Become A Killing Machine Harith After This Tutorial (Sub On) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Become A Killing Machine Harith After This Tutorial (Sub On) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hey guys, this is Betosky and as per request… today’s video is going to be about Harith. Even though I only have a few games with him
in total, but as you saw in the intro, he is so powerful and easy to understand, that
even you can become a good Harith player right off the bat. His mechanics are very simple and I will tell
you in detail how to play and build him exactly. For starter
This is how I set up my Mage Emblem. And these are my builds. Harith is more of a Sustained DPS than a Burst
Damage hero. For spell: Use retribution if you want to
farm fast and secure buff. Use Purify if the enemy has a lot of stuns
and crowd control skills. Right after the game start, buy one magic
necklace immediately, this would help you a lot for the mana regeneration. Then put the jungle item Hunter Knife as the
priority. This will make it easier to buy when you have
the gold available. Eventually, you want to upgrade it to axe
tier 2 and even tier 3, if you feel like the game is going to last too long. In this game, I saw my team composition, so
I knew from the start that this one is going to be a long peach game. As for the laning phase, I would recommend
you to duo middle lane with a tank or a fighter. Upgrade your first skill first to clear the
minion wave fast. Then go take the buff. Aim your first skill so that the target is
in the center of the skill. It deals a lot more damage this way. Harith takes too long to take the buff by
himself Once I cleared the wave, I was going to roam
top lane to secure the crab or get a kill. But once I saw that Aldous wanted to stack
his passive. I could not resist the temptation to either
harass or kill him. Max your second skill first, that is your
main source of damage and it gives you a lot of sustain. Basically, it’s a dash that steal magic
power and gives you shield if there’s enemy nearby. And your next basic attack will be enhanced
with magic power. And after you hit someone with this skill,
it will reduce its cooldown. I am having a hard time killing Aldous, because
his shield makes him immune to all basic attack. And Harith source of damage is his second
skill, which only enhances his basic attack. His ult makes a path of light. And when you use it and hit the enemy directly,
it will stun them. And if they walk on it, it will slow their
movement. But what makes this ult so OP is because,
every time you use your second skill and dash across it, it will extremely reduce your second
skill cooldown to the point where you can non-stop spam that skill if you have some
cooldown items or the buff. I kind of forgot that the enemy had a Johnson. But he is actually easy to counter. If you don’t see him on the mini-map, there’s
almost 99% chance that he is waiting to crash someone. So just play smart. When taking the jungle, use your dash first
then your first skill, that way your first skill hit them right in the center. Enemy bot lane just ganked my teammate, if
they are not taking the small camp, that means they are taking the buff. Mistake, too early to Rambo. But once you get full stack on your jungle
item and two core items, you can do it. Which you will witness during this gameplay. By the way, the second skill is effective
against turret as well. Don’t be a coward when playing Harith. Even though he is a cat, he is definitely
not a female cat! Okay, I gotta admit, I panicked here. I should have stayed next to Nana’s little
pet. That probably would have saved my life. Pro tip, if you are using a hero that doesn’t
really need the buff and you are helping the one who really needs it, then just stop attacking
it at mid hp. Don’t take that risk of last hitting it. With my builds, you can sustain and deal so
much damage at the same time. Notice here how I would change target lock,
and focus on the Karrie, which is one of the enemy main DPS. GG thanks for watching and I will see you
in my next video.

100 thoughts on “Become A Killing Machine Harith After This Tutorial (Sub On) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

  1. I’m trying to play solo until I get to mythic and it’s really hard , I’ve made it to master tho

  2. I have a tip when playing harith.

    Use Chrono Dash first then ult Cause chrono dash helps you get closer to the enemy then basic attack them to lower skill cooldown then use ult so that your chrono dash' cooldown imediately refresh.

  3. Me: plays ML and joins ranked
    Harith: yeha boi
    Harith gets banned
    Granger: yeha boi
    Granger gets picked
    Me: oh no boi

  4. 14:28 i guess she's panicking ??

    "what to do what to do????!!!?!….i'm with betosky what to do?!??!😱😱"


  5. ─❏ thanks very much for all of this useful tips on Harith! I'm excited to watch more videos from you (⌯˃̶᷄ ⁻̫ ˂̶᷄⌯)ーーン♡ fighting 💖💘

  6. idk man. i still want them to put the immobilize back. that's what makes his Ulti special. there are new few OP, TopBan heroes now all the top ban like esmeralda, guinevere, i dont see why its a problem to put his immobilize back, people will get confused who to ban in rank. they should nerf Fanny alot. of all the heroes , shes the most annoying

  7. betosky can you show the placement of your fingers when you play? I play with thumbs mainly as i carry my phone, but i suspect that is hindering my speed…

  8. Harith was the fastest mastery hero I had to play with. Probably because he’s so fun and easy to carry with

  9. not bad. when you dash you should anticipate where the enemy is heading and dash ahead. and also you have deaths that might not be if you have always pay attention to your regen button availability. it could have saved you while being chased.

  10. "Dont be a coward when you're playing Harith. Even though he's a cat, he's definitely not a female cat"

    I died💀💀

  11. I got a dive Of 2v5 with a Tank And we Got 3 kills With the Help of marksman using Harith I got a Sweet Victory with 20-5-9 kda

  12. Is there any changes in Harith build, just ask since there is a new magic item in the shop. Please make a video of Harith, Beto.

  13. 1st you show the build for harith and then when the game is end your build is different 😐 there's now frozen but idc for the build i really like how you play harith and i really enjoy your video😊 i will subscribe you b'cause i really like how the way you play and THANKS for the tutorial or guide

  14. Idoll plss help me i have always noob team mates im Epic IV and now im gm I plss teach me my level 26 ign is ÆDream plss help me

  15. Beto the god of map awareness and has 99 IQ

    harith the most banned and most OP mage

    combined! = VICTORY SURE WIN

  16. So um i got to mythic with harith the most so when draft pick came they banned harith i got super angry then i got used to it
    (Harith was my hero until master)

  17. Hi beto! Can you make a new Harith gameplay? Cos there are new items. Maybe it will work on our cat boi much better?

  18. When you using the 2nd skill (dash ) , cooldown is 8secs. How is it possible to cooldown fast? Is it require a max level emblem?

  19. I always got blame in rank when I'm using harith they keep trashtalked me and saying I'm bodoh or like harith fck when they played even worser than me and we lost that feels bad I don even know what i did was wrong ik maybe I'm a bad player but that feels really bad…..

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