All the new things you can do in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1

All the new things you can do in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1

100 thoughts on “All the new things you can do in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1

  1. Why didn't FOX cover this? Oh that's right, they're concerned about real news. Can't wait for the hot scoop tomorrow WP! "CEO of Fortnite will get impeached and marry Kim Jong Un"

  2. Apparently this is what most the main streamm media are covering now an overrated kids video game with a new update comming out….. wtf has come to this world

  3. I'm so upset I never wanted fortnite to come back after the black hole and it did owes disliked fortnite I don't know if chapter 2 will change my mind of the game if I like it or not.

  4. Bro like this if you think the last chapter was better[no hate comment just doing my opinion

    Like if you were thinking da same thing

  5. Being a social worker turned writer, and having been a casual gamer in the infancy of gaming, it's hard to believe just how advanced games are today, and it keeps me wondering what they'll be like 20 years from now. Go, Fortnite.

  6. Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon which owns Twitch which Fortnite is a major game being streamed there for their ad revenue :thinking:

  7. Washington post. When they aren’t busy with fake news they post anything pop culture craves for that we don’t need lol

  8. It’s weird how WP and Fox are covering Fortnite like it’s real news. Almost like anyone can pay the news to say what they want.

  9. Those that are asking, Washington Post started a New Gaming department this week. That is why they are covering gaming news now.

  10. Why are they covering this. The world is on fire, our government has turned into an oligarchy, coal burning is endorsed by the EPA, and the EPA is handing over national parks to private companies to make amusement parks. Why are they covering a damm video game

  11. YouTube trending, news section, Washington Post, a Fornite ad.
    Then you're wondering why media is losing credibility.

  12. Yeah i need help whenever i try playing anything besides solos i cant ready up like the button dosent work at all but in solos it dors

  13. wow lol who else is laughing 😂 because washingtin post is doing this fortnite chapter two and i miss…. old fortnite…😭😭😭😭😭

  14. you forgot that you could blow up gas stations and ride boats on land and hide in stuff. and you forgot all the weapons and items they removed

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