Fighting IMMORTAL Assassins in Virtual Reality! – Ninja Legends VR

Fighting IMMORTAL Assassins in Virtual Reality! – Ninja Legends VR

where where’s the producer alright that’s it I don’t even know you were there the whole time I gotta walk oh my god alright pal come on let’s let’s settle down hey guys and welcome back to Papa fare gaming it is your boy Papa fear and guys I am back in Ninja Legends VR and thank you for clicking this video here’s the top comment that’s right one of you guys left this comment and I loved it so much I wanted a feature in the video guys leave a comment and you could get yours featured in our videos so hey we start this one off continuing where we left off with a new weapon increase your range with the ability to attack with both sides oh we have to do to the tutorial staff is an excellent blunt weapon for keeping enemies at a distance ok ending off multiple enemies at once you can attack enemies with that pool so we’ve got a blunt weapon now for multiple casualties you know what we might as well try it it’s a new weapon assault on the rooftops Oh bro oh I feel like that battle with the Third Hokage and Orochimaru hey man I watched our I wasn’t kidding about that whoa no no no no no bro no doesn’t work like that here in this video I’m the I’m the winner here all right special ability unlock you know I’m really curious if there’s like special powers in this game that will be pretty coming we got the shadow bow maybe this guy think you run away from me get out of here I’m gonna shoot another one ok bye Oh take that block block mmm that’s right oh my god real talk though if there was an article game like this this would be pretty awesome yeah but guys I hope you are enjoying these videos so far be sure to leave a like and subscribe guys ninja legends alright it’s such a fun freaking game and I’m legitimately enjoying this so much and that that’s not that’s not a bias either okay this one’s not sponsored I just bought this game and I’m just I’m genuinely enjoying the epic yeah you just feel awesome look at that come on boys I can do this all day long yeah oh yeah alright bring it on I’m ready for the next wave alright let’s start taking risks here all right did I get him get back down there alright no one said you could make me look bad alright where where’s the producer alright that’s it oh I will be honest though I do prefer the sword better I like the sword the sword feels a lot better that’s just me though but this does have usefulness it’s just that I don’t know I like the feel the sword better oh you’re getting two arrows bro oh I missed that one oh well I was totally gonna miss but oh there’s still another one I’ll pour you look at that Oh bye we good we still got another one all right just hold on I’m moving away from my wall it’s the last thing I want is a hole in my wall cuz of this game by the way kids played the air responsibly you’re gonna be my ticket to destroy the next round Oh boys boys boys boys boys I only have one arrow huh Oh take that take that I want more special beliefs Oh baby uh-oh you still want to go with Papa fears huh fear is in my name boys you can’t stop the sixth Hokage or seven I’ve been washing art to ship it in I don’t know where they’re at oh we got boss this is the boss excuse me boss let me take out your your subordinates real quick now it’s just me and you bro let’s go that’s right let’s make this interesting for everyone watching this video epic music included oh okay this games getting a little more difficult and I love it oh let’s go boys you can’t mess with the master goodbye oh that’s right how did I win oh the stage is clear not bad showdown in the pegado you know what I should have totally changed my weapon can I do that can I do that okay oh you can get an axe Oh what are you serious I am very okay with this choice what is this oh okay a little harder to use but they call me mr. chop-chop okay hey man this is a level 110 weapon and from World of Warcraft Lich King remake all right this is a cool axe bro oh yeah now what can I say I’m good at this game all right what do you got no oh I’m a dodge oh you got me okay so the axis is a bigger field but I still think I like the katanas more hmm chop chop I think that yeah I definitely think the axe is doing a lot more damage I don’t know I just I feel cooler when I’m holding to katanas yeah chop chop all right man that’s satisfying choppy choppy alright and now what where’s your leader you’re just gonna send the wave again okay oh man I thought you were oh you got whoa oh my bad sorry gentlemen I didn’t realize oh I got the triple kill gentlemen where’s the boss fight oh he got me I was still cool ultra kill hell yeah alright oh oh this is the boss fight okay alright let’s go triple kill quadruple kill you mean okay these aren’t even boss fights anymore these are just regular enemies oh boy this game is really starting to get a little more intense yeah but that’s okay I like that and plus I’ll let Oh plus the come on the arrows really help too oh look at him go whoo it doesn’t get Oh like this is constant oh my oh oh this is constant epicness man yeah power plus some of the ball of power energy oh watch you have recovered a very important school ah skill is called shadow blast oh and you triggered this skill energy blasts your kid image enemies totally affected juice identities close to the blast radius escape the city okay so wrong feels good it’s late a boat oh we got me just past my bedtime what are you boys doing out huh don’t you know you should be in bed I didn’t even know you were there the whole time I gotta watch oh my god all right pal come on let’s let’s settle down oh my whoa all right there start to get to go from behind me now see when I play the air games this is about the time I start getting a little panicky because you know this is how I end up punching a hole in the wall okay all right whoa oh whoa there the sick the blast can get bigger oh this one’s a close one well oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh boy oh boy I wasn’t ready for this this is how I punch my monitor last time oh that’s right no blast [Music] take this Oh Oh got me all right no oh it’s the big boss anyone behind me no take that Oh enough of you that’s right get executed oh you’re still strong enough I don’t care about my walls anymore that’s right remember the name and don’t forget to subscribe ho the stage is clear that was legitimately difficult oh my god I get so into this this is like the best freakin game I’ve ever played all right guys well that being said I hope you guys are enjoying this awesome game ninja legends VR guys is so much fun if you guys want to see me play more of this please let me know in the comments below and again don’t forget to leave a comment we are featuring our favorite comments and we’re showing them off to the world alright guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe and we will see you in the next one until next time take care and remember VR did it better see ya [Music]

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  1. 10:28 Jordan has used YTKamehameha. he is too powerful.

    Definition of YTKamehameha: Uses normal Kamehameha along with the words "and don't forget to subscribe."

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