Ankama pas Live #6 – L’actu d’Ankama

Ankama pas Live #6 – L’actu d’Ankama

– Hi, Logan, how are you? – Hey! I’m good, and you?
– Good, good. – I need you to tell me about
Temporis IV, please. – Sure! I’ve been wanting
to explain it to you. So, the new theme
for the server is magic. The surprise is that we’re reusing and improving the Temporis II rules.
– Ok! – But with one big difference. We’re completely changing
how characters evolve on the server,
because each class will have a passive and an active now.
– Got it. And we’re adding a big pool of spells that can be obtained through
different game objectives. – Ok. – Pre-registration opens mid-March,
the server at the end of March. As you may have noticed,
Ankama Editions turns 15 this year! We’re celebrating with 10 collectors’
editions with new covers and content. In February, it’s volume 1 of the
DOFUS double manga and Freaks Squeele. The other 8 will come out during
the year, in spring and fall. For more information, head to our
official website and social media. The start of the year was busy,
with no less than 8 new releases, including new volumes of
Tank Girl, Radiant and Loba Loca. We also completed the trilogies
Bots and Rockabilly Zombie Apocalypse. There’s also the brand-new
Clinton Road, a thriller set along the most haunted
road in the United States. Fans of thrills and fantasy will love it… DoggyBags will be back in March to explore
the darkest psychoses in the USA with 3 new stories and, as always, a free poster! On a lighter note, we’re pleased to take you
to a shimmering universe… Kiroho et les disparus de Bois-sur-Mer. In it, you follow Professor Charles
and his assistant, Lise, as they investigate mysterious spirits haunting
the small town of Bois-sur-Mer. It’ll be released on March 27, and here’s a sneak peek! – So, you good? Keeping up? Because there’s
so much more to say about Temporis! – It’s a lot to take in, I admit!
But how do you evolve exactly? – Usually, when you level up, you get
spells or spell ranks, right?
– Yeah! Well, in Temporis, if you want them you
have to complete the server objectives! – Hi, everyone! It’s good
to see you again! – Fab, right? Yes. Hi, Fab! Hi, everyone! It’s great to see you again.
It’s been a while. So, let’s get down to the
heart of the matter. Fab, what’s new
since last time? – Well, we had new packs of
exclusive goodies for Christmas. And there are even a few left, so hurry! One of those packs even has… the WAKFU Remington ball! Speaking of, if I had a question for
Remington Smisse about the future, what would it be? For example… That’s it! Is Bam going to have
projects for us that are… exciting and challenging
this year? Magic ball? “Remi says yes!” – Hey! That’s good news! There’s also something in these packs
that is close to our hearts. The reusable DOFUS bottle. It’s not just a mere bottle,
it’s also a way to cut down on plastic waste, and by that
I mean bottles, of course. It’s not much, but it’s a small
step for the environment. For lovebirds, we also have the… Emerald Dofus pendant
in Swarovski crystal. – Err, that’s not exactly the same design
as the Emerald Dofus… – Of course, Bam, it’s what we call
an interpretation! We are really happy to have worked with
Art de France and Swarovski on this! – It’s true. Swarovski was really cool. We contacted them but sadly we were
too small to work directly with them. But they hooked us up with
Art de France, a French company that can use Swarovski crystals
to make beautiful jewelry. Like this! – Yeah! That’s sure to please all the
couples who met in the game! – Yeah, well, if you’re not in a relationship… – Ok! So, 2020 will also be
the year of collectible wall art. We’ve worked with Displate
who offers wall art printed on metal with a smart
magnetic hanging system. There’s Draconiros,
released in December. And 4 more recent arrivals
in the Ankama Shop! Obviously, they’re in limited quantities… and there won’t be enough for
everyone! Right, Fabien? – Exactly! And to celebrate
the15th anniversary of the DOFUS update, we’ll be offering a link to
download 2 songs from the OST. They’ll be an Ankama Shop exclusive and
we’ll tell you more in a few months! – Ha ha ha… For once, the sound guys
have something to do! Ha ha! What a lazy bunch they are,
you wouldn’t believe it! – Err… Watch it, there. I think
they can hear you! – Why? What are they going to do? What are those losers going to do? I mean, really, they’re all
hiding behind their desks and… Wait, what… What happened to my voice? But… what’s happening?
Where’s this weird voice coming from? This isn’t my voice! Uh oh! – Ok, ok! Guys, we get it! Give him his voice back, please,
we’ve got a video to finish, guys! 1… 1, 2… 1, 2… – Woah, that was terrifying! – Ok, so… Back to business.
We were talking about printed art. We’ve also got a high-quality
print for you. With “gold” incrustations! We worked on this project with a partner
we met at the Japan Expo this year. Without that, we wouldn’t have
this superb Ilyzaelle poster! – That thing they did to my voice
was terrifying! Mega terrifying! It’s insane what
the techies can do! I mean, the techies… the sound techs. Because – excuse me but – the
video techs are also a lazy bunch! So, we’ve also got a super new
product coming mid-year… It’ll be a maneki-neko… an Ecaflip maneki-neko. It’ll also be in the shape of a piggy bank…
and the shape of Ecaflip… Are you done with the camera?! – But dude, you’re no better… You’ve been
on their case since we started. Why? – Who are those bums?
And just who exactly is the star here? I’m the star! Me. Not 2 or 3 hicks who
call themselves “filmmakers” because they filmed their family
vacation when they were 15 years old. – Anyway… The Ecaflip maneki-neko
is a cute decoration and a piggy bank –
it’ll bring you good luck! – That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed it.
See you soon in Ankama (Not) Live! – So… if there are hundreds
of spells to get as drops…
– Yeah? – You’re going to have tons
to manage; it’ll be hell… So how are you going to do it? – Well, not quite. You can only have
10 active spells at once! You’ll need to pick and choose. We’ve developed a new interface so
players can manage their characters and the spells they’ve collected form
the various server objectives. This will let them have unique characters based on what they’ve done or not done. – Ok… but if items and spells are drops, but you like trading, then what? – That’s the really cool part! Because if you’ve got a bad case of
collectionitis, you can try to get everything. Or you can learn and unlearn
spells and trade them! – So, you can sell them in
marketplaces or merchant mode… – Whatever you want!
– That’s cool… cool! – Come on, guys! For the meeting today,
Ankama (Not) Live. I need new gags.
Last time, the players believed us when we said “WAKFU Battle Royale”… Go on! Brainstorm ideas, quick! – We could do some VR…
– Err… What are you doing here, Siu? – Class balancing! – Oh, don’t look at me like that.
I’m just here for the ads. And to make the video cooler! – Hi, everyone! You’re back with WAKFU again
to hear about game news. The December “Sadida” update had a ton
of changes, including the intervention stele. You got to face off against
the terrible Count Harebourg, and in the next update, you’ll have a whole
other opponent to fight: Aguabrial the dragon! We also took advantage of this time
to ask you for your opinion in two surveys. The 1st was on class changes in 2020
and the 2nd on 3 important subjects for you: level 215, wild PvP, and enchantment. These two surveys will let us
work on these aspects of the game. What’s more, in update 1.67,
you can access the first overhaul – focusing on the Foggernauts! You’ll also find some nice
additions for your in-game comfort. Character personalization
has been revamped and you can now color them
however you like! In the shop, consumables
will also change. After update 1.67, you’ll be able to
rediscover their bonuses and how they are obtained,
in the shop and in the game! And we have a few surprises
for haven bag fans to help bring your “little homes” to life! And lastly, as some of you guessed during
the December Ankama Live, we’re planning a server merger. We will of course have more
information for you soon. Until then, feel free to try out the
beta and give your opinion. That’s it for now. See you soon with
more exciting WAKFU news! – So, does anyone here play a Foggernaut? – So, how are rewards going to work? Can we earn sets or not? – Well, yes, of course.
There’ll be ceremonial stuff! But there will also be rewards to
help your progress directly on the server. In addition, we’ve added something new! It’s a new petsmount with stats that
you can unlock at the start of the server. Its stats and appearance will evolve! – Ok! And this petsmount? Can we
take it with us at the end? Yes. Based on your progress
on the server, you can leave with the highest level you
unlocked or an earlier one of your choice! – But you’ll be leaving with a ceremonial
petsmount that does not have stats? – That’s right, the ceremonial version.
– And what about the XP potion? – It’ll be at 100%
– That’s not bad! – In Dream Runners, you’ll explore
dream lands in which you encounter dreams…
like this one! You’ll need to combine your segments
to put the necessary symbols on the dream pieces that interest you! You’ll need to banish nightmares,
recover star fragments, and open chests. Keeping your serenity until the end
can be a real brain-teaser. But Dream Runners is also
a game of… speed! Because the first person to
finish their schema forces all the other players to finish
theirs before the sand timer runs out. And it goes very fast! You’ll have to be clever and quick so
the nightmares don’t overwhelm you! Dream Runners is a game for 2-4 players
ages 8 and up, that lasts about 30 minutes. It’ll be in stores in May! A quick update on our Kickstarters! If you backed the Krosmaster Blast
Kickstarter campaign, your rewards should arrive soon! And for players who didn’t back the game, this new game box and the
miniatures that are compatible with both Krosmaster Arena
and Krosmaster Blast will be in stores soon. Thank you so much for taking part in
the Arkeis campaign last winter. It was truly a great Kickstarter campaign! For those who didn’t take part,
you can still join our late pledges. We’ll leave the link under the video! Ok, ok, one more time. Maybe you remember
from the last episode hearing us talk about Poisons. It’s a party game for
up to 8 players. In it, you have to guess if your friends
have slipped poison into your glass. If you drink only harmless
drinks, you get points! But if there’s even one drop
of poison, you get NOTHING! So you need to guess when to drink
and when NOT to drink… After a special preview
at the Cannes game festival, the game is now available
in stores and the Ankama Shop! Enjoy all the fun of bluffing and
deduction over a nice drink! Thanks! That’s so nice! Plus, I was dying of thirst! – Ok, fine! So that’s how you want to play it? Ok! Right then. I get it! Plus, I was just talking about it…
That kills me… Anyhow… Err… There’s just one thing left
for me to do… find a way to come back to life
before the next episode. So, if you know any
necromancers or mad scientists… Give me a call, I’ll need one. And you, get back here… – So, during all that time,
what can the players do? There’ll be so much to do!
You can’t even imagine! First, there will be hundreds of
achievements specific to the server. And some of them will be
inaccessible during the first weeks. Plus, there’ll be events with the game masters,
and a PvP tournament on Temporis! You’ll have to stay to the end if
you want to earn the best rewards! After 2019 full of content, with the time bubbles and
shield overhaul notably, the DOFUS Touch team is
tackling bots and bugs. In the first part of 2020, we want to bring you the game
experience you deserve. While you’re waiting,
you can keep busy with the return of DOFUS Touch’s biggest
inter-server tournament – The Abyss Joust. Starting at the end of March,
more than 1,000 fighters will have an opportunity to
face off in intense combats! We’ll have more information for you
on the official website in the coming weeks. Be ready! Thank you for your support every day and for
being so passionate about DOFUS Touch! So, to sum it all up, Temporis IV will have: item drops like in Temporis II
– only better! – and spell drops so spells
won’t be earned by leveling up but instead will be dropped by mobs
or earned from in-game objectives. There will be hundreds of spells to get, but
we can only equip 10 at a time. These spells can also be traded, bought and sold, in marketplaces
or in merchant mode. That’s cool! We’ll have a petsmount that evolves and be
with us for nearly all of the experience. Its skin and stats will both evolve. When Temporis is over, we can take one of the skins
we unlocked for this petsmount with us. – Plus the other rewards. All ceremonial, we don’t get to keep
the petsmount with stats. The experience potion will be at 100%,
plus the rewards we’ve already mentioned. And finally, the last 15 days will have
a PvP tournament in which all the players can compete. Pre-registration will start in mid-March
and the servers will open on March 31. I think you said it all!
– Great! And what about the Eliocalypse?
When will it continue? Let’s talk about that this summer,
for Pandala. – Ok, sounds good! – Alvi, it’s not that I don’t want to but
I really don’t know what to say in the video. – What about thanking the players
for the alpha in December? – Yeah, but the alpha in December, well…
It was in December. That was 3 months ago,
it’s basically old news. So, no. I think they need something
concrete, something to think about. – Hmm… What about future features?! – Yeah, sure, but… Let me
list them for you: haven isles,
customizing haven isles, customizing characters,
haven nations, nation backgrounds,
the quests to do in each nation, the new equipment system, the dungeons that have been completely
overhauled since December, the new coop system and all… Nah, that’s just too many
topics for just one video. Hey, guys, do you
have any ideas for us? No, we’re just here for Temporis.
– Sure… Ok, let’s think about it. Hey! What if we don’t say anything,
and instead show them everything? Yeah, but… Yeah! We’re on to something here! – For real.
– Should we do it?
– Let’s do it! See you in June for the next Ankama Not Live episode!

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