Do Your Research Before You Record Your Show

Do Your Research Before You Record Your Show

hmmm just reading this really good book
here and making sure I got my facts straight before I go live hi guys
Ileane Smith here and I get it I get it I know that things are changing at such
a fast pace that we have these schedules where content creators we need to get
our show live or we need to have our latest episode of our podcast published
and we’ve got that deadline so we want to get things out and sometimes that
causes us to skip a very important step which is during doing our research let
me say that again do your research make sure that you’re doing your research
before you go live before you do a podcast I know I’ve made this mistake
before myself and I’ll look back at some of my videos or here on YouTube or maybe
it’s a story or something like that that I’ve done on Instagram and I’ll say
maybe I should take that down because either I misspoke or I just frankly
didn’t know what I was talking about and so I want to say hi to dryerbuzz my
girl is here thanks so much for coming and I do a lot of consuming of content
guys I listen to podcasts I mean sometimes I am falling asleep listening
to podcasts I am listening in the car on my way to work and live stream if I’m
not listening to a podcast I’m probably watching either a live stream or replay
and I create a lot of content too and I realized that there was so much change
change taking place that’s why you haven’t seen me here on my regular
weekend livestream because I wanted to consume and Yolanda she can back me up
on that because she messaged me this is Yalanda this is dryerbuzz she messaged
me she said you going live on YouTube this weekend and I said no because I
need to do some research and the reason why I’m bringing this topic up is
because some of the research that I’ve been doing over the past few days the
content that was being put out was just flat wrong sometimes you just make a
mistake you think you’ve read something that you didn’t really read or you
overheard something and you think it’s fact because you have a lot of
confidence and a lot of trust in that source
so I mean you know like I said we’re all human I’m not saying that anybody should
be perfect but in some cases it’s clearly a case of not doing research
I’ll give you a great example and since we’re on YouTube I was gonna save this
one for last but I’m going to start with this one first I was listening to this
really tech-savvy podcast and they were talking about YouTube the comparison was
being made about YouTube being sort of a closed ecosystem and so I was kind of
like on an edge of my seat because I wanted to hear what they were going to
say and they use the example of YouTube annotations now mind you this is one of
these big big-time smarty pants as my friend Dave Jackson was a tech
podcasters okay and he used an example of YouTube annotations and he said yeah
all these creators are going to be so disappointed because YouTube just
decided to yank the annotations away no no no no my dear first of all we’ve
known that Annotation were going away for at least
three years if not more and then he went on to say that yeah because they never
even introduced the annotations on mobile well there’s a reason why the
annotations are going away because they wouldn’t work on mobile because YouTube
annotations and this is just for anybody who doesn’t know and is not trying to
pretend to be a big-time smarty pants YouTube annotations are going away or
they’re actually gone now because they would not work on mobile and YouTube
realized that they needed to replace it though they replaced it with YouTube
cards I’ve done videos on this this is why I know this topic because I’ve
covered it here on YouTube and I’m a student of YouTube and they never could
work on mobile devices this is why YouTube did away with them but they gave
creators years I’m not exaggerating they gave us years to come up with some other
way to make add notes in our descriptions as much as we could even in
some cases perhaps you needed to redo your video because the annotations were
going to cause major changes for some of those that relied on those annotations
maybe they were using them as chapter markers and ‘nor videos or whatever but
YouTube gave us plenty of warning plenty of notice and it wasn’t because they
just didn’t like annotations they got rid of them because they were flash
based which means they weren’t gonna work on your phone your iPhone’s your
Android phones okay so this is just a case of I was all on
the edge of my seat I was all ready to hear all his arguments about why YouTube
being a closed system is not good and there he presents this argue
that is totally wrong because he just didn’t do his research I’m sure he’s a
perfectly nice guy I’m sure he’s perfectly brilliant but he
was just dead wrong okay so yeah I’m a little on my soapbox this
morning with that okay so let’s move over to another area and in this
particular case I had not heard about this okay wait a minute hang on let me
see what before I move on to this YouTube needs to play outside app I am
missing this somewhere oh I’m not sure um what that means
I’ve dryerbuzz you’re you’re missing it is these a well if you have YouTube
premium it will play in the background while you’re doing other things although
I want you to have all your attention here because I’m getting ready get into
some good stuff here so if you have YouTube premium YouTube will play in the
background I do it every day cause like I said I consume a lot of content oh and
just to finish up on that because I think I did not finish my sentence
annotations have been replaced with YouTube cards which are clickable
they are clickable even on your phone you can link out to your website to your
merch stores I mean the list of places that you can link out to on your YouTube
video is so long that I wouldn’t even be able to read them all in a and up and
maybe I’m in a podcast I could do that one day but I don’t know that anybody
would care you could just go to the list there are dozens of vendors I don’t want
to say there are more than a hundred but if you look at the list it looks like as
a hundred or more okay yes YouTube’s premium I used to be called YouTube
bread but it’s called YouTube premium it’ll play in the background you’ll also
be able to have your YouTube Music app and there’s some other features you
won’t get any I couldn’t live without YouTube premium
I’ve had it since the day it launched and I absolutely loved it so okay so
let’s also Oh super chat oh thank you so much baby girl oh you’re so sweet
thank you once again dryer buzzes she’s on all social media okay
dryer buzz is on Facebook she’s on YouTube here she’s on Instagram oh my
gosh Pinterest Twitter make sure y’all connect with her she’s doing a fantastic
cooking show these days too so thank you thank you thank you for that all right
so oh and dryer buzz if you wanted to come
in on screen with me right now you could do that because I’m actually
even though I’m using my ECAM life I’m actually streaming through stream yard
to make it easier and I also want to say good morning to my friend Larry snow hey
hey hey okay Larry you kinda I’m just gonna do a
quick recap for Larry because I was just talking about someone who was talking
about YouTube and how YouTube was getting rid of annotations just yanked
annotations away and so I had to explain that that was not the case and you know
the story so I don’t have to explain that again for you Larry so but you can
go back and watch the replay if you want to see me rant alright my next rant I
have a next another little small rant coming and I’m actually going to post
that link if someone does want to enjoin me oh okay she said no thanks she’s in
bed but if Larry if you want to join me I am going to post a link in the
comments here in the live chat I can always delete it later it doesn’t
matter I’m a girl Diana’s here hey hey hey Diana
oh good morning I’m true woman TV I think I pronounced that correctly
so if anybody wants to join me on cam you can use that link that I just posted
there and if if we need to delete that link Larry if you’re still here you may
have to delete that depends upon who comes in the room all right so let’s go
on to another place in this case it was a little bit of research that would be
kind of hard to find if you don’t follow these people and this one has to do with
patreon I’m a fan of YouTube but I’m also a huge fan of patreon and jack
conte from patreon was interviewed and I’m not even gonna say where he was
interviewed but it was a major news outlet that most people watching this
with now and they sort of misquoted him on the interview and I say sort of
because I’m just trying to be nice they turned the headline into something that
he didn’t really say it was not his intent and I know this speaking of doing
research because like I said you’ve got a consumed content sometimes you just
can’t always say I got a schedule I got to get my show out so I’m just gonna say
this thing you’ve done no I don’t know what I’m talking about you can’t always
do that okay so I follow patreon they do something called hang time once a month
they do a patreon hang time shout-out to those guys Taryn Arnold and Jack Conte
are the hosts of that but then they also bring in other folks like Wyatt and I
can’t think of some of the other names right off top my head but every month
they come in and they connect with their community on a live stream and Jack was
brought to tears as he was dispelling this myth that had been generated based
on the headline of the article there’s the
go ahead a headline that had nothing to do with the content of the article there
was an interview in fact I shared it on Twitter today so oh man diana is in my
camp she’s like know the facts yes and if you
don’t have the facts cuz I know like I said I understand people have deadlines
then just say you know I don’t have all the information on this but this is
something you guys need to look further into okay
so you know I’m not bashing the person or those shows that I heard it on that’s
not my point that I’m trying to make here with you I can talk about patreon
because I consume their content not new stories about them over on this outlet
and that out this one I am in there hang time every single month and patreon is
doing and Larry’s been there as well Larry Snow give him a shout out because
he’s followed them on their journey as well and even if you don’t attend live
you can still watch the replays they use a site called crowd cast so just go over
to crowd cast and do a search for either patreon or hang time because that’s the
name of their show is hang time and sure it’s one of the shows that you’ll find
over there because they have such a well attended show and there’s so much
engagement and the stream and so Jack was reflecting upon the fact that I
guess people on Twitter are saying – you said this about patreon which is the
exact opposite of what patreon really is patreon has a really solid foundation
they are paying out millions of dollars to creators over the course of years and
this year is even more because creators are realizing that we need to have that
direct contact with our fans and with those who want to support us which would
be the patrons patrons of the arts okay so that in that case it
wasn’t so much that the person didn’t do the research it was that the news outlet
that you may trust you may trust not me I don’t trust them because I don’t even
watch it I would never even have gone over to that site had I not heard that
Jack was interviewed there and so what I did was I shared the actual interview
where you hear exactly what he said not that fake headline that they put out
there just because the the headline had buzzwords that are things that are you
know people are searching for so they just it was clickbait basically it was
clickbait but you know in order for you to watch the video it’s not like when
you got YouTube premium you got to sit down watch a commercial and you know I
saw a commercial for a brand that I already use so they didn’t have to
convince me I didn’t even have to see that commercial okay last but not least
I’m going to go to my favorite because I heard this on multiple podcasts over the
weekend and this is about my my dear friends over at anchor anchor was
acquired by Spotify and that’s where a lot of this is where I decided that I
was going to not just talk about this acquisition but take the time to learn a
little more about because honestly I don’t know that much about Spotify I
know a whole lot more now than I knew three four days ago but before I would
just come out and speak and say things about Spotify and their business model
and how it’s going to impact anchor I mean come on we don’t know we only know
what we read in the press okay and I think there’s the guys from
Spotify have done a few interviews I don’t know if the guys from
Anker have done any interviews I haven’t seen that but they’ve said that there’s
going to be better tools for us and that anchor is still going to remain as
anchor so let’s look forward to positive things so you read a blog post about the
merger this morning okay Diana thank you so much so let me know if you heard
anything that is similar to what I heard because this is what I heard on podcast
and this is a case of not during research because this most of this
information is publicly available and anchor one of the ways that anchor has
sort of shook up the podcasting space was by introducing sponsorship and so
one of the sponsors that is being offered to us based podcasters just so
happens to be anchor so one of the reasons why they’ve done that is so that
people would still have the opportunity to make money from the sponsorship even
though they weren’t matched with a sponsor or maybe the their content may
not have like a a clear focus a clear enough focus that they could be matched
with one of the sponsors but I assure you anchor is not the only sponsor and I
heard this said on two different podcasts anchor is far from the only
sponsor and some of the sponsors sponsorship on own anchor let me back up
sponsorship on anchor was started at the very end of November so I’ll say all of
December all of January and here we are in the second week of February second
full week of February okay and in that time some of the sponsors that were
doing ads there either their money ran out because they paid out to the
creators or they only wanted theirs ads to run for a certain amount of time
like I know there was a podcast that wanted to get promoted because their
podcast was launching and you know that’s one of the techniques that you
can use when you’re launching a podcast you want to get more people to hit that
subscribe button so you can go up the ranks and iTunes but I’m not even gonna
mention that podcast here are some of the sponsors that were in the blog post
that was written by anchor when they first announced the sponsorship so you
didn’t even have to look far to do this research cash app SeatGeek dirty lemon
living proof Roman the citizen read and they’re also using an ad agency or they
have a deal with an ad agency called varitone one this is from the blog post
now because I’m involved with the anchor community anchor community has a
Facebook page and a lot of folks are over there talking about their sponsors
and people are asking each other you know who are your sponsors I’ve gone in
and actually listened yes there’s a novel idea I listened to the podcasts
and when you’re inside of the anchor app heads up folks when you’re inside of the
anchor app and that ad is plain remember it’s a host read ad it’s not a dynamic
dynamically inserted ad the host gets to choose the position of the insertion
point most of them are mid roles but it will default to the beginning of the
episode but the host should move it there will be a link to the sponsors
website inside of the anchor app ok so here are some and the first one is the
one that is sponsoring miss Eileen speaks podcasts Flipboard there’s one
called brand that’s really popular they’re talking
about products that you can get that are just as good quality but without that
branding on it okay so and they’re offering $25 CPM Oh dryer bust says she
couldn’t get to add to record or mobile just make sure that you have the latest
version of the app and if you’ve been offered a sponsorship it should record
just just make sure because I know a lot of times you get frustrated when anchor
makes changes and updates to the app so you might not have had the latest
version but just double-check that it’s any time you’re having problems with the
anchor app as well as a lot of the other apps that are out there here’s what you
need to do you need to uninstall the app make sure you have your password before
you do that uninstall the app shut your phone down reboot it I give it a couple
minutes to be off like when I say a couple minutes I mean 30 seconds 60
seconds something like that reboot your phone reinstall the app and try again
it’s never failed for me okay hey Queen the true royal family is here
everyone say hi I should update yes that’s a problem you haven’t updated the
app that’s that’s why the ads not recording for you because they made an
update to the read to the sponsors ads where they made two updates since they
released the sponsor host res ads they made it so now you can add background
music that was the first update they made because first I released the option
did they made an update to add the background music and now they have the
option where you can have more than one ad on your episode you can have up to
three ads on your episode so they’ve made two updates
okay so Diana’s saying good morning to the royal true royal family I just
updated my youtube name after seeing your chatters branding there you go
dryer buzz watch Atlanta’s original digital digital I hope none I got cut
off but that’s what I’m seeing watch Atlanta’s original digital but I think
you should have diva in there too but anyway yes dryer buzzes in Atlanta
and another shout out for that super chat okay i there is a question above
and i will get to that as soon as I’m finished with my content from CNT live I
don’t mind answering questions but right now that’s kind of off topic well okay
so I talked about Flipboard Brandel Asst baboon is one their ads have finished
from what I can tell just from the talk that people have said the aunt the ad
ended meaning either the campaign was only for a certain amount of time or
that the money ran out one or the other okay so this is money
coming into creator’s pockets I know cuz I got some money I’ve already cashed out
twice it wasn’t a lot of money it’s not a lot of money but my show is not all
that big either okay cuz I got a nice show I teach people how to use anchor on
an anchor I’m not talking about health and wellness so meditation or sports or
the news these are people that are getting big CPMs I see a lot of users
who’ve just started using the app within the last few months and they have well
over the amount of downloads that I have okay so you gotta be consistent and you
gotta put out good content and you don’t want to have those really really short
episodes and then you put three ads in there that’s not gonna work okay
so you want to have you’re gonna have one ad I would say no
more than about 10 minutes no more than one ad for a 10 minute podcast so if you
got a 5 minute podcast money but once you start going past 10 minutes or maybe
15 minutes then maybe it makes sense to go ahead and stick another ad in there
okay so let me give you some more of these sponsors that are not anchor that
are actually paying people money you know what before I do that I want a
segue to talk about my podcast that I started back in 2009 it’s been through
some changes okay but it was being monetized on another host with what they
call dynamic ad insertion and I made a couple pennies never got to pay out
never enough money to make a payout I’ve already more than quadrupled that
money with anchor in two months and it doesn’t have to be a lot of money it’s
the fact that you’re getting some kind of compensation
you’re not only you’re not paying for your hosting but you’re actually get out
don’t care if it’s five bucks you’re getting five bucks for your time you
could go to Starbucks and get a half a cup of coffee
oh no I’m just kidding Starbucks you pay a buy a whole cup of coffee all right
another sponsor was called the black tux the infatuation which I know those ads
are still running cuz I heard it Squarespace and how many of those
big-time smarty pants podcasts have been hosted by Squarespace okay and something
else called the skim which is s ki mmm those are the ones that I know about
from doing research I know it might be a dirty no word right research okay you
don’t always have to know everything but before you
get on the mic hey Rob buzz what’s happening my love and as a matter of
fact congratulations to Rob buzz he’s got this channel monetized now and all
that good stuff what is the name of the anchor I would like to join my it’s
anchor dye fm and if you want to find my podcasts as anchor FM / Ilene ali-a awesome thank you you just made my
morning all right so I’m just gonna do a real quick recap and then I am going to
go and answer that question or try to answer the question so I talked about
the podcast where they were saying that YouTube got rid of annotations and you
know they just took them away which is absolutely wrong they had to get rid of
annotations because it was built on old outdated tech and they didn’t just take
them away they let creators know years ahead of time that they were taking them
away then my dear friend over at patreon jack conte oh my gosh yes we are worthy
but hail to jack conte and for just the idea of patreon when things like patreon
comin up set the space now there’s all kinds of patreon imitators and somebody
even said to me yeah there’s another site does like patreon is even better
whatevs they’re not better than patreon whatever you got some competition out
there y’all you know I like to root for the underdog but in this case I’m going
with patreon so he was and I’ll say he was misquoted okay and then I just read
off a whole entire page of sponsors one anchor
okay okay so there you go robber saying thank you you’re welcome
I’m so happy that you you know got monetized and all that stuff okay let me
get to Rob’s I rebooted my multimedia company that does websites photography
and video slash live video so I will share you love and wisdom your love and
wisdom for my company’s social channels it’s called 360 multimedia LLC alright
put that Twitter handle in there then and thank you so much Rob okay so now
let’s go back to C and T’s question earlier I know it was a question about
live streaming and I just want to once again thank everybody for coming and
before I share this question up on screen I want to remind you that there’s
always ways that you can contact me if you have a question but you’ve been a
little shy about typing it in the chat or if you’re watching the replay and
you’re like I don’t have time to type in a comment right now or whatever but oh
that reminds me – taps give this video two taps tap once to subscribe if you
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so subscribe and hit the bell notification or like and share okay so
if you need to contact me Aileen dot link slash contact will take
you to my email Aileen dot link slash voicemail will take you to my voicemail
and that’s I missed YouTube Keitel but I had to do some research so
I was going for a minute help me hide you live streams with stream labs okay I
only know about the stream labs mobile before I even finished reading your
question because I’m not streaming from a PC I’m on a Mac but I’m having
challenges I would like to know how to bring in someone want a video conference
that in case my viewers can see both presenters yeah don’t know how to do
that on stream labs and I’m assuming that you mean stream labs OBS and I will
tell you where to go if I don’t know see this is where I would start my research
nick Neman everybody knows nick Memon right nick nimman that’s ni ck and i am
I in he has tutorials over on his channel and someone else that I want to
recommend for you I put in my hashtag two jabs
I don’t excuse me excuse me guys there’s a couple of of creators that
have stream labs but also stream labs has a fantastic discord channel they
have a they have of course a twitch channel they have videos here on YouTube
and they have a great support team so I would say to ask them because I think
that that can be done I just don’t know how to do it because I don’t have a PC
so I don’t have stream labs OBS and I don’t even use regular OBS oh I’m not
sure if Brian G Johnson Brian G Johnson in the house yes so thanks Brian for
coming yes oh and Rob smash that like button
everyone but Rob this is why I have hashtag to taps because you don’t need
to smash it you just need to gently tap it tap it and then when you subscribe
tap that Bell you don’t need to smash I want you hurt your phone
I want you hurt your little finger that’s why I came up with two taps
hashtag two taps but thank you rob thank you for your
encouragement pretty sure everyone knows nicknaming that dude rocks right you
know and I’m not sure why I did do a video on stream Labs the mobile app the
mobile app but you know I really think stream labs needs to get together and
get a Mac app but see the problem is OBS doesn’t work that great on Mac that’s
why I use ECAM live okay because that works fantastic on a Mac in fact it only
works on a Mac okay Thank You Queen and I have a gift for you we’ll give it to
you when I’m back okay well there’s always super chat let the light let the
button live yeah you don’t have to smash it just tap it
check me like button tap confirmed oh thank you Diana and I know you already
subscriber I really appreciate you I smashed a button in my screen is broken
see this what I’m saying you know I don’t want I don’t want you going to
that Genius Bar that’s why you just tap it gently and hit subscribe and if
you’re watching to replay the subscribe button should be over here somewhere oh
gosh I am having so much fun with you guys
I love ECAM live yeah ich am Alive oh my gosh and whoever it was if you’re
listening to this who purchased it with my affiliate link the other day thank
you they are coming out with this virtual
cam which is what I’m using right now I’m using it through stream yards so I’m
out I’m really trying to you know get up on my tech here cuz I’ve been doing my
research but doing my research is spending a lot of time and actually
using apps you just hurt me talking about patreon I use patreon I don’t just
come on here and say oh yeah patreon I heard it was fun
no I use it I can tell you what’s good about
it was not that great about it like for example as much as I love patreon they
have an app called lense which is kind of like you can put stories up there
don’t use that just you just tell people what your Instagram so it’s okay but
that’s it’s just okay there’s so many ways you can create stories with
Instagram stories of course snapchat now you can still upload them to lens so
they only your patrons can see them but don’t use the lens app to actually
create your stories that’s what I’m saying let me clarify that okay you can
use messenger app to create stories make your story download it and then upload
it to patreon lens so that your patrons can see your stories and you can make
that one of your patreon perks I talked a lot about anchor because guess what
I know anchor like the front and the back of my hand my two taps and
everything else so when I hear somebody saying I went on anchor and the only
sponsor on there was anchor yeah that’s because you just you first of all who’s
gonna put a what sponsor are you gonna be matched with when you don’t even have
any content or any decent content on your podcast so you have to have content
you need to have a focus you need to have your anchor profile filled out and
you need to deliver the kind of content you say you’re going to produce and you
got to be consistent okay with this new thing you’re using okay I’m actually
using stream yard now stream yard reason I started using stream yard and you guys
know I do my live streaming that’s why I know about these apps I know about ECAM
life I know about stream yard and I know because ECAM Live is Mac only you know I
was so thrilled when the folks at stream yard came on the scene and it hasn’t
been that long because it’s browser-based browser-based
you just go to Eileen dot link slash stream yard and that’s just a referral
link matter of fact it’s time for me to post some of my links over here and it
works with Chrome okay and because II cam now has the virtual
camera so I don’t have to worry about OBS I can use my fancy things over here
on ECAM I’ll I’ll give you example of something that I and I could do this on
stream yard too but I’m actually going to do it on ECAM first thing I’m going
to do is take off my banner I think I’m going to do that as soon as my my mousie
over here I probably need to change my mouse batteries because the mouse
doesn’t want to behave hang on there’s more than one way to skin a cat okay see
how I took that away now if I want to I can let’s see what do I want to do here
I can show you my phone although I didn’t want to show you my phone but
since I’m over there oh just open up anchor oh yeah here here does this is
good this is me showing you that yes I actually got money I got money let’s see
if I can do both at the same time hang on guys oh that’s kind of awkward oops
whoopsie Daisy well anywho that’s some ECAM stuff that I didn’t have plant
pre-plan so it kind of went awry there you go so I want you to see that from
the Flipboard you should see my CPMs from there oh no I don’t want to remove
it you can see I just started with anchor because remember I told you
anchor just and update where I can have two sponsors
I only have it in like two episodes where I have two sponsors I have to go
back and add it to some other episodes and you know you might say well $10 yeah
guys do you know how long it took me to make $10 on YouTube when I first started
on YouTube I’ll say it took me I’m not really supposed to say but about two
years to make $10 on YouTube when I first started out okay so so there you
know but you can also support me over on anchor you can support me on patreon
okay so here’s my patreon slash I mean now if I wanted to put that
up on three there’s me putting it up on screen with stream yard and let’s do it another way here’s me putting it up on
screen with cam life okay so this is what I would do I would have that banner
that I put up and I tried to match the color as best as I could okay so I would have that already before
I went live okay so if I was just doing a hope thing to get more patrons then I
would have that up there and just is something that you can do with ECAM all
right this text overlays you can’t do that with stream yard you can put the
banner up I can put the ban at this banner I could put up with stream yard
but the text overlays and having so many other things like using virtual
cam okay so great question from Rob what’s better stream yard or II can’t if
you have a Mac if you have a Mac computer not your iPad or a not an old
Mac from 2000 you know you need some processing power but if you have a Mac
you need ECAM live and let me tell you they’re getting ready to change their
pricing model so get it while it’s only 80 bucks okay just get it now stream
yard is great if you don’t have a Mac get stream yard is a browser-based and
you would just have to have their logo up on your broadcast and until you got
enough referrals in order to get it removed right okay and wait Diana Diana
said oops sorry II came live is the bee’s knees those little knees even Abby could do
two taps because you can just do two taps with his knees I love it thank you
for turning me on to it yeah so stream yard is great for folks who are on PC or
if you just want to have a separate option because you know I can still do
screen sharing and all that and I can bring people on very easily with stream
UART you just share that link with them and C and T live so I have oh I’m sorry
when the comments come in so quickly I know you tend to click on the wrong one
cuz I’m not all that good with the taps just one tab but I tap the wrong thing I
have a lien where the latest yeah see that’s a PC thing you can’t do that with
Macs yeah so you guys I always recommend that
you guys connect with one another and let’s see hang on
I lost a chat it’s here somewhere but it’s hiding behind something let’s see
if I can figure out what it’s hiding behind I don’t know so anyway you guys probably already know
that what you need to do in order to connect with with each other is to go
over into the chat and click on the three dots and you’ll see let me see let
me see I think like if I can get it back Ari so yeah I think I can alright good
cuz I want to screen share this alright so we could pop out the chat and I think
I’m gonna stream yard for this screen share hang on yeah there you go so you get over here
and like see how Rob buzz is there and you just click on those three dots and
the first thing there will be go to channel so you go to each other’s
channels and follow each other okay and connect with one another that’s what
community is about alright and I’m all about the community and building a
community you know it’s not just about me and all of my expertise but in order
for me to do my research so my research is really talking to you guys and you
know you guys talking amongst amongst yourselves it’s fantastic thank you so
very much for all of your engagement today we got lucky today I had a snow
day for those of you who are still watching but you know let’s go back to
the original topic here about doing research I understand that you know when
you have the schedule like every Tuesday at 6 a
my podcast has to be out there or I go live every Wednesday at 3:00 so you feel
this pressure say this thing just came out and I gotta talk about it because
it’s what’s hot but if you don’t know your facts and if you have a had chance
to do your research then you should either warn your audience hey I really
have time to go into all the research on this and maybe you can do that with your
audience maybe you can research with your audience think about doing that
instead of just rushing there and in the back of your head I mean I know we get
kind of egotistical we got a podcast now you know we got a livestream show so you
know we know what we’re talking them but in the back of your head you got that
little thing that says you know you all know what you’re talking about
so just fess up and just tell your audience that you don’t know or you tell
them that I’m going to follow up or you ask them does anybody out there know
like I could ask you guys does any of you know when YouTube actually first
said that they were going to get rid of annotations cuz I could say years and I
could have took the time to go and look that up oh thank you so much for the
super chat we’re gonna have to put that up on screen I think I can do it this
way thank you for a super chat CNT live I really appreciate it that was very
nice of you and Rob said I am so worth it well thank you rob
okay so um yeah that’s dead just threw me off a
little so that’s the kind of getting thrown off that I like thank you so very
much so guys you know just take your time do
your research is so much better when you can look back on your content and you
don’t have to say whoopsie I made a mistake I didn’t mean to say it was
green because it’s really really purple you don’t want to do that you you know
you’ll have more trust from your audience when you either admit that you
don’t know something you ask them for their help or you just table that topic
until you get a chance to do your research you know what I was talking
about how this podcast where they were talking about the closed system of
YouTube and they were comparing that to Spotify and they were saying that
Spotify you know in comparison to Apple iTunes Apple has an API all these other
apps can read the API and that’s why your podcast can be on all these
different apps because they’re getting the Apple API okay and it’s the system
is open versus the closed system but see notice how I kind of like stuttered a
little as I was telling you guys that because I know the difference between
open source and closed like OBS is open source okay
and people can develop on that I also was hearing about Chrome and they were
talking about this on the stream yard show last night how chromium is the
develop is the developers version that these other browsers are built on top
of Chrome and how Microsoft edge is now gonna be built on top of from using
something called chromium see I just found that out from the stream yard
folks last night okay I’m gonna put some more comments up because you guys are
talking amongst yourself that’s what I like thanks and welcome to the community
Thank You Ralph oz I’m also going to subscribe to yours yeah I’ll Rob is such
a sweetheart I love doing topics that are camera rumors but I always specify
it’s a rumor and ask what they think I’ll be doing that later this week Diana
excellent excellent idea you know your audience knows that you’re Neuman you
don’t have to know everything you don’t have to pretend that you don’t know
stuff that you really don’t know I’ll tell y’all in a minute I think I need to
get back to you like CN c NT life had that question about stream labs I
couldn’t try to fake the fault but I didn’t what I do I I referred him to my
friend Nick Neman I know that Nick would know the answer to that because he’s
used the software okay I’ve never used it because simply because I don’t have
the required system for it it’s okay guys so you know know your limitations
but sometimes it’s just a matter of doing your research now like I said
earlier and I just want to reiterate just to be clear sometimes we just make
mistakes I mean hey like I said we’re human we
can all do that that’s that’s not what I’m talking about
I’m talking about people getting on the mic with confidence talking about
something that they don’t know what they’re talking about and clearly they
could have easily found out okay so don’t tell me anchor only has one
sponsor on their anchor because guess what I know anchor cuz not only do I
have my podcast on there I actually listen to other people’s
podcasts you don’t always have to talk your podcast or your live streamer but
sometimes you just need to I can’t remember who used to say this God gave
us two ears and one mouth for a reason so listen you know you got make sure you
listen to the right people though you know sometimes you may need to
fact-check even what those that you know and love has said you may even want to
fact check some of the things I said today you may go want to go and find out
where was Jack Conte from patreon this quoted go ahead do your research you can
check the tweet over on my Twitter and you’ll see look at the headline of the
article and how it doesn’t even match what he said so two ears and one mouth that’s right I can’t remember where I
got that but if I remember I will leave that in the description okay and
sometimes I’m prepared going live but sometimes my chest feels my life sure
absolutely I mean live-streaming is it’s a beautiful thing isn’t it because you
guys are stream are doing my helping me out with my content today I wasn’t going
to talk about some of these things like the stream labs and things like that
signed up using your link thank you so much Rob you’ll love it you’ll love
using that you know and you can do that with your life streams too and it goes
to Facebook and YouTube it goes to Facebook and YouTube because
I’m wondering also that let me finish with answering Rob’s question earlier he
asked what’s the best between stream yards and he camp actually my friend
Ross brand you can find him at Ross brand dot life we did a whole live
stream we did it on Facebook but he’s also
uploaded adhere to YouTube talking about comparing these different apps it was
staged 10b dive ECAM live and stream yard and you can go there and you can
see feature for feature which one of these platforms has these features and
which ones don’t and so one of the great things about stream yard is you can go
live on YouTube and Facebook but you also can use the rtmp which means you
can go live as well when any basically any site that has a stream key like
twitch and so forth how cool welcome to the community thanks
okay you guys are subscribing to each other I love that well thank you so much
alright and so let me see make sure I didn’t miss anything
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you guys are awesome you really are so there’s one
more thing I’ll show you here on stream labs that you can do wait before I do
that I have to get rid of Diana’s comment there let me go back to the
comment and I have to hide that and then you can put banners up so here you go so
you can’t guys can contact me if you want to email me
Eileen dot link slash contact voicemail is Eileen dot link slash voicemail and I
like this I like the chunkiness of it I like the the fact that it has a little
graphic at the end kind of you know cuz it’s a slanted little thing that’s why I
emulated that with my banner cuz I made this banner up here right so and you can
change the colors of this to match your branding and so forth so that’s really
cool oh oh and I can tell you about an update for stream yard oh my gosh I
almost forgot to say this alright let’s get rid of this banner here they’re
working on the mobile they are working on mobile because right now my breasts
said is browser so if you have an Android phone it’s
going to come to Android first and eventually you know right now they’re at
the stage where you could just do audio only when you’re coming from iOS but
eventually you’re going to be able to use stream yards on stream yard not s no
s on the end stream yard on mobile let me go back to the comments cuz you guys
are giving me some good stuff over here God is in the house good morning my
friend Gord hopefully you can get a chance to go back and watch the replay
we’re about to wrap things up here and what do you use to make the banners I
just use Photoshop but you can use PicMonkey that’s another tool that I
absolutely love you can use PicMonkey maybe I’ll do a quick demo about that in
the coming weeks okay cuz I love your questions drop and so excited about your
channels yes and I’m glad that you guys are all connected with one another make
sure you connect with Gord especially you guys who are interested in software
Gord talks about Camtasia which is video editing software so make sure you
connect with board for that and I showed you how to do that by just clicking on
those three dots over on the right and go to channel and then I don’t have to
do it because oh wait here no Rob had made a comment earlier but what he did
was he put in that link for livestream universe thank you so much Rob because
that was the link that of what I was talking about how another thing that I
wanted to tell you guys about let me get rid of that is about my predictions cuz
livestream universe brought brand that is he don’t go yet I’m doing something
for you okay he puts out OH rope sub to Gore you guys yeah make sure
you sub to Rob as well for it and thank you for catching a replay he does this
huge post every year the predictions for the year this year he had over a hundred
people contributed to that post so I was honored that I was also included in the
follow up video live stream it was me and two other creators so one of the
things that I predicted was that you know like with the stories let’s take an
example of stories you know you can do Instagram stories Facebook stories and
let’s not forget snapchat you can do stories mention patreon has the little
lens feature you can do stories on YouTube YouTube hello assistant needs to
have access to the stories hello hey oh there’s my friend cigar Ralphy from
anchor hey did you see Spotify purchase anchor yes
Ralphie please watch the replay on this because I talked about anchor quite a
bit and yep my latest episode of the podcast I covered Spotify acquiring
anchor it’s fantastic I think it’s amazing and so back to this prediction
so one of my predictions that I made was that some of these apps are all trying
to they’re really fighting for our attention they’re really trying to come
out with these new features that will you know make us say okay I’m not going
to use Instagram stories anymore because now I can use Facebook stories oh well
that’s they’re the same company and now I was just should I say YouTube now I
can use YouTube stories and I really want to grow my audience on YouTube so I
had time for Instagram stories so now my prediction is that people will get lost
in these features and forget about their audience and that’s something that I
want us to make sure as creators that we forget about our audience even though
the different platforms have these different features but remember your
audience is what you’re really serving not the platform people first and
platforms just help you connect with your people remember that okay
so one of my predictions has already came true because periscope now has a
thing where you can bring people on your broadcast just periscope not Twitter
live just from the periscope app and you can go over to my IG TV I did an example
of it and I did a story about it and I posted on Facebook as well and what you
can do now and give a shout-out to my girls the kia the kia Ringgold who makes
soap on all these channels she’s the one who hit me to this you can bring them
one up to three people but they will be audio only but you have to use your
phone this is not like with any other third-party integrations but when your
periscope app you have the option and like I said I’m not going to do the demo
here because I’ve already done it on Facebook live I’m sorry on Facebook on
my Facebook page as well as on my IG TV okay so let’s see
I found the Newman Brothers use stories the best to deepen a relationship with
their audience yeah I mostly watch stories on Instagram but I do the times
that I did watch stories on YouTube it was not Nick but his brother Dee
I love Dee – I like bow for him I was looming at 1570 range all week
YouTube was weird lost for for the past few days yeah you know I I I didn’t
stream over the weekend and I actually didn’t stream last weekend either
because my daughter had a class so I was at her class on Saturday and Sunday so I
didn’t stream and my sister drivers are going like up like crazy go
figure stories on YouTube yeah cigar Ralphie
yes it’s just you know what let me see if I can show those real quick because I
do have a phone here and let’s see if I can get into my home page okay I’m at
the top of the page cuz I’m live so don’t get freaked out that um you’re
gonna see me live but they’re right underneath of my own video Thank You
YouTube for putting me up top you see YouTube stories okay and one or two of
these people I may not be following it’s hard to tell because sometimes you
follow somebody but if they don’t put out a video you know you don’t see them
okay so yeah there you have it so I don’t want us as creators to lose sight
even though all these features come out on all these different platforms you
know you know your platform you know where your core audience is not saying
don’t experiment with other apps don’t get me wrong but just don’t let the
features get you confused your audiences was really important and so I I think
there’s going to be more of this you know because now that people can come on
and I can use third-party apps to bring people on YouTube come on now YouTube
needs to pick up the ball and let us bring people on to our YouTube lives
without the third-party apps come on YouTube
get with the program okay when do you get YouTube stories you have to have
10,000 but you know they may lower that I had some spanish-speaking channels on
that bar not sure why they did that yeah sometimes they randomly put people on
there and so there’s a setting somewhere in there you have to watch I think
there’s a tutorial from the guys at vid IQ to show you how to tweak the
story so you only get stories from the channels you subscribe to how many subs
do we need for stories on YouTube okay I just answered that
Gort sorry I saw Rob’s question first let’s make sure I get gourds question
again yes being present on too many platforms may result in too much
dilution which may result in poor treatment of your audience
yep that’s the you know start with your core you know like my core has always
been youtube you know but I’ll I’m starting to see some pickup on Facebook
but I’m not going to ignore my YouTube audience for Facebook yeah like I said I
explain to you guys why I didn’t stream the last couple of weeks and this is the
purpose for this video you know I don’t want to just come on here halfway
knowing a little bit about what I’m talking about but not really knowing
what I’m talking about you need to do your research and when there’s so much
change happening like I could probably sit here if I was a news channel I could
probably sit here and give you about 15 new things that came out in the last
week but I would only know you know something that I heard on somebody
else’s show I’m a doer I like to I want to be in the app I can’t tell you how
YouTube stories work because I don’t have access to it I can tell you what
it’s like to watch them but I can tell you all about Instagram stories I can
tell you about Facebook stories yes did you know you could use Facebook stories
on your page Facebook stories on your page people talk about organic reach and
not getting any reach on their Facebook page but trust me with stories you can
get reach I have one of my stories go viral over one Facebook this for another
tutorial so I like to use apps and then talk about them I like to do my research
like I said I’m not always perfect there’s times when I’ve made mistakes
and I look at some of my videos and I say should not take that down because I
made a big mistake and we don’t have annotations anymore right like I said
earlier so you could put a card up a YouTube card or you know write about it
in your description or at least put it out on social media and say hey folks I
made a mistake in my video I should have said you know you can do that as well
but don’t just in a rush to get content out there don’t just put up half expletive deleted content just because
you got a schedule courses I love the look of the comments I missed the start
are you using stream yard or ECAM I’m using both gourd I’m using stream you
are and ECAM has a virtual cam yeah when you get a Mac and please use my
affiliate link to get ECAM I put my or before ask I mean stream are you you are
awesome thank you I’ve done ask Ilene streams I’ve done that about four times
thank you thank you rob and that’s a problem with a scheduled show makes you
have to make quick judgments on new releases I wait until I’m sure yeah I
mean and I understand you know sometimes you’re not gonna always have the time to
do the research and that’s when you just need to tell your audience that I have
not worry sir you know you don’t have to speak like I’m an authority and I know
what I’m talking about when you don’t know what you’re talking about
y’all know Chuck now you don’t always have to your audience is not just coming
for your content they’re also coming for you so you can always just be you and
you’ll still be fine okay so your gift is ready go to see NT and
search for Eileen Smith and when we’re all together okay I will I don’t know
how I’m gonna do that and and still be present with
to my audience I’m just working on my Facebook page finally okay start using
those stories I do have a way to I’ll I’ll share a story or maybe I’ll send
you a message because I did do a tutorial for that but it’s part of a
bigger video oh go back to my video about the five benefits of using
Instagram one of those benefits is how your Instagram stories can go to your
Facebook page and so that was my not my last video here the one prior to that
you can tell us a story about story sounds like a long tale oh my you’re
teasing me spc folks suffer sometimes you know what
no matter what platform you’re on you you suffer because the question came up
from CTN live about stream lapse I can’t use stream labs OBS TNT okay
I’m on your website in the background while I’m gonna go to some more
questions I just sponsored you on our platform for
visibility oh thank you that’s so nice okay oh it’s asking me to translate I
want to make sure type that in correctly it’s CNT yeah it’s asking me to
translate so I’m gonna have to check that later cuz it’s too many hoops that
I have to jump through right now so hahaha oops respect my authority Carmen
that’s the joke that went over my head but when I say respect my authority it
reminds me of something but I don’t know what Carmen but I know it’s a joke
Michael thank you cool I’ll check out the longer video on stories yeah yep
well it’s about the benefits of updating to Instagram business profile
well it’s updating your Instagram profile to business and you know what
you can check it out on my Facebook page that’s where it is it’s a shorter
version the one when YouTube is really long and so I edited out all the fluff
out and got to the five benefits really quickly in less than ten minutes on my
Facebook page and for those that don’t know about my Facebook page you know
when you have a Facebook page you only have to use FB com
you should not have to write out the words Facebook so it’s FB calm Oh YouTube was slow on I’m gonna come back
to your comment dianna FB comm slash miss Eileen speaks its name on my
podcast and that’s the name of my Facebook page and it’s you know won’t
have to scroll now for because actually the videos are up at the top and so
you’ll see it there okay the stream is this morning has brights I
think you mean brought so much joy and make me laugh love it Thank You Diana I
like to bring joy I like to spread laughs and smiles and I love love love
for you guys to take action on some of the stuff that I share with you and
Diana’s already talked about how she tries to make sure she does her research
before she goes live you know it’s it’s fine to like I said have that schedule
and you know and the times when you don’t get a chance to do your research
you just have to explain that to your audience and that’s all I’m trying to
say I’m not trying to belittle anybody I’m not even trying to say people are
doing things wrong but I’m just telling you cuz you care you care about your
audience and you care enough to spend this time here with me and I’m just
giving you my best advice is to do your research and sometimes it makes more
sense to take a step back especially if you’re doing this fast pace
industry like I cover live-streaming and podcasting and the podcasting world has
been completely turned on its side almost a it’s been turned upside down
but it’s turned on its side now and I want to do all my research before I come
on here and tell you guys this that and the other about Spotify cuz I don’t know
that much about them I know about anger I can tell you about anger in fact when
anger came to podcast movement it was one of the few sessions that I went to
where there weren’t that many people but guess who was in the front row in the
very first seat and guess who was trying to go up and introduce herself to Mike
Mignano – Mignano which is the CEO of Anchor I was trying to introduce
myself to him before he even got on stage and before he even got his
presentation up cuz I love anger always loved them I’ve always loved what
they’ve done to make people who are these a lot of these podcasting guys are
my mentors guys and gals are my mentors but people are resistant to change and
it’s like when you find your little space in the world and you just want
everything to go exactly the way you’ve always done it cuz you know this is how
you’ve got your authority okay sometimes you’ll find that a new player will come
into your space and switch things up change things up you ain’t gonna like it
but hey I’m telling you guys you got to go with the flow and anchor has done
that and has made a lot of these podcasting hosts who may not have wanted to admit that you know podcasting is hard podcasting is hard it can be hard and
you know anchor makes it super duper easy so now a lot of the other hosts are
making their process easier disruption disruption of the marketplace and I just
want you to know CTN live I did what you told me to do and it started to load
the page and then it redirected back to the home page but I do appreciate all
your efforts I can see there that you are featuring me and all that but as
soon as I load the page up it reverts back to the home page with the thing
that says translate debate and so it’s like a pop up that you guys have on this
on this site and so that’s not good cuz okay but I see here up it’s starting to
load and right before it loads the pop-up comes up you know I’ve never been
a fan of pop-ups but I do know that they work and all that and you guys are
probably trying to collect email addresses but I’m not going to enter my
information there because you’re not you guys aren’t offering English from what I
can tell so I would love to be bilingual if I could have my way but barely have
the English language all under control yet I was fixing it for you removing the
pop-up all right dear thank you I you are really going through so much and
once again thanks for the super chat you gave earlier and I just so appreciate
you I just want you to know that can you please share the title of the video on
stories that you recommend I can’t find it on your channel okay it’s on Facebook
so let me just let me get that up for you over on my Facebook page which I
gave you calm / Aileen Smith and what they let
you do now is put up featured videos and it’s one of the featured ones so I’m
gonna give you that direct link and yeah I actually started off as a YouTube
video and I was like you know what I made a couple mistakes I’ll tell you
what’s a mistake was that I made in that video originally when I did on YouTube
in case anybody ever watches it on YouTube when your Instagram story I mean
when you upgrade to a business account I’m sorry when you upgrade to a business
account on your profile let me show you this is a real quick one on your profile
you can now add extra links for example you see how after my name and then it
says that I’m a blog or live stream or probably ba ba then hashtag Aileen
Graham then there’s my link right everybody knows you get one link one
Instagram but when you scroll down pass my IG TV and my row of stories there
underneath that these are called quick action buttons call email and directions
and when I was doing my YouTube video I got lost and I couldn’t find those call
but those are calling myself email and directions I got lost and couldn’t find
them and so I had a little bit of an issue there explaining that and by the
end of the live stream I found it then so I corrected it but it was
because I didn’t do my research I just blew it I know where it was
I just forgot so this is what I mean I literally research this people have been
telling me to go on Instagram and upgrade to business profile instead of
just a regular profile and I kept saying I don’t know what why should I do that
much and it’s just another thing on my list of things to do and then one day I
said you know what oh and I talked about this in the video my daughter
reached 10,000 followers on Instagram which means that you can do swipe up
till people swipe up you know my daughter she’s an entrepreneur she’s got
all kinds of courses and classes and events live events so I’m like you need
to be able to swipe up why don’t you use the swipe up and she said mom every time
I try to do it it won’t work and so I went over into Gen Harmons
Facebook group and I asked and they said oh you have to have a business profile I
was like oh that’s why I won’t work for her so I convinced her to do it and then
I’m like I convinced her to do it and she did it now see you could swipe up on
her stuff all day long right I convinced her to do it right but then I’m like
well maybe I need to do it as well so since I’m talking about my baby let’s go
over here and look at hers real quick I don’t know if she has any swipe ups
going on today but let’s see so here’s her stories ya know she didn’t
have any sway pups today okay but she’s got classes going on and that’s one of
her friends in fact Rosebud Investments is going live so if she if you swipe up
and then I started doing the research to find out exactly what are all the
benefits of having this Instagram business account I went to Gen Harmons
videos I went through YouTube and cuz I want to
make sure that I’m not missing and even though I love gin Herman and I know
she’s got her act together and I trust what she says but some of
her videos were a little older and you know they put out new features every day
right so I went to YouTube University then I
went to sue B Zimmerman who is my other YouTube Instagram expert I went through
all of her videos then there was um something on I researched this
thing for two weeks and wrote out every single benefit that I could find and
that’s when I went live and I only made the mistake just simply because I forgot
how where it was cuz right because I did so much research my head was spinning no
I just blow it I’m not making no excuses I blew it please check again when you’re
when you upload your videos on your channel your platform renders your video
in real time check it please okay I’ll check it again oh my goodness I you know
I appreciate the fact that you have done so much to get this working for me
before the video nope the pop-up still comes up and probably because of cookies
and all that stuff so I’m sorry I you know what I can do is I can just show
you guys really quickly because you know CNT life has done a lot so let me open
up a new window really done a lot to to showcase my my channel over on his
website and so hang on let me get rid of that to a different screen share because
I just think you know I’m and you you also gave a super chat so this week
this is the website okay and so I’m gonna refresh so it’s C
and T slash Eileen Smith all one word and so when i refresh you’ll
see that what happens is he’s created a featured page for me with my videos
unfortunately the pop-up comes so quick to cover it up
but I did share it and I so appreciate it and I hey that’s a great way to make
a connection with somebody you know I wish it was in English and I wasn’t
getting up then I probably would go ahead and sign up for the newsletter but
you know it’s not gonna be in English I’m not sure that I need that and once
again I thank you so here we go the an analytics of a business is really cool
yes the analytics is the biggest piece and this is what everybody else loves
I’m gonna give you my personal experience I’ll have time because I’m
focusing on my Facebook stories and the analytics on the Facebook so I still
needed to do this because if it wasn’t for for me the biggest benefit of the
Instagram business account is now I can connect my stories to my facebook
business page because you only can connect your stories to your page once
you both are business okay you can send your Instagram stories to your regular
profile stories on Facebook but business to business for the page and when I do
look at my analytics it’s the ones from my page and I’ll give you Diana because
you are going to in fact I’m going to be on entre woman TV one day soon
so I’m going to show you an example yeah I have an appointment that I have to
cancel – oh that’s my hairdresser appointment that’s not until Saturday ok
I’m going into my facebook real quick because you guys are hanging in there
with me I appreciate you so very much alright so I want to get it all up okay
so you go to your regular Facebook app not the Pages app let’s say that again
cuz that’s kind of bizarre you go to the regular pages I’m sorry the regular
Facebook app then you search for your page that’s where you’re gonna see your
stories and be able to add to your stories you’re not gonna be able to add
to your stories from the pages app I know that’s kind of backwards but that’s
how it is alright so real quick I’m going to add to my story hey guys I went
live on YouTube today so make sure you check it out alright so what I want to
do now is show you these stats now only have one movie as my story yesterday okay so but what I did was a poll and I
got a hundred and sixteen you can’t see because the count is actually in white
and I just happen to have a white background yesterday where I was talking
about that periscope thing alright and I had 116 views right so I click on those
views it’s gonna tell me the likes and I can view details and I can see who
actually liked it okay which is different from you know seeing your
friends you already know your friends this isn’t these are people that like my
page and I’ve got 11,000 people on my page but when I
want to know who’s really engaged with me then I would go in there but see here
you can see that I had 116 unique but now I can see the votes and I can
actually click on the view details to see who voted which way okay so now in
this particular case there’s numbers are small but it’s okay because the fact
that all I did was put up one thing that said go live together will you try it
and put a poll that was the whole entire story cuz the rest of the story was on
Instagram not on the Facebook page yesterday
that’s just how I did it yesterday but just didn’t get a chance and I can’t do
anything but I wanted to use that poll because that’s the only way that I get
to see unless somebody gives it a thumbs up the only way that I get to see who’s
actually engaging with my page is from the polls so far I you know they’re
gonna add more things to the Facebook side okay and I know Rob is saying keep
going the stream rocks but I gotta get some breakfast and plus I got a cancel
an appointment but I told these folks I gotta have a little physical therapy on
my knee I told them it’s supposed to snow Monday so you know if it snows I
probably won’t come but I’ll let y’all know but I thought I was gonna call them
at 9 o’clock here it is 943 I still haven’t called them yet but they
probably know and they said oh no problem because there’s no cancellation
fee I’m like okay well I might call ya’ll five minutes whew we have a
translator I have also removed the email signup
sorry for your trouble it is fixed now remember I’m doing this while I am at my
regular work I get it honey I sometimes when you watching a live stream when
you’re at work you’re kind of like I sure hope nobody comes over here see
what I’m doing right now hang on muchacha one more again oh did I
close the page yeah wait I think I closed that page down I sure did that’s
okay open it back up doo doo doo and I can go
to my history really quickly and bring that page back up I like to get it all
up before I start to screen share this is so cute this is so worth it so all of
the all of you guys who hung in here to see exactly what see in TV CN T
let me post a link in there because he can’t post a entire link was trying to
show this is really really cool and I really really truly appreciate this is
the first time see CNT life has come on – one of my streams and this is a page
dedicated to me with all of my past videos on here
well not all of them but two pages no no there’s more yeah it’s going back so you
know this is what community is all about thank you so very much
oh your language is French I see that now okay I didn’t really because I don’t
even know what country this is from oh it’s in Africa oh okay you know what I’m
gonna make sure before we even get off of the stream I am going to I am going
to subscribe to your channel right now oh he says I can do this for everybody
okay cool this is this is a nice feature to have okay great and you’ve got
sixteen thousand subscribers so you’ve invested and you know YouTube and
although it might not be in English you never know there’s people I mean
we’re all connected with people on a global scale right so we may let’s see so this is his YouTube channel
guys so we we may know someone that speaks French and who could come over
here and get benefit from what’s going on over here on this channel so yeah
that’s the great thing about being online and being able to connect oh you
know on a global scale thank you so so very much that was so so worth it I’m
glad I was still here and thank you thank you happen so Rob wants more
information oh he says he’s in Canada my fault okay so Rob wants to know how to
do it so you guys connect with with every with one another you know there’s
a messaging feature here on YouTube so you guys can message each other to get
more details about how to get that page to go over to his channel message him
and say yes I was on IV stream and Diana says that was awesome way to go oh wow
I’m watching this at work – Shh okay Diana’s boss don’t go over to her desk
right now yeah that’s that’s that’s a good thing when you have one of those
jobs where your boss is like not standing right over you or or is not
just your boss because sometimes not even about your boss it’s the loozy
behind coworkers they weren’t about what you’re doing I don’t have that problem
I’m just saying I feel for you guys who do oh okay
he put up his email address and so I’m gonna show it here in the chat so you
guys can email see NT live – at and I’ll put that up on screen
this is what happens when you give super chest ladies and gentlemen thank you so much
for your time for your comments for your appreciation for your attention I truly
truly enjoyed this livestream and hanging with you guys today and I’ll
definitely will you know I’m connected with everybody who’s been here and the
last connection that I needed to make was with CNT live which I did already
and Diana says yeah I’m leaving the department in productivity but
thankfully they are ok with it alright that’s good
my boss asked me who’s that I said she is my queen Queen Aileen I’ve been
called that a few times Oh and so let me just give you a quick
recommendation about doing your research you know YouTube University is a great
place to go but you got to be careful and you you got it kind of like brush up
on your curation skills and know who to trust and and and who not to pay
attention to ok and Facebook is a place to but you gotta get in with the right
people so sometimes my here’s my best advice listen listen take it in let it
marinate and then you can make your decision upon who are your real thought
leaders who are the that you want to rely on you know a lot of these news
outlets basically a lot of the news is just put up there so that you can watch
commercials in between the newscasts so it may be a mainstream news that you
would think it’s always giving you the right information but sometimes you got
to take it with a grain of salt a lot of times it might be true like if they say
you know it’s gonna snow today or if they say schools are closed
we got that right know sometimes I make it wrong on the snow I take that back
but they say schools are closed they’re probably right
but all right yeah I’m getting silly so this has been a wonderful livestream I
had I thanks so much for the super chats for the love alanda from dryer buzz was
here earlier with a super chat and you guys have been incredible you have a
smart Ville a stay and if you’re snowing you just stay in and let me show this
comment let me allow that I’m sorry excuse me thank you to everybody I’m out
so you guys send me an email I will feature whoever wants to be spotlight it
worldwide all right we got that information okay I don’t forget to taps
and with that have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the next live stream
I’ll try my best to stream this weekend but I got to do some research first

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  1. Ms. Ileane, in order to link to those sites directly in the video, you must be a YouTube partner. Just a heads up.. It used to be so nice to be able to do so quickly, before the change in partner requirements.

  2. the ads are annoying sometimes although i love it when it brings interest like just now HOST GATOR 65% OFF well thanks for another great video keep going mentor

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