Hello everyone, this is Betosky and in this
video I will be sharing with you all my best tips & tricks and everything I have learned
so far since I started playing Mobile Legends in Season 2. I believe these tips will help you take your
gameplay to the next level. If you are tired of all the noobs you get
in your team, then try to become the difference maker and improve your chance of winning. I have been able to reach solo to Mythic multiple
times with very high win rate because of these tips that I am about to share with you all. It took me a lot of games, time, victories
and defeats, errors and trials and tons of analysis in order to develop them. Hopefully they will help you improve your
overall gameplay. So first, let’s talk about map awareness. I know you have heard that word many time,
map awareness, you need to have map awareness. But what exactly is map awareness? Many players think “well it’s just paying
attention to the mini-map.” And they are partially right about that, but
that’s not the whole story. You should learn how to use that information
to the full extent. If you have completely master this skill of
map awareness, you can somewhat tell to an extent where are the enemies and what they
are probably doing or will probably do. And that’s how I got labeled as a map hacker
in some of my videos. Here I have some perfect examples that I can
show you first-hand what I meant when I said that you can somewhat tell to an extent what
the enemies are going to do. Okay, here the enemy Johnson has just been
slayed. Keep that in mind. So I am just going to do my usual thing and
farm the enemy jungle. Now pay attention to the enemy Chou on the
map. I knew Chou was hiding in the bush, look how
I am prepared to use my Ult. I didn’t care that he was waiting for me
because I knew he couldn’t kill me alone. Instead I chose to harass and make him weaker. Also my Ult has lower cool down than his ult
so it’s a trade that I would take any day. Okay, remember that I said to be aware of
Johnson. He has just been respawned, so what do you
think he will immediately do when he respawns? Of course, he will use his ult right away
and find his next victim. And by looking at the map, I was almost 95.78%
sure he was coming for me. So here instead of keep running straight back,
which would have been a huge mistake, because I wouldn’t have the protection of the tower. I decided to put a last stand and fight next
to the tower. And remember I made Chou waste his ultimate
just a moment ago, now he doesn’t have ult available to use on me. Because of each of my decision making I was
able to completely overturn the table in that attempted 3 on 1 gank. Each and every in-game decision matter, even
the ones that seems insignificant. Here I have another example, in which I am
waiting for the enemy to take the crab and hopefully steal it or kill one of them at
the very least. Okay I killed Gusion, but pay attention to
Martis’ positioning. My ult is almost available, but I knew Martis
is probably waiting in the bush. I would attempt to kill Angela but without
fully committing. Pay attention to my positioning. Okay, now I am going to use one of my favorite
move: The Irresistible Bait. Because of my low HP and mana, it seems like
Cyclops is just a very delicacy food served in a silver plated. No one can resist that temptation. Look how I am going to use my first skill. I knew Martis was still there watching and
waiting. Just like fishing, the fish took the bait
and I caught a big one. Okay in this one I am waiting for Chou to
be a little bit apart from Karrie, so I can kill her first. Once I saw Chou far away, I used my ult thinking
Karrie the only available target, but I guess I was mistaken. However, because of that calculated mistake
I got double kill lol. But that’s not the important part
Pay attention to the mini map, the enemy’s reinforcement has arrived and I saw the enemy’s
Guinevere on the map. And you know that if you are caught on her
combo, she can one shot you. So I knew exactly what she would try do next. So instead of walking straight back, I went
to the opposite direction; forward. If you are enjoying all these tips and tricks,
pause the video for a few seconds and hit that like, subscribe and the notification
bell button. I would greatly appreciate that. Okay here I have another clip which some of
you probably has seen already, but I never explained how I was able to do what I just
did in these clips. Here I am using Gord, and there’s an intense
and full team fight going on. Okay take a look at Tigreal’s health bar,
it’s pretty low. Keep that in mind. Now looking at the overall picture, I can
clearly see my team is losing the team fight. Did you catch that? No? let’s rewind a little bit then. Do you remember in my previous Best tips and
tricks video in which I talked about the hero lock mode? If not, I will leave the link for that video
on the description and in the comment section. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t
yet after this video. Here I was able to take a glimpse of the big
red circle that popped on my screen for a few seconds. But that was enough time to catch my attention. So I knew Natalia is very very low in health,
and like any Natalia’s player, you would try to go to the nearest bush to activate
your passive to either continue killing or back off. She probably wanted to get more kills. Do you remember that I told you to keep Tigreal’s
low HP in mind? Well this is why. Here I noticed our buff minion was gone, so
I thought there might be still someone in the bush. Once I saw my big ball didn’t bounce, it
means it successfully hit a target. Here Natalia just finished clearing middle
lane wave, and for a very brief moment I saw Natalia going to the middle top bush. Which means she probably going to top lane
to kill our marksman. Here I just saw Natalia clearing top lane,
then I assumed she would most likely try to push our turret. And once you pay very close attention to the
pattern, you will know which bush she will most likely use. Here I saw Harley just finished clearing top
lane, and since I have paid very close attention to his pattern, I knew he would probably try
to gank our top jungle. Here pay attention to Helcurt’s movement. I felt like that Helcurt wasn’t too bad
of a player so I predicted that he would probably want to be unpredictable to our prediction
by going to our jungle instead of going top. So by being unpredictable he became predictable
because I was being unpredictable with my prediction. Once you have fully mastered this skill of
map awareness, you will be able to increase your chance of winning immensely. It took me lots of years of moba’s experience
to be able to achieve this kind of map awareness. But If you keep in mind these tips and tricks
during your game, you will see that you will be able to do so much more to change the outcome
of the game. Thanks for watching and I will see you until
next time.


  1. It's not actually map hack, it's obvious of what js is gonna do especially if their's a combo. It depends if they are not in the gank or either you are seen in the map with their teammates near

  2. Beto's tips really helped me in making my mages mains like odette and kagura a non stop ganking machine through predictions 😁❤

  3. This is what every pro says. So people! Next time someone says you're hacking,agree with them. But say this… Yes! I HACK! But with SKILLS.

  4. i totally agree with this why?
    Ive done this before i think i was using a marksman or mage
    probably vale or valir or some fighter

  5. So by being an predictable he became an predictable because I’ll being an predictable with my prediction. 😂
    Anw love ur vdo. Thanks a lot.

  6. hey beto i follow ur cyclops build and all map awareness video. i recently killed natalia by baiting her by low hp like u did. u r awesome play cyclops sometimes. peace.😀😀😁😁

  7. You know what’s the best? Make a new account and don’t play rank first , play all classics and raise all of your heroes wr.

  8. I have reached this same kind of Map awarness level as well, and finding people with it too is a real pain in the ass. It always ruins my solo rank games since people rarely can read the game…..

  9. May the Viewers that commented map hack dont have skill so they just jealous because the player they watching is good player thst them

  10. With this video, it only makes sense that you developed an important skill. Your deduction is above average. Experience really boosted up your gaming

  11. Sadly so many people by that i mean stupid kids don't have map awareness. Raging kids fight for buff, instead of helping where it's needed and could turn the tide of the whole match in their favor.

  12. I have all this skill that you have talked about in this video because i have played dota2 for a total of 6k+ hours (retired at Divine rank) on my account. I started playing ML because i dont have time to play an hour or more match of dota anymore. And in my conclusion, the things youve said in this video is really helpful towards stepping up their game, but youve forgot about LUCK, i played solo games for a total of 2k games now and i must say that team play is the best weapon here or just party with friends who knows what they are doing.

  13. Bro it is useless man , I play like a pro but my teammates all keep feeding do you think can still solo up ranked ?? Every time signal them enemy missing still push without caring the grass , after every 3 games sure have people afk at the 4th game.

  14. Enemy Team:Losing because i keep killing them 1 by 1
    Me:Becomes stupid and tries to get their blue buff
    Enemy Team: Ganks me
    Me: dies
    Also me: fuk

  15. Hello sir I love to watch your videos. My is Epic it's been long, never get legends coz of bad team ate they toke what they want to toke.

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