100 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: WoT Premium Account

  1. What do you think about this separate WoT Premium Account with truly unique options, exclusively for World of Tanks players?

  2. Premium missions for bonds hmm didnt WG said that you wont be able to purchase them with real money…..other than this i like the changes

  3. Sounds good the fact is what happens to the players without Premuim Account? will they Receive a mouth for free to test it? or will free 2 play players not receive anything at all? i just wanna know that

  4. Guys what can we do to force player to pay more money? Well can give more extra rewards for those players that have premium.
    In future premium accounts will have so much better MM. U have to pay. Pay to win

  5. WTH people, have you not see the pay2win elements??? Why are people so happy about this haven't u seen it yet so stupid banning 1 extra map so pigs could never see city maps, faster growing to get even more t10 tanks into the MM so ur MM with t8 would just go worse it's a massive issue!!!

  6. Thats preatty cool but the missions should give gold too since its so hard to get gold becouse the only option is buying it . I would buy it but my isnt letting me becouse she doesnt trust World of tanks. Think on that and good luck in the battlefield.⚔

  7. Getting missions that reward people with bonds if you pay? This is the definition of PAY TO WIN!!!!!!

  8. I like how it can be applied after battle instead of by default.

    Reserve stock is an interesting idea, almost like building interest. (Or a "piggy bank")

    Bonds… Bonds though… I admit they are difficult to come by, but this is a difficult subject. You're almost making it so that you can buy bonds with a loophole. Which you promised not to do.

    Excluding maps. Sigh. I wish you guys had made this class-based instead of account based. Arty not getting Paris, lights not getting Himmelsdorf, etc, instead of the system that you chose. I admit that I may be in the minority with this opinion.

    The platoon bonus is an interesting idea. But what happens if multiple players in the platoon have it? And what if people don't buy the account because they consistently play with one who does? That detracts from your profit.

  9. why is it only for premium accounts? Just make it usable for all kind of accounts. Then it will be much more fun

  10. Suggestion about the piggy bank

    If it isn't available for everyone, than make it that way. New players can sometimes have a hard time with credits, so why not have the ability to put a bit of credits in the piggy bank and have it be able to save up some credits like a bank. The players can only have a limited number of credits in the piggy bank, depending on the tier they have, like tier 1 tank owners can only save up to 10,000 credits, while tier 10 owners can save up to 100,000 credits. The only way to save up said credits is by manually taking some from the total they have and putting it in the bank. The way the bank gives you credits is by the player playing battles, and depending on the results, the play will get some extra credits. A win would only give a player 10-20 credits, while a loss can only give 5-10 credits. People with WoT premium would still have the piggy bank, but than have the vault to go with it, making it easier for new players to afford modules and tanks going down the line

  11. I am at minute 4 and basically they said like a thousand times that the new feature will be great, without ACTUALLY saying anything at all.
    Just truisms like: will be great because hey, will be great, like many features which guess what: will be great!

  12. Nooooooooooooooooooo. WG are doing it wrong. Why encorage people to spam more gold shells in game????

  13. Lol. Why does this video seem like WG figured out how YouTube monetization works? This video feels stretched to 10 minutes.

  14. pay to win 😀 my friend more and more. I would like to hear the universal cost per players on average at this curent time.

  15. IDK who this lady is, but I'm in a trance. *drool
    World of Tanks what? Sorry, I have to rewatch.

    I want to do a Joe Biden on her.

  16. Let me choose to play without arty, and I can guarantee you I would extend my premium account. And I wouldn't be the only one!

  17. You are slowly losing your ftp players. Our gaming experience is getting worse, and soon enough you will only have premium players facing each others after waiting for 5 mins for the game to start…

  18. given i play multiple titles the only thing id wish to see is general wargaming premium getting the extra map ban as well

  19. You have to change premium account value country by country.In my country premium tanks ,account etc. so expensive.

  20. Guys what if We play in platoon of 3 all of us have PA and we all excluded different maps? (Each player excludes 2 different maps) does that mean 6 (4 in platoon of two) maps down ? Or it means that I have Prohorovka excluded but have to play it if I play in platoon with fried who has not ?

  21. So the return from battle will be reduced by 10% and this will be released after 7th day. Gj nobody can play without premium acc. (battle financing absurd) in high tier thereafter….no problem AI BOTS will play behalf of Humans but they wont pay peanuts for it too.

  22. WG @ 2017, 2018 – "Bonds will not be a currency which could be bought for real money."
    WG @ 2019 – "We announce new form of premium account. The real money cost of this premium account will not change in comparison to the old form. With this new premium account players will have access to exclusive missions for bonds."

    What gives?

  23. Another way to take our money. Instead of this you should concentrate on Match Making and lower the RNG. Fix the game first and then talk about premium account.

  24. Very disappointing that the bonds are now available for purchase, and extra map veto for premium players – not a level playing field 😒 if it wasn't for those 2 things seems ok.

  25. So, if you're a "casual" WOT, WoWS, and/or WoWP player, you'll have to buy multiple instances of premium accounts to enjoy the xp and credit benefits for each game? Why not just keep the current system where you buy one account for all 3 games, but still add the proposed changes to the WOT account? Change the name and give it a fancy logo and stuff, sure, but why alienate other portions of your player base? I really don't understand the need for this separation.

    Also, why give premium account owners missions to collect bonds? That is the complete opposite of "free-to-win" and will make mid to low tier games even less enjoyable for new players than it already is.

    I still question the need for bonds in the first place. No one cares about directives, and now paying for a premium account to earn bonds to buy improved equipment is a flat pay-to-win mechanic.

    That being said, the piggy bank vault thing seems kind of pointless, but not a bad thing at all, and the map exclusion, platoon, and xp multiplier features are all really great ideas. Kudos to you WG for those. The matchmaker will absolutely struggle with the map exclusion feature though.

  26. hahahaahah geedass WG, give us more money! I stop play this trash "game" 9 mont ago thinking that maybe they will improve mm and get rid of cheaters but noooooooo, all they think is moneyyyyyyyyy! Good, uninstal and go to GOG to spend my money.

  27. I dont mind spending more money in this awesome game. This game got awesome graphic, soo realistic, nice sound effect and ambience effect, got daily/weekly mission, campaign mission, plus all tanks and medals got historical description.

    Thats need a lot of works and patient to make this game. They deserve my money for their hardwork and im enjoying this game.

  28. so you made premium now only for 1 game each well i switch from ships to tanks like i feel like so good reason to stop buy premium

  29. Add premium GARAGE back! A brand new one for those with premium accounts like in othere versions of the game (before 1.0 update).

  30. So you just make the game even worse 😠

    Pay to get bonds = p2w advantage with improved equipment

    Pay for extra map exclusion – p2w advantage

    This doesn't make me want to buy premium at all, but rather move on to another game entirely!

  31. Mmmhhh…. ‘At the end saying it’s stil Free to win….? nice joke… text example of bad business communication…

  32. Make a server by region in what only can log if you run the game just like it was downloaded (without mods) to prevent cheats, and then i think to play again

  33. OMG LMAO i have been playing all 3 games and now i will pay 3 times?…Translation as follows…"We wanted to take it to the next level" We decided to charge you the same amount of money for a Premium account ( a as in for ONE ACCOUNT.) We added some tidbits to take your eye off the financial ball. Now we have improved our revenue stream by forcing you to spend the "same amount " of money 3 TIMES if you wish to play all 3 of our games with premium benefits. Good luck and THANKS for the Steak and Lobster dinners to come. PS You can keep your eye out for a Premium price increase soon to follow. I would give it roughly 6/12 months. Please correct my if i am wrong.

  34. Good changes but that booster with exp is not x3 its x2..If i have 1000 xp it offer to boost for another 1000xp

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