Console Fortnite Is UNPLAYABLE… (PS4 + Xbox Fortnite)

Console Fortnite Is UNPLAYABLE… (PS4 + Xbox Fortnite)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about the current state of console Fortnite, and spoiler alert it’s
no looking very good. I’ve made numerous videos about pretty much
this same exact topic many times in the past, but somehow the problem continues to get worse
and worse. And due to the fact that the vast majority
of pro and popular Fortnite players are on PC, a lot of the major problems on console
don’t get the attention that they deserve. I’m gonna be showing a lot of clips in this
video, and as I was watching some of them, one of the main things that popped into my
head was basically “Man If this same thing were to happen to ninja or tfue or some other
huge streamer, I can only imagine the blow-back Epic would receive from the community.” And even though I have nowhere near that level
of influence, even if I can just bring a little attention to the current state of Fortnite
on console, I’ll consider it a win. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so the first thing that we need to
talk about in this video is a major issue with console Fortnite that just makes me laugh
every time I see it, and not like laugh in a funny way, laugh in more of like a “how
the heck does this continue to be in the game” kind of way. If you play Fortnite on a regular old PS4
or Xbox console, at some time in your Fortnite you’ve probably experienced some form of the
map not rendering at the very beginning of games. This is a glitch that has been in and out
of console Fortnite more times than I can even count,,, and believe it or not it’s back
in the game now, and based on the some of the clips I’ve seen, it seems to be the worst
it’s ever been. Let me show you guys a clip of a pretty standard
example of this glitch, with a nice little bonus of the players glider not rendering
either, so it looks like they’re just floating in mid-air. What I find hilarious about that clip other
than the whole non-glider thing of course, is the fact that this player landed at what
based on the clip, looks like a totally uncontested area of the map. In the past, as annoying as the whole non-render
glitch was, at least it only seemed to happen in populated parts of the map. So in theory if you landed towards the outskirts
or just generally less populated areas you’d probably be safe from it. But it seems like that’s no longer the case. However I don’t want anyone to get it twisted
here, it’s probably even worse when it happens in populated areas. Here’s another clip courtesy of my friend
that showcases exactly what I mean by that. So not only did the building not render there,
it just straight up dissapeared for a solid 10-15 seconds as soon as he landed. Now luckily since that specific house was
contested by an absurd amount of players he was able to live despite running forward against
a wall that entire time. But most of the time players aren’t going
to be that lucky. And even if you do survive the building initially
rendering in, you now have a nice 10-20 second delay on looting compared to everybody else
around you, so good luck with that. But don’t worry guys because it gets worse. Not only do console players have to live in
fear of BUILDINGS at the beginning of games not rendering, but there’s also a chance that
your weapons and items won’t render as well. And here’s yet another clip showing what that
can look like. Now in that specific example I don’t love
that guys chances with a blue burst against a purple/gold pump, but still, could you imagine
dying in that same way? You beat a guy to ground, you loot and get
a weapon first, and then as soon as you get to him, you can’t do anything because your
weapons aren’t being recognized by the game for some reason. So like I mentioned earlier these non-render
problems aren’t a totally new thing for console players. I don’t remember the exact timeline of the
glitch, but it first appeared sometime around season 3 or 4, then it went away for a while,
then it came back around season 7 and stayed in the game for a few months, then it went
away again, and now it’s back and worse than ever. One thing I always say about console Fortnite
problems, is a lot of some of them aren’t Fortnite’s fault. Things like the 60 FPS cap and dropping frames
in end game are simply due to the hardware limitations of the current generation of consoles. But Fortnite has proven multiple times in
the past that these render issues definitely can be fixed. And that’s why it’s just really disappointing
to see them come back yet again, and make the beginning of chapter 2 considerably less
enjoyable for console players. Speaking of fixable console problems that
are really disappointing to see, the other thing I wanna talk about in this video is
what just happened during the Fortnitemares event. I actually want to read a quick post from
a reddit used named “ItzCasper” titled “Console is unplayable”, because I think he does a
way better job than I could highlighting a specific problem. He writes “Like Epic does every event, they
add fog, which really isn�t horrible, what�s horrible is the performance that comes with
it. Anyone on console can guarantee you that their
game has run very poorly since fortnitemares started, 60 fps is not enough to begin with,
but in a normal game most console players right now are averaging 45 dipping into low
30s and 20s. Not to mention, however, that the constant
frame stutters are unbearable for playing comp at all. Arena Squads is a complete disaster mid to
late game. And i�m not talking 1 frame stutters, i�m
talking about half second freezes every 20 seconds or so that will turn you in the opposite
direction. And yes, I get it, console hardware is nothing
compared to PC. But judging how the majority of Fortnite�s
players are on console,,,, you would think Epic would make options, or progress into
making the game more enjoyable for them in terms of performance.” That post hit on so many of the prevalent
problems with console Fortnite that seem to get so much worse during events like Fortnitenitemares. And I even disagree with his point that the
actual fog isn’t even that bad. Based on what I’ve seen from various videos
and images on online, it seemed like console players could barely even see due to the fog
and sheer darkness of the game at time. The darkness especially was even annoying
and difficult to deal with on PC, so I can only image on console with things like shadows
as well. Now I know that some of you guys are probably
wondering “Well okay as bad as Fortnitemares may have been it’s over now, so even if I’m
a console player, why should I care about that?” Well if you guys remember, last year there
was actually a winter event which started right around Christmas time, that was basically
just a snowy version of Fortnitemares.” So even though right now you may be safe from
all the console problems Fortnitemares caused, we’ll see if that’s still the case in a month
or 2. Now I don’t want to make it seem like Fortnite
is totally ignoring console, because even just a few days ago they released a hotfix
that apparently fixed some hitching issues on PS4 specifically. But based on what you guys saw and heard in
this video, that’s only a fraction of the problems that’s making console Fortnite so
unplayable. So Epic for the sake of the millions of people
that play this game on console, please get it together. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. If you play Fortnite on a console, let me
know if you’ve experienced any of the issues that we discussed in this video, or maybe
there’s something I didn’t mention that you’ve run into. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

100 thoughts on “Console Fortnite Is UNPLAYABLE… (PS4 + Xbox Fortnite)

  1. hit. every. issue. I thought maybe our internet was slow. or the console was having issues but i have tender problems. i have .5 second delays. my screen freezes when an opponent shoots during a build battle. i’m not great but many times i have died because of these problems. it’s frustrating to say the least. almost unplayable…

  2. Theres also a new bug in the game where u press a button once and sometimes the game acts like you pressed it twice. Have died many times due to me thinking I have my builds/ shotgun out. Also, on console fortnite theres a huge problem with shotguns not shooting still if your backed up against a wall or if u edit/build fast then try to shoot your pump. Many times the pump wont shoot which makes your whole fight based on hitting AR/SMG shots

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but this happens in at least every other game. When I’m skydiving down my contrail doesn’t appear but as soon as I pop my glider and land on the ground my contrail is stuck to me for the whole rest of the game. Whenever I aim down sights I get blinded from my contrail flowing into 1/3 of my screen.

  4. Ran into about all of them didn’t even play during the nov event due to only being able to see 2 feet in front of me and couldn’t even warm up in creative or 1v1 friends

  5. Hey mate love your channel. Question. Have you noticed how traps place differently now . It’s been different since the end of season 10. The trap won’t place on the wall I want it to and then it will place on a floor instead or I’ll place two traps wall and floor ? Has anyone else noticed this in console ? The traps just don’t wanna place where I want and it wasn’t an issue before

  6. 😂 Like and you’ll have good luck in 2020! ☺️
    𝐈 𝐀𝐦 𝐆𝐢𝐟𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐲 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝟓𝟔 𝐒𝐮ß𝐬!

  7. I really appreciate you Gronky, as a part of the console Fortnite community I have also experienced a situation where I’d rush somebody and as I shoot them they’d appear to be frozen in place. And my shots would not do any damage, and all of a sudden I would be getting shot and I wouldn’t see anyone. Soon enough I find myself getting killed by the same person that was frozen. This has happened to me a few times and it’s truly annoying. Much love brother ❤️

  8. The stutters are the only aspect of the game that I find truly unplayable. The low average fps is annoying and limits your abilities, but doesn't really ruin the experience. The stutters on the other hand, absolutely ruin the game. I have found there to be two types:
    1.) Mini stutters, these happen every couple of seconds while near another player (especially when fighting it seems) and only last for a few frames. They mostly just throw off your aim/tracking bc of that delay that is added.
    2.) Major stutters, these happen around once every 2-3 fights. These are when the screen freezes for a whole 1/2 second – second. These are absolutely devastating not only bc the other player can get a free shot on you, but also for some reason, your aim usually gets thrown straight up, down, or to the side once it unfreezes.

    Also the weapons / items not rendering is very very common. The buildings not rendering probably only happens 5% – 10% of the time, but the weapons rendering glitch happens like 30% – 50% of the time. (How long it lasts varies from 5 seconds to 30 though)

  9. Thank God I've been begging for someone to make this video. Wait he didn't even talk about forced cross play with pc in pubs:(

  10. I’ve ran into that building/structure pend many times in season 9 and the beginning of season 10. It’s not nice at all. Like with tilted towers and now titled

  11. Bro I never comment on videos but it’s absolutely ridiculous how hard the new matchmaking punishes console players. If I’m a 5kd (60 FPS max)console player how tf am I supposed to complete against 4kd (240 FPS +)pc players. Not even including other bugs/ late loads. RIDICULOUS HOW EPIC TREATS THEIR MAJORITY PLAYER BASE!

  12. 100% agree. It’s ridiculous that epic still has cross platform and skilled matchmaking. It’s not even fair for console players. I have well over 1,500 wins, yet it’s hard to get wins now. I always die to a sweaty pc player and the game is just not enjoyable as it once was.

  13. Yes Gronky, Im on Ps4 and Sometimes buildings dont render or houses, and my weapons inventory is solid colored, no picture of the weapon

  14. I switched to pc like 5 or 6 months ago now and man, I remember all these issues when I used to be on Xbox. Feels bad knowing they still aren’t looking out for console :/

  15. Played the hype nite tournament on my xbox one x with my squad and I got to 101 points so the endgame was pretty stacked and I got frame drops down to 28fps, it was horrible I wasn’t really able to build or shoot properly

  16. What about when you spawn at the reboot van you can’t run or shoot and sometimes can’t even pick up items for like a solid minute.

  17. There is also a glitch in creative and playground that makes 90% of the islands you join completely black, you cant see anything, i cant play creative and have fun anymore unless its in my own island, cant even play playground fills

  18. The game is completely unplayable now . Skill player match making is a joke . I can’t get a win now . Players way better than me in the lobby’s . I’m getting destroyed every game . Prob go play something a bit more fun now . Seriously how do they calculate the matchmaking

  19. 4:56 that's not actually a glitch for all weapons

    I play this game everyday and the only time that happens to me is when I pick up a bandage bazooka (PS4 btw)

  20. Hitching is still there for PS4 and also the lag is the biggest problem I have with this new season(besides mobility)
    Ever since fortnitemares ended it feels like the lag and renders just continued to get worse

  21. There is an annoying issue, the second you open the building menu the build looks like it is on mobile exactly the same shape.

  22. I think the loading issues are due to slow hard drives. Epic's fault for not optimizing for normal HDDs, of course, I am sure there are ways to properly cache data (GTA V didn't suffer from this on Xbox 360 or PS3, last gen). My proof is that my iPhone 6S doesn't have these issues. It has weak CPU/GPU, frames are barely 30 at low res, but the storage is much faster than HDD.

  23. Devs like naughty dog and santa monica knows how to optimise their games to run consistently on ps4. But epic games even though they know the fixes just doesn't do it because they are expanding the business of pc companies or they just want attention.

  24. I decided to make the switch to cod about a week ago. I would say I was definitely above average but I wasn’t insane (500-600 wins) I literally can’t kill anyone all of a sudden I went from dropping 20’s to 10 kill games and losing. Somethings gotta be done man

  25. The map not rendering in is not only in the beginning of the match. Sometimes I enter a new town at the ending of the match to find the same problem.

  26. Yup…buildings not rendering in almost every game!! And weapons it loading like showed in the clip. It’s extremely frustrating dropping now because I literally have to drop in ridiculous places and hope there’s a gun laying around on the ground because contesting buildings is simply a no go for me anymore

  27. The problem isn't epic… I know shocking the problem is Tfue telling people not to care about controller players aka console fortnite

  28. @5:30 happened to me in Arena multiple times within 2 hours. Was beyond pissed. Simpler issue- auto pickup didn't work and a guy 3 ft behind me got the shotgun while I only got ammo. I thought I had it and without looking tried instinctually switching to it to find instead that I got shot in the face

  29. Only thing ive been able to do is go to 720 resolution which makes games look like crap but i can compete alittle better in all the pc lobbies i get put in

  30. Weapons not rendering is almost a norm now… You have to guess where something went into you inventory slots if you will fight as soon as u land and you picked up a few things. However the buildings not rendering hasnt happened to me at all and i play at least 8 hours a day on ps4. Either way it seems you are making a bigger deal out of it just to try and boost your youtube presence

  31. the pc players are in every single one of my lobbies.. just because i dominate on console doesnt mean i should have to be punished goinf against pc players… cannot believe this is still going unadressed by epic… HOW IS THIS OKAY

  32. Don’t forget the reboot van glitch, where once you get revived it doesn’t let you run or shoot or BUILD for like 2 minutes

  33. Im so happy someone is telling everyone how ridiculous console is especially for me, my personal experiences are not rendering in at start then getting a weapon which also doesn't render in and then i'm getting huge micro stutters and also am freezing mid fights *unplayable" edit – p.s console is majority of fortnites players and are epics least concerns

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