Eyes on Worlds: Episode 3 (2017)

Eyes on Worlds: Episode 3 (2017)

– Bengi: Oh my god, we won!
– Poohmandu: It’s over! – Faker: How was that so easy? – Kkoma: Wait, but they’d have two tanks. Isn’t Shen more of a threat to us? – Huni (Seonghoon): But for our last pick,
we can get Gangplank, a damage dealer,
our comp will be better. – Kkoma: If they take Shen? – Seonghoon, if they do take Shen, you have to show us your Gangplank. – Huni: Okay. – Huni: Sejuani no Flash. We got her. – Faker: Yeah, let’s look at the next game. – Wolf: Let’s ready ourselves for the next game. We were going to ban Shen every game. But because of Gangplank, we didn’t.
So you really had to perform well this game. If Shen had his ult,
Blank shouldn’t have engaged bottom either. But all of that happened. All because of you. Let’s just ban Shen, okay? But it comes down to your skills, not picks. If it turns out like that again let’s just ban him. It’s a bit of a shame but let’s ban Shen. Everything stopped because of that. I won’t go into this anymore. – Kkoma: Seonghoon, stay confident. – Kkoma: Let’s make it to the Finals, yeah?
– Huni: Yes. – Blank: If we get pulled in, it might not be good. – Kkoma: During that fight at mid,
you didn’t have to use your ult, Seonghoon. – Huni: Yeah. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in the other lanes.
I think you’re seriously underperforming. For you, Seonghoon, there is a big difference between
not needing to be nervous and not concentrating. That’s something you need to overcome. Even if other lanes are falling behind,
still don’t try to make a play. We’re giving you a champ that scales
or just straight up good picks. – Kkoma: Step back a little.
Don’t try to make a play, I beg you. – Faker: If it’s questionable, just don’t. You don’t have to prove yourself today.
If you have to prove yourself, save it for the Final. You’re dragging Blank down with you if you perform poorly. Just keep that in mind. Good fights happen at the top lane anyways,
so just concentrate on laning. You don’t need to think about anything else. If it weren’t for that mistake,
we would’ve won, right? – Everyone: Yeah. That’s the real bummer. We’re not going to have control of any lane. Just play your best, have no regrets,
because this will be your last game. We lost a game where we had the lead. We’ve already shown all our cards. So since our lanes will be 50/50,
it’d be best if you guys made less mistakes. – Bang: Vayne was totally a bad pick. – Kkoma: So what he means is,
if we didn’t have that huge mistake… – Faker: But we keep making those mistakes,
so it’s hard to play against those types of picks. – Bang: When he had Rageblade and boots,
I should have been ahead with Statikk Shiv. – Faker: You’re right on that,
but we keep throwing. – Kkoma: Hey, bottom. You guys need to help the team
and carry yourselves at the very least. – Kkoma: Let’s make up for Quarterfinals, okay?
– Bang & Wolf: Okay. – Wolf: I think we’ll be able to carry this game. – Kkoma: Okay, you don’t have to carry. Or yeah, carry this game. Play well guys. I’ll be preparing our picks and bans for Game 5. – Faker: Let’s all focus.
– Everyone: Fighting! Jarvan, Soraka no Flash. Soraka no Flash. I’ll initiate. Follow up. Go Baron. – Peanut: Nice job, Kog’maw. Twitch no Flash. – Faker: Nice. – Wolf: We killed him. Let’s back off and go for dragon. We can initiate. – Bang: Let’s fight. – Faker: Huni, that was a great engage.
– Peanut: Really well done. Great job, Huni. Wow, really… – Bang: Ah, we won. – Faker: Ah, I’m hungry. I’m sorry. I’m trash. I’m trash.

100 thoughts on “Eyes on Worlds: Episode 3 (2017)

  1. This organization of SKT is well organized and so professional. Seeing this made me realize how great Kkoma as a coach. And man, these players, It's always a good feeling seeing them behind the scenes.

  2. 후니를 왜 갈궈 정균아 뱅을 갈궈야지…. 결국 뱅이 모든걸 조지네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안타까운건 페이커 뿐..

  3. SKT lost…. lgends never die they fall… faker was destroyed that was too sad. my heart cant be rapair. this year was beatiful. the demon king is fallen and the dinasty is over. (faker cant win without bengi imo 7-7)

  4. it seems to be in the heads of these players that skt cant be beaten and i dont think it gonna be any better for samsung since they watched them come back twice now in quarters and semis and they beat them in game 5 last year..think samsung are a stronger team right now but skt mentally breaks teams!

  5. You could've sworn they recorded the caster interviews after the finals, their statements are all really ironic now after what happened during them.

  6. Are you going to do one for Samsung? You know talk about how they had the two best teams in the world and lost every player and then had to rebuild from scratch yet made back to back finals as an unheralded team from Korea who stole a spot from KT and shouldn't even be here?

  7. This was made way too focused on skt, almost like if they were teasing the 4th skt World championship, but SSG came and saved competitive lol

  8. Kkoma being so harsh, yet so professional. And Huni just the same. Listening to everything his coach tells him. He doesn't dispute him, he knows his place and focuses on overcoming those problems. Then people wonder why western teams COFCOFTSMCOF don't have the same success as the Korean squads.

  9. Its ok Support Faker In the next Worlds Championship Fight look at all of their Tactics U can do it There's more plenty Of year taht u can Fight And ur famous Everyone will Know ur name as the best Midlaner In the Earth

  10. I swear to God… Kkoma seems like a really nice guy, he is, but during competition and plans and he talks to his players, wow…. Korean Teams are so freaking intimidating and scary…

  11. Peanut impresses me with his character. Actually the first thing he said after the great engage of Huni he just show how likeable he is.

  12. This was actualy an amazing episode. So well done in terms of showing us behind the veil so to speak. Was really interesting to see skt in a different light

  13. I completely disagree with Jatt at 7:50. Wolf has almost always been terrible*, compared to the average level of Korean supports – he was awful at Worlds 2013, then surprisingly decent at Worlds 2015 (where he even had some *great games, kudos) and then terrible again at Worlds 2017.

    Now, don't get me wrong: I think it's incredibly important in any team competition to be a good "locker room presence" – and if Wolf provided that, that's great. But in terms of the on-stage performances, what I wrote above is still true.

  14. I believe it was huni that single highhandedly made skt lose this series. Just like the coach said he was under performing so bad

  15. rng教练真他妈有毒.skt除了最后一把bp占据无敌优势 其他局都在防守反击.搞不懂最后一把怎么bp的真有毒

  16. The ending sound track always gives me the chills and reminds me of downfall of SKT. I hope we get to see 2015 SKT back, hopefully on the Worlds stage.

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