34 thoughts on “[BETA VIDEO] Skellige Faction || GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

  1. We tippem into their graves on purpose! IT'S GOOD FOR THEM!
    Skellige seems like a nice place that I never want to visit.

  2. well in my opinion Skellige is strong at long run because they can revive cards from the graveyard and even make them stronger. Just love all the faction's unique characteristics. i just hope they manage to keep balance between each faction in the future!

  3. Cards abilities now is different. Video was uploaded when public beta began, but cards still have old power and abilities like they had in closed beta. So pity

  4. Morkvarg wild boar of the sea combo is hilarious lots of answers for queensguard now tho feels bad man

  5. Fajnie zrobione , ale mogliście poczekać aż wyjdzie otwarta beta , bo zagrania tam są trochę nieaktualne 😀

  6. Is this resurrection thing in the lore? Just thinking about how Yennefer used necromancy on what's-his-name and those Skellige priestesses were really mad.

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