Dropshot vs Carolina – What Works Best for Perch? (Challenge) | Team Galant

Dropshot vs Carolina – What Works Best for Perch? (Challenge) | Team Galant

Hello fishermen! It’s a cold day in Autumn and we’ll see what works best during hard conditions, dropshot … or carolina rig. Don’t know how big it is but it feels heavy. Releasing this mini-pig. Hooked up with a big as well! Let’s head upstreams. It’s Autumn and quite cold in the water. Today we’ll be fishing for perch in a river. During colder periods the perch tend to migrate from the sea, or big lakes to smaller rivers … since the conditions in the river may be more optimal during the colder conditions. Even though it might be a bit warmer in this river compared to the sea, the perch will still be slow. There are two effective techniques, dropshot or carolina rig. We’ll see what works best for today. I’ll be using the dropshot rig, Edvin with carolina rig. After an hour we’ll swap rigs … since we try to elimate the bias from different variables. Some recent news for you all. Edvin has recently started to work at Kanalgratis … so he’ll be editing some Team Galant and other movies. Smash the like button for Edvin! Will be fun.
– Before we start, state your guess between which rig works the best. What do you think?
– I think dropshot. Same here. But I expect carolina to catch the biggest fish. We’ll see. As mentioned I’m starting out with the carolina rig. You have this weight, sliding freely between two swivels. Followed up by a longer leader with the bait attached. A weedless hook since you’ll be fishing this along the bottom. The drop is a lot slower compared to a jig skull. I’ll be using the Flatnose Dragon, same as Tobbe. Since we try to remove the bias from bait selection. This is what a dropshot tackle looks like. I’ll show you later how you can tie it etc. A knot from the main line. Flourocarbon here, with a small hook. The bait is Flatnose Dragon … 40 cm below the bait there’s a weight. You basically just move the tip and the bait will bounce along the bottom. The bait will move with little to no effort. Hot. We’ll start the timer, one hour. Let’s go Tobbe.
– C-rig or dropshot! Almost caught up in the tree. Let’s get the first fish. Hooked up? Hooked up, second cast. Not that big though, but first fish. There we go! Carolina! 1-0 to carolina rig. Let’s get a bigger one. Fish! Didn’t take too long for my second fish. Tobbe has had no success this far. 2-0 Tobbe. Is it me or the carolina rig?
– Carolina rig. Nice perch, number two. Grow bigger. Motoroil Hottail, feels hot today. Let’s get the third. Fish! What a strike! 6th perch for me. Found a small school of perch. Small and fat. They have devoured my jig. You really have to fish it slowly, they are super inactive. You’ll have no success if you jerk it as usual. You have to drag it. Insane. I’ve had no bite whatsoever while Edvin has caught six. Big difference in the spots, but the remaining minutes we’ll be heading upstream before swapping rigs in hope for bigger fish. Let’s get up.
– That we do. Fish! Decent. First fish on dropshot. I’m standing in a rather bad spot.
– On a log. What’s the plan?
– Bass land a pig. Like 0.9 kg.
– Nice one. Dropshot 1 score, carolina 6. Dropshot is in the lead for size though. 42 cm something, decent. How fun. 5 minutes left until we swap.
– I’ll get one more. Bye bye. Hooked up with a nice one.
– How will you get it up? Feels heavy. I’m destroying my rod. Not easy fishing in these rivers. Got it! Not as much activity as downstreams, just had two bites. Bigger fish here though. Let’s swap rigs. 7-1 the first hour. Same top size score.
– Yeah, like 0.9 kg. 42 cm. I’ll let you have the winning rig. I have to admit, the first hour has been quite good. 8 fish, two of them decent. Plenty of hours left.
– I want to keep using carolina, was good. Well, well. Dropshot it is.
– I’ll show you my gear before swapping rig. I am using actually quite expensive rods. But today to demonstrate that you can use less expensive rods … I brought with me Gunki Finesse Game. It costs like 50$ and is extremely price worthy. It casts between 3.5 – 18 grams, which allows you to fish with light stuff. The rod tip is very sensitive. 7 gram with feeling. Same thing with the reel, costs like 40$. Together, the reel and rod costs like 90 bucks which is rather cheap. Good for beginners. The rod is great even for advanced fishermen who like to go finesse. The diameter on the line for my dropshot rig is 0.30 mm. Usually big perch swim in this river … therefore a thick line is required. My hook is also adapted for the fish, this one is Gamakatsu worm 39 size 2 or 4. This hook is made in Japan, extremely sharp and long lasting. I recommend this hook. The hook ratio when using this hook has been outstanding. I’ll be doing the dropshotting. I’ll be using a regular spinning reel for this rig, easier to control. I’ll head down this path where I won’t be able to get the fish up but that’s my only option. What a strike! Big one. First cast, hooked up with a small one. Look how fat it is. Fat small perch. These are the ones who’ll reach the 2 kg weight in a couple of years from now. Let’s release this little fellow. 7-2. I’ll head to my jungle. Dropshot is hot! Two casts equals two fish.
– I haven’t even started out yet. Not that big but it counts. 7-3 to carolina.
– Let me fish! Edvin has had success on dropshot. I finally got hooked up so the score is 8-6 to carolina. I’m coming for you.
– This one is also small and fat. Kept using this Flatnose Dragon in the color hottail. Nice perch, let’s keep going. Starting to bite.
– First cast at a new spot. 9-7 to carolina.
– Fun fishing. Let’s keep going. Good yet hard spot. There’s a log right here. Hooked up! No! Come on. What a strike! Got impaled by a nail! What a strike! No! Lost it. I usually catch them overthere. Hooked up. Nice one?
– Not too big. A little bit bigger. Double strike. Fat one. Big one.
– Me too! Fighters! Yours is nice. My could be big. Nice fish! Double strike for both of us while fishing this spot. How do we get these up?
– Not sure. Maximum bass landing. Lovely perch.
– Really nice. Above 1 kg. Or you caught yours before mine. Totally devoured. Been using this the entire day. If your fishing shop would like to purchase Flatnose baby Dragon or other baits, make sure to contact [email protected] for further details. This supports our channel and enables us to continue making videos like these. I’ll bass land mine as well. Mine is even bigger. Long yet ugly.
Check the fin out! Not a beauty queen. A worn out warrior.
– Certainly. Let’s release them. I think dropshot managed to catch the longest perch, meanwhile carolina … has the heaviest.
– Exactly. Back they go, bye bye!
– Hope they live the rest of their days happily ever after. Fish on! Decent one. Swapping time again. 15-14 to carolina. Rather equal.
– Dropshot seems to deliver the final hours. The big ones are equally distributed for the two rigs. I’ll use carolina rig.
– And I’ll use dropshot. Using a smaller bait in hope for more fish. Dropshot starts to deliver. Caught 3-4 perch in a short period of time. It varies. Fun.
– Lovely. Time is up! We have a winner. Dropshot managed to catch 23 fish … and carolina 19 perch. It’s like we thought, dropshot delivers the amount. What about size? The heaviest was caught using the carolina rig.
– The longest one on dropshot. Rather equally distributed though. It has been quite a close call. Use whatever you want.
– Just cast. Also make sure to follow us at Instagram, links are in the description. Don’t forget to press the like button … for more videos. Also subscribe to the channel for more videos. Take care, bye bye!

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  1. Skön film!
    Riktigt roligt att följa era fisketurer.
    Tror nog att Edvin är lite vassare på att dra abborrar, men ni är grymma båda två.
    Skit fiske på er!🎣🎣🎣

  2. Grabbar, jag vet inte om ni hört talas om en relativt ny uppfinning som kallas håv? Den ska visst finnas i olika storlekar och t.o.m med teleskopiskt skaft. Det kanske vore nåt att kika på. 😉

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