Average Andy Gets Off the Treadmill & Into the Gym with Mark Wahlberg

Average Andy Gets Off the Treadmill & Into the Gym with Mark Wahlberg

Recently, my Producer Andy
invited Hunky Mark Wahlberg into his Slow Walking Program. It’s sweeping the
nation, that is. If you don’t follow him on
his Instagram, you should. Because he’s polite and
hunky, Mark invited Andy to his F45 custom gym. Ever since, Andy’s
been walking funny. Take a look. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys. Ellen, as you know,
you were supposed to be here to do this
with Wahlberg and I. But she said she
wasn’t feeling well. She was a little frightened. She threw you in the deep
end by yourself, baby. Yeah. Now it’s just me and you. Yeah, but thank God
Mario Lopez showed up. Yeah, he’s not going
to help you, either. No. When I told my wife
I was doing this, this is honestly her reaction– A, don’t die. B, if this workout
makes you look anything like Mark Wahlberg, I’m in. What are we doing? Who am I following? We’re warming up. Follow the screen. Just a little leg race. I’m just doing
what you’re doing. We’re going to go wide feet. Stretch those hamstrings. Come on, get down here. I mean honestly, is
there anything crueler than putting me between Mark
Wahlberg and Mario Lopez? Come on. Knees tucked up. Tuck those knees. What? Is this part of it,
because I didn’t– Well no, we haven’t
started it yet. This is the warm-up. How is this a warm-up? Look. Stretch here. Wait, is this a station? Give me that foot. Ow! I don’t want to use up
energy on things that don’t– Give me that foot. Ow! All right, fast feet! Come on, come on. On your toes. Look. Speed, speed, speed, speed. That’s a lot of– Speed, speed, speed, speed. Everything’s such a rush. Small jumps, chest tall,
explode through your toes. Up deep. Oh, my. Get deeper. My watch already said I’ve
done my steps for the day. Get deep. [TONE SOUNDING] All right, y’all. Find your station. All right? What’s our station? Right here. You said there were breaks. [TONE SOUNDING] All right, come on. All right, feet on the wall. What? Up here, up on the wall. Now pull all the way up. No, no. Why? Why are we pulling? [SQUEALING] Your feet are a little too high. You’re too high. You’re too high. Right here. What? [TONE SOUNDING] All right, good. Nailed it, man. My man. When do you get water? In about 14 minutes. I’m not that hydrated. We got our next one
ready in two, one! They both slide down. Come on, a little scooch. What? Little scooch. There we go. Stop saying little scooch. Scooch me, help me. We’re just going
to explode on up. Explode. There you go. Bring it a little
closer together. Look at this. Oh, I got this. Oh, no. Yeah, I got this. Right? I got this. This is a let-down. Now is your break, too. This is terrible. If I’m going to hold
that kind of weight, someone should spot me. [TONE SOUNDING] One! Here we go. Hey, we’re up again. He said a break! You don’t to get another one? Oh, another– I
want to get a water. There you go. Yep. Get the– ah! Mario, spot me. I’ll spot you. Go! Go. Get him, Mario. One, two, three, go! There you go. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, Wahlberg. There you go. OK, Wahlberg. What do you got over there? Check out the form, Mark. Go to the last rep. [TONE SOUNDING] Yeah. I’m swole. You’re looking swole. Yeah. Rotate. I can’t tell, but people
are saying I look different. One, let’s go! Oh, well. No one’s telling me what to do. Pull to the chest,
all the way up. Yeah. Stick the glutes out. Oh, whoa. Look at the tuckus. Right? Very firm. Wahlberg can’t stop
slapping my ass. Please take note of that. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back at it. Two– We’re going. Come on, [INAUDIBLE]. Let’s go, already. Come on, bubby. I’m– hydration. Right there again. Come on, get that
bent over row going. Come on, [INAUDIBLE]. Are you familiar with
my slow walking program? Andy! You know, I’m not. We’re up, Andy. Come on. I’ll explain it to you after. Pick it up. Oh, my. [TONE SOUNDING] Where’s my [INAUDIBLE]? All right, you guys. I’m taking an early break. Come on, bubby. Andy, where you going? Early break! Just don’t want
to throw up at 45. Come on. You guys, we’re going
to do one more set. Come on, last [INAUDIBLE]. Come on, Andy. Here’s the thing. I have money. I will give you money if
I don’t have to do this. You got to do this. Look, I don’t like the windows. People can see how
bad I am at this. There’s no judges. It’s a judgement-free zone. No judges? Come on, you ready? You’ve done nothing but
judge me since we started. Someone! Come on. We’re almost out
of time, though. 45 minutes has
never taken longer. If he just utilized
some of his energy for working instead
of complaining– I don’t know how Ellen does it. This way. Get that ball up at that chest. Down here. Down here. There you go. Get your shoulders back,
shoulders back, shoulders back. You stop! You’re ruining my concentration. All right, how
you feeling, Andy? It’s a lot of cardio. It is no cardio. This is not cardio? No, you got– Then why can’t I breathe? [TONE SOUNDING] Oh, this I can do because
I’m laying on my back. One more. Squeeze those glutes. Two seconds at the top. Honestly, this is what I can do. How good is this? You’re an animal. I know. This I can do. Keep it up. Very impressive. No wonder your wife
calls you the man. My wife can honestly beat me up. [TONE SOUNDING] Last [INAUDIBLE], Andy. Get those legs up. Finish strong! That’s it. We got two, one! Yes. Good job. How about this? How about this for some
handsomeness and good shape? I nailed it. And I’m actually happy
Ellen wasn’t here because this is probably
too advanced for her. And I’m so dizzy right now
that I’m going to throw up and then I’m going to faint. Thanks, Ellen. All right. Thanks, Andy. Thank you, Mark. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Average Andy Gets Off the Treadmill & Into the Gym with Mark Wahlberg

  1. That looked painful and horrible and he could really have hurt himself! Might be more bearable in a t-shirt. I can't stand sweating in a sweatshirt, ironically. Gotta say, the slow walking movement looks really good right now. 😆

  2. Andy is the typical american who signs up at the gym every year for their news years resolution only to make excuses and not go in a months time.

  3. Look at them wearing their sweatshirts and sweatpants in the gym. Im aready sweating looking at them 🤪.

  4. She's a witch She used connections in a spiritual world too get fame , kaynye west did it the hard way he didn't have too use the spiritual world for help

  5. I just love Andy❤❤❤ Hes so FUNNY😂 My watch said ive done my steps for the day😂 You said a break i want a water. Yall this made my day😭

  6. At least Andy can said that he had tried it. 👍🏻I have done the 45 minute workouts and you keep going there’s no stopping yeah! But you feel good about yourself at end. But Andy?! 🤷‍♀️ It’s ok buddy you’re all good. Just take it easy and chill.

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