Elune Review weekly news 11/17 whats ahead!

Elune Review weekly news 11/17 whats ahead!

fort what’s up guys welcome back to another
elune video and we have some pretty big news going on today for the weekly news
we haven’t done this in a while on the channel but we have some pretty
important things that we want to go over some things are not going to be as
relevant to some people but I do want to go over a lot of things including the
collab which should be coming I believe they matter the dates of this weekly
news but we’ll see but any rate let’s go and get into it
so first of all they’re going to be doing some balancing adjustments expand
the dye system to rare loom so you guys can mess with your heirlooms since I’ve
seen a lot of rare liens are being used for a lot of content required stage
clear for affinity for certain stages is going to reduce from 12 to 8 so this
hopefully is just gonna reduce all the affinity stages not just some of them
but you know maybe some things won’t be changed but this will cut down a lot in
your time because now that we have to go all the way up to 45 it does take a lot
longer to accomplish all those affinity rewards so I’m hoping that’s gonna speed
up the process for a lot of people excuse me and then the next thing we’re
gonna be talking about is expanding trading exp from five hundred fifty
thousand to twelve hundred to 1 million two hundred thousand so we’re really
gonna be able to get double the amount of exp every day in your training tab
when you’re training your different phyla lunes
so you’re gonna be able to farm out those guys you know easier so that’s
pretty cool for us that are so fusing and evolving and all that kind of stuff
which I still am personally I don’t have every epic rare in legend maxed out or
ones that I can’t fuse get maxed out so there you guys go and then increasing
the Loon seas and lights upon scrapping so unfortunately they did not include
this for everything so we’ll see here more specifically if you guys read here
more significantly we are making huge shame to lune lights and elune seed
return and allene light case players would not receive four times the amount
of balloon lights that they that they used of Congress upon we used to receive
upon scrapping six star epics now how many people are gonna scratch
six-star epic so more than likely they’re just gonna use them as fodder to
fuse them into another six hour back they’re gonna get 1,000 Illume lights
normally now ready at 4,000 upon scrubbing 1/6 are legendary you’re gonna
receive 7.5 times the amount of Elune lights from 2015 thousand so this is
only going to be the case if you complete I would assume if you’re going
to completely max out your slates for your legendaries in your ethics and even
then maybe for some of the epics because you need a lot of different ethics to
get this 6 star you know max out +5 transcendent you may just want to save
them for fusion even though because it’s only 4000 delune lights the legendaries
if you have your extra 5 6 copies of your legend like the legendary Balder
reveille bones you know those are a lot of units that a lot of people may have
you know gotten 12 copies of on their account that I could see cuz 15,000 is
quite a lot but for the epics I still feel you’re just better off saving those
6 stars now I’m not sure if they actually are saying that all all of this
scrapping is gonna get increased just these is like a seven times at 4 times
multiplier I don’t know for sure but hopefully we’re gonna at least double or
triple from the normal stuff like the rares and the regular epics and so on
and so forth but who knows walk to see if you guys
notice a big increase let me know if you guys think it’s at least double if
you’re scrapping like commons uncommons and rares and we’ll see how that happens
but yeah that’s what we are for is a balance adjustment so let’s go to the
cheer race so Luna has been switching between season event and event
dimensions we open event dimension and we add new stories as we get into a lose
since we design our difficulty of event dimension based on the current players
stronger players were often less engaged with the event to improve this issue
we’ll be adding new cheer race system here’s a brief detail curious and series
players will be able to select a team during the event period players can
donate event they acquire to their team once the
event ends players will receive rewards based on both team rank and individual
rank we will be making an additional announcement about this content please
stay tuned so I’ll assume we’re gonna get more info but this is kind of a
screenshot of what the event race is gonna be still I’m not sure what the
whole thing is gonna be as far as these events goes it was like the more stamina
you have and the more time you have the auto farm was like the better rewards
you got but honestly the best reward you could possibly get was like maybe a six
start a selector ticket but that would be like if you seriously had no job no
school no life and all you did was literally make sure you were farming
like story 1-1 or something like that to just burn all your stamina use all your
rubies for stamina you know super pay2win thing i don’t know if they’re
gonna do anything different for this event how the cheer system is gonna work
out but hopefully it’s gonna benefit everybody and hopefully they do some
rebalancing to where they’re not just letting you know the top whatever get
like a legendary hopefully everyone that doesn’t certain amount will get a
legendary guarantee like I would say make it more a point dates like
accumulate 5,000 points or 10,000 points or 20,000 points whatever the point
system they feel is needed as opposed to ranked at least for like the welfare
legendary even if it’s a three-star legendary just to make it a little bit
better because right now it’s like really
really hard for a lot of people to try to get those legendaries from these
story campaign events that we do so but we’ll see so my most important thing
that talking about today is the boss battle rebalancing so we will talk about
three topics regarding boss battle boss battle difficult to gear farming and
meta and new boss so many alludes have been commenting on huge jump of
difficulty between 1 to the 1 and 10 stages and the 11 to 12 stages obviously
I think that’s what a lot of people have complained about of people possibly
dropping the game so currently there are two main issues of boss fell difficulty
difficulty gap between different stages two didn’t load the gap between stage 10
and 11 we were playing and working on overall
culty of the bosses once we release up to stage 11 the 12 for demas li so
unfortunately this change will not happen for quite a while because we have
we’re going to be having Ascari informing out I believe either on this
weekly news update or the next one and then we’re gonna have two more bosses
come out until we’re gonna see the rebalancing of the gap of difficulty
between 10:00 and 11:00 so that means whatever difficulty they originally had
designed for demas coolies a keratin and Iscariot is still gonna maintain so
we’re gonna have to wait quite a while on that unfortunately but at least is
something to look for in the future that hopefully more people will do accomplish
beating eleven and twelve then super endgame people you know unless you find
like a really good cheese strategy like we did find with proto which I feel like
we should have more of those opportunities of like the gimmick
strategies to beat those because honestly farming the gear should not be
the endgame content for PvE it should be like getting certain rewards that may be
getting an event multi summons or getting you know maybe stuff for the
slate system and things like that but as far as the gear goes we should all be
kind of an equal playing field it shouldn’t be care to just the peda wins
or the day one players maybe in a day one player myself I still can’t beat all
the level 12 stages so there you go that’s a little insight for you know the
devs and the and the CMS that like even someone like myself who’s has a day one
account as a contact creator for the game still hasn’t been able to
completely beat all level 12 stages for all the bosses so there you go
but on top of that there are also on top of the additional stages of current six
bosses we’re preparing a completely new boss which is gonna be Lucifer so that’s
gonna be a whole new boss since we’re gonna get started from level 1 up to I
would assume at least level 10 probably he’s gonna get to level 10 first and
then probably I would assume what they’re going to do is they’re gonna
begin 11:12 for the other ones and then he’ll
get to level 10 and then he’ll probably get his level 3 11 and 12 and then we’ll
probably start back over with Trent unless they plan to release another boss
after that we’ll have to see so the next event is the big hype event which
obviously is the summers war crossover event so we are conducting the
pre-registration until the two point 3.0 Update which I
would assume is what we’re talking about today isn’t that update and we’re seeing
a lot of excitement among the community the pre-registration is available for
both the original and new players feel sorry to stratum news with your friends
we are preparing various events after the 2.3 update to help new players we
are confident this will that this is when new players will want to start so
and I actually just talked to some of my brother-in-law’s as well about you
really trying to encourage them to at least try out the game and do the
pre-registration before the pre-registration event ends so they get
that free legendary and other rewards as well and then the kpop Elune naming
event we will be releasing the winner of the event and we’re excited to go over
all the amazing ideas so that is the you know the kpop star which I would assume
was gonna be another legendary hero it’s kind of like familiar Liza’s also with
things like Weiwei she’s kind of like a kpop and then here’s some stuff for our
Tamela no Luca I’ve already gone over arc Mel quite a bit and then a Luca will
be here as well I haven’t done a video for her I probably will this week I just
haven’t had time I was super busy this weekend it was my birthday weekend and I
had to work a lot too so family stuff and then work stuff as well and I’m
preparing for my last bit of stuff going on with some other mobile games as well
so but any rate I’ll try to review for her before she launches I’m not sure
because I don’t think they list here if they are gonna they don’t really list
here the rest of the news is just talking about the summer’s war lobby
which I guess we can play that for you guys real fastest show you guys what it
looks like so that’s the something that was more Lobby this is a lucca so I just
showing you kind of like she’s gonna look like as you click on her like in
the encyclopedia I mean her design looks awesome but I was not really thoroughly
impressed with her kit and then here is the summoners war login screen this is
gonna be the login screen when you start the game I would assume so art Amell is
freaking phenomenal though design-wise skill set wise everything I’m excited to
see what his staff they’re gonna be so at any rate yeah so
those are the the things going on with the summers were event not really any
information on them but there was pervious passionates where they did list
the abilities of a lurker so like I said I will try to cover that in tomorrow’s
video and then finally we are gonna have a car you costume event so I’m not sure
if this is gonna launch all within the next update or if cargos gonna come
after the summer’s or collab is over because we are still only in to be in
the middle of November so technically we still have about six weeks until
Christmas so I’m not sure if this is going to come right away not sure if
it’s gonna be a pay to win feature a free to play feature there’s gonna be an
event so on and so forth a lot to see on that Halloween costumes were paid I
believe so you can’t kind of it this week that the car you cost it will be
paid as well but that is the news for today guys so let me know what you guys
think of everything the boss battle changes the cheer race the all the
things going on with the Elune lights the dye system the affinity quest
reduction and then also obviously the the collab with summoners war which is
the big talk about and well sure we’ll get more info on the summer’s war event
as far as like what the actual event is gonna be outside of just the heroes that
we have this summit on the banners I’m sure there’s gonna be some really good
rewards for that as well hopefully a really good login bonus to help us you
know evolve our summoners war and we’ll have to see if they’re gonna be sharing
a banner or if they’re gonna have their own separate banners and my
recommendation in hindsight before I go too much into allarakha its prioritize
for our demel more than likely but you know if you guys want to try to get both
they are gonna be collab limited units so I do recommend trying to get at least
one copy of both but if you only have enough to get one of them I would
prioritize our demel over alerta’ well we’ll have to see how they go about
releasing the banners for the collab heroes so let me know what you guys
think overall be a loon news in the comment section down below if you guys
would please leave me a like down below for much appreciate it and do hit that
subscribe button if you guys are new and I appreciate you guys so much for
checking video today for a loan then you guys so
much and I’ll see you guys in the next Elune video peace out guys

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  1. No lie I have deleted this game twice due to difficulty. My luck with draws have been terrible so getting necessary characters as well as duplicates haven't been good til late. Thanks for the review man.

  2. What's up fort I need help I sign up for the summoner event but I haven't got 5 star legendary when are we supposed to get it

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