Anime Expo 2017 ft. Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Pokelawls, Based Yoona, Fedmyster, MarkZ, and Xell

Anime Expo 2017 ft. Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Pokelawls, Based Yoona, Fedmyster, MarkZ, and Xell

Hey guys, we’re offline TV. And we’re here at anime Expo Having a great conversation with all the people on their fucking phones. I mean that’s what enjoy about Offline TV, It’s just the sense of connection that we all have with each other like we’re not just a group of people who get together to Make videos that we genuinely enjoy each other’s company Alright, so we’re here in the big Expo hall and basically a bunch of companies come and put a bunch of displays up So let’s go take a look All right, Poki? Are you in line for this? Yeah, the guy in the hentai line recognized me. Hey Poke? Is this the hentai line? Okay, okay, hentai is right here. Alright, Oh fuck alright. The hentai line is right here. Apparently, I’ve wait. This is the wrong side hey. Hey, whoa. I’m not into that, okay Alright, so wait hold on one, two, three, four, five, six. Okay Wait, where did Fed go? My hand’s, Can you please like it? No! Let’s find out who will, Josh my hand is a bit dirty will you lick it? Wow, not even close. Sca… What? Would you lick this? People will be begging for this opportunity. Nevermind. So behind us we have the artists alley, so we’re gonna go see, talk to some people, see some cool art, see the artists, walking around, good shit, I mean One of my fans are, fans/friends he stood in line for my meetup and he’s like I don’t need your signature, just put your number down on there. He’s ask me twice now and you denied him? I had too deny him. and send it to him like that. He was like it “It was so unprofessional, you took a picture and you didn’t scan it.” and I was like”First of all I told you to come pick it up and you didn’t come so it’s not my responsibility.” and I was going to give it to you after the convention. (I didn’t like the art) and you were like, you didn’t like the art? Well thanks for the money either way. It’s fine. I’m Touka from Tokyo Ghoul. We’ve got some Tokyo Drift here. Great, thank you so much. Oh, I love cosplay, It’s great. Oh, what is your cosplay today officer? What? What did you cosplay today? I’m not doing anything. I like it though, I like it He was pissed. Nothing. That’s it for Anime Expo, Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time. It’s like, it’s like part of their culture man. It’s like weird. Yeah, it’s like they live and die by anime. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

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  1. i don't understand, all these streamers get paid hundreds of dollars each month for just sitting on their ass, don't get me wrong i love them, but for fucks sake, can't they afford a better car???????????????????????

  2. 2:40 poke's face looks like "i would love to lick it, but then i'd look like a pervert… maybe i'll just say nothing and just make a 'no' face"

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Poke is actually a dumbass, or if he is like, actually really fucking smart and just fools everyone with his fake stupid

  4. Yo se que este comentario se perdera con los demas PERO QUE ALGUIEN ME DIGA QUE ES LO QUE DIJO LA TIPA CON TRENZAS LO POCO Y NADA QUE ENTENDI esque estaba enojada pq se sacaban fotos y grababan o algo asi eso ayudenme a mmmmmm amigo del internet <3

  5. why do people like streamers and ytber like this guys ? becouse they are representing everything that we (you) want to be .(p.s. you can become like them or even better its on you )

  6. Where did Fed go?

    He just went to get the SD card. 'Cause you know he's was just pretending to film for 5 hours.. 😂 I love this fam.

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