[Eng Sub] Meguru Hachimiya pSSR1 True End [きみのための翼] – IDOLM@STER Shiny Colors

[Eng Sub] Meguru Hachimiya pSSR1 True End [きみのための翼] – [email protected] Shiny Colors

A live, a TV drama, and a variety show…
You’re certainly in demand in a lot of places. Ehehe!
Being able to do different jobs is a ton of fun! (Still energetic despite continuous work…
As expected of Meguru) Before the prep meeting, do you want a little break? Yeah! Well then, Producer
There’s a little something I wanted you to hear! Oh, what is it? Well uhm! When Producer came and watched,
That volleyball match… …oh, and, and! I was talking to my friends from school,
It’s almost time for the holidays to end… (Meguru seems to be having fun talking,
so it’s probably alright if we hang out for a little while) Ah, and then, and then!
I heard this at the office but… (For a little while…) And I heard this from the friend I met on that job,
It seems there’s an idol whose really fast on her feet… (A little…) And then… M, Meguru, can you wait for a moment? Eh? What is it, Producer We should talk about the job at some point… …ah, I see.
Sorry! No, it’s alright.
Because it’s a new job… …so that’s how we’re going to proceed. Yeah, got it! …ehehe Why’d you start giggling all of a sudden? Mm, well uh, It’s because I have fun chatting with you like this! Haha, it’s alright to enjoy chit-chat but,
You’re already a popular idol on your own Meguru. For the sake of your adoring fans,
You shouldn’t let your mind wander. Well of course! For everyone who’s cheering me on with their all,
I gotta give my all in return! For everyone that I love,
I gotta keep giving it my absolute best! …hey, Producer. I’m able to do my best as an idol,
Because you’re here, you know? That’s why… I hope you stay by my side the whooole time! Meguru…
Yeah, of course! Ehehe-! Well then… We’ll pinky swear on it! Finger cut off, ten thousand punches~
Whoever lies has to swallow a needle~ Pinky swear! Your future from now on,
Is mine! Ehehe!

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