Elgato Partner Q&A: Why Do You Stream?

Elgato Partner Q&A: Why Do You Stream?

That’s a good question! I mean, I first of all stream to get the Twitch Prime subs. No, I mean I stream because it basically brought a breath the fresh air back into the game for me personally. Like World of Warcraft is obviously a very old game It’s always been very community focused, very community first. So being able to stream and actually interact live with the audience it really brought like a new element to the to the whole game for me. So that’s really why I got into and why I enjoy doing it. I stream because I want to give people a place to get away from just all the negativity, all the stresses in life, and just have a place to I don’t know, get away! And just relax, find some friends, have a good time. Why do I stream? I like contact with the community. Whenever I play the game competitively I always try to be really tight with the community and for the first time I feel like it’s a Twitch is something that is building a constant and permanent contact with people that you know are in your group of interests Share your interests, are people who you probably would like to spend time with and for me streaming is, I treat the chat like those people are around me. You know? They basically sit around me and although they’re not there physically, whenever someone says something in chat I treat like he says that to me. This is why it’s so important for me to be interactive, to have a conversation with people, have a dialogue. I really love streaming, because to me, I’m able to connect with the community so much more. For me, because you’re live you’re able to interact with people, you’re able to make such amazing friendships, you’re able to talk to such an incredible community, you’re able to teach people online about what you’re doing. They can come in and ask questions that they didn’t know that they were able to ask before. Because you’re live-streaming, you’re able to talk to them live and you’re able to asking so many questions. You’re able to have fun with them, you get to see so much more personality, and it’s just so much nicer. I think it’s one of the best things to do. I’m so happy I made the jump to do live-streaming. I love the stream process, because the creative process in general can be so secluded and that can be wonderful when you get lost in the zone and kind of just focusing on what you’re doing, but being able to hang out with people while you’re creating now is a completely different way to motivate you, and keep you going, and the real-time interaction in regards to feedback and what you want to put into a piece you’re working on is honestly invaluable. A lot of artists always love getting feedback and to get it during the process of creating, is something you can pretty much only get through a platform like this. I feel like streaming on Twitch has been like the greatest privilege. I get to combine all of the things that I love the most and share it with people and inspire people from around the world it’s honestly the greatest privilege, and I’m so so happy to be in this position. I feel really really lucky and so I don’t want to stop streaming. I don’t see any time where I stop streaming. To be honest, I love the three parts of what streaming is about. Like, I love the technical aspects, I love the gaming side of things, and then my university dissertation was all about video codecs. So like I love the challenge of actually being able to send video across the internet live without any kind of delay. It’s really cool meeting the people for the first time and it’s surprising how many of them I actually don’t recognize, because they never say anything in chat. Because I feel like I know so many names from chat, but most people I meet they just never chat. They never say anything. So that’s that’s really cool, and most of them if they have the courage to come up and talk to me are really nice. So I wish more people will do that. You don’t have to be nervous talking to your like streamers. When you finally put a face to a username you seen forever like in chat, or you finally see like your long-lost Internet friend that you’ve known for years but you never actually met. It is the coolest thing. I love coming to these. It’s like you’ve been best friends forever. And yeah, it’s really cool.

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  1. They want that money haha and do it fast and easy. But I hope they got benefits down the line. Haha. Let's see where they are 25 years from now.

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