DIE ZONE! – DayZ STALKER Standalone Mod!

DIE ZONE! – DayZ STALKER Standalone Mod!

Ah.. we´re coming. and we´re going. This is absurd! how can it be that we both are meeting over there, than a weird dude comes who is throwing a grenade at us that is exploding somewhere. And i don´t understand that it explode. And you´re confused and you say “it´s a flashbang” and I say “oh my god, it´s a grenade”. And then we´re getting locked up or going to be locked up, but you have freed us, thank you for freeing us. Because you made it possible for us to go on, dude! Thats why we´re real friends now and we stick together. We will always have adventures together. WHU! I can understand it at least, but I can´t… My german is not that good That I.. That I… can talk. I understand, I understand, follow me, follow me Wow. Someone is coming, but I have no time to talk now. I need to talk to you, I need to talk to my audience. I´m not going to turn on the light, I´ll keep it shut, I thought about it. You can experience DayZ the way you used to remember it. Like… You have that original feeling of DayZ again. Like “Oh yes, I´m exploring something new.” Those kind of experiences. By the way this is one of those factorys, with all of these stuffed animals from the zone. Luckily the radio activity didn´t arrive here yet. Unfortunately it´s raining like hell. And the guy doesn´t stop talking. Drink? Oh hello.. oh hello! Oh it´s you again. Mh, you again.. didn´t I rob you before, Tobias? Haha, yeah you did. Two hours ago. Hello? Do you wanna run away? -No, hello? How about if you follow me! Come with me! -Hello? Yes.. I.. I can´t.. – And don´t, don´t pull a gun out! Come on, let´s go for a walk! What´s your name? Tobias. Unfortunately I need to tell you, that you´re going to be robbed, Tobias! Are you okay with that? Ok. We´re going to trade, ok? Okay, -What do you want?- okay, I would like to have 7,62×39 or Mauser ammunition, it would be the best if you drop every ammunition, I´ll check what I need. Here you go, all my ammunition. Please don´t kill me! I just took the shotgun ammunition. Tobias! Do you need food or water? Or why are you hurt? -Please I.. I just fought with wolves, two of them. I killed them with my fists only. Tobias, eat that my friend! See you, thank you man. Yeah you did! Tobias, would you like to collaborate? Eeeh… well.. I don´t have any ammunition, I have nothing, I just found a weapon, but no ammunition. Do you got some 45 maybe? 45.. ACP? What kind of weapon did you find, Tobias? Uff.. – This one, the FX. Is it good? There are six shots and a mag for it. Follow me, Tobias! If you shoot me in my head, I´m never going to trust you. Let´s go! Why should i? We´re a team.. cause I robbed you that´s a motive, know what I mean? What´s up? I thought you´re going to kill me. Yeah sorry I… Tobias, you´ve got some nervousness in your voice lately, why is that? Is it, because you´re thinking about when you´re going to pull the trigger? Eeeh.. no. -Are you sure, Tobias? Recently I didn´t find anyone who´s german and friendly , that´s why. Okay, Tobias Roof, at the top! At the roof. Come on let´s kill him! Tobi? Go! We will do it, Tobias! Nice headshot! Not bad! Thanks. Well Tobias. It seems like we´re working together now. I think this is, where the people say we have a special connection. Okay, what do we have here? Tobias sounds cool, he´s not going to kill me, right chat? He has no ammunition, that I need for my weapons, huh? He also don´t have 7,62 on him, just by the way. Well, this was interesting. We´re running down there, having a nice chat and suddenly. Bam! Very weird. Tobias, I think you´re a really nice guy, dude. I mean I robbed you more or less. Like… well.. not really, but you´re in a good mood, dude! Well, what sould I do? Uhm, yes Tobias.. Tobias, I guess he´s nice, isn´t he? Eeeh, yes. Eeeh, yes. Okay, Tobias? I told him that he can chill with us, are you cool with that? Eeh… yes. Do you trust him or.. -One question, I´ve got a big scope I got a hunting scope, do you need it? No, I can try it at least, if it fits. So Tobias, what did you say? Eeh.. there.. I don´t think it fits. But thanks for asking. You can´t trust a rat. Fuck. And his friend certainly not. Haha, shit. We trusted somebody and we got punished, chat. But do you know what we got, chat? We got Gandalfs Discord address, so we can contact him and clarify everything. Chat we can lose as much loot as we want, okay? We can die as much as we want, we can be punished for our kindness as much as we want! But one thing won´t change, Chat! We´ll believe in the good in the humans! We´re going then. Follow us if you need help. -Yes, goodbye It seems quiet. Where are you? Are you sitting on the rooftop? Ah, over there he´s sitting. Do you.. What was going on here? Did you had a fight, or what? Yeah, there are bad people passing by. I killed the wolf, that is laying by the door, that was the shooting. Are you the last survivor or what? So to say. Your friend seems to have trust issues. Is that right? I would´ve shoot you already. No I just don´t like it, when someone is poiting with a gun at me I had my gun already on you but you didn´t see me and i didn´t shoot. Yeah okay. Do you need weed? Pardon? Do you need weed? We want to give away a little, we finally managed to grow something and eeh.. eeh.. and to give the story a bit of a bit.. a bit.. of a face finally. That´s why we´re running arround and try to help the people, to give them cool stuff and to spread some weed. This was perfect! See, this is how you do it! This was damn perfect! We´re good in throwing weed! Best deliverer. Also thrown through windows. Unbelievable guys! Just order without packaging. You´re the best faction. Believe me! I personally find.. I don´t understand why we don´t have a faction that is going to fill this town up with life. This is a little.. Well.. we are weak on the legs, otherwise we would do it on our own. Comprehensibly. -That´s a bit of a problem. Have you been in the Bar100? Yes we´ve been there, it´s boring, there is no alcohol and there is nobody. And the only thing that is there.. Oh. -What is it?- Oh, no! Last time I served there, it was very exciting and noone killed me there, they were in a good mood. Okay.. Well I.. I´ve only been shot two times here. Per se they´re very relaxed, I have to say! I give it up. As soon as you´re going deeper into the zone it gets nastier. So I noticed. Yeah, in the south I´m going to introduce myself, I´m Robert Braun. Frequently I was a german scientist and I studied the anomalies and the mutants. But then unfortunately my equipment and my german pass was stolen and then I ended up at the Freedom Guys. That was unfortunately so. Well, if you meet someone, who´s asking you for Robert Braun here he is! Alright Robert Braun He´s still alive and well! Introduce yourself! I´m the assistant from Sir Robert Braun and unfortunately we had the same destiny. Well.. There were not nice people and.. Well.. And now we´re both stuck here unhappily, and the visa and papers from here are difficult, that´s why we need help from nice people. Wonderful, wonderful. Absoloutly wonderful guys! Thank you, thank you that you shared your weed with me. You´re welcome. Weed is love, weed is world. Do you still have some? I got some I´m the Weedman, the Streetman. Yeah Dr. Braun, throw it! I can´t throw as good as him, I´m not.. I´m not from the shipping department. Wait. See. Too low, too low. Next to the teddy bear. Directly through the window. No, no, no, no. Wait, i got enough of it Aca- Aca- Academic, you know. They can´t do anything. Chemist. Two times in a row. Unbelievable! You just had to.. just had to hold up the pape and catch it. Only need to roll it then. Well. Nevertheless. Eeh.. We wish you a- This shit teddy. Can you stop throwing the teddy? Sometimes you´re really creepy. Eeh.. I kinda want to see the teddy up on the roof. I wish you a nice day, i hope you know where our base is, if you need anything or close to death or just want to smoke some weed. This was to far. No no, it landed here, it landed here. Amazing! I don´t know if someone told you already, where our base is? Of course, the red brick building. The building in Death Valley, right. Correct. Next to the gas station and the nice sympathetic russian chopper crash exactly on the opposite. Right! Right there and with the big green anarchist A on the wall! Perfect. This is very important. Eeh.. yes. Bye! Goodbye. Bye good luck! Thank you. Take care of you. I will! On the subject Freedom Faction. Thanks for the weed! And for the teddy. Why was i here, again? (Talking about something) I´m behind you. We´re almost there. Eh Roztok is builded up like one part is full of Zombies, the part where we´ve been before and where we entered Roztok. And the other part is the.. I would say the inhabited part, it´s the part where life is. There is also the Bar100. I don´t know if i showed you. No. I wasn´t in there yet. Then we´re going to stop by there. One moment. I don´t know where you want to go, but i guess we can jump over the fences. I guess i´m just too full, i need maximum stamina, for this one move. Haha yes. I feel the same way! I need to throw some stuff away. No man. I´m too fat, bro.Wait I got an idea. I got an really good idea! Wait. We take the tundra throw it over Oh no. This is not going to work. It surely lands on the roof. There it is. I´ve seen it how it flew over, over there. Now i can jump over! Wait. Somewhere here! Ah there it is. I got it. It´s all good. Creepy, creepy. It was a tipical “YEET” Nice, first a little Nesquik. Nesquik? Yes. Can you.. can you please.. There is so much where you can do advertisement for, why does it have to be Nesquik? It´s written here. Just Nesquik, with a disgusting brown bunny on it. Yeah, but it has a stupid smile, right? -Yes. And do you know why he´s smiling stupid? Why? Because he is… little poor… african children.. NO. That goes the wrong way! No no no. Way worse! Because.. because he wants to privatize groundwater reserves. Oh yes.. Yes! It´s a real bad guy! Not such a harmless one. Know what i mean? Oh my god. Nesquik does.. see Nesquic is shit! Nequik downs my thirst! Yes it´s really the worst food, no joke! Oh my god! But i think i´m still too fat for this! I´ll just leave the M70 Tundra here. Well.. it seems like it doens´t depend on the Tundra What. But yes it does! You can do this. No without running. As far as possible to the edge and then just jump normally. I´m sure my maximum stamina is too low for that. For the jump? Crazy. You need a certain stamina for it to work. Ah okay. And over here. I got an extra mag, theoretically There is a car, Knüppel. Ok. I think you can´t get up there, right? Yes yes yes. When i jump on you. Oh nevermind, the view is better from here. Come up here! Yes yes, hi! Knüppler, there is someone standing in the corner with a backpack directly in front of me. Yes? How many seats are in there.. four seats right? Oh wait, someone is sitting in the car, dude! Oh what? Yeah one is sitting in the car, and the other one is standing. It´s someone else. Is it getting light? I don´t know, these guys sound strange. He said “You´re doing a campfire?” and they answered “Yes, for you!”. Sounds really dangerous. Really? If I would hear that, I would run away, because i would think they´re going to eat me. Something like that. I can see the guys who are doing the BBQ from up here. Really good, actually. I kinda have the desire to throw a paprika on them. I don´t know why. For real? Just.. just throw the paprika to them! Throw the paprika to them, but you.. Oh, I see it flying right now. First time I see it. I throw junk at them. Do you.. Do you have more stuff to throw? Yeah, for sure. Head lamp, away with it. Only take the batteries out of it. Yes please. I´ll try to throw directly onto one of them. Oh, i´ve seen it flying again. They´ll be asking why there is stuff flying through the air. They´re going to rob him, they´ll rob him! -Can you take a shot? They want him to take off his close, they want to rob him! They want to give him some injections. -For real? Okay, wait. Let´s intervene. Wait, I´ll change my position. Yeah, they want to give him some injections. Okay, i see him, i see the guy with the.. with the.. Wait.. I could shoot one of them, but the risk to do a double headshot on them is too high If I shoot wrong I could kill both of them. Yes. Wait.. we´ll protect him, we protect him! Okay, come on let´s intervene. You´re down already? -I´m down! I´m down too, wait. I.. i´ll shoot first. One is down. Go! He´s in the corner ready to fight! Possibly. Injured at least. I think he is down. I think… oh wait. Wait… no. Do you think they´re both dead, Knüppel? Okay, yeah. I don´t know.. i don´t.. They got everything, Knüppel! Look at that shit, dude! I… I can barely hear you. I guess you need to put up your voice over volume. To be honest it´s at the highest level. Oh well, okay. Okay, i´m going to relogg real quick. Okay, wait. WHAT? I´m dead. You just pass down. Yeah, i ran over the fire and died. Oh my god. All of my stuff. By the way, thanks Knüppel for picking me up! – Yeah no problem. Nice outfit you got there. -Yeah thanks! You look like the pest doctor. Yeah, it was just lying around there. What is going on with the lights? The problem is we are driving with a car through the night but i can´t see anything. You know what i mean? Forgot to put in the light bulbs. I don´t know. Maybe i crashed into something and they´re broken. Look. Do you see the heli chrash on the right side? I´ve never been here before. Where are we? -Near.. near our base, more or less. At least.. where I put some stuff to be save. You know? Like a stash, if you find some stuff, you go over there and you can put it in the barrel. -Yeah I see, you already got a lot of stuff on the left side. No, no it´s the junkyard! That´s the junkyard. I thought when i got a lot of trash I´ll… Oh, I think we need to go that way. Everything ok? It´s just so dark right now. Down the aisle a bit. It´s fine, it´s fine don´t worry! Oh, there is light? I guess you locked me in, I can´t get out of the corner. Really? -Wait, wait. -yeah yeah. Oh god. Okay it worked. -By pressing and so on. You know what I mean? Hello! -Where are you? Hello! Hi. Finally you´re back again. Look who we found! Who´s that? -Hello. Oh, just a second, you´re not one of us. No, we found him. I was just sitting here by my campfire. And then these two appeared and came in. And what´s your name if I may ask? Chris. Chris? Nice to meet you, really! By the way you´re in our base! By the way Richard go and play some music, let your fingers dangle. This is your base? -Ok i will. -Yes all of it! Oh my god. There.. there.. there were no indications for that, that somebody is living here. Yeah. We´ve been on the road, you know. Recently we´ve been in Roztok, there was a big gunfight. And look, this bad thing, that is laying on the ground, that took for some reason, one of our lifes. Maybe someone who i know really well. Dramatic things happen. But most important, we´re here now! And that´s the most important. Yeah. And i got my multifunctional guitar with me. That´s nice. Make yourself comfortable, Chris. I can sing too. Why belongs the world not to those -Inaudible- And why aren´t the lawn areas belonging to those The song speaks to me from the soul. Why why is the banana bent? Come on Joseph! Why -And all together! why are the taxes so high in this country? It get´s too real for me here. And why? -I can barely tank up. 86cent per liter. It´s a sticker that i´ve seen, okay? -Inaudible- Don´t let me drive anymore. I´m heating up the party now. -And I can´t go anymore. This.. this.. this was wonderful. This multifunctional guitar was really impressive, Richard. This was beautiful. -Yeah thank you very much. It took many years to perfect it. This was so beatiful, I guess I have to… Oh… I´ve never had a better reaction. -Oh what did you eat? Put.. put.. put the presents on the table. You know what i mean? Our trophys that we took with us from the stalk. Oh you have brought something. Yes, look it up. You can take it, right? Think about it. Pay attention boys. Look at this! -Holy mackerel! What is this? -What is this? These are artifacts -MAGIC!- from the zone. Magic. Look at the artifacts. You need to get these artifacts if you want to apply for a faction, right? Oh, Chris is getting hot. If you want to prove your worth, so to say then you need to go out into the world and chase some mutants. If you chased some mutants, then you need to take the artifacts from the mutants, respectively the anomalies. And then give it to the respective factions. That´s the only way to proof as a real stalker. By the way i can show you a mutant. But do you see the blue thing.. Oooh. But.. but.. but do you see the blue thing there? I´ve once been.. well.. I´ve once been fallen over some sticks with my legs between it and then my balls looked the same. Oh ouch.. Man… don´t tell that. I´ll come cuddling you a bit. Oh man you.. Real good. Yeees! That looks good, Chris! The ability to use many muscles. That´s a special gift Chris! Man.. this ambience at the campfire. Haven´t got that for a long time. Hot!

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  1. Sehr gutes Video. Habe damals auch die Stalker Projekte gern gesehen schön das mal wieder sowas kam. Auch gerade das DayZ die dir Möglichkeit gibt wieder neuen Content zubringen.

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