By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

Daniel: This video is sponsored by Dragon City. D: Thanks Dragon City for sponsoring this video. D: If you wanted to play a game where you can grow dragons, you can click the link in the description to download the game which will support us D: And it’s free to play on iOS and Android. D: Today, we are gonna be playing… D: ARE YOU A SOCIOPATH? Stephen: Wait, we did this one before! D: That was a psychopath. ???: What- What’s the difference again? D: Uh- I don’t know. D: Look. Listen. None of this- None of what we do is scientific. D: This is just for fun. D: Honestly, you could call this Psychopath Part 2. D: We’re just calling it a sociopath cuz everybody likes talking about sociopaths nowadays… D: It’s just for fun… D: Today, we have a special guest. D: Our OG of OG in DanPlan… D: Jay. (Kids: Yay!) D: Say hi, Jay.
Jay: Hello! Hosuh: It’s been a while, Jay.
J: Ah, yeah, it actually has been, yeah. It’s been a very long time. Hosuh: How are you? J: Oh… I can’t really answer that question in a happy tone… D: Oh my God- *laughs*
HJS: *laugh* J: *still laughing…* J: *sobbing* D: Alright, okay Jay. Stop- stop it. You can cry after the recording. D: I was thinking to myself… D: “Who could contest in a sociopathic test with Steven?” D: And I could only come up with one person… S: A second Steven!
J: *pff* D: That was Jay.
S: Oh, okay. D: Whoever wins gets bragging rights and a mental disorder! J: Alright. *pff*
S: Okay.
D: Ready?
H: Wow… D: Question #1 D: A serial killer was chasing you down, but suddenly stops and makes a phone call to you. D: Why did he make a phone call? H: “Stop running.” DHJS: *laugh* J: Actually, yeah!
D: “Stahp eet.” J: It would- It would make me slow down…
H: Cuz you are hiding and they wanted to find you. S: I have no clue why they would call someone. S: I just thought-
D: What’s up with the monotone, Stephen? S: I do not why the sociopath decided to do this and I do not want to comment further.
DHJ: *laugh* J: Are- Are you feeling okay, Stephen? S: I am feeling great S: There is no one behind me. J: If I’m running away and I’m hiding… J: I’m bound to slow down or the serial killer can essentially just pinpoint my location. D: So, the answer is… D: “To listen to the sound of [a] bell ringing so he can locate the victim.” D: Congratulations, Hosuh and Jay. You guys get one point. J: Yay…
H: Yay! S: Good job, you two. J: I’m- I’m actually worried about Steven… D: It’s alright, he’ll die probably.
S: *laughs* D: Question #2 D: A man wants to kill his own boss. D: He rushes into the store and there he sees a $5 knife and $50 knife. D: He buys the $5 knife and he rushes out. D: Why did he pick the five dollar knife? H: Okay, I have an answer. H: Because, with the $50 knife…
J: Yes…? H: $50, right?
J: Yeah? H: Do you have 50 bucks in your wallet right now? J: Yeah, no. I don’t- I don’t have any cash. H: You’re gonna have to use a debit card or a credit card H: For you to not have an alibi… H: You need to buy a cheap knife that you can pay with the cash. S: Yes, I agree with Hosuh. Everything he said is right.
H: *laughs* S: But I actually think it’s because he wants to make some food afterwards with the same knife. S: Get rid of the evidence. J: No- No, if you want to make food, then wouldn’t you just buy the $50 one? H: Do you guys really want to cook food with the knife that you used to- to kill people? J: Hey, he’s a sociopath, what he-
S: Hydrogen peroxide takes of blood, Hosuh. S: I don’t know how you don’t know this.
H: Right… J: If I want to kill someone, for the reason being I hate that person, J: My number one instinct is to make it as miserable as possible. DH: Oh my God… *laugh* J: If I’m going to actually murder someone out of pure hatred I might as well make it living hell for the other person, right? J: Am- Am I the only one thinking that way?
D: Uh… DHS: Yes… DHS: *laugh*
J: I don’t know… D: Okay, so the answer is… D: “To kill the boss more painfully with the dull knife.” J: Oh! See? I told you, you wanna make it miserable. D: I don’t know if I want to give him the point…
H: *laughs* D: A man who owns a business goes bankrupt, so he started to work somewhere else. D: The man hides this fact from his wife. D: One day, she finds out but she acts as if she doesn’t know for his own sake. D: But soon, the husband finds out, and once he does D: He locks her in the house and burns the house down. Why? S: Typical reaction.
H: *laughs* J: Okay, so he doesn’t have that much money anymore a-and so he was working really, really hard J: And she pretended to not know J: And when the husband found out, why [she] essentially didn’t help in the financial difficulty, J: Out of pure spite, I would burn someone. D: *laughs* D: Wait, why did it turn from “husband” to “I” would? J: Uh… Uh…
HS: *laugh* J: The husband… Would have the… Incentive…
HS: *laugh* D: What about you, Stephen? S: Why not? It’s fun. J: I can agree with that. It is! S: It’s just delightful knowing that you have some power over someone in your life. D: Okay. Alright, Hosuh? H: I was thinking maybe for insurance or maybe, like, the new job was an illegal job? D: Thank you for the normal answer. Appreciate it.
JS: *laugh* D: The answer is basically… D: “A woman who’s okay with not being a CEO’s wife is not worth keeping.” S: Oh…
J: That was the answer? H: What? D: Both of you have proven that maybe that is not the worst answer? S: Uh…
J: *pff* D: No- No one gets a point.
S: Okay, your face. D: But both of you need help.
J: Wait, me??? D: Hosuh, get over here. Get away from those people. J: Why me??? D: Alright, this one is a bit gross, but hear me out. D: A paralyzed woman was found dead, in pieces. D: The killer was suspected to be her little sister who nursed the woman. D: When they pieced the woman’s body together, 20% of it was missing. D: It turns out that the little sister ate the woman [a] little bit every day. Why did she eat her? J: Okay, my initial gut instinct is just telling me straight up. J: She just wanted the older sister to be part of her. H: That’s so morphed… J: Okay, why would you ever eat someone else other than being delicious? J: A- Am- Am I the weird one here? Why am I getting so many blanks stares?
D: I don’t who you’re [going for?] D: *honk honk honk*
S: Hey, you’re the one that asked the not safe for work question! D: Hosuh, what’s your answer? H: So she ate her, and we know this for sure… H: Why the heck would anyone eat someone? H: What? S: Vitamin deficiency. J: Oh! The- There’s- There’s another reason. There we go. D: Stop! D: Agreeing with him!! DH: *laugh*
S: See, I like Jay.
J: I like you too! D: Ugh! D: Okay, so the answer is… D: “To keep a little bit with her every day.” J: Oh, so it was [the] yandere root… D: Okay. So, Jay, you did get it right. I just didn’t like the fact that you got it right in two seconds. H: Mhm… DHJS: *laugh* D: Jay, listen. Uh… D: Thanks for coming on board… I think this is where we have to say goodbye… S: I don’t know. I like Jay, he kinda thinks like me. D: Kinda? Stephen, kinda??? D: A family–mom, dad and son–were extremely close. D: The neighborhood knew them as a close-knit family who loved each other. D: As the son grew, he started to go to elementary school D: But he got bullied because his parents still brought him to school every day. D: Soon, his parents started killing children from the school every couple of months. Why?
S: Good! S: What do you mean “why”? S: Bullying children get killed and I agree with that justice.
D: Hosuh, why? H: But they’re children! S: Oh no! H: My initial thought was they came to the school with the child so that they can recognize who the bullies are H: And that’s why they killed the bullies, right? Yeah… H: Th- That’s it. Like, there’s no more. D: Wow, what a normal, what a basic answer.
J: *laughs* J: There’s Stephen and then me… J: And then there’s Hosuh. S: Have you never bullied someone, Hosuh? S: So, you don’t bully them with their parents there or any authority figure. J: No, the child can still tattletale who they are. S: No, I’m pretty sure the kid is killing them! J: Oh, the kid is killing them…
H: Oh, so the kid is killing them!
S: Yeah. H: And the parents were kinda taking the blame for it.
S: Yeah! D: Oh… Interesting… What do you think, Jay? J: If I wanna think about the long term process here, rather than the short term just killing off competition, J: If I had a kid who was getting bullied and the bullying reason was because… J: “Oh, look, you’re here with your mom and dad.” J: Imagine you are a parent of a child and there’s a serial killer going around. J: Would you or would you not just let your kid go off on [their] own? H: Oh… I see…
J: Right? D: Oh my God.
J: So, if everybody is now having their parents drop off, why would he be get bullied anymore? H: That creeped me out…
D: Ding, ding, ding… H: That gave me the chills…
D: That’s the answer… H: Oh my God… D: “To make it so that taking kids to school becomes the norm.” J: Yay! *happy clappy* I got it right! D: Um, Jay…
J: Hi, Dan.
D: Buddy… J: I know where you live. D: *laughs* D: O-Okay…
J: Mind if I visit? S: He doesn’t mind, go!
D: Don’t, I do! D: Basically what Jay just said was that the parents killed a couple kids D: So that no parent would let their children walk people to school D: So taking people to school becomes the norm and, therefore, their kid won’t be bullied anymore. D: That’s… D: Such a creepy answer and… I… D: Congratulations, Jay, another point! (Kids: Yay!)
HJS: *laugh* D: G- Great- Great job… D: Last Question D: You, a serial killer, was released from prison. J: Oh, yay!
S: Thank God. DHJS: *laugh* D: You get yourself a job, a house and, you know what? D: You got a stable life now. D: You then paint the floor of your house black. Why? S: Well, cuz it gets cold in the winter and black absorbs light better. (cause he was black)
D: *laughs* J: That is such a scientific answer.
D: Clearly. D: Yeah, that’s the answer.
S: That’s it. D: Remember the game we were playing? “Are You A Sociopath?” S: No! Well, I..
D: You remember?
J: “Are You A Scientist?” S: Yeah, “Are You A Scientist?” so…
D: Hosuh? H: My initial thought was maybe he missed prison…? H: I really don’t… *laughs*
DJS: *laugh* J: Okay, Hosuh? H: Yeah? D: He’s so cute.
J: I want you to keep your innocence.
H: Thanks? J: Like, the level of innocence that you have… S: Unacceptable, Jay. He has to be corrupted just like… S: me. H: What about you, Jay? What do you think the answer is?
S: Yeah, Jay. Give us the answers! J: Okay, so if I’m a serial killer…
H: Okay…
D: Here he goes again… J: Once you’re a serial killer, how- what do you think the percentage of serial killers actually reform and not be a serial killer? S: All of them. Let all the serial killers out of jail, they don’t deserve it. J: Right?
DHS: *laugh* J: I can’t think of a pure reason why you would paint the floor black, J: But I can only assume that it’s used to prep the room for more killing. H: Okay, since this game is “Are You A Sociopath?”, like, there should be a more… H: Complicated reason, behind it? I don’t think it’s just…
S: I think it’s because black is the new color of the season. S: So by painting the floor b…
J: *pff-* S: Hey shSHSHsHuT UP S: Shut up. S: So I think that, because painting the floor black will invite more guests into the house. S: More guests means more bodies to stab. J: eheHeEEyyy! D: Um…
S: Look. I think I think my logic is infallible, Daniel.
D: Clearly it is. D: The answer is because… D: “Dried up blood is less visible in black.” D: So it’s kind of a scientific answer!
J: Yeah, it is! D: Okay. D: Well. D: Uh, Jay, I guess you win. D: Congratulations, I hope you’re happy… (Kids: Yay!) J: I am happy. Oh very happily. D: Alright Stephen, give me the throne. S: Oh, okay- I shall pass it to you, but I shall remain behind it. J: Oh, don’t worry, I’ll gladly take on the challenge.
S: *laughs* S: Daniel, I thought the moral of the story was sociopaths don’t want to be revealed as sociopaths S: So they would get everything wrong on a test to lure people into a false sense of security…
J: *laughs* D: You know, or they could just be too stupid to get the answer, right? S: Wow, is that a massive shade? Oh, hey Daniel, sit on this throne for a sec before Jay does.
DHJ: *laugh* D: Aw, okay! D: Hosuh?
H: Yes? D: Come on, y- you wanna get a… Grub? Let those two just chill here for a second? H: I’m kind of afraid what would happen if we leave those two alone DH: *laughs* J: Hey, only good things! Why are you doubting us?
H: I don’t know, you guys might plot something. I have no clue… J: We wouldn’t do anything, right Stephen?
S: Of course. J: You have our word. D: Ooh, before we forget, today’s video is sponsored by Dragon City. I said that before. D: You can collect hundreds of different cool dragons. You can breed different species of dragons as well and you get cool new ones to add to your collection. D: It’s like a sys tem where dragons generate gold that helps you buy food to make them stronger also train them to improve their attacks. D: There’s also different PvP modes you can play in. You can put your strongest dragons in a league or in an arena to fight. D: You can also connect it to your Facebook to play with your friends and fight them easily. D: What’s also great is that there are new events every week, which you can participate and earn a bunch of gold. D: There’s also an auto-battle mode again. I love auto-mode anything. I can just click in and start working and watch TV while it happens. D: Listen. These guys were nice enough to sponsor our video. It’s honestly a pretty cool game. Give it a go, it’s free-to-play, link in the description. Thanks. D: Bye-bye!

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  1. The sponsors wanted me to pin their link, so here you go~ | Dragon City: |

    Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.

    p.s. Jay is big dumb.

  2. I AWNSERED MOST OF THEM RIGHT espacally the black floor i got the exact words Im here for the ppl who scare you friend me guys

  3. A sociopaths is not always a killer. Same with Psychopaths.
    a Psychopath is someone who cannot differ from right or wrong.
    A Sociopath just doesn't care. I am classified as a functioning Sociopath.

  4. Hey I have video ideas

    Can your survive the psycho and socio version of Dan and Housh?

    Can you survive the fandom? (haha)

    Can your survive your genderblends? (Lol)

  5. Is it just me or does Jay like Hosuh?

    When Daniel took Hosuh away from them it showed text saying “Plz come bacc :(“ 4:36
    And Jay also says “Hosuh I wanna keep your innocence” 8:29
    He also listens to him
    Also 7:26

  6. I solemnly swear that I would take this test with jay and Stephen l would probably win with them,us three are corrupt…hehe

  7. Okkk so no one will survive the purge with Stephen AND jay..also me..if the purge really happened everyone’s dead😅

  8. My answers (after the explanation but before everyone else gives theirs):

    1. The phone call is to give away the person who is hiding/is disguised
    2. The cheaper knife will have more people buying it, so it'd be harder to find the person, plus a knife is a knife, it'll kill just as easily or slowly as possible.
    3. The husband probably started working as an info broker for the dark web, as an assassin/hitman, or as a torturer of some kind. (A job where people knowing would put you at considerable risk)
    4. The little sister didn't like the older sister, so she ate little bits of the older sister in front of her to terrify her. The reason she's dead and torn to bits was probably to torture her and most of it would have been while she was alive.
    5. They were killing the children to make the other children scared to bully their son, in case they were killed too.
    6. A black floor makes it harder to see any blood stains so, if anyone came to inspect/visit, it would be hard to spot. Also, painting over black doesn't make it darker if it's black.

    Huh, some misses but some hits, I guess? Anybody wanna tell me, if I'm normal or not?

  9. A sociopath is someone who does not feel emotions correctly or in some cases at all. So say they just stabbed a kitten, they might not feel sad or happy or guilty or anything. They didn’t even know why it might be considered wrong because they can’t feel wrong. They sometimes do insane things in order to test why they feel nothing or if they might feel something wrong. They usually don’t get social cues so they have trouble making eye contact and say absolutely horrible things at the wrong times. Some sociopaths don’t even notice they are different so they just continue living and thinking they are just an outgoing introvert or socially awkward.

  10. That isn't an are u a sociopath test cause the difference between being a sociopath and a psychopath is that a sociopath doesn't have feelings for things other than himself a psychopath is just crazy

  11. I got all of them right except he fifth one,, I solely got the last one right because when girls are on their periods, they wear black clothes so if you leak blood, you won’t really see it.

  12. The $5 knife can be bought more easily with cash, the $50 knife not so much, requiring a credit card / debit card, which means it is tracked. If the killer bought it with cash, it would also naturally arouse suspicion due to the obvious avoidance of using a card. 😃

  13. Psychopathy can be thought of as a more severe form of sociopathy with more symptoms. Therefore, all psychopaths are sociopaths but sociopaths are not necessarily psychopaths.
    Moreover, while a sociopath would feel no guilt about hurting a stranger, they may feel guilt and remorse over hurting someone with which they share a bond. … The psychopath is keenly aware that what he or she is doing is wrong, but does not care.

  14. My answer for the paralised person was. Because when your paralised your muscles dont do anything making them tender and better to eat

  15. A socialpath is were they would be guilty and they would do anything to turn back time and they would feel bad were a psycopath is were they wouldn't give two shit if they killed someone and they would never give mercy to any of there victims…Just to let people know the difference

  16. psychopath = extreme uncontrollable emotions, violent tendacies, prone to psychosis

    sociopaths, no emotions, no empathy blank inside

  17. The difference is that a sociopath isn't capable of feeling emotions
    And a psychopath likes hurting others, like the maniac they are–

  18. Lol the difference is: sociopaths are created, psychopaths are born.

    Being a psychopath means your brain isn’t exactly right. This is more of a chemical imbalance that you are born with. You do awful things, and you understand the pain it causes, but your neural pathways don’t exactly light up when and where their supposed to. It is a legitimate condition and not everyone that suffers from this is a murderer… some are just CEOs lol

    Now sociopathy is interesting, because sociopaths’ brains work a lot like ours there isn’t much that would distinguish their brains from that of a regular person. Their problem is behavioral and it develops due to their environment. Which means a child that grew up in an unhealthy home might lack the tools to develop correctly. This will likely manifest in a lack empathy and emotional intelligence, causing them to behave a lot like someone whose brain suffers from psychopathy, even though the sociopath’s brain is, at least seemingly, normal.

  19. For the killer painting the floor black he probably did it because he kept killing people and it wasn't as hard to clean up the blood ahhhh while I'm writing I kept the video playing and they said what I was thinking noooooooooo😫😭

  20. So an arm is about 5% of your body by weight according to this health site I just looked at. You're telling me they didn't notice 20% of the body was missing until AFTER they organized the parts???

  21. Dan: "3 things you think about at night go."
    Stephen: "Death uh happiness and sadness."
    Me: " Me too man me too. XD"

  22. Aww I didnt know this channel existed, cute art style, I'm glad you animated every scene to be original from the ones before, theres too many channels with stick figure characters with a limit of three face expressions, good to see something different

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