89 thoughts on “Clash Royale Season 5 “The Great Goblin Feast” UPDATE REVIEW

  1. Can’t wait for this emote and e golem. I was too busy to get it even with pass :/, missed season 3 tower skin too even though I had pass. Anyone know if I can get it again or I missed out?

  2. You got them rhyme skills Nickatnyte
    Soundin like a white Dolemite
    Spend $4.99 to get that pass
    Unlock them tiers and whoop that ass
    Some words of wisdom you wont forget
    Beat them all with your big ole deck

  3. I was like “wtf is this season” but my clueless Canadian self realized it was going to be thanksgiving for the US

  4. Hey nick you know the night witch and witch emotes do not have the limited time colour around it.Will it appear in the new update because there isn’t the colour yet

  5. if any of yall play brawlstars,

    use the support code NYTE.

    like, yesterday i got gene from a free brawl box, and then i got penny out of another brawl box, and then i got el primo from a big box, and just right now, i got rosa. i honeslty think the code gives you good luck😂

    Mega knight , guards, baby dragon, log, witch, valkyrie, inferno dragon, wall breakers

  7. the new goblin emote doesn't look as welly animated as the limited editions in the past but the goblin hut tower was a good idea

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