College Kids React To Rosa – TikTok Star @AdamRayOkay

College Kids React To Rosa – TikTok Star @AdamRayOkay

– This girl’s like my spirit animal.
– Yes, I love Rosa! – Rosa is just everyone’s
new favorite character. (laughs) ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (Rosa) Bitch,
and then he (horn honks)… Me or her?
– It’s (horn honks) Rosa! – Yes, I love Rosa! (Mikaela gasps) – (Rosa) Me or her?
– Rosa, what’s up, girl? – This girl’s all over the place
on Twitter. – (Rosa) Whoa, me or her?
(laughs) Shut up dude? – This girl’s like my spirit animal. Eyelash upside down,
missing the nails. – (Rosa) What, who you calling?
– I am so confused, what’s happening? – (Rosa) Shut up, miss. – He’s (horn honks). I swear, this is every
Latina girl in L.A. – Most of us went to school
with Rosa, you know what I’m saying? Like, there are girls we know,
we went to school with this girl. – I love the eyelashes,
I love the attitude. I love everything. – TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Rosa is just everyone’s
new favorite character. (laughs) – (Rosa) Mmm, let’s see,
what do I want, what do I want, what do I want?
(smacks lips) Can I get the number 69?
(laughs) Shut up stupid.
Uh… – (laughs) Is someone actually there,
or is there no one there? I feel like there’s nobody there. – This is just way too perfect, man. – (Rosa) Do you have it
with extra meat? (Brianna laughs) Dude shut up! – Oh my God, it’s so funny,
because that’s how it is! That’s really how it be. – If you don’t have a friend
like this is real life, you’re missing out.
– I had friends like this too, that would be like,
like as you’re doing something, like she is, like ordering,
they’ll be saying some stupid things,
saying some inappropriate things. You’ll just be like stop, stop,
just let me do what I need to do. – (Rosa) Does it come long?
Oh my God, I (horn honks), You’re gonna see when we get…
– (both) Home necio! (laughs) – (Rosa) You’re gonna see
when we get home, necio! – Oh my God.
My family is Latino, and like, when I heard,
“you’re gonna see when we get home.” That meant like I was in trouble,
so like, my body was like ugh! (laughs) – (Rosa) Get it out of this pocket! – I’m honestly just lost for words
how spot on this impression is. – (Rosa) Get it out of this pocket! – (laughs) Why is she just talking
to this like imaginary friend, and just like stop it,
just stop. – It’s just kind of bizarre
and weird, but I can’t stop watching her. – I saw her on TikTok,
and then I saw the first one, and I was like oh, that’s funny,
and then I think a couple later, I followed her,
’cause I was like I love you. – Oh same.
– (Rosa) You (horn honks) scared me. – (laughs) This is my favorite one. – She’s talking to the camera now. Now we’re her friend
that she’s talking to. – (Rosa) Do you think if I give you
like two bucks you could take me to the (horn honks) store? I need to buy a Plan B. – Oh, it’s like a right of passage
to be like I gotta go buy a Plan B. (laughs) – (Rosa) Yes or no? – I can’t get over the eyelash!
(laughs) – (Rosa) Okay, well text me
when you here, bitch. – It’s like the…
(nails clicking) (laughs) The (horn honks) nails
that she has on. The makeup,
it all goes together so well. – It’s very realistic,
but it’s not real. I think that’s why it’s so funny. I feel like we all
know a Rosa. – The second I started seeing
these TikToks, I was like oh my God,
I can’t tell you like, how many friends like to the T
I know like this. Me and my friends are just like this,
it’s such a thing. – (Rosa) Dude, come here.
You’re gay? (Brandon laughs) I (horn honks) knew it dude. – (both) I (horn honks)
knew it dude! – (Rosa) You have like
a boyfriend or what? – (both) Oh, so cute! – Rosa is the ally! – (Rosa) ‘Cause you’ll be
looking around and (horn honks). – (laughs) What? – (Rosa) A lot of people
will be scared here. A lot of people will be scared
and I’ll name ’em. – I’ll name ’em,
she’s gonna put them on blast. – She’s like so just blunt
and straightforward. And that just,
that’s just part of her charm. – This is every Mexican girl
that I know. – My tia Monica,
my tia Andrea, my tia Tatiana. (laughs) Like I can go down
my whole family tree. – (FBE) So these were all videos
from the TikTok creator AdamRayOkay, who has blown up in the app
recently for his character Rosa. – Well deserved. – I’ve seen him everywhere. He was the first person I followed
when I downloaded TikTok. – (FBE) With these videos
becoming increasingly popular, many other TikTok users have
started to act out the other side of these conversations. Many of these responses
have also gone viral, so we have some of those
to show you. – Okay, awesome,
this’ll be good. – Yes, I feel like it’s created
like a Rosa universe. You know, like we have Marlene,
we have the guy that they talk to. (laughs) – (Marlene) Hey bitch,
how’d it go last night? – (Rosa) Hi, you (horn honks)
scared me. – (Marlene) Bitch.
– Bitch! She does a couple too,
he has a couple to them, and they’re really good. – Marlene’s got the best
duets to Rosa. – (Rosa) Take me to
the (horn honks) store. – (Marlene) For what bitch? – The FaceTime is so good. – (Rosa) I need to buy a Plan B. – (Marlene) Shut the (horn honks)
up bitch, you didn’t, oh. You did not just (horn honks)
give it to him. (whispers) You’re a (horn honks) slut. Um yeah.
– That’s so rude! – (Marlene) Wait, wait, wait, bitch.
Was it good, bitch, did he… – Was it good, bitch? (laughs) Those are friends
you’re gonna have for life. – Was it good though? And then they be trying
to flirt while pregnant and (horn honks), they be like
“I wish it was yours though.” – That’s so weird. It’s like, I almost feel like
I’m invading their privacy. Like I’ve somehow gotten in on one of their FaceTime
calls or something. – I remember having these conversions, like hey, hey, but don’t tell anybody,
like blah blah blah, because you’re so little,
and like ashamed of it, and it’s ah, it’s cute.
I love these. I love how creative
people are getting and like responding back to it.
I (horn honks) love it. – (worker) Go ahead girl.
– (Rosa) What do I want? – (worker) What can I get for you? – Is he like in front
of a green screen right now? What is happening,
his arm’s like disappearing! The amount of work
that these TikTokers put into their videos,
are you kidding? – (Rosa) A number 69?
– (worker) Okay, which bread? – (Rosa) (laughs) Shut up stupid.
(Brittany laughs) – The awkward employee, like, ugh. – (Rosa) Do you have it
with extra meat? – (worker) You have to pick
the bread first sweetie. (Brandon laughs) – Why’s his mustache
so thick, bro? (laughs) – (Rosa) Shh.
– (worker) Pssht! – (Rosa) Does it come in long? – (worker) Yeah, but you have to
pick the bread first, honey. – This is realistic as (horn honks). – (Rosa) But that’s it,
that’ll be it… – (woker) Okay, but pick the bread! – (laughs) You gotta pick
the bread, Rosa! Come on!
– (worker) Pick the bread! – Pick the damn bread!
– (worker) Pick the bread! (Brittany laughs) – See, people are so creative with it! – I think it’s funny to add
another dynamic into the video, but by themselves,
they’re also really funny, and also can be
really wholesome. – He got into character too. I think the first one was
maybe not as believable. If you go above and beyond,
and it’s like, you got the Subway shirt,
you got the green screen with the Subway in the back,
and like the real interact, like, that was good. – (FBE) So people were also
inspired by just the audio itself, and used it to create
their own comedic content. – Oh, okay.
– Oh, genius! It just keeps going! – (Rosa) Bitch, and then (horn honks),
me or her? (Brianna laughs) Me or her?
– Wow. – (Rosa) Oh bitch,
they’re calling you. – Pfft!
– (Rosa) What, me or her? – See, I love (horn honks)
like this. – (Rosa) Shut up dude,
oh dude, but, what, who you… – (gasps) That is the best thing
I have ever seen. Oh my gosh,
me or her? – People are so (horn honks)
creative, that is hilarious! – I think when they’re
putting themselves in situations like this,
like a brand new thing, using the audio out of context,
it’s a lot funnier than people just trying to like
do the same thing that Rosa’s doing. – Yeah, that’s what you see. That’s literally,
the Hot Cheetos for breakfast. – (Rosa) You’re always (horn honks)
looking at me, dude! – She’s like spot on. – (Rosa) Shut the up,
because they always catch you. – (both) Staring! – (Rosa) I swear, ask anybody dude. – My dog. (laughs) I was like, I know it’s gonna be
like my kidneys or like… (laughs) The dog’s good. – TikTok’s funny, man.
I need to watch more TikTok. – I will say it is
kind of a talent to mimic the exact thing
with the cadence and everything, like pauses, it takes a while
to memorize that. So that right there
is a talent. – (Rosa) Dude, come here.
– Ah! (laughs) The texts, are you kidding? – (Rosa) I (horn honks) knew it, dude!
You have like a boyfriend or what? – Oh my God,
it’s like the lyric challenge! – (Rosa) I knew, you know how
I knew dude? ‘Cause you’ll be looking
around and (horn honks). – This is a real conversation? – (Rosa) A lot of people
will be scared here. A lot of people will be scared,
and I’ll name ’em. – Ooh! – I just have her image
of her face saying that to me. Instead, like I was looking
at the screen, but I just had her face
imprinted into my mind. – These people, I swear.
My mind is blown on the creativity, and the ideas, like the idea
to put the people inside of a womb. First of all, hello,
and then the idea to put it in text, like ugh,
just genius. – (FBE) So Rosa is a TikTok character
by Adam Martinez who is 20 years old. As of filming this episode, Rosa has over two and a half million
followers on TikTok, and has over 26 million likes
on his videos as the character. In a recent interview
with The Insider, he said that Rosa is just somebody
that everyone happens to know, whether it’s through school,
through a friend, they just all have met
somebody like her, giving him the inspiration
to post these videos. – Oh, I know more than one Rosa,
let me tell ya. – I was best friends with
so many Rosas. (laughs) Those were like,
that was like my clique. – I feel like that’s
a true statement. She sounds very familiar,
even if I can’t think of the person at the top of my head,
I mean, I kinda did. It’s just very familiar. (laughs) – I wonder for those people
who didn’t have hispanic friend that acted like that, I wonder what they think
of the character, if they think it’s weird
or annoying, whereas for someone like me,
it’s like I grew up with that. You know, those are my friends, those are the people
that I grew up with. – (FBE) As you can see,
his videos have gone viral. Why do you think
that the character has had so much success online? – Oh man, just ’cause it’s
like so accurate that you can’t not look at it. – Because everyone knows
someone like that, and it’s like, I can name,
I can literally still name a few people
that I know like that. Especially, being from this area,
you go back, and you’re like oh, I remember,
and you think about the good old days,
and you’re like reminiscing and stuff, or like if you are Rosa,
then you know. You know, you know? – It just is so different
than a lot of content on the internet because a lot of people are
just kind of putting on a front, whereas Rosa is just this like,
such a real character that everybody knows and loves. – Even if you don’t talk like that
with your friends or whatever, you’ve had a moment where
your eyelash is upside down, or your nails are all messed up
or you’re in the driveway, or the drive through,
and you’re talking to your friend. Like, no matter what it is,
everyone has a little moment of that character in them,
and it’s just so relatable, and so funny. – (FBE) Adam recently announced
that he is starting a YouTube channel, and to get it started,
he uploaded a compilation of all his favorite Rosa videos. Sometimes it can be difficult
for creators to switch platforms, so what kind of content
would you like to see on this channel? – I don’t know.
I’m sure that like, though we all enjoy Rosa right now,
we all love the character, I’m sure eventually Adam
will want to branch out and start doing new things. – I would love to see
Rosa skits, like full Rosa skits,
maybe a couple minutes long. Kinda like Brandon Rogers’s channel, I would like to see
that sort of format. – I would like to see him
do something like what Brandon Rogers did
with his characters. He kind of started off
with like one or two characters, and then kind of expanded
this whole universe and made his own little universe,
and he has his whole following based on that, so it’d be
pretty interesting to see maybe Adam create other characters
that interact with Rosa or he can make maybe little skits
or videos off of. – What I personally would like to see, and what I think would
have more success, is something like a Miranda Sings. If you take the character Rosa
and put it onto YouTube as a character, but trying to just be
like a personality, like all these other vloggers
or makeup artists or whatever it may be, like Rosa as a (horn honks)
makeup tutorial artist, on YouTube, that would be hilarious, as opposed to trying to do
sketch comedy. – (FBE) So finally, do you have
any advice for Adam as he begins to transition
to other social media platforms? – Just keep doing
what you’re doing sweetie, you’re doing great,
and I love your content, and you’re really wholesome,
and I hope that you keep growing, and just doing amazing. – Adam, keep doing it
until it’s not fun anymore. That’s all I can say. – Just stay true to your comedy,
because you’re hilarious. Don’t listen to everyone being like
oh, we’re tired of this. If you do it and you feel
like you’re nailing it, do it. Just kill it, we wanna see
more of you. (laughs) – Listen Adam,
listen Rosa. Keep doing your (horn honks),
I (horn honks) love it! Dude, you’re (horn honks) killing it.
Like, you’re (horn honks) killing it! Ugh, I love you. (laughs) – Hey dude, come here, thanks for watching
College Kids React. – Shout out to Lorenzo Moreno. – Hey, how would you respond to Rosa?
Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching.
Bye guys! – Hey guys, it’s Jesse,
Associate Producer here at FBE. What are some of your
favorite TikToks? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to
follow us on TikTok, @FBE. Bye guys!

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