100 thoughts on “Deadspin Backlash, Shane Dawson Conspiracy, Contaminated Juul Claims, Epstein, & Bolivia Protests

  1. So. Many. Stories.
    Juul 00:45 – Treelon 2:21 – Epstein 3:30 – Shane 5:00 – TIA 6:48 – Deadspin 8:37 – Bolivia 13:26

  2. Not into makeup and makeup palettes but into it when it’s produced by racists…hmmm. That’s disappointing

  3. Hi Phil, I'm from Bolivia and I must say that this is not a fight between Carlos Mesa and Evo Morales. It's a fight between Evo Morales and all the people who stand by the democracy. There's proof votes were manipulated, sustracted from other candidates and given to Evo Morales. We fight for our democracy and for the votes we casted to be acknowledge as they are and not by convinience, not for Carlos Mesa or any other political candidate.

  4. Deadspin gets bought by a bigger media company because they are not making a profit. The big media company implements changes to help fix the failing company and the employees at the failing company refuse. Management gets fired and writers quit. What's the big story here? The job changed so they wen't a good fit any more. They needed to be replaced anyway with people that actually want to write about sports. If what these writers actually wanted to do worked, then the publication would not be in trouble. The problem is that people who want to read about sports don't want to read about politics. People that want to read about politics don't want to read about sports.

  5. John practiced the "let's jump into it" line for a while now, no wonder he nailed it x) I'm sure this was a total dream come true for him!

  6. Here's the thing: I want Shane to succeed; however, I think it's a dangerous game to play when we dive into or allow advertisement under the guise of a "documentary." As Phil noted, it's an impressive marketing play. What if Jake Paul did a multi-part series where he dramatized the creation of a hoodie to his young audience–we'd agree it'd be inappropriate, but since Shane has paved the way for this kind of "marketing", who is to say that it won't be more widely adopted? Showing a journey, pulling at heartstrings and making the audience feel too invested to say no. It'd be different if he released this documentary AFTER the products released as a way to the creation process, but since the series' culmination is the release, everything before can be argued to be a giant advertisement.

    Shane has seemingly taken great care to create something of quality, and I hope for his success, but if he was greedy, he probably could have created some low-cost product and made a ton more profit–and that is where the danger of something like this lies.

  7. Like ANY shady biz ok-ing tainted products for human consumption Juul should PAY, but this War on Vaping is DEVASTATING 2 the Health Revolution these products provide!! Vape is 95% SAFER than smoking & crushing smokers access to these revolutionary products is REGRESSIVE & HARMFUL!
    And just like w cigs & alcohol, if YOUR kids r illegally using them, that's a YOU PROBLEM- & U & the Govt should have NO BIZ RESTRICTING THEIR ACCESSIBILITY 4 ME!

  8. Hey Phil ! Been watching your videos for a while now, love your take on the news. Im Bolivian, and currently living in Santa Cruz, which is the California of Bolivia, always sunny and libéral (haha) Anyway, Santa Cruz has been fighting against Morales attempt to stablish a democratic dictatorship in Bolivia, holding a civil strike for over 10 days. The economy has come to a full stop, there is no transportation or commerce, people are out on the streets protesting in a peaceful way. There is a lot of evidence of electoral fraud, and the movement is no longer Mesa against Morales, it was never about that. Mesa was just an opposition candidate that people alined with so that Morales would lose the elections, as you can see that did not happen. Yesterday (10/31/2019) there was à national cabildo, which was a massive congrégation of people deciding what the next steps would be. Here you can see what I'm talking about, reported by local media. As you may know already, Bolivia does not get much attention from international média, so most of the articles are in Spanish, and most of the information comes from local media, except for CNN en Español, and Fernando del Rincón, which have given Bolivia a lot of media coverage. Here are the links:


    There are already two deceased persons:



  9. There are so many people capable of leading a country that limits are very reasonable. Give other people their turns!

  10. Phil! Thank you so much for talking about what we are going through in Bolivia! But the situation is much more complicated. There is more evidence for the electoral fraud than just the count being stopped! there were official records changed, impossible ID numbers registered to vote, death people voting, ballots found in particular domiciles. Also, we are not Mesa supporters!! we are demanding the election annulment. The president and his followers organized violent attacks against people protesting peacefully! Please Phil keep talking about Us, we need all the help we can get!!

  11. Shane is an underdog, who doesn’t love to watch them win❤️ Same with Jeffree, came from nothing and became a mogul.

  12. Lmao… the same happened here in Ecuador. The site mysteriously stopped running for 2 hours or so, and oh surprise, lenin moreno won after the votes were in favor of the opponent. And you know what people here did? Nothing. They were actually happy Rafael Correa's (ex president) vice president won the elections.
    Yeah, my country is stupid, I've got no other word for it.

  13. I have never bought make-up other than basic Foundation and mascara since I am terrible at make-up. But I am seriously thinking about buying Shane's pallet. Mainly because I want to support a YouTuber I love, but also because I know the quality will be amazing since Jeffree was behind it.

  14. OMG Bolivia FINALLY. Thanks to talk about it Philip. This is not about Mesa vs Morales. It's about respecting our vote. Morales didn't. Twice now. And we are ashamed that we didn't raised our voices when Morales decided to ignore 21F to join elections again. It's blatant fraud! And the majority of it is around the cities while Evo declared we are forgetting the countryside' vote. I… my English is limited, sorry but there's so much I want to say. Like how Evo mocked our pacific protests, mocked students saying they're protesting only to have good grades… How the MAS party is trying HARD to make them violent, paying their supporters and disguising them like miners (miners are pretty intimidating and people in La Paz city and Cochabamba city were afraid of them, thinking they were real because how else they will have access to the dynamite they were exploding?) or medical doctors to march, so they can say those syndicates are in their favor (when months previous the elections, medical workers were in a more-than-50 days strike because they were underpaid and hospitals needed more items and workers) AND THOSE WERE PROTECTED AND FEEDED BY THE POLICE.
    For now, in summary: In the big cities almost nobody is working, no vehicles, no businesses, we are in a National Civic Strike that hasn't stopped since 11 days ago and won't stop until Evo Morales steps down. 2 deaths confirmed and 150 wounded in total.

  15. Recently my family had been voicing some thoughts about the election and I didn't know it was this bad I'm interested to see what findings we get from the oas

  16. Hi Phil I watch all your videos but I usually don't comment on them, but I want to thank you for talking about Bolivia and show the world what is happening right now… Love your videos

  17. I don't wear makeup but the series made me want to buy the pallet because it represents something special like an artwork created by Shane

  18. I love the whole documentary style of the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson collab. I was already saving to buy the palette, I have Blood Sugar and the eyeshadows are very high quality. I already figured they were going to collab on a palette if not a collection.

  19. Come on we all know the clintons or Hollywood offed epstein cant have the so called conspiracies acquire 1 high profile case proving any high profile clinton or high profile Hollywood elites are nothing but pedos


  21. The U.S. will be next with its elections ending in mass riots. We desperately need to move away from this corrupted two party system which rewards politicians monetarily and caters to and is completely controlled by the 1%.

  22. I've worked for two companies that were bought out and in both cases, the new management made our work harder to push us out and replace us with people who followed their rules without question.

  23. I’m from Bolivia and Evo Morales has been doing fraud after fraud with the elections, however many people still support him because they believe that if he leaves then discrimination and racism will increase, which is something that Morales has gotten into people’s heads and completely false.
    The protests are not Mesa’s supporters against Morales’ supporters, it is Bolivia against Evo Morales.

  24. I managed to get both palettes even though the site was breaking down every 5 seconds and everything was sold out by 3pm. I gotta wait til december probably to get the other makeup

  25. I’m Bolivian and what the media is showing is only half of what really is happening. This is not political, is us fighting for democracy. There is evidence of fraud and we don’t trust the OEA. We want new elections, 🇧🇴

  26. Im a first timer on this channel. i live on southeast asia so i cant relate to the current topics. where to start?

  27. Hey Phil, Ever since Bolivia got money from Russia and China, are now in debt because of it. It was obvious that Evo Morales took a page from their dictator playbook. Electoral fraud, just like China and Russia.

    Evo wants bolivia to be a Russia 2.0

  28. I hope you’ll do a story about everything happening with The Valleyfolk. I think we all need to be Phil’d in.

  29. With this horrible management technique, Deadspin will literally eat itself. When you take a collective of creatives (sorry to break it to y'all, but writing is an art just like all the other arts) and attempt to confine them to beliefs that they do not hold, they will absolutely revolt. They aren't technical writers crafting manual and grant proposals — they write articles on what they are usually very passionate about. If the company is shifting in a direction away from their original focus, and it's successful, and the workers are happy, then why the heckkkkkk would you change that? Go ahead — make everyone unhappy lmao. See how that works out.

  30. Yo if Elon musk is a billionaire he should’ve donated $20 million trees 👀
    Actually every millionaire billionaire who wanted to donate should be donating more

  31. Ugh. Every time I see your videos I just remember hugging you at Vidcon and you're SO SOFT. HOW THE HECKING HECK.

  32. I am bolivian and Evo Morales is not a good president and never has been a good one, he has prompted racism and uses our money to buy stupid shit for his partners and himself. No one listens to us! We needed help from other countries but Morales has found ways to silence every one of us, with threats. He is a DICTATOR and want all the power for him, our country is lost if he wins. He has publicly support the Syrian dictator and Maduro, he has given money to them. He has said the dumbest shit on TV and because of that Bolivia is thought to be a country full of idiots. It angers me to see that the information says that he has helped the country, IT IS NOT TRUE, that info has been manipulated. I wil continue fighting or my country till that asshole leaves or dies.

  33. Shane makes docs that get in and make us feel and connect. This isn't make up, isn't just product. It's a physical representation of all our inside jokes we've have with Shane. But we are millions of people. And so it's something we're all sentimental for that none of us own. Fuck chaching. The website was crashed a minute in and it took 3 hrs to come back, and was sold out by then.

  34. Yes!! I do not wear makeup, but I was on the site at moment of release, and was able to snag not one.. but 2 pallets (I had my husband on trying to get one too). I am not sure where the desire to get one came from.. other than I felt like such a part of something big!

  35. The criminal organization epstein was working for tied up loose ends. The question is who got paid off and how much? Or, did the organization have some inside men.

  36. South America is being taken by storm by ruthless leaders who call themselves leftists just to secure global support. It's not socialism, it's not even communism, it's a gigantic criminal organization that takes advantage of the same people that the "elitist oligarchs" they claim to oppose supposedly do. It's pitiful, and with the state of politics worldwide, there's no end in sight and no chance of outside support to stabilize the situation. While American liberals worry about whether they're addressed by their preferred pronouns, a whole continent burns.

  37. Every country in the world: Has to force their presidential leader off the chair because bitch is a high key tyrant in the making
    while Icelands president was basically forced to stay in office from 1996-2016, then finally retired, moved, and last time I knew he'd cloned his dog, Sámur and now they have a new born clone-puppy to take care of…so yah, lol

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