Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Early Game Secrets

Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Early Game Secrets

I think this emote is going to be very popular. It’s found by trading a homeward bone with pickle pee or pump a rum the crows. Whose nest is found at the top of Firelink Shrine after you buy the tower key from the Hand Maiden As always, there is this huge list of shiny items that you can trade by dropping one at a time, and I’ll throw a list of all the currently known ones in the description. The most notable ones though are Lucatiel’s mask, emotes, a lightning gem, and the shiniest reward of all. While you’re up in the rafters, grab that estus shard and then walk to the far end and hit the wall It’s an illusory one. There are so many of these in Dark Souls 3. Behind it is the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, which increases souls dropped by around 10 percent. Number 3 is that the Estus shard, and nest, and the ring, is all accessible early without the towerkey via this jumping shortcut off the tree. Face the roof, run diagonally up the tree and then do a diagonal right while pressing L3 (jump) If you are having trouble making the jump, don’t worry, you’re probably not bad It’s just more than likely that it’s been patched since this video came out. So, no one tell Miyazaki Number 4 In Lothric, you would have met a woman named Emma in the cathedral. If you kill her, then it initiates one of the major endgame bossfights early which leads to an endgame area if you can kill the boss, and it’s a pretty big “IF” because The Dancer is tough. Killing her legitimately at around soul level 35 was by far the hardest thing I’ve done in this game, and I’ve finished it a few times now. However, if you do it, then the rewards are pretty damn good, especially if you’re running a Faith or a Strength build because there are a lot of Miracles and strength weapons in Upper Lothric Castle. Here’s a short list of what you can get Now, there is a way to cheese The Dancer and kill her easily on any character, but it’s probably gonna get patched soon. I’ll tell you about it later in this upcoming video instead. Number 5 So, fast forwarding to the Undead Settlement. There’s this really secret covenant that you can join, but you have to do it before killing The Cursed Greatwood. Turn right at the burning tree, go across the bridge and then go around the right side of the building, through these barrels. Climb the ladder and run along the rooftops to the right. Below, you will see a cage carrier, but as long as you haven’t killed the Cursed Greatwood, he’s non-hostile. So, walk up behind him and, ya know, do the logical thing, and climb into his cage, get thrown down into a pit, crawl out of your cage, and talk to Hodric to join the Mound Maker’s covenant. Mound Makers drop a white or red sign, but it appears purple. So, if someone summons you with this sign, then you can either kill the enemies in their world and help them, or you can kill the host or their phantom for the reward. Alright, between us, here is what we’re gonna do. When the game first comes out, no one’s going to know what these purple signs do. So, put on a white summon ring that you get from Yuria, get summoned into someone’s world, and just kill all the enemies, help them out, and be friendly, wave at them and then, once you’ve gained their trust turn on them, when the time is right, backstab them when their health is low, or something like that Eventually, you’ll get 10 Vertebrae Shackles, and these can be handed in for a new katana called Bloodlust, which I’ve heard is good or 30 shackles rewards you with the Warmth spell nr. 6 when i first uploaded this video, i said that you had to offer the Young White Branch to the giant in order to gain his friendship but apparently, this isn’t true though, Koyzish, in the comments, said that he doesn’t fire upon you if you start with the White Branch starting gift, which I confirmed and that’s atleast somewhat interresting, right? anyway, in this reuploaded video, enjoy the fact that you can do emotes at the firekeeper and get a response, exciting, huh? nr. 7 Did you know that some enemies are ridiculously weak to fire? for example, dogs, tree hollows, both of those will writhe on the ground if you hit them with any fire damage at all which, pretty much guarantees you a kill after the first hit the best example of this though, are those maggot monsters who are completely incapacitated by fire so pull out the torch every time you face against them without this knowledge of fire, they are really tough because they cover you in maggots, and your bleed meter will rise for a ridiculous stretch of time but don’t worry, if you do get covered in maggots, simply pull out your torch and they’ll fly off nr. 8 In Farron Swamp, if you follow the left wall as soon as you enter the swamp you’ll eventually come across these three tree monsters and after dealing with the bullshit of the swamp, I bet most of you just ignored them well, if you kill them, one of them drops the Black Bow of Pharris which is one of the best ranged weapons and also Pharris’ cap nr. 9 before Farron Swamp, is the Crucifixion Woods where you’ll experience your first NPC invasion, from Yellowfinger, if you’re in Ember Form Kill him, and he’ll drop the Xanthous helm and Heysel pick and this is a recurring theme thorough the games, so if you’re someone who wants to hunt down every weapon make sure embered at least once in every area and you’ll get invaded, and you’ll have NPCs to kill for their weapons nr. 10 speaking of killing, if you’re wondering what NPCs drop don’t worry I’ve sacrificed one of my characters and made him go on a murdering spree, to find out Anri drops her Luck scaling Straight Sword Horace drops a shield with really balansed defenses Cornyx the pyromancer, gives his awesome looking set Eygon drops his weapon and his shield Irina drop the towerkey the giant drops the Hawk Ring Siegward drops the Storm Ruler, the Pierce Shield and the Catarina Set Sirris drops her talisman Yuria drops Darkdrift, the invisible katana Leonhard drops his hat and Patches drops his spear and his ring Most of the NPCs I’ve named also drops their ashes which gives you access to a bunch of their armor sets at the Handmaiden, if you didn’t know And if you’re wondering where to find these NPCs, and how to initiate all the questlines Subscribe, because i’m going to be putting out a video this week, with all of that info Because the first time i played Dark Souls 3 I missed so many quest lines and you should be able to catch them all, if you watch that video But to finish, one more thing which is bit more of a challenge to you guys I wanted to put this in as a secret, but couldn’t figure it out So, in the Undead Settlement, past the ladder we climbed earlier to get to the Mound Maker’s covenant There’s this NPC who is a friendly undead conglomerate I cannot figure out what this guy is on about And I can’t figure out his purpose Do you have any idea? My best guess, is that he is giving you a hint That you are supposed to climb into the guy’s cage nearby But, goddamn, that’s Fromsoft’s idea of a hint, apparently Thank you for watching guys and I hope you learned something new Also, I wanted to give a huge shout out to a Russian Souls uploader, named Will Max He’s been doing the russian captions for all the recent videos And he was the one who reminded me to enable that setting, in the first place which allows people to contribute their own captions, so do me a favor and check out his channel And, since I’ve enabled it, i’ve had contributions people who speak portugese, chinese contributors and, if you know a language other than english, and you feel like captioning some videos I’d be so thankful if you could do that, it means I can talk to a wider audience So yeah, I’d appreciate that, and thank you for watching I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. Undead boi: "Climb into a cage*
    VaatiVidya: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!!
    Cage Boi: Waddles in the background

  2. Tree still works. And Nana is the ugly that you walk into the cage , i enjoy how the npc has like a song to it to describe what you should do. I was ready to kill him till he started speaking.

  3. I love this game, I’ve got the platinum trophy, I’ve done all of the DLC. At this point I consider myself a bit of an expert at it in all honestly, but for some reason the guy with the cage on his back has ALWAYS been hostile towards me, even if I haven’t killed greatwood yet.

  4. I'm a new Dark Souls player and that Yellow finger guy confused the hell out of me cause I didn't have my internet turned on and I thought he was an actual player.

  5. You can kill patches, kill yuria, kill everyone, but you killed seigward. And that is a crime i cannot excuse

  6. Love how chumps say there are so many illusory walls in this game… there's like 4… the first dark souls has the most and there was only 7… yeah so fucking many illusory walls…

  7. I know it’s probably already solved but the cage guy is telling you about the mound maker covenant that’s why he says go into his cage

  8. The grandson is referring to that machete/pot guy that carrys the empty cage that you walk in. I'm not sure about the nana though

  9. Based on some people's theories of a shade it's like an alternative consciousness that keeps you good versus the alternative evil. It's like a soul

  10. "After you buy the tower key"
    Naw, as soon as you get to Firelink Shrine you get up there….with a well placed jump that is.

  11. Lots of secret doors? Or are they surprise mechanics? If EA made this they’d be loot doors behind a paywall

  12. the tree glitch still works to 2019, and wont be patched because the developers said they wouldnt work on the gane anymore, how much this is true i dont know

  13. Just got into the dark souls franchise yesterday and while this video made me realize I want to play through dark souls 3 at least once blind, I still wanted the covetous silver serpent ring so I got it, tree still works!

    Edited because I want to clarify that: I realize I want to play through blind because this game is a lot of fun! If you’ve never played it you should drop what you’re doing and go get it.

  14. The tree jump is not been patched because is not a bug, the tree is there and has that shape for a reason…

  15. I am extremely late but. If you dont want to fight heysel and dont ember, later in the game you find one of those white slug looking things in the cathedral next to the rosaria bonfire. That is heysel. He was reborn too many times and turns into one of the slug things. He wont attack but if you kill him you get his hat and weapon anyway. Some people might know but i just thought this was a fun fact. 🙂

  16. Also in rosarias chamber if you didn't kill yellow finger you'll find him there but he will be maggot. Altho that's late game

  17. wait, did you say at around soul level 33 that you fought this thing without the glitch?( if that what you mean?), because I've beaten 7 bosses so far and am currently at Irythill, and am currently at level 52…

    i think i'm getting mixed signals here or something.

  18. When he talks about becoming nana's shade or that nana isn't coming back it is a hint. When you get into the cage and get brought to the pit of hollows you can see lots of old piled up cages and corpses where they were all dumped.

  19. Well, honestly, easier ways to kill bosses and stuff doesn't seem to be patched much. I think the way From sees it is "hey, if you wanna play that way, fine, but you're missing out."

  20. 7:00 I’m currently binging Vaati, and I think this NPC is somehow linked to the budding green blossom description

  21. Thx vaati for this I play a lot of the first dark souls (had it on my Xbox 360 and now on my switch) and have been really wanting to play DS3 for some time now so by Christmas (2019) I’ll either have enough money or get it for Christmas on my Xbox one I got last Christmas so I’m stocking up on all the tips I can!

  22. I still use the Call Over gesture in most scenarios, trying to get attention, bming, saying hello to another invader/host/phantom, it's perfect. My next favorites are the Welcome one because it says like, "that's it?" and My Thanks because it looks like a wrestlers taunt or something lol

  23. I just started playing Dark Souls, and that guy in the cage's hint somehow made sense to me. I didn't even see the guy yet, I was like "I gotta find some guy with a cage and get in"

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