Conqueror’s Blade: Weekly News Summary (April 12, 2019)

Conqueror’s Blade: Weekly News Summary (April 12, 2019)

happy Friday warlords unless you’ve been
trapped in a dungeon all week you will have noticed it’s been white full-on in
terms of Conqueror’s Blade news. I’m gonna try to distill it all for you in two
minutes or less. Wish me luck ! The live servers are back
baby not only that but we’re starting with an open weekend right out the gate
from 5:00 p.m. today until 10:00 a.m. Monday Central European Standard Time.
All you’ll need to access Conqueror’s Blade is a account and the game
installed and ready to go.
We’re also starting seven days of closed access
from Monday onwards which we’re calling Spring mayhem. You’ll need one of the
pre-order packs to guarantee your entrance. On the subject of pre-orders,
we’ve just updated all our founder packs with cool new items; current and future
owners of the Explorer and Adventurer pack will all receive the Janissary
Archer unit skin while those who’ve invested in the Conqueror’s pack will in
addition soon be able to charge into the battle atop a mighty war elephant.
Check out the article for more details. And to coincide with the previously mentioned
spring mayhem testing period we’ve started accepting applications for an
arena competition that aims to find out how Conqueror’s blades battles can play
out in an eSports format and how entertaining it would be to watch for
everyone else. Team applications need to be completed
by Monday however if you want to be actively involved check out the news for
instructions on how to proceed.
Now part of the reason for all the sudden
activity is that we’re taking part in TwitchCon con Europe which gets underway in
Berlin tomorrow as well as full game access and prize giveaways we’ve teamed
up with a host of community streamers and our friends at Alienware SteelSeries
and Avermedia to deliver unprecedented levels of Conqueror’s Blade insight.
If you can’t be with us in person be sure you’re tuned into our official twitch
channel and if you can’t do that at least make sure you sample the game
during the open weekend.
I’ll have to end it there I’m afraid there’s no time to
mention the new sneak peeks or the return of the best bits compilation so
you’ll find links to these and all the recent news down below I have a wagon to
hitch a ride that is bound for Germany until next week warlords don’t forget to
subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you don’t miss a thing auf wiedersehen !

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  1. "Update is 20 gig. Better start Updating."
    Just a fair warning to you guys. It looks like the Update is 20 GB. Hope you have a Decent Internet speed. If you don't, Then you need to start updating immediately. I don't know how long the Free week end will last. Good luck to you all in the Game. Have fun. o7

  2. Hi Waves,
    Later phases's dates are not set quite yet I'm afraid. When we have them finalized we will totally share them with everyone.

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