BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

You know what a harlequin is?A harlequin’s role is to serve.It’s nothin’ without a master.No one gives two shits who we are beyond that. ♪♪♪The Joker and I broke up.I wanted a fresh start.But it turns out I wasn’t
the only dame in Gotham
looking for emancipation.Spectacular news! Ms. Quinn, she belongs to me. Who are you guys? ♪♪♪ [GUNS CLICKING]Here’s the deal Quinn.-[SIGHS]
-You need me!
He’s after all of us now.None of us are
walkin’ outta here… unless we work together. ♪♪♪ With you? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You gotta’ be kidding me. Ahh!! Isn’t this fun?
It’s just like a sleepover. [SIGHS]
We should order pizza. Make Cosmos. -Harley, focus!
-Okay. [BELL RINGING] ♪♪♪I’m the one
they should be scared of!
Boo!Not you!Not Mister “J”. Because I’m
Harley frickin’ Quinn! [LAUGHING] Whoo! Who’s having a good time?Get ready ladies.Oh, you’re that psycho chick. You never call a woman chick. I’ll except broad, lady, woman
and on occasion bitch! Bitch? -What are you talking about?
-Toss that for me will ya? Ugh! [LAUGHS]

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  1. 10 minutes in the birds of prey and I figure out that it is about a group of girls that Can't maintain a healthy relationship so they blame everything on man to maintain there power fantasy

    This is a gotham theam breakup video that would follow unpopular rom-com where a bunch of women go out get drunk party and realize they don't need men.

  2. This is soooo Stupid, on so many Levels it’s like watching the little-mermaid, without prince Erick,…. What the Actual,.Fuck?!!!!!

  3. what!!!! “The Joker and I broke up.” 🤬😡 Leto is my Hero.. what up.. why they dont make him the original Joker.. he is awesome best ever after Heath Ledger

  4. "Birds of Prey" – March 5-8th

    Rated R – Admittance Restricted.

    Must be 17 with ID or accompanied by a guardian 21/older with ID.

    1 Hour 49 Mins + Trailers Action, Crime After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord.

    Tickets and Concessions open 45 mins before showtime.

    Birds of Prey hits theaters this Friday, and we're having a party to celebrate!

    Join us at Store 2 in Henderson on Saturday Feb. 8th from 12-2pm. This family-friendly event will be fun for everyone, and did I mention you can win PRIZES such as free tickets to Birds of Prey??

  5. Harley Quinn

    She is a psychiatrist


    I love women psychiatrist

    Harley Quinn cannot be cheated

  6. Did they mess up her character yet again? Being abused is fun? No Stockholm syndrome?

  7. Look at all the fake 1-2 month old accounts spam posting on here about how good this movie is.
    So funny that they have to sink that low to artificially grow their viewers in the most totally obvious way..
    This movie was dogshit and I watched it all the way through, just like I watched Sui Squad and god damn, Sui squad might have actually been better.
    That is something I thought I would never say. A movie was worse than Sui Squad…

  8. what a disappointment. Didnt know i could hate a DC movie. trash should have been made a tv series. thats how boring it is. Reminds me of a bit of watchmen HBO

  9. Suicide squad Harley design: Rebellious teenage psycho in vibrant red and blue.

    Birds of Prey Harley design: 6-year-old wearing a pom-pom jacket.

  10. HQ, poison ivy and cat women in a movie together as three bad asses would be so lit I really love how the movie is basically telling u that girls are so much better then boys and it is true trust me because I am a boy saying it🤙🏽

  11. I was pleased to note there were multiple comments stating; ‘the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice’. And why you might ask? I have one word to describe this trailer: ‘no’.

  12. was gunna pirate this movie but no. you cant separate Harley and the joker they are a crime duo the fuck is wrong with you no. fuck this shit i'm out

  13. This movie is a giant flaming pile of crap. It's movies like this that let you know the rest of the population are brain dead idiots. Trash movie.

  14. I came back to here this movie was Trash. Mxm I had so much expectations… DC employ sucker directors and pretend to be victims when critics and rotten potatoe label their movies as trash.

  15. Harley :''You know what a Harley Quinn is?''
    Me: A fricking badass who is always in a good mood iand always having a good ass time in every situation

  16. How could this movie help or add any interest to the lacking DC franchise. When did previews start to confuse you more than help you understand the movie's concept or point

  17. Only a moron who doesn't know about comics and pro feminism and gender-obsessed people would love this garbage, now a lot of movies are trying to endorse nowadays all these empowerment/equality/race shit. It's becoming more and more of a nuisance than trying to send a message. Hope whoever wrote this would trip and fall and get injured for how they did such an injustice to this movie. Not to mention all the tokenized characters they did like what the fuck they forever ruined the characters forever, there's no coming back from how they were ruined they're basically beyond repair.

  18. Is this the new one or the 2016 one? I never got to see the 2016 one because I had allot going on in my life at that time and didn't go to the movies for a couple years. I was stuck in a relationship where me and my ex had nothing in common. Pretty cool that they made a movie about Harley Quinn.

  19. The movie is actually very good! The guy who did this trailer fucked up so hard I mean howwwwww……

  20. Okay, I've seen this multiple times. And finally got around to checking who the gorgeous Rosie Perez looking woman was playing Montoya. And – IT WAS Rosie Perez. How does she not age? Tip of the hat.

  21. Saw this movie and it was okay. Would not say it was a celebration of female dc characters. Black Canary is one of the best fighters (in the top 15) and a superb tactician. The Huntress is also a good fighter (top 30 better if she is Batman's daughter) and decent detective. Sandra Cain is almost without equal when it comes to fighting and if they had stuck to her origins it could have led to another movie with her parents, David Cain and Lady Shiva coming to Gotham to get her. I mean they could kept her mute and had surprise everyone with fighting skills. Detective Montoya, who became the new Question, is one of GPD's best officer and working with Gordon. The fight scenes really sucked too. AND PLEASE STOP PUTTING ALL OF THESE ASS KICKING FEMALES IN RIDICULOUS HIGH HEELS!

  22. Loved this movie- the flow of it – erratic just like Harley's psychological state, the action scenes, the gore, the soundtrack, THE CAST.

  23. I've been to see Birds of Prey 3 times, even though I liked it but I thought it was too similar to Deadpool.

  24. Se la mia voce va ai produttori di Birds of Prey ho un piccolo favore non pretendo che nel suicide Squad 2 ma un po' più in là forse perfavore ve lo chiedo perfavore rimettete insieme harley quinn e joker perfavore PLASE

  25. to think SS was so bad, but depsite it all, they made a spin off on the character who was going to be popular either way because of it looks…they want to change her from a sidekick to an 2empowered protagonist", proving again that the characters doesn't matter,yous its appearance and sex.

  26. Before I say anything, you don't need to criticize me, I'm not a super dc fan, not even one, I prefer the mcu when it comes to these kinds of movies but, I'm a fan of the clown counterparts , joker and Harley Quinn which I think we can all agree have spread as their own characters and people are starting to love them without any dc influence on them. I think Jared Leto did a great joker, I mean from the look to the way of talking yes, now I know compared to other jokers like Heath ledger and joaquin phoenix he's the odd one out, i think putting him beside the jester Harley style, he fits more ,than the classic creepy clown look, now I'm no fan of Jared Leto, I just liked his joker, and this movie as well, which most people I know has been hating on.

  27. Loved the movie. Watched it twice. I don't understand how this movie did so horribly it's opening weekend? but if I could make a guess, the title is where they screwed up.

  28. So black Canary is supposed to be black now aaand… idk.. actually the only character that looks like itself is Harley. It looks terrible tho…. very very terrible… the whole movie… I don't even want to think of watching this parody.

  29. A movie about how women are awesome and men suck. This agenda movies are starting to get on my nerves. Fuck you Hollyweird

  30. Suicide Squad was awesome. Easily one of the best movies in the DC universe. Then this one came out, was so bad they had to add Harley Quinn's name to the title just to sell tickets. Yeesh. Go ahead and pass on this one and just wait for Suicide Squad 2 to come out. This was just to jerk off/finger bang some SJWs.

  31. She naiiiiled that …I ve seen and im beyond impressed….just imagine if they make a movie of that quality about gotham sirens (harley poison ivy and catwoman )

  32. Did anyone notice at the very very end of the movie she say "if you little jsjdjd still sit there I’ll tell you a secret but you don’t tell anyone batman is " did anyone else please that not my shit right

  33. I just watched this movie and after watching 2 GREAT DC movies (the Joker, and Shazam) in a row. In went downhill again and the movie is meh, but it is still better than the JL movie.. I hope DC makes an injustice movie, and I hope that they will put all of their effort, because the injustice comics were one of the best comics I have read.

    Just my opinion

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