Anime动态漫 | The Intimate Enemy雪色撩人S1E19 BEG HIM FOR HELP求助于他(Original/Eng sub)

Anime动态漫 | The Intimate Enemy雪色撩人S1E19 BEG HIM FOR HELP求助于他(Original/Eng sub)

I just received a call Mr. Gong Xiaoqiang has sent Miss Lady’s friend Lingao home But Mr. Ling’s injuries are severe How could it happen? I have to go back now I have to go first to see my friends What kind of friend why do you care so much I care about all my friends Shouldn’t friends share the joys and sorrows? Go You You’re not mad at me, right If you don’t go now, you will never leave tonight Humph How is Lingao No danger to life But his legs may have sequelaes what Lingao’s dream is to become a professional racer If something goes wrong This dream How could he accept this cruel reality Don’t worry I will contact the best doctor Try our best to save him Yep Treating Lingao’s legs Definitely need a lot of money yeah The eight million he won in the last race Fortunately, the cheque has not expired I have to return four million to Leng Qingmo He bought the orphanage for me Then the rest money will be spend on expenses for Lingao Transfer some money to Director Guo To repair the kindergarten It seems that it’s been a long time since I went to the orphanage last time Why don’t I see the teachers and children now? strange It is so quiet Where did everyone go Xueer Aunt Zhu Xueer, it is really you You are finally back We can’t contact you Director Guo wants you to call her as soon as you come back I called her but she didn’t answer Call Teacher Feng okay Hello Teacher Feng I’m Linxue Lingxue, you finally contact us Wait for a moment Director Guo wants to talk to you Is it you, xueeer Director Guo it’s me Why don’t you answer my calls? There were harassing calls all the time I shut my phone down Harassing phone How could it happen That’s a long story. Once someone wanted to buy our land Those people wanted to drive us away Kept harassing us We were scared every day Suddenly one day I received a document It said Now the owner of this land is you We are all very happy Thought no one could drive us away Just at this time Maomao and Doudou suddenly disappeared We can’t find them no matter anywhere Maomao Doudou Maomao Doudou Maomao Doudou We also asked the policeman for help But no news At this moment Many children have the flu again So we brought the children to the hospital for treatment Other kids were taken to the countryside Just in case Are you and the children okay now? do not worry We are fine but Maomao and Doudou Those bastards These things must be related to the Property developers Who are they Is it sister Ling? children how are you guys Sister Ling Sister Ling Where have you been? We miss you so much Sister Maomao and Doudou are gone You and Brother Ling will get them back quickly do not worry Sister and brother will definitely save them We will protect you we will never allow anyone to hurt you Aunt Zhu Do you have any evidence or clues Yes follow me Those people keep messing up I just hide the proof here There are photos of those troublemakers Yep I know Xueer The orphanage’s future is up to you Do not worry Aunt Zhu be careful Call me as long as something happens How dare they I will find you and make you pay I thought if I buy the plot of orphanage No one can hurt them I didn’t realized that those people are so rampant Where to start A mess in my head If you encounter anything like this in the future Tell me first I will handle it better It seems I brought you troubles what The real estate business of orphanage and the nearby mountains Belongs to the Family Huo That is Huo Feiyun’s family They want to take down the land Develop it into a resort The mountain there has been taken a long time ago They just need Orphanage Yes I bought the orphanage I want to help you fulfill your wish without investigation I was negligent How can I blame you If I know something bad will happen I won’t buy the land of the orphanage I would rather build an orphanage somewhere else These things will not happen This is not your fault Family Huo should be blamed for all evil things they did they are worse than wild beasts for money Family Huo won’t do these trivial things themselves These things Should be handed over to some third-rate companies The culprit is the Family Huo We should find them In what name? Why does the Family Huo help you? not to mention These are Huos’ business There is no reason for the Family Gong to interfere This The Family Huo is the head of Wuceng and it is harder to negotiate than Family Bai Miss Ling Family Gong can’t compete with Family Huo at all I have a lot of information here Information on missing children And live photos of those troublemakers What can Mr. Leng do? Yep Really You really has nothing to do with it Yep Miss Ling You have to recognize the reality We will help you We need time to figure it out I grew up in an orphanage There is my memory the flowers and plants were all planted by us Collapsed fence were built by the children. The orphanage contract is about to expire But not now Why do they use these despicable ways to hurt children in the orphanage Don’t get excited Those people are cruel But compared with the Family Huo, we are really powerless For the safety of children We can find another place for the orphanage But the two missing children must go home safely This is what I can’t compromise this matter We can’t guarantee anything If you have to interfere Anything unexpected happens Family Gong can’t protect you You don’t have to worry about that Where are you going I am looking for Shen Tuyue

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  1. I love this anime so much it's my favourite. I appreciate the fact you are uploading such Awesome content 😀

  2. This gong family doesn't help miss ling when she is in need of help they are only using her it's only shentu that always helps her..

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