Brawlhalla: WWE Superstars Crossover Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Brawlhalla: WWE Superstars Crossover Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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100 thoughts on “Brawlhalla: WWE Superstars Crossover Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. When does this game release because I been a wrestling gammer since SVR08 09 on the WII and 2k15 to 2k19 BTW how's 2k14 and other Svr and hear comes the pain and will their be any remakes because I'm into fighting/ wrestling games

  2. Hey brawlhalla! I'm having abit of a problem with the switch version

    It says "Incorrect Client Version." Even though i updated it!

    Any tips?

  3. The Rock As Sentinel.Xavier Woods As Bödvar.Beck Lynch As Gnash.John Cena As Hattori.Which Means,Before You Buy These Crossovers,Be Sure To Turn Off Collapse Crossovers.

  4. I was playing online just fine and updated to this version. Now, I'm getting an incorrect version error offline only on Switch. Any help?

  5. I’m not that happy to see this as I never watched WWE as a child and never will. But I just want the back to school event return

  6. Anyone have this problem for brawlhalla on nintendo switch. I just downloaded the game yesterday, but when I start game, it says "Incorrect version, Incorrect client version, online play unavailable" I already uninstall it once and re download it but that did not work. I also tried software update, but that did not work either. It's already up to date. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

  7. By the way they should make a Teen Titans Go crossover event just like they did with Adventure Time. Like Robin should be Thatch's
    crossover Starfire should be Val's crossover Cyborg should be… I don't know who Cyborg's crossover can be so other people write down in the comments who can be Cyborg's real person. ;-; MOVING ON! Beast Boy should be Ulgrim's crossover and last but not least Raven should be Ada's crossover

  8. Jesus said but i say to you love your enemies
    Bless those who curse you do good to those
    Who hate you and pray for those who
    Spitefully use you and persecute you

  9. Now what I wanted to write, not what my brother wrote, (the Kiana Holley Comment Bellow me), Didn't roblox also do something like this? 😛

  10. Make more Assassin's creed, I have an idea, Get the actor who did Ezio's voice, and make a story about Ezio's grandson or great grandson, and maybe he will meet Davinci or Davinchi's son who was adopted because Davinchi was gay irl, and Ezios grandson will get revenge

  11. Name me another game where John Cena, The Rock, Shovel Knight, Rayman, Finn, and Hellboy can duke it out? You can't.

  12. 0:38 u guys are blind that is John Cena and he is not invisible one of his Sigs are invisible Blind humans cmon now how cant u see this

  13. so we just not gonna talk about that wombo combo at the end?? really?? nobody gonna mention it??….ok den….RIP Orion 2019 🙁

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