Alienware m15/m17 hands-on: A slim Area 51m

Alienware m15/m17 hands-on: A slim Area 51m

this isn’t hey what is this this is a
new this is last year’s Alienware m15 made things then made it small and
apparently the looks a little bit too much for some people who thought you
know what I’m an alien or a fan I like the old looks or I like a different look
let’s do something different well you were heard you and this year we have the
brand new Alienware m15 as you can see the styling is very reminiscent of the
big ol area 51 M it has the rounded exhaust ports it has the LEDs a little
hard to see right down this lighting looks nice I really like that LEDs nice
let’s look at the bottom because you like it
look honeycomb the honeycomb hexagons vents that we also saw in the area 51
very nice very nice it’s also really thin but there’s a lot more to this
laptop than just how it looks folks because it’s what’s inside that matters
let’s get to the keyboard this is actually very important Alienware said
you know what gaming keyboards and laptops percy thin laptops silicon of
stink some people have tried to put in those thin canopies those things stink
to today what they said is they went in and tuned and design a keyboard so you
would get a really good tactile feedback it is still rubber dome it is not
mechanical but I will tell you I’ve used mechanical thin keyboards they’re not
that great this one when you type on it that’s a really good bunch of it has a
really good bump to it I’m gonna I’m gonna type of course you can’t see
you’re just seeing the type present oh you it just has a really good that
actuation point feels almost mechanical to me it’s just good but it’s definitely
not a mechanical keyboard as and you’d get from a full-size keyboard but this
is pretty nice travels improved the older m15 had 1.4 millimeters travel the
new one has 1.7 millimeters so inside the only where said we put in Intel’s
brand new 8 core CPU so core i9 is basically the the unlock part of the
8 core ninth gen part and they’ll run everywhere from gtx 1650 if you want it
all the way up to 2080 max-q of course I know of course
everybody the internet Amelie says oh this thing is all gonna be a blow here
no luck so it’s gonna throttle all kinds of stuff I know I know I asked they only
were how are you gonna handle it and said well one things they did is they
redesigned the power delivery on this laptop so that they can drive the CPU
and the GPU harder than they could on the previous design in fact they’re
saying they’re seeing basically the CPU run at five point two gigahertz let me
say that again folks 5.2 gigahertz single-threaded obviously without
throttling so that’s pretty decent so you’re gonna throw in a twenty eighty
also just for cooling they put they basically put a power of thermal budget
of 100 watts for the GPU 45 watts for the CPU so it’s probably gonna run
pretty hard for Street options kind of like the current Alienware area 51 M
it’s crazy you get everything you get everything from 60 Hertz fhd all the way
up to 240 Hertz as well as 4k OLED with a new blue light
remover feature that’s pretty cool what kind of upgrades there for the 17 – 17
it’s essentially a bigger version of it both of the ethernet options one gigabit
or 2.5 Gigabit I’m gonna guess it’s killer parts let’s look at the 17 so if
if an area area 51 is too big for you this is pretty thin oh and far as
thickness the previous m15 was about 22 millimeters this one’s about 17
millimeters or sorry 20 millimeters there’s a certain point where it is 17
millimeters so it is pretty thin roughly 5 pounds let’s also get into what’s
inside because I know people like to talk about upgrading these things to
make it this then one compromise alien word did was they went away from
sodium’s you know modules that you could pull the memory in and out the memory is
soldered down on the board which means you’re not gonna be able to change it
right folks they did make available to em about two slots and they are on the
bottom so you could pull the bottom off and put in a bigger 2 terabyte m2 SSD
when you want to but the memory is gonna be permanent keep in mind today one the
options for memory will be 8 gigs or 16 I know that’s gonna be a needle stop for
needle scratch for some they do say that yeah we are gonna get to 1632 but we
need the memory technology to get there so definitely get the 16 gig folks oh
one last thing it also has the option for Toby eye
tracker on the top-end screens you can buy it if you buy the 4k you buy the 240
Hertz you gonna OLED for the Tobii eye tracker now not available on the bottom
and also a full Microsoft precision trackpad drivers and let’s get into the
price they both start at $14.99 and of course as you pile on options is it
going to get more expensive so everywhere from i-5 all the way up to
core I 9 and everywhere from 1650 GTX 1650 all the way up to an RT X 2080 you
can order in June 11th and you’ll be able to get it on July 1st I can’t wait
to get one in I am very interested to see if the 8 core Core I 9 can really do
what they say well in this laptop 5.2 is a lot so let’s see if we can do it also
I think people will like the new redesign of the redesign or the redesign
of the redesign yeah I like it I didn’t mind the old one myself obviously some
people didn’t like it oh and also no G sync option interestingly the whole idea
is we want give you a decent battery life and I think the battery capacity is
about 77 watt hours I’m fairly decent so you’re gonna get you know 4 or 5 hours
of use out of it probably you know g-sync really does kill battery because
you’ve got the GPU and all the time that doesn’t happen with this laptop cool
alright can’t wait to see it

100 thoughts on “Alienware m15/m17 hands-on: A slim Area 51m

  1. The old non-m versions with the lateral rgb strip had a way better design and apparently a stiffer chassi. It's bad that dell ditched it

  2. Prefer my last year's M15, with the full keyboard and 32 gig of ram. 2 m.2 drives plus room for. 2.5 HDD, despite the fact it's only running 8750 and 1070 max q

  3. wow 20mm and we can't change the RAM?ROG Zephyrus S is 15mm and even Razer Blade 15 is like 17mm, that cooling better be really good if you can't change the RAM despite not being so thin, also the fact these guys have the nerve to charge extra for 16GB when anybody else would give them as standard (except Apple)

  4. It was going perfect until they said "NO So-DIMMs". If they changed the desing after 1 year. Hope they change back to So-DIMMs the next one.

  5. You can mock the people who are concerned about the thermals all you want , but this is a very real and valid concern based on all allienware models in the last few years.

  6. I am digging the new look. Maybe next year. Hopefully the Aurora gets a redesign if so I will buy that this year and the 15m next year.

  7. Keep in mind you get full desktop gpud and cpus in the 51m. When compared to the max q versions. If you truely care about that performance dont settle

  8. This looks so much better than their current lineup save for the Area 51m. I would have actually purchased this instead if it were out and had the macro keys on the side. Instead, I went with the Area 51m.

  9. soldered ram really!! plus to thin to cope with that new i99980HK. shame was really looking foward to this laptop as it comes with a 4K oled option which would have been great for video editng, just dont understand how the m15 has UHD screen and yet the m17 has only FHD option, where's the sense in that? you would think that the larger screen would have UHD as it would make more sense. The new HP OMEN X2S has the new i99980hk has proper RAM up to 32 i believe and also 4k oled option and 2 displays overall better looking machine and probably cheaper, once again they just cant seemed to nail it! just like the AREA 51M great machine but no UHD option why?? that 9900K RTX 2080 could easily run UHD oh well maybe one day they will get it right lol.

  10. You're such a liar. It won't come with a 2080, only Max-Q varients or a full 2060. Get your shit straight disgusting liar.

  11. They smoking crack, shit doesn’t have the fans to dissipate the heat… Physics doesn’t lie…to thin


  12. Yes I really like this and will buy one when it releases. I've been using a HP star wars themed (forgot the model number but it's not that important) laptop for like 5 years now and it's time for an upgrade. Can not wait it's looks so gorgeous

  13. This new Max-Q lines are so disappointing…. where is Gsync? After paying and getting all those specs then heading to TEARING what's the point :-S

  14. Soldered RAM on a strictly gaming laptop.. ouch. Don't begin doing soldered, everyone and their mother's know it's a pricing gimmick. "Can't upgrade RAM cheaper down the road if it can't be upgraded at all" not that Dell-Alienwares ever made it easy to find a compatible brand.. I love Alienware but this move was unfortunate on such a nice new model

  15. it looks like a cheap copy of area 51, they should not kill the existing design with iconic triangle lines

  16. So is the soldered ram 8gb or 16? So if it is 16Gb soldered and it has one expandable slot doesn’t that mean we can have 32gb?

  17. I have no doubt that this is a lovely "laptop" but it definately isn't a slim 51m which is a desktop replacement, check out this review if the 51m interests you

  18. I like Razer Blade thin keys, their good and work well, not as load as stupid gaming keyboard keys.

  19. Looking for an RTX2060 laptop with a 1080p 144hz panel and this one might just be it for me.
    I'm currently considering the Acer Triton 500 but I'll have to wait and see how this turns out, because the Triton 500 has such a damn nice price point.

    Any ideas when we'll see this new update for the European alienware store?

  20. I'm confused about the memory. Why can they not do 32GB? "The technology is not quite there yet"… it isn't? How so when many other laptops can do 32GB np.

  21. I like this guy. He addresses ACTUAL technical points and not just skim reading the spec sheet like every single other reviewer does and calls it a review.

  22. These things are garbage that overheat and throttle themself to hell even after they say they dealt with it… I was a Alienware fan boy but returned mine in the 30 day period and said the hell with them. Dont know how they managed to go multiple generations and not understand what 2 hot is. On the bright side if your heating goes out in winter it serves as a decent furnace. GS75 came 2 days later consistently runs 14-16c cooler at almost same specs. Alienware sucks the D… ell

  23. too slow to the market with current gen, already optimized and released on other brands where performance and build quality are already at and above what Alienware offers. Nice machines but based on the last few years and problems with thermals, I wouldn't think twice as I know these will also be way overpriced

  24. If you go now to the alienware web page, they are not delivering what they promised, hope they fix that, no configurations available

  25. Having only 16gb of Ram , Alienware have completely diminished all video editors that edit 4k HEVC 265 CODEC. they are so stupid dell XPS has 32gb Ram, you would think having an OLED display their main buyers would be content creators! Area 51M expensive but powerful machine then they give you a full HD display no UHD options , not even quad HD, found out the other day that the display contrast ratio is 500 to 1 on the 51M that's terrible, stay away from these cowboys MSI all the way for me LOL.

  26. It’s crazy how if I watch a video about a Lenovo laptop most people are talking about how good it is and whenever I watch something about Alienware I don’t see consistent positive comments. Logically it just makes me think Alienware sucks.

  27. Sure look un-alien to me….its pretty much pressed from the current mold of Dell's cheaper gaming laptop!

  28. No ram upgrade, no battery possibilities 90 watts for dual drives , 90 Watt only works with ssd
    Big nooooooo to this laptop

  29. Good to hear they did away with G-Sync. The 2 hours of youtube I get out of the 99Wh battery (even with the power mode toggled down) in the 15R3 is absolutely abysmal and I wish I could have the motherboard or screen (or both) swapped out so I can actually get the most out of the battery. Either that or just grab one of these new ones since they're lighter and more powerful anyways.

  30. gotta love Alienware. computer manufactured in mexico, by parts made in china, and tech support from India. lol.

  31. This looks pretty cool specially the white one. But I'd rather go for the Dell g7 because… money 😂

  32. It sucks that they limit the memory to 16GB…. not even upgradable in that respect. I really hope they fix that cause this machine is otherwise a beauty.

  33. It's highly inaccurate to call this heat prone machine that has a much better display but with half the gaming performance a 'slimmer 51m'. You can do better guys.

  34. Anxiously awaiting an m15 and m17 r2 legend design teardown . Nobody has done one yet and im sure we all want to know what's inside and repairability.

  35. Hi PcWorld do you know what is going on with the new alienware m15 R2 2019? It's been released already and no body has done a review 🙁

  36. Oh gosh ;( wish the whiter version had numpad. Thanks for your review, I like that you show all angles and closeup shots.

  37. someone PLEASE expalin the differnce between 8gb Ram and 16gb. i purely just want a sick laptop to game on at work, i wont be using it for anything else at all JUST GAMING. Is 8GB enough to run games on high/ultra with 90+ fps???

    please dont just say yes or no lol!

  38. why the FUCK is OLED only available in the shit looking Lunar Light color, how hard is it for dell to give me a black laptop with the specs I want ????

  39. Man if I wanted to view spec sheet I could of gone to what type of a hands on is this. Get some legit tests going. This machine will throttle, Check David lee's review. Upside down board, soldered memory, and throttling because it overheats.

  40. they should have stretched the m15 keyboard to both edges like the m17… that emptiness on both sides make it so ugly

  41. Thanks for the video. I am returning my unit. Here is my comments to Dell on why: The fan noise has a whine instead of the standard whoosh sound. I am ok with the whoosh fan noise. The whine not so much. It is irritating for me and comes through anything I am doing at all fan speeds. The system still gets too hot. I do not care about how thin the system is if cooling suffers for it. Soldered on WiFi and it is a 3 year old product! Come on I can't even update it if I wanted to. Reversed Mother Board, to much work to repaste CPU for better cooling if I wanted. Soldered on memory, again I do not care how thin the unit is and would rather have memory I can upgrade and a thicker unit. Size of the unit width and depth is too big. Comparing to m15 R1 better keyboard but no number pad, better screen bezels, OLED panel seems to be calibrated on R2 – the R1 was to cartoonish. Not a big fan of the Lunar White but HAD to purchase this color to get the options I wanted!! So I purchased a unit with a color I was not truly interested in and thought I might keep it but the issues with the system just make it that much easier to return because I do not care for the color. A biggy, benmarks of this system when compared to a comparable m15 R1 I had is much lower! Not sure why but the CPU is in the toilet when compared to the 8th Gen Intel CPU. Wimpy battery with no option to increase size like the R1. Battery life of 2 to 3 hours is not acceptable when you have to turn everything down and are only doing general work. I am not looking to game on the battery but want a system I can game on while plugged in and take on the road for school or to do creative work (coding, school work, watch a video) Tobii Eye tracking is ok, but I only use it to turn the screen off automatically and would much rather have Windows Hello. Also found the system will dim the screen using Tobii but sometimes the screen will not come back and has to the brightness has to be manually adjusted back up. Using a low cost NVMe and charging 4x as much for it?? PC601 NVMe SK Hynix?? I am sure this coupled with the RAM is a reason for lower benchmarks on a system which should have better benchmarks than the m15 R1. Note benchmarks were run when all Windows updates and drivers were updated. On a good note I was actually able to connect to the internet when the system started unlike the previous m15 R1's which I had to correct all the driver issues. All in all I like the newer design more but other choices made do not make this the system for me.

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