Como Vincular Bombilla PHILIPS Wi-Fi Bulb E27 WHITE con ALEXA Paso a Paso

Hi guys and girls! Welcome
Etecnity! My name is Samuel and today we go to set up this Philips bulb made
for the Xiaomi ecosystem so that works with Alexa ¿M; you accompany in this
adventure? Yes? Let’s go there! In order to configure this
light bulb with Alexa first we must have previously configured it in the
Xiaomi Mi Home application, if not has done I still leave you the video here
above. We are going to make them the mobile screen my side.
Now we will download the application Alexa to our mobile or tablet.
I have already downloaded it and I will open it. Below on the right we have the icon of
devices, click on it and on the new screen up to the
right we have one more + click on the plus Now a list appears,
We choose to add devices. Now a list of
outstanding devices and brands but our bulb does not appear in this
list, well let’s go to the bottom of the list and click on the “Other” option Now we see a text that says
connect your device to Alexa In the second paragraph we find the
text that says skills shop click on skills store and a lupita appears on the top right
to look for what we need we click in the magnifying glass and we write my home,
three options appear and we will choose My Home Xiaomi. 3 results appear again and
we choose Xiaomi Home Inside Xiaomi Home a
blue button that says allow its use. We click on it, now
is activating the Skill takes us to the Xiomi website and
we must put the username and password that we have chosen to create our
Xiaomi account to connect Alexa to our Xiaomi account and we see a text that says Xiaomi Home has been linked correctly, to detect digital home devices
that you can control with Alexa. Well, we close the window giving the
X up. Now we are in the window detect
devices below we have a blue button that says
Detect devices, click on it. Alexa says it will take about 45
seconds. If you like the video leave me a like Subscribe in the button
red below. Activate the bell and Share it with your friends so you don’t know
lose it I send greetings to your Lol and All my subscribers. As you can see Alexa is with the
blue hoop searching for the device take a little while, so don’t go to
despair while you wait for The device appears. Alexa has found a device
called Lamp, this is what I called Me to this bulb. Now a button appears below that
says configure devices I press it, we are in the configuration.
Now it tells us that we can add this Light device to a group. The groups
are the rooms of our house by example a group would be study that is
where I am, another group would be lounge, another bathroom group, another bedroom group
etc…We can select a group or skip.
I’m going to select a group that already I have created, it is called study. Already
some default ones come as kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc…
and at the bottom of the list we can create the group with the name that
we want, I created the I study it, I select it
and pulse to add to the group. The Lamp device has been added to
Study. You can already control this device with the name of the stay. We give it to continue and the device
lamp is set, ready to you use it click on ready. The bulb has current but I
I have turned off from the application by that appears off Now we take away so Alexa can
hear, we expelled their ears and we say Alexa turn on the lamp
Alexa: Ok. Samuel: There we have it Alexa put the Lamp at 1%. Alexa: Ok. Alexa put the Lamp 100% Alexa: Ok. Samuel: Alexa turns off the Lamp Alexa turns on the study Alexa: Ok.
Samuel: Alexa turns off the study. We see that by the word Study also
we would control all devices that is in the Study group.
Well that’s all folks, see you soon!

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