fortnight clips channels we all know
they’re probably the worst thing to exist on YouTube at the moment and they
makes so much money now a lot of these fortnite clip channels are getting
millions of views per video I have no clue why just take a look at twitch clip
central look at that banner like just just give it a look
9+10 or that there’s a relatable meme right there definitely not like a year
or two old you still be was 9 plus T you stupid it is so bad we’re gonna be
talking about twitch clips channels and just put channels in general cuz they’re
all they’re all terrible there’s none of them which are a decent ask into it so
if you don’t know format clips channels or whatever you want to call them
they’re basically scams now all they do is they go on to twitch and they
download a clip and then they put it all together in an editor and then upload it
as simple as anybody could do it and they’re making so much money off of it
I’m gonna guess at least a grand a video and most of them do daily uploads it’s
not like they’re trying hard to get the clips cuz all they have to do is go on
Twitch find the latest a great clip from it ninja and put it in a timeline now
not even those thumbnails are good so even if they do the thumbnails
themselves they’re not even good I guess they’d spend no time making content and
get so much out of it now this is the sort of things that YouTube recommends
imagine imagine YouTube recommending clip channels and not actual channels
which are decent as you can see that they’re not they’re
not good they’re not good are the only people clicking on these are children or
people who are really bored is the same with BCC trolling none of them have
skill or talent or whatsoever and not they’re not showing off what they have
it’s just for money now we’re gonna take a look at twitch clip central and the
first thing I want to show you is look at the user slash user slash
mr. professor snowman the person who owns twitch clips thought he would be
called mr. professor snowman hello everyone
it is voxel and today’s video is going to be an exceptionally special video the
reason why is because me and a fellow trove youtuber who goes by the name of
mr. professor snowman who I am sure that many of you if not all of you guys have
already heard of especially you console players out there there’s so many of these four night clip
styles or whether it’s true for every game and Twitter clip central is
basically a variety obviously the only thing on Twitch at the moment is four
nights oh yeah let’s like just centralize that even if you search them
up in the youtube search bar you’re just gonna get bombarded with like BCC and
everybody like that and none of them have talent and honestly I think they
should like just end just game end yourself because honestly a ten-year-old
could earn these channels and they would be making so much money it’s just look
literally all it is look because YouTube’s priorities watch time I don’t
know why it prioritizes watch time and most people are gonna watch the whole of
these videos because it’s twitch clips oh my god mine frames at the stream a
ninja is in the video he’s in the Sun now and he must be in it the video is
amazing the titles are so scammy I swear I
watched this one called T foo and his fans scammed out of thousands of dollars
Yeti pot which was about T foo being scammed away fur was about a millisecond
at the start of the video and then straight away you get bought into some
ninja clip of ninja like 360 no-scope being a little ten-year-old across the
map now honestly it did the only skill they do actually have and I’m gonna give
it to them here is the skill of clickbait because they literally could
put one little thing in the whole video which is like insanely amazing or
something and then based a whole video around it now I might start making these
twitch clips channels myself cuz honestly all I need to do is get a a
cheap-ass intro just download a few clips and put it all together and make
millions of dollars it seems simple as honestly there’s no networking or
anything involved I spend time making my videos let’s try and make him as good as
possible I get nowhere in YouTube but twitch clip
central does Oh cuz there that that sounds like a a YouTube channel which
should blow up now to be honest if I’m gonna say
anything all the people on Twitch like ninja and
Tim the top man dr. Lupo T foo everybody like that they’re basically Twitter
clips central as well it’s all they do is repost their twitch clips and that’s
why ninja shun have been in YouTube rewind because all it is is I want know
like a 50-million kill game and eerie applauds it it’s not not difficult at
all ninja don’t know why you do it and the worst thing about all these
fortnight clips channels is the people who managed to get on it not really
credited that much now yeah you get your link in the description and everything
like that but you’re not gonna get any subscribers or viewers off it he’s
pretty bad to be fixed there basically nicking your content and you get nothing
in return now BCC trolling has 8 million
subscribers imagine 8 million at little kids
clicking subscribe to BCC trolling and the thing is it’s not even like it’s not
even hard as so many so many people on YouTube who deserve 8 million
subscribers such as makers are literally the only person on YouTube who’s
actually making good content but yeah there’s so many people who deserve 8.5
million subscribers obviously BCC trolling is one of them because his
contents great and the only thing I can give BCC trolling is is none else
because some of them are decent like I would click on that firm I had autism
and I was four but honestly I’m not gonna click on them
anymore cuz they’re terrible and that’s just why I hate fortnight clips channels
or clips channels in general now if you did make it this far
tell me in the comments and also drop a like it really just helped me out so
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prioritizes watch time so the only way of making on people’s recommend it so
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I think you should do that too every one of my videos any guys I do hope you did
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  1. Youre totally right.. I watch fortnite vids but 50% of my recommended are twich clips.. I dont even watch them. But if you watch fortnite you will automatically get cringy clickbaiting twitch clips channels in recomended.. They should stop.. And you actually deserve millions of subs!!!!

  2. Honestly, I wish YouTube wasn’t like this. All my recommended is fortnite and there is barely any original content left on YouTube. Just like Mr beast tweet said “If you want to start dancing, dance. If you want to start singing, sing. If you want to star YouTube, play fortnite” I wish it wasn’t like this. I’m sure once fortnite dies down your content will be noticeable to others. ❤️

  3. LMAO dude I remember Fortnite Funny got his account hacked once and when he got it back, he made a response video and he said "I would have hated to lose all my hard work"……………..HARD…………WORK. What a joke. I made a clip channel a long time ago just to test it out. The first vid got 1k views and the video took me 10 mins to put together, there is no hard work in that. Only thing he would have hated to lose is the potential thousands that he would get from ads and the sponsorships in the beginning of the video. Then there are people in the comments saying "Fortnite funny is the best youtuber". This website is so backwards sometimes bro.

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