Elgato Partner Q&A: What Surprised You as a Streamer?

Elgato Partner Q&A: What Surprised You as a Streamer?

I think honestly, I was kind of surprised by how welcoming the community can be because with anything on the internet You’re kind of always warned that there’s so much toxicity and you kind of have to really thick skin So I was really amazed to see that even as a really when you’re starting out and it’s so small to have such an incredible Community and such support of people and not just in the community But other streamers that are willing to help you grow and see your success is kind of a nice so I think the thing that surprised me so much about being a streamer is how so many more so many people are really Happy to come and see you. They’re happy to talk to you live I thought initially like I was going to have nobody there But it’s really surprising to me how many people are interested in makeup and body art? sometimes people come in and they don’t know that makeup and body art can be used for something which is not just everyday makeup or Bridal makeup and the fact that you use it to create art So he’s really prizing for neither those so many people who are really interested in that and I’m so happy because I’ve managed to bring people in and they’ve said I didn’t know that you could do body painting I didn’t know that you could just over to lusion work I didn’t know you could use so much of body painting and incorporates it into cosplay. I didn’t need to do this with makeup I’m being able to teach people that you can do this for like advertisements. You could do editorial magazine There’s so much you can do with makeup and introducing people to this whole world it was really surprised me the fact that you’re able to just Reach out to so many people and I’m so happy that so many people are so interested in it So something that surprised me with streaming is seeing how much it’s grown over the years Just being here in San Diego at twitchcon. I was here in 2016 as well, I believe it was 16. They had such fun here. It was much smaller and It’s just incredible to see what it’s grown to be and what it will be in five years from now. Who knows? it’s just incredible to be part of this journey and seeing the evolvement Evolution yeah the evolution of it all it’s a quite fascinating. I guess something that surprised me as a streamer is just the sheer amount of people that would come into my life from it because I Mean like you’re in a room playing video games all day but it actually like Completely opened up my world and I met so many amazing people like my best friends that I have I’ve met through streaming and it I don’t I guess it’s just like when you first think about it You kind of think of streaming is like kind of isolating but it’s the exact opposite. I think it’s amazing how People come up to me and tell me that I helped make their day better That’s a very crazy thing to hear because I feel like I’m just sitting there playing games quietly But people will come to me and like yo, I love your stream like really You do I think one of the things that surprised me the most Probably is like coming to conventions like this. It’s always such a good experience. You kind of forget What it’s like when people say, thank you So used to seeing a comment saying that it was useful But it’s so different when you actually meet somebody they come up to you Shake your hand and say how are useful your channel? Your content has been and I’m sure a lot of the streamers here have the same thing when they do meet and greet people coming Up to them and saying that they love watching their live stream. It’s a whole different level of Thanks when you see somebody actually say it to you in person rather than just via comments So I think that’s been one of the surprising things the flip side of that I think the hard thing about being a creator full-time or a stream of full-time is is like the loneliness and the fact that you’re spending most of your day on your own even if you’re streaming to tens hundreds or thousands of people you’re still Physically on your own so there’s definitely a balance that you need to be able to strike I mean What surprises me about streaming is really just how biggest become right like the size of these gaming events the size of this event Right here at twitchcon. I think it was over like thirty thousand attendees So it’s it’s just like the size of the community that surrounds streaming it’s just it’s really going it’s something really big something really cool and That’s that’s been the best the best part of it I Guess one of the main shocking things About being a streamer is especially advence is just the sheer amount of people to actually come up and say hello to you it’s it’s hard to imagine when you’re just sitting in a room in front of a camera and you know playing your new computer that you’re actually Having an impact on so many people so when you come to these events and Often people will stop you and take photos with you and share their memories at the stream with you It always it still surprises me Now even all this time later that that happens and that people are you know moved in some way by the stream

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  1. Just remember folks: whoever begins content creation on YouTube, twitch or mixer.. It can be brutal at first, but we'll welcome you with open arms. IF you put in the effort with everyone here and the community. Take from the well, replenish the well.

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