Fallout 76: Every Cranberry Bog Treasure Map Location!

Fallout 76: Every Cranberry Bog Treasure Map Location!

welcome back to the Kings corner the
place for all things Bethesda I am The King fan man with a fallout 76 treasure
hunt that’s right I’m going to show you every treasure location in the cranberry
bog so if you’ve had those treasure maps cluttering up your inventory well get
them out and let’s go treasure hunting in the cranberry bog there are some very
good things that can be found so let’s go hunting and fallout 76 now the first
one is pretty easy we have a couple of major landmarks we can see in Watauga
here on the treasure map as reference so we’re going to start off at Appalachian
antiques and we’re going to use the treasure map and there you can see the
Wagah skyline and those major landmarks and we’re just going to walk down this
major road and we’re going to look for this bridge that is on the treasure map
and notice the east we’re just gonna walk east down this road looking for
this bridge super super easy once you get to the bridge there is one
more distinctive feature and it is this major patch of values that is hanging
down from the bridge and right besides this major patch of vines is the mound
and remember anytime you are treasure hunting you’re looking for a big mound
and there it is and all you have to do is press on the mound if you have the
treasure map in your possession then you’re going to receive the treasure all
you have to do is click on it and there it is for some reason this one never
showed up this was the only one that didn’t show up I had to look at my
inventory to see what I got this one gave me a 50 Cal machine gun a plasma
rifle I think it gave me a t51 hydraulic braces I’m sorry it didn’t come up on
the screen this was the only one that didn’t do it in fact I went back and did
this one twice and this was the only one that didn’t come up on the screen so I
do apologize for that one I don’t know why this one was glitched out like that
okay cranberry bog map number two the best place to start this is at the
ranger lookout station and it shows a little bitty wooden bridge and under the
little bitty wooden bridge is again the little mound and there it is and now
this one finally shows up the treasure this one we get a trapper chest piece a
Tesla and of course you get the fusion sails with it a laser also added with it
and another plan along with it again almost all of these we got some very
cool plants gold-plated flip ladder psycho buff and that was the cranberry
bog map number 2 so start there at the ranger lookout station just go a little
bit east there under the little wood bridge
very very simple now cranberry map number 3 is by far the hardest you start
close to drop site v9 there is a little barn building that we all know well it’s
the site that you come out of out of the glass caverns but on the map all you
have referenced is a little-bitty barn and that little
bitty barn is that barn well that’s where you start or that’s where I’m
going to start with you will just start walking past the beautiful trees from
the little bitty barn toward the big oak tree and the big oak tree is the other
reference on the map in fact the mound is going to be in
front of that big oak tree because when we look back on the treasure map you’re
going to see the barn the oak tree and the mound and of course I love the cool
fishermen there as well and there we are with the mound in front of the oak tree
and there it is and we push on the mound and what do we get we get a plan for a
double display show we get a crowd later with the prowl cells we get a trapper
right-arm more cool armor added we get plasma cartridge we get a plasma gun
added pre-war money and of course you see there on the map that there is
nothing so that that is the hardest one at the bunch is cranberry bog treasure
map number three cranberry bog bat number
four actually gives cranberry bug mapped over three run for its money because you
look at the picture and it is so confusing but what you’re actually
looking at is the monorail out the window of the monorail you actually have
to climb up pylon v13 and once you walk to the end of the monorail then the
picture lines up perfect when you’re looking out the end of the monorail you
see the rail you see the window you see the little hole in the column you see
everything well then all you have to do is jump down or climb back down if you
don’t have power armor and then you find the mound on the ground just like you
have in the past and it’s right there at the next pylon
and for me I got a ski sword skate blade a 50 count ball and the dragon which is
an awesome black-powder gun trapper right leg another wonderful
armored fusion cell laser gun added more fusion cells silver tablespoon and there
you go now most people don’t know that there are only four treasure maps for
the friend berry bug that is actually all there is there are many more
treasure maps in the forest in the savage divide in the ash heap then there
are in the mire and in the cranberry bog now I do have videos for the savage
divide for the ash heap and for the forest and I’m going to have a full
video for the meijer coming up very soon but I will leave links for the forest
and the savage divide the ash heap if you’re interested in those videos but I
want to thank you for coming along for these treasure hunts and hey don’t
forget about these it’s great loot so don’t let these treasure maps just
clutter up your inventory use them this loot is always good for the very least
for some caps so I hope this info helps you today and as always we’re going to
end this video with your fallout 76 pics so remember when you post your fallout
76 pics on Facebook or on Twitter remember to put that hashtag King fan
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the wastes of West Virginia bye guys you

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  1. something that I think should be mentioned (you may have said it and I just missed it) is that the loot is level dependent so waiting till lvl 50 will get you max level weapons and armor doing these, and I believe it gets you more stuff as well

  2. I always give treasure maps to my friends but if I get them from now on I'll keep them for your vids
    The 1 dislike is from the guy that made the treasure maps

  3. King, I need your help. I did a positive video, and I don't know how to feel about that. How do you cope with toxic positivity?

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