(ENG SUB)지금까지 에란겔 병원에서 이러한 전투는 없었다!Erangel Hospital Battle !!

(ENG SUB)지금까지 에란겔 병원에서 이러한 전투는 없었다!Erangel Hospital Battle !!

Hello everyone, I’m youki. Today’s content to enjoy with you Erangel Hospital Battle! Divided into two hospital buildings by team, penetrating into the central corridor Battle through the 2nd and 3rd floors of the central soil connected by the two buildings Let’s see what the results are! Let’s try Erangel Hospital! Everyone ~ (Battle Preparation) (Gathering to battle) character! Let’s go in and wait! Now everyone hides! The game begins when the grenades burst in the central hallway! Start! grenade! come here! (Bullet enters through the window) (It is difficult to get over without smoke bombs in the corridor) (Upstairs to get to the enemy team) Will you enter the second floor with smoke bombs? (Look at less and throw this smoke bomb to make this ally visible!) Can you go? go! go! go !! (Nobody …) Help me ~ Help me! Nobody comes here Let’s go in! Finally enter the group on the 2nd floor! Go into the room! (I fought for 30 minutes after this, but I couldn’t finish it and I ended up with a draw)

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