’s sitting right next to you. Jeong Deun actually met him. Your boyfriend visited
his workshop with another woman
and made perfume together. Do you have proof? “Proof”? No. But we’re certain that it’s him. So? Why should I believe you guys when you have no proof? Fine. If you think I’m trying
to get between you two again, then what can I do? But you see, I’m not tolerant enough
to be able to ignore someone’s affair
after witnessing it. How could you gang up on me
without any proof… Let’s talk outside. Ru Mi. Don’t tell me you’re still suspecting me. Then? Are you saying they blatantly
lied to your face? Ru Mi. Trust me. Why would you believe them
when they have no proof? What do you want me to do? Should I set up a camera so that you could keep an eye
on me at all times? Will you finally trust me
once you can monitor every single thing I do? Stop it. Stop treating me like a patient! You treat me like I’m sick just because I take
some anti-depressants. But this time,
I’m not just suspecting you. They actually saw you! You said I was wrong. You said you didn’t go
with Jang Mi. Then whom did you go
to that workshop with? Did you even go to France? Are you sure you didn’t lie
about those business trips? Are you sure you weren’t
in Itaewon all along? Darn it. This is why you shouldn’t
date psychos who are loaded. What did you say? I should go outside. I’ll go with her. Hey. Enough is enough, okay? Fine, I understand
your desire for affection since your dad neglected you. But don’t blame me
for your mental issues. Gyu Min. I finally get
all your scumbag exes. Why do you think
they all left you? Hey. Have you ever thought that you were the problem? There must be a problem
with you as well. Shouldn’t you at least
give me a chance to apologize? You ignored my calls. I know I’m in the wrong,
but it was a mistake. It was a drunken mistake.
Can’t you just understand me? Hey. Do you think
you’re not to blame? Seeing how your boyfriend cheated on you
with your best friend, there must be a problem
with you as well. Does it make you feel better if you accuse me
of being a scumbag? Have you ever thought that you were the problem? Enough is enough, okay? Why do you think
they all left you? All your scumbag exes. Fine, I understand
your desire for affection since your dad neglected you. What a piece of garbage. -Your stench reeks!
-Have you gone insane? Shut it and listen carefully,
you scumbag. I don’t condone jerks
who cheat and are shameless. Ru Mi may act like an idiot
and become clingy, but I’ll chase you
to the ends of the earth. So you better brace yourself. (Something you want to avoid,
but can’t) (Preview) I’ll take my own revenge,
so tell me your plan. Let’s meet tomorrow
during the day. Let’s meet somewhere else,
other than the bar. What if she runs away
after seeing you? We’ll find out. You saw something, didn’t you? How could he do this to me? Are you ready to punish him? Let’s go. Let’s send him to hell. (Epilogue) -Hey, Ru Mi.
-Gyu Min, where are you? Can we meet? I’m outside for a meeting. I’ll go to your office. When will you be done? Then let’s meet outside
in an hour. I’m going to get off work
after the meeting ends. Let’s meet at the restaurant
we frequently go to. (Okay.) (I’ll be waiting.) Okay. Why is she asking
so many questions? It’s not like she knows
if I tell her. She’s so irritating.

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