Fire Emblem Three Houses Nears 1 Million Digital & ASTRAL CHAIN Let’s You Have a CAT on YOUR HEAD!

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nears 1 Million Digital & ASTRAL CHAIN Let’s You Have a CAT on YOUR HEAD!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’re gonna be going over two pretty important
topics when it comes to the Nintendo switch and the impact that it’s having
so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with Fire Emblem
three houses I know I’ve talked about sales data before but now we have some
digital only sales data to come out from Nielsen super data research now they
don’t have a spotless track record guys so I’m not gonna sit here and say that
they’ve gotten every single thing right but when it comes to digital sales
they’re generally looked at a place that does have some sources when it comes
down to it and according to their research Fire Emblem three houses sold
over 800,000 copies worldwide digitally in July which would make it the largest
launch in franchise history now what’s the impact of that type of news going
forward well like I’ve talked about before that means the Nintendo switch
and Fire Emblem is a bonafide hit you have enough units out there that
a game like Fire Emblem which is not a battle royale which is not a Mario game
which is not a Zelda game it’s not one of those traditional games that do just
amazing numbers can sell with the best of them it can sell with the big boys in
Nintendo’s law it can sell above a Donkey Kong or a curvy or a Metroid or
other franchises out there which is pretty much unknown territory for a home
console Fire Emblem game you have to remember the last home console Fire
Emblem game was Fire Emblem radiant dawn and that game didn’t sell that great
compared to previous Fire Emblem games and then we had path of Radiance on the
Gamecube once again not selling that great compared to previous or handheld
previous Mike Ford handheld selling Fire Emblem games so to see the game do so
well that’s going to impact things going forward with the Nintendo switch and
also Fire Emblem three houses being a major franchise for Nintendo not a
couple things that I want to point out with this guys is that Fire Emblem three
houses came out at the end of July okay the very end of July so that means that
it was only a few days worth of digital sales data
mmm three houses continues to be the top seller on pretty much every single chart
around the world when it comes to digital shop sales and that’s not to say
that Fire Emblem three houses didn’t sell well physically heck I know a thing
or two about Fire Emblem three houses physical copies and I got one behind me
as well so you guys know that I’m all about those physical copies doesn’t mean
it didn’t do well physically as well but I think that with the long-form gameplay
that Fire Emblem has the fact that it gives you up to 80 hours plus on a
single playthrough plus three different houses that you’ll probably want to go
through at some point I think that a lot of people are just saying you know what
let me just get this digitally so I don’t have to get up and actually
physically switch the cartridge on this one that’s why I think that games like
Fire Emblem are selling so well digitally and what I’ve seen is that a
lot of these RPGs that come out a lot of these long-form games with a Minecraft
or games that you can constantly play over and over and over they have options
for physical and digital a lot of them do really well digital because people
just want to have it on their system so they can play at any time and sometimes
it even motivates people more to play the game if they’re lying down in bed
and their game room is somewhere else or whatever the case is they don’t want to
have to get up and go and get the cartridge and put the cartridge in
they’ll just have it right there on their system heck I have three physical
copies of firing three houses myself and I still bought a digital copy so I’m
definitely one of those people in that data that bought a digital copy as well
so this is great news for a fire emblem I want to see it continue I think that
fire emblem is one of those franchises that some might think that could drop
off after it initially does well because people are excited that it’s back on a
home console but then after all of that it drops off but from what we’re seeing
so far from what we’re seeing with the sales data from some of the stuff that
I’ve been compiling on my own people are continuing to buy a fire
emblem and I don’t really think it’s even going to stop – I think it’s going
to continue and oh my gosh if Nintendo ever decided to let’s just say discount
Fire Emblem digital eats like 40 dollars during Black Friday or something like
that let’s just say they decided to do some type of crazy sell which they’ve
done before on some of their bigger first party games
imagine the sales they are going to go up even more however they’re not gonna
be making as much money off of per unit so it has to be a delicate
balance and it has to be right has to be a calculated risk for them to do
something like that but overall really happy for firing them three houses I’m
currently continuing my playthrough with the Black Eagles and there’s just so
much stuff to do I think I’m about sixty hours plus in and I plan on doing
everything that I can do in the first playthrough I’m in the time skip but I’m
not gonna say anything else outside of that for the fear of spoilers but I’m in
the time skip I’m having fun it’s a great game
doing the missions doing the side quests kind of talking to everybody doing all
the different stuff that I can do and I can’t wait to get through my second
playthrough so I can actually recruit everybody and have a lot of fun and do
all the stuff that maybe I missed and see the other stories because it has
been phenomenal so far so firing them three houses doing very well digitally
that is the impact that Fire Emblem and tell them systems is having on Nintendo
switch sails and also for the franchise as well it’s been absolutely phenomenal
what are you guys’s thoughts on Fire Emblem three houses selling 800,000
units globally digitally in just July not even counting everything that’s went
on in August let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright now moving on to the next topic here guys we have a cat sighting and not
only do we have a cat sighting but we have a cat on your head
sighting when it comes to astral chain it’s been a couple days since I’ve
talked about this game or a few days since I’ve talked about it in a video
and I have to mention a number of different things this could be the
best-looking game on the Nintendo switch period the more that they show off of
this game the more they show off of the different environments the more they
show off of the different stuff that you can do it just impresses me more and
more but I think nothing impresses me more than having a cat on your head
while you fight not just having a cat on your head like when you’re inside like
your research or you’re doing your data or whatever the case is as an actual cat
on your head while you’re jacking fools up while you’re shooting people up
and the cat stays perfectly safe as you get hit that is amazing cats have nine
lives right well none of them are being wasted on the making of Astral chain for
the Nintendo switch absolutely phenomenal but they would add in
something that small detail with the cat on your head in this game absolutely
crazy but there was new gameplay guys let’s talk about
what’s actually the impact of Astral chain on the Nintendo since we got 35
minutes of brand-new gameplay coming out from Gamescom hood our son is on his
marketing grind when it comes to this game whether it’s III whether it’s
Gamescom whether it’s the blog updates there’s all sorts of cool stuff going on
here and even mr. to das Case Files with Nintendo of America and of course
Nintendo of Europe the Twitter accounts so great stuff to see all around there
but what makes a shame to me an impact game for the Nintendo switch and a game
that’s going to do a lot better than what people think is that it has a lot
of variety the variety in this game is more than so many other games that are
coming out the other day I was talking about Gamescom and the games that were
there and it seemed like there was a lot of movie style games there’s a lot of
graphics games there’s a lot of arena shooters or battle Royales or just
shooters and after chain is coming out at a time where the lost art of the
Bayonetta style action The Devil May Cry action is just not around we used to see
a lot more developers try these type of games but we’re not seeing that assholes
change just comes out and says yeah yeah cinematics are gray graphics are great
we have that but it’s all about the action it’s all about the cinematics
within the action the aesthetic art style that supplements that action that
you’re doing that supplements that gameplay that you’re doing and no game
seems more invoke no game seems more in sync when it comes to art style and when
it comes to gameplay then a steel chain I think it’s even more than what some of
Nintendo’s games are this game right here literally has it all one of the
best things that I liked about it is the fact that you can actually change your
outfit too some people were complaining like oh don’t only have to wear the
police outfit well you can wear other outfits as well and the gameplay vast
and varied you’re gonna be able to get all these different legions you’re going
to be able to level up upgrade and progress through the game and the story
we’re hearing around 25 hours when it comes to the single player story and I
might even show that’s including side quests and everything so of course if
you play on the harder difficulties the replay value I think there might be like
a battle or ringing us-style type of thing a bloody palace in the game as
well so there’s a lot of great stuff that really puts the Nintendo switch and
a spotlight and she’ll change being one of the impact
games from platinum games now another great thing that I saw from this
gameplay is the dodging I think that this can’t be understated how well that
you need to execute the dodging and the thing that I think that’s double May Cry
5 failed on miserably was how to dodge in this game and in this game when it
comes to astral change the dodging seems like it’s going to be really good on the
directional you press the button they go in that direction they dodge what they
can dodge and on top of that you actually have legions that give you more
maneuverability as well like the beast Legion you can get on top of that you
can start riding around you have some legions that you can even wear as armor
as well you have another illusion that can
actually block attacks and put up like a little force field against that and
that’s actually a strategy that you can use against some bosses that are vital
to beating them in an efficient manner you have the ranking system that you’ve
seen before like in bayonetta you get extra items the better that you do it is
phenomenal they’ve put into this game and I’m really looking forward to seeing
how well this game does I think a lot of switch owners out there are sleeping on
this one there’s a lot that are sleeping on it and there’s a lot that aren’t
obviously the game is going to do very well looking at how everything is
playing out here looking at all the comments the game is going to do very
well but I think that more people need to be aware of what’s going down with
astral channel I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful franchise on
the Nintendo switch and going forward with Nintendo systems I don’t think that
we need to go through a period of the game not doing well like Bayonetta or
having to have some type of campaign in order to get it to do better I think
that this from the start is automatically gonna do a lot better
based on what they’re showing off based on the no switch system Venis popular as
it is I think it’s gonna do really well and it’s gonna have a huge impact on the
switch sales going forward and also for platinum games and the relationship with
Nintendo so what are you guys as thoughts on these two different topics
here when it comes to Fire Emblem three houses digital sales and also astral
chain with that cat on your head let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here I put the link to
description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like gonna fall
on our social media hit that like button if you did like this video lets me know
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the players’s related RPG japanese and nintendo gaming news thank you
for watching I will catch you guys for the next one base

69 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Three Houses Nears 1 Million Digital & ASTRAL CHAIN Let’s You Have a CAT on YOUR HEAD!

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  2. I really appreciate the new video layout bro!!! Keep it up! Fire Emblem Three Houses is selling gangbusters. It's unfortunate Dragon Quest Rivals didn't succeed as good as FE3H lol.

  3. I'm so pleased Fire Emblem is doing well, they did market the game brilliantly to be fair.
    Astral Chain is looking really good as well, but a lot of people are sleeping on it.

  4. Astral Chain has character creation…. I will stick to the default pre created character and enjoy the game the way Platinum intended for the player

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  7. Three houses deserves it. My favorite game of the year and tied with xenoblade 2 for my switch favorite. We don’t get many games like fire emblem so any RPG fan owes it to themselves to play that masterpiece

  8. Nice to know Fire Emblem continues to sell excellently in all forms of media.
    Astral Chain's Cat will be fun to have on your head.

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    Speaking of FE3H, my first playthrough was also BE, and now I'm finishing 2nd playthrough (with church). Your next run will be a lot easier because you already know what to do and how to use your free days "the best way possible".

    And speaking of new games… Yeah, I need a second job. Initially, I was thinking about getting Astral Chain and DQ11 and maaaybe Zelda and then wait until Black Friday to see if there's gonna be something on sale, but so many "smaller" games are coming out soon (or came out, like Fell Seal) that not only I don't have money to buy everything I want, but there just isn't enough time to play them.

  10. It's a great game!  I think the fact that it launched before all the fall games helped it too!  Thanks for the recommendation on it OJ, I played it for over 4 hours last night!

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  16. After that crazy opening week, it's dropped out of the top 10 in the UK. It's dropped in Japan too. Seems to be selling best here in US.

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  18. Wow, this is a sleeper hit for Nintendo. Wouldn't be surprised if it climbs up to the 4-5 million mark. It deserves it too. It's so rare to see a game with a deep, thoughtful storyline that focuses so deeply on characters and doesn't have its head up its rear with garbage philosophy. Fire Emblem's long had that in its roots, but holy moly have they blown past expectations here. Only complaint is that it's WAY too easy. Lunatic mode can't come fast enough. Once they finish off the DLC (already purchased so that my female Byleth actually looks presentable), I eagerly look forward to the next game. Hopefully, they'll be able to implement the deeper battalion mechanics and other things that disappeared from the 2018 E3 trailer.

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  25. Absolutely addicted to Fire Emblem 3 houses, currently on my 3rd playthrough with Black Eagle – completed Blue Lion (1st playthrough) and Golden Deer, each has a different storyline and final boss and ending. 165 hours on this game and still counting! I bought it digitally but also ordered and waiting for the special edition hard copy to arrive.

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