Best of Shox #11 – AWP GOD

Best of Shox #11 – AWP GOD

Hello everybody, oh no, it’s not this camera HELLO, HELLO, you are a little further. HELLO HOW ARE YOU? What? A bit of respect Who did this? Mate: They are not here!
shox: Let’s go then Mate: Right, 1, 2 Can you boost me on box? We’ll try to save weapons if we can Don’t move, don’t move. We kill the one on site When you fell it was over for me shox: Dead mid
Mate: Short Dead No info on last. Yes mid Mate: Good game Mate: 2 more, 2v2 We have been rekted 2 long F** sub! Zordax it’s the worst timing I don’t hear them running with your f** sub Thank you for the 3 months! But choose a better timing next time Hold on, I’m coming windows Mate: 2 lasts site Shut up! How many hits it takes in the body? Mate: I run 3-2
shox: let’s go an AK spawn CT! He plays me! What is that? It was the guy mid? Between the 2 doors? Oh yes it was him. There is space to dance here There is space, there is space Let’s go for knife round brothers! Let’s go, I rekted him Upper Let’s go, solid, we start CT NO, what is that? NO shox: It’s B, it’s B Mate: he jump site shox: Can you throw lot of stuff? Mate: ehhh… yes shox: Show yourself Mate: Close red, close red shox: And 1 upper shox: Last on site Yeah solid! 1 olof 1 ladder, *** 1 site Headshot, 1 more 1 site, 1 i and 1 left Zordax, yes behind you, here, left, behind Yes here! Got him! He is dead team The fade smoke… the smoke fade Shut up Richard i Got him DIE He is low, the truth I swear Ok it’s the anarchy’s strat Wait, i’ll asked for a flash Flash Mate: On green Dead green Mate: Site
shox: Dead site Dead Dead blue NO! KILL HIM “Nice try noscope” Honestly I would have succeeded I would be happy Smoke apps Flash Mate: 2 mid, 2 mid, 1 half H.P. I’m supposed to be carried, what’s going on here? Is it me or they didn’t answer?

18 thoughts on “Best of Shox #11 – AWP GOD

  1. Yo Richard je te suis depuis tes débuts sur CSGO et sa serait super cool de jouer ensemble même si malheureusement se n'est pas possible :/ Reste comme t'es 🤙🏻

  2. Mon ami even though i study french in school i dont understand nearly anything but still watch every video! Tu est tres sympa 🙂

  3. Super best of, et très content de ton niveau à la Blast même si l'équipe a un peu bugué mdr, bon courage pour la suite !

  4. Ты мой любимый киберспортсмен, продолжай в том же духе, очень интересно смотреть!:) может ты еще блог сделаешь 24ч, как проходит твой обычный день))

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