What’s going on Guys?! I’m Drew and This is the Dreworks! Welcome back to the Channel! In this video we’ll complete one of the
easiest challenges of this week, we are going to “Use an Upgrade Bench to Sidegrade a
Weapon in Fortnite! As I mentioned this challenge is absolutely
easy, so I’ll try to keep this video as short as possible, so Let’s get into it! For this, all we have to do is, start a Team
Rumble match, because here, we get 150 pieces of all kinds of raw materials at once. To complete the challenge, you will need a
total of 60 woods, 60 bricks and 60 metals, so this starter pack we got will be more than
enough. If we landed our first task is find an assault
rifle of any type as currently only this type of weapon can be side graded. If it’s done reach the closest upgrade station…
and by the time I get there, I’ll share a map which contains all of the upgrade stations
that are in the game right now. Fantastic! If you are standing next to the machine, you
will see that you have to press the “F” key to Side Grade your weapon. And here we are! After repeating it three times, we’ve completed
another TNTina’s Trials mission which makes us one step closer to unlock her unique Shadow
or Ghost outfit! I hope you found this video helpful, And If
You DO, Make sure to Leave a Like on this Video, Subscribe to my Channel and Ring the
Bell! If you want to be part of my Support Team,
you can do so now, by entering the DREWORKS Creator Code to your Item Shop! Thanks for Watching Buddies! And just like Always! I was Drew and Catch you on the Next Video!

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