Announcement and Good News For Our Subscribers

Announcement and Good News For Our Subscribers

what’s up YouTube family
it’s the Decker family here and we’re here to give you guys a special thank
you because we have 10,000 subscribers plus and
we just want to give you guys a special thank you we’re excited that we have
people that actually care about us and that love watching our vlogs and our
camping trips and all that right and then excited that we have an opportunity
to see different culture and to check out different movies and different
cultures it’s really cool for us and we’re gonna be checking all different
cultures out so we really thank you guys so much it means a lot to us and we’re
excited to keep growing and doing different things and teaching our kids
different cultures what else you guys excited about for the YouTube channel
I’m excited yeah what what are you excited about challenges your birthday so we got a lot coming we got challenges
food challenge birthday parties we have more reaction videos Halloween’s coming
up yeah we we also want to let you guys
know we’ve been we’ve been out a little bit
we haven’t been posting actively and sharing all the good stuff we have
because we’ve been working really hard on a website so we got a website that’s
out now and we have an Instagram we have a Facebook we have a Pinterest
we’re twitch we’re on everything now so we’ve been working really hard on
getting all our social media and our website together that way we can better
communicate with all of our fans and offer more for you guys so it’s really
exciting we’re excited because the learning part of this is really cool
it’s I can’t wait to check out some other films as well and it’s not just
gonna be I want to put this out there so we’re happy with our 10,000 subscribers
we have a lot of subscribers all over especially in India but it’s not just
going to be a reaction video channel buddy they love that they say it in the
comment we will be able yeah they love all of you it’s not just gonna be a
reaction video channel we are gonna do reaction videos vlogs able hold on a sec
reaction videos blogs we’re also gonna do reviews and we’re gonna have our own
channel within the channel for buddy services the my job what I do I own a
business so we’re gonna post things on on that and just our day-to-day life so
you guys will get to know more about us you know able hold on but you’ll be able
to get to know more about us so we’re gonna do everything and we’re really
really happy to have all you fans and all you subscribers but I want to give
the even special thank you to the fans able hold on son I want to give a
special thank you to the fans that actually watch our blogs right so we
have some reaction videos that people will watch 180,000 views but then we
have our vlog videos where we have like 500 views and those 500 people I want to
give you a special thank you because it means a lot that you guys truly care
about us that you we watch our blogs so we’re so thankful
and we’re excited you’re anything to say so if we if we made shirts we want to
make sure Justin loves money so he says his money and his piggy bank so if we
sell shirts we are gonna create shirts so as Justin makes any kind of money or
we make any kind of money off of youtube it’s gonna put these kids in college and
also they’ll they’ll be able to take and sell those shirts and get some money and
Justin’s gonna buy him what did you want a dump truck one day so anyway so he
saves his money what do y’all are y’all excited about
anything I don’t able is able tell them about your little shark where’d it go sorry he said just go get it well he worries about his money I don’t
know what’s wrong with it okay tell your name and tell him how
much you love like working here I’m Justin and I love
you guys so much from the bottom of my heart like so can somebody on jiu-jitsu
class anyways guys we love you and we really do thank you so much and we’re
excited to build our YouTube channel that way we can keep growing and
learning as a family and rich toward the future

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