Best Replays of the Week: Episode #86

Best Replays of the Week: Episode #86

Hello, I’m Luke Kneller and welcome to Best Replays of the Week. Where we select five replays sent in by you the
viewers and showcase them for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to vote for which was the Best
Replay of the Week at the end of the show! In this episode we have: The little tank that could… An aggressive turtle… A correctly named deathbarn… Hodor! And a light support weapon. Roll out! Starting off with a little tank that could,
the ELC EVEN 90 driven by ConTroll. Even though the tank is barely taller than
the grass it’s been a frequent star on our show so there must be something special about it, right? For an LT, the key position on Westfield is
the K0 corner and ConTroll heads right there. But as the team decides to leave it all to ConTroll and the Type 64, rushing the corner would be suicide. Instead this bush will do, engaging to help
the Type would just leave two tanks destroyed. Got to keep your head down, there’s TD support
for the reds! This T-50-2 thought it was being clever! Huge damage on the HWK as the “Bush Brawl”
continues. The A-44 think “Yeah, nah nah, you ain’t
doin’ that!” but bottles it at the last second. There are a lot of tanks out there. Yes! A crucial trackshot removes the A-44 on this
flank. Spotted! But it doesn’t spot ConTroll back! Backing up… Bye bye P.43 bis. The T71 and VK have withdrawn but what
about that HWK, noice. That’s a tier 8 for our tier 8. ConTroll could rest easy knowing they’ve
done their bit. Sit-rep. Looks relatively even. No early retirement for ConTroll! Let’s keep going. There’s the T71, oh and a Firefly. Another perfect example of rule two. Spot, drive back, shoot. Firefly never even saw it coming. Running in fear, the T71 performs the classic
“Now you see me, now I’m dead” trick. Classic. With the flank clear now we wait the Jagtiger
just blinked out. Wait, where’s the team? Carry mode activated. Stalking arty is fun. Achilles up top! And we’re still reloading! Dodging and weaving makes every dizzy and
forcing a lot of missed shots. But our hero lands the killing blow. The enemies are hot on ConTroll’s heels. Dirt flies as shot after shot misses completely! This T69 must be furious how do you even hit something that small, let alone one hiding behind a Strv 74! But now it’s 1v5 so time to switch gears
and go on the offensive! ConTroll ambushes the ARL, knocks it out and
disappears into the shrubbery. One down, four to go. Even on a one shot, a T28 HTC is not a tank
to engage frontally. Most would have and died but ConTroll bravely
runs away to live and fight another day! Hitting the handbrake, ConTroll reenacts the
fast and the furious to cut below the T28’s vision and heads back towards the cap! It didn’t work but the T28 misses it’s
shot! The cappers have heard that the ghost is coming
and abandon the cap with only seconds to go. Two shots, two kills. Mooks! And now for the T28! Just because you can’t see ConTroll, doesn’t
mean ConTroll can’t see you! Teammates congratulate each other, but is
it too soon? Nope. With the camo rating that ELC EVEN 90 has, it’s
nothing but a formality. GG What a game, once again this smallest of tanks
ends up being an unstoppable force. Ten kills, 6.5k damage combined, Pool’s
medal, Kolobanov’s and Pascucci’s. And thanks to both patience and decisiveness
we’ll add our Top Gun of the Week award to that. Congratulations ConTroll! Next up, it’s _Crusad3r_ driving the tier
eight US battering ram TD, the T28. As the younger brother of the mighty T95, the T28 is just as mobile, reaching a whopping22 km/h on flat ground. You should fear its gun and solid armour. Unless you shoot it the side that is. Or the rear. Or the cupola. But apart from that, all good. The map is Glacier and the choice for such
a TD is fairly obvious – to crusade in the south-eastern corner of the map! Set the course, slow and steady of course. Two minutes in andstill driving. It takes a special type of tanker to be able
to put up with this! The first enemy, an AMX 50 100. Normally a massive threat to any tank but _Crusad3r_ holds down the W key scaring the AMX away. That and the constant barking of the gun! Crossfire from the mid secures the kill. Onwards sir knight, more damage awaits! As we can clearly see from three misses in
four shots, stopping to snipe in this sort of TD is inferior to a glorious steady charge
towards the enemy base! Move out! This Object 252U seems to be a bastion for
the reds, denying any kind of spotting from the middle. But no such thing will stop our _Crusad3r_! Ambush! An AMX 65t tries to avenge their fallen brothers! No pasaran! Not a single shot goes through as the fate
of the AMX is sealed by a double track. Another bounce, this time it’s the T30. Charge! Even HE fails to do damage, _Crusad3r_ clearly
equipped the Hide Jerkin of Hellish Protection +2. It’s new in the garage. Honest… Not invincible? A damaging shot spurs our hero onwards, right
into a Grille 15. Yikes! A miss! _Crusad3r_ prays to RNGeus as the
Grille goes down without connecting a shot! A JgTiger might be a problem but remember when _Crusad3r_ solved the problem for the allies in the middle? Well they promptly return the favour. With their last breath the T30 manages one
more shot but that’s all she wrote. An expert cupola snipe takes care of it. All that’s left is to dig out the few remaining
enemies who’ve barricaded themselves in the base. The gates might be down but the battering
ram still has a say in the battle. Concluding the game in style, with a blind
shot kill. It seems like the old T28 still has some fight
in her, _Crusad3r_ racked up 6.3k damage and almost 2k spotting, netting 5 kills and 1916
base exp. All this by leading the charge as a bottom
tier tank. For that effort we award you our Steel Wall
of the Week. Well earnt _Crusad3r_! Moving on to Ruinberg and Blu3star_warrior
commanding the Deathbarn. Looking like the sort of wrapping I’d manage
to achieve for a christmas gift, all you need to know about the FV4005 is that it’s a gun. A really big gun. If tanks had nightmares, staring down a 1750
damage dealing 183mm HESH would be one of them. But the large hull and turret do not make it an effective brawler so Bluestar decides field is the better option. I hope they don’t regret it like this Bat-Chat. A 430U attempts to cross the middle road but only earns a swift ticket back to garage and the gift of a 0 XP game. Now Bluestar will attempt his own magic trick
called “Where did half of my HP go?” Any volunteers? Ah, an Object 140. And it worked! Ooooh yeah! Holy s**t this guy can aim! If you listen closely you could hear the sweet
screams of rage as that one connected. What was rule 1 again T57? Check your minimap! Bluestar politely but firmly enforces the
rule with a penetrating HESH shell to the turret. The green team has cornered the reds into a quarter of the map, this only makes the battle even fiercer. Playing second line is crucial as any missed
shot can be punished heavily. And the gun isn’t the most accurate in the world. Finally, a shell finds its way to the Grille
turret, stripping it of nearly all HP. Ambushing a B-C evens the game but that was
the last HESH shell, got to rely on AP now. Which doesn’t seem to be too bad either,
another Grille stripped of its HP. A bad shot on the STRV lower glacias is instantly
punished, no room for mistakes here. But the Grille miscalculates the reload and
pays the ultimate price. Two shots later and STRV follows the same fate. Two tanks left, Bluestar puts one into the
rear of the 60TP but it turns around! And high rolls! That’s it for our hero! Enough was done however, and the team easily
clean up, making the faital greedy play unconcequential. Game over. Well that was quick and explosive, Bluestar_Warrior
managed to do a whopping 13k damage. That is 10,000 more than any other person on the
team. Besides that there’s another 5 kills and
a high calibre medal. And now a Crucial Contribution of the Week
award. Congrats Blu3star_warrior! Moving on to… Another T28? Am I seeing this right? This time it is Your_Future_Is_Broken and
the map is Fjords. Same tank, same principle. Cover your sides and front towards the enemy. South pass being perfect for that. A red break out!? A few reds decide that taking the corner is
worth it and dash out from the corner. Our hero is having none of that and jams their T28 door stop right into the pass, leaving the IS-3A to allies. With how fast this cannon barks, permitracking
is totally an option. Flank secured in perfect health. Keeping the buildings between you and their
base is a must when supporting your allies here. But if you have to expose your sides, never
stop moving. Taking out the 430 secures the middle of the map but unfortunately the enemy TDs have done the same thing in the north. A crucial shot on the JgTiger sets it ablaze. But that’s another german beast right behind! Being aware allows our hero to turn before
6th sense triggers, but is still tracked. The red tier 9 joins the fun setting us ablaze,
we’ve got to move! As if that wasn’t enough, a Borsig dashes
into the fray, luckily a little too fast. Keeping your wits about you is so important. One gun down. The Jagpanther goes for a tracking shot but
misses the crucial shot and dies for it. I can’t believe Your_Future_Is_Broken is
still alive but it’s not over. A tracking shot! The STRV repairs, faces and transforms but
our hero feigns a withdraw only to pop out and permanently track it! Disaster for the was-full hp 3v1 tier nine! It’s 1v3 with the remaining enemies in arty. But can a slow T28 do this? “Where do you think you’re going Lorraine?” “Not so fast!” And the GW! Easy target, only one left… But where is it? I guess it’s camping right at the back. Your_Future_Is_Broken heads towards the obvious spot. But that’s the siren, the base! The T28 might not be fast enough. It quickly becomes clear that our hero won’t make it back in time and can only watch bar
fill up to a heartbreak. Gosh darn it. Such an unfortunate game, Your_Future_Is_Broken was so close to winning, had he only turned back earlier… Never mind, 6.7k damage and 9 kills were
more than enough for a mastery badge. And in consolation Your_Future_Is_Broken, please accept our Crucial Contribution of the Week award. And for the last replay of the episode we
have FrozzCZE on the snowy Mannerheim Line. Or Arctic Region, whichever you prefer. Their tank of choice is the Type 64 and bleah,
that camo is making me go cross eyed. Judging by the setup FrozzCZE is after that
elusive third gun mark. I have high hopes for this game. Heading towards the middle provides some spots but something spots FrozzCZE back. Move, move, move! There’s only one place where they could
be… Is it worth blind firing? A high risk of being killed if I do… Oh never mind it made the mistake of firing first! One shot and then letting teammates do the
job is the best way for a Type 64 to keep HP. Never return to the same bush, or what just
happened to that scout can happen to us. A large part of being bottom tier scout is
to look for opportunities. There are more naturally more as the battle
rages on. But FrozzCZE realises that the battle is going in favour of the reds. Aww right! FrozzCZE discovers a flanking force just in time to prevent the northern flank from being surrounded. But a mistake steals critical HP away from
our hero. The Type 64 doesn’t have a lot of HP to begin with and is now a one shot for most of the enemy team. Not good. Sit rep: the south and northern flanks fall,
the greens back their backs against the wall! What to do FrozzCZE? In desperation FrozzCZE joins in with the
team taking the low chance pens against the AT-8. The VK had stayed behind to give vision to
the team and it reveals four tanks in the north. The Progetto and Type 64 are all what stands
in their way! But their HPs are too high and they push
through the weakening firepower. How about a flanking maneuver? I bet many doesn’t even know this is possible. Foiled by a proxy. But wait, the 40TP did
not spot the little Type 64 and is ripped apart. The Jgpanther decides to run. However with no allies
remaining it’s FrozzCZE versus five. North is the only route free, time to reposition
if there’s any hope… A KV-85! Using Type’s superior gun stabilisation
and fire rate… FrozzCZE throws everything at the KV until it succumbs. FrozzCZE fakes a retreat only to turn around
and surprise the Jgpanther! Great move, 1v3 now. That cap is getting dangerous, there a low HP T-34-85! Same plan, open fire! No, it’s gone! GG? The blind shot comes home! Noice! But a Superpershing next with arty support. This is going to be tough. It’s looking right at us! Wait, was this a double bush? Oh yes it is! And the classic 15 meter rule
comes into full effect. The SP correctly blind fires but our hero
had backed up enough that it missed! As a last resort it attempts to run, but strangely
it never attempted to put its front armour forward. FrozzCZE fully understands the threat this
arty poses, so will take no chances. There! It’s a one, two, and a… Wait… Oh I see, it’s a Fadin’s play to win the game! Clinical gameplay from FrozzCZE, it looked
just like another day in the office. Calm and collected, even against five enemy tanks. The results are impressive, 3.2k damage, 2.4k
spotting, Top Gun, Fadin’s, Kolobanov’s, Orlik’s medal and let’s not forget the
blind decap that saved the game. For that FrozzCZE, you are our Defender of the Week. And that is it for this week! If we have to take away anything from this
episode it’s how to play these heavily armoured TD’s. So which replay was the Best Replay of the
Week? Remember to vote in the top right, who to
choose… What about last week’s winner? Drum roll please! I’m Luke Kneller and I’ll see you all
next time!

89 thoughts on “Best Replays of the Week: Episode #86

  1. Top tier light tank with food and gold spam i see no point in this bot farm replay or the FV4005 just 1 shoting everyone which is nothing new while both T28 replays were not top tier. Type 64 is Type 64. So people should choose between both T28 replays.

  2. The type 64 wouldn't have needed to worry about his ammo if he didn't just shoot the rounds into that kv-85's turret, he could've easily aimed for the lower plate or flanked him

  3. Did no one else see the ELC EVEN 90 aimbot at defending hes cap circle? Hes aiming circle just clutched straight to the two tanks.

  4. Just got the Obj. 705 A and it's fair and balanced, I swear. Also Wargameing council needs more love. Like get rid of MERCENARY TANKS! And FIX THE MATCH MAKING! Would you do that, please?

  5. 1. Meh, ideal mm, ideal map, Even pretty op against tier VI, c´mon. GG, but..
    2. Good one, lucky T-30 had stock gun.

    My choice is T28 on Fjords,, best game in non-ideal setup. Type 64 also gg.

  6. ***Should reduce some ability
    I think the ELC EVEN 90 car is performing too much, small, auto loading, damaging per shot rather than a light tank that hits at once, difficult to detect, very high mobility.

  7. I have an tank that shoud be in the gamme its calld Archer fh77bw howitzer for the swedish line thats all a vidio about the tank (this is just my opinion but)

  8. How is the second replay a steel wall? I mean.. He charged in, sure, but it doesn't feel like he was a real steel wall. 🙂

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