Expedition: The Great Vehicle March

Expedition: The Great Vehicle March

We saw thousands of battles. We fought, won, and kept dreaming big. It’s now time to challenge fate and go on a large-scale Expedition. There’s a long road ahead. The Expedition consists of eight stages. Four of them are dedicated to Frontline, and the other four to Steel Hunter. The first Frontline battles
are planned for March. The others will start on the dates
marked in the calendar. In August, we expect unpredictable battles
during the Steel Hunter stages, where danger awaits you
around every corner. Each mode has its own progression. By fighting on the Frontline
and in Steel Hunter, you can earn three tokens per stage,
among other rewards. For example, in Frontline, they are located
at levels 5, 10, and 15. These tokens will be the key
to the main reward of the Expedition: rare Tier IX vehicles. Three vehicles await
the bravest of commanders, and two of them are brand-new. The Object 777 Version II, a Soviet heavy tank. The Char Futur 4,
a French medium tank. And the star of last year’s Frontline season— the AE Phase I. All three vehicles are equipped
with a free Large Repair Kit. You can get a maximum of 24 Tokens
over the course of the eight Expedition stages. Players will get to decide which stages
to participate in during the event to collect enough Tokens,
and which vehicles to choose in the end. You can only get enough tokens
for two vehicles out of the three. The choice will not be easy. But those who are brave enough
to go on the Expedition will return with a worthy reward.

19 thoughts on “Expedition: The Great Vehicle March

  1. You can choose 2 out of the 3 tanks, Oh wait you have the phase 1 already? As shit you can get 2 of the 2 tanks available

  2. Can't wait for Frontlines to be back again! Steel Hunter is just the icing on the cake.
    We will be organising Frontlines on ANZ this year too – make sure you join the discord link below if you're interested!

  3. Looks like the AEPhase1 will be easier to get this time around though… rough on those of us who had to grind right through 10 levels of FL last year!

  4. you can only get enough tokens to get 2 vehicles
    bitch most of us would barely be able to get 1 vehicle
    almost imposible I might say

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