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Aftermath | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Oh, so glad you’re here ’cause you’re watching Game the Game. I’m Becca Scott, and today
we’re playing Aftermath. Let me introduce my friends. Say hello to Markeia McCarty. – Hey. (chuckles) – Omar Najam.
– How’s it goin’? – And B. Dave Walters.
– Hello. (laughter) – Aptly playing a character named Meziah. So this is a storybook
game by Jerry Hawthorne who you may know, he did Stuffed
Fables, he did Comanauts, you guys are nodding like… (laughter) From Plaid Hat Games which makes a lot of these awesome storybook
games, so I’m very excited because it’s the first time
we’ve gotten to feature one of these on the show
and there’s a lot of fun reading to be done
in a storybook game, so we’re just gonna kick it off by reading the Day of Great Calamity and then we’ll tell you a little bit
about our characters. Oh, also should mention there
are a little bit of rules that we could go over in such a thing as a how to play video. There is a link in the description below, so check that out if you’d
like to see it, otherwise “Grumple sits hunched by the fire. “Her guinea pig cheeks jostling “as she nibbles a cherry tomato.” – “Were you scared?” – “Asks a wee mouse lad. “The other younglings nod in “excited agreement at the question.” – “Of course I was.”
– “Grumple snaps.” – “Terrified, we don’t call
it the Calamity for nothing. “The humans had vanished, every one. “We had no way of knowing
what happened to them. “The only clue was the
strange dusty powder “that was blowing around them back then. “And there we were,
trapped in the pet store “without food our water
running perilously low. “We hadn’t seen Mr. Hanson in days, “and in the distance fires raged. “And remember, back then
everything was fear and confusion. “Fear for the need of food,
fear for need of shelter, “fear of predators, it was all we knew. “More than that, it was
all we could experience, “and when the humans vanished
everything changed for us.” – “And then we became the humans. “Says a bouncing little mole lass.” – “Ew.” – “Protest the friend
sitting next to her.” – “Ew, indeed!” – “Agrees Grumple.” – “Humans were enormous,
foul-smelling giants “and they were each of random temperament. “Some might feed you, yet
others might kick you away. “We were always bowing and scraping to “please them out of fear of punishment, “but when the Calamity happened
we were afraid no longer. “It was like a fog was
lifted from our minds. “Gears that had long lain dormant suddenly “began to turn within our noggins, “and at the moment I
knew what I had to do. “My teeth are powerful of course.” – “Says Grumple proudly.” – “So I chewed through the
plastic casing of the latch “that held my cage shut, and then “I began to help the others too. “Soon most everyone was freed.” – “Like Smokey?” – “Inquires a youngling, and all “the little ones shiver
at the dread name.” – “I heard she was in the pet shop too.” – “Yes, we freed Smokey too.” – “Admits Grumple.” – “In those days, she was
just a kitten, sweet and dear. “We did not know yet
what she would become.” – “And Grumple shakes her head sadly.” – “Tidbit and Patch were
there, weren’t they?” – “Asks a young shrew.” – “Yes, they were there as well.” – “Says Grumple, nodding.” – “And they were poorly off. “Dear Tidbit was
malnourished and pregnant, “but once freed we found food and learned “to operate the great cranks that “used to make water back then. “Sadly only one of Tidbit’s
babes survived the ordeal.” – “And that-that was Mezy?” – “Yes.”
– “Says Grumple.” – “That was our Meziah. “The firstborn of what would
become our new colony.” – “The guinea pig shakes her head “and gives a wistful chuckle.” – (chuckles) “Those
were interesting times.” – “She says fondly.” – “Though we didn’t find
it so charming then. “We had never had to fend for ourselves, “and everywhere we looked
the land was in upheaval. “Our story was just beginning. “But just as the stories of you children “are only just beginning now,
we have to learn to survive. “Things are different now. – (laughs) You lost the accent. – “But always we struggled
to build our community “so that together we all thrive. “The humans had everything, but lost it. “We must wield they great
tools the left behind “and somehow together build a better “world from the ruin we inherited.” – Crushed it. “Meziah closes his eyes
and takes in a deep breath. “He tries to blank his
mind, but his sensitive “mice ears pick up all of
the noises of the colony. “The squeaks of playful
youngfurs, distant hammering, “and the hum of countless conversations “all prevent him from calming his nerves.” – “Easy there.” – “Says Grumple and she lays her “guinea pig paw on his shoulder.” – “No need to be nervous,
this is the easy part.” – “Easy for you to say.”
– “He replies.” – “Everybody trusts you already.” – “Hey, I’m new to this too.”
– “She reminds him.” – “You think people look at my bulk “and think I should be out in the field? “I’ve got something to prove too. “But there’s no need to
fret about departure. “Like I said, this is the easy part.” – “Meziah shakes his
head, and the two of them “walk to the gates to
meet up with the others. “Ringr and Whisper are already
there waiting for them. “Ringr practically
bounces with excitement, “and Whisper frowns as she does her best “to pretend she can’t see him. “We’re finally doing it,
the hamster calls out. “It’s a big day!” – “Yes it is.”
– “Agrees Patch “and turning, Meziah and his
friends see the colony leaders, “Patch and Tidbit arriving
with the providers. “Even Ringr falls silent. “The providers are living
legends, seasoned warriors, skilled craftscritters, and expert scouts. “These grizzled
professionals are responsible “for protecting the
colony as well as foraging “in the wild for food,
water, and other supplies.” – “Ready to get to it?” – “Asks Cookie, giving a wink
to the nervous trainees.” “Yes, squeals Ringr. “The rest of you are silent,
but try to look confident. “After several weeks of intense training “you are indeed ready to go
out on your first mission. “Becoming providers will allow the colony “to expand and store more
food, but it’s dangerous work. “The world beyond the safety of the colony “is filled with countless perils. “The predators that once
cowered from the humans “now roam with immunity,
and many critters desperate “for resources have become
territorial and aggressive. “Providers are considered
heroes for a reason “and everyone has the scars to prove it. “You leave at once, traveling toward “the fabled Dungeon of Enjo. “You are mostly silent as
a multitude of thoughts “fire rapidly through your minds. “The providers give little
reassurances here and there “and point out items of
interest on the walk. “But the providers have their own mission “this day and halfway
to Enjo you part ways. – “Trust yourself.”
– “Says Tuft before leaving.” – “And trust each other, and remember if “you gotta turn tail and retreat
then by all means do so.” – “Collect the Raid on Enjo Mission Card.” “This will be your main
mission for this game session.” “Choose a player to be the bookkeeper. “Give that player the campaign dashboard. “Set the Clues and Time Dials
on the dashboard to zero. “And set the Food, Morale,
and Scrap Dials to five. “Set the Population Dial to eight. “The bookkeeper will take the first turn “and play will proceed in clockwise order. “Move the party location marker,” which is on this board here. We’re on Abbigail Lane to start. “Move the party location marker to “an adjacent location on the travel map. “We suggest traveling
to E. Street as that is “the quickest path to your
mission location, Enjo. “Once you have traveled to
an adjacent location on the “travel map, go to the page
number listed on that location.” – Here we go.
– Oh my. – Bravo.
– Wow. The roleplaying was strong. Okay, B. Dave, read us that mission. – “Patch puts a paw on
Meziah’s shoulder and says, “I can’t believe my son is
old enough to raid Enjo. “He shakes his head in disbelief. “Listen, you be careful out there. “Be alert and don’t get
cocky, your mom is going to be “worried sick, even with
Grumple along for protection. “I’ll be fine, groans Meziah. “You will be agrees Patch, so long as you “trust each other and work together.” – That is one angsty teen. – I’m edgy, not angsty, edgy.
– All right, all right. So our mission goal,
“find a way into Enjo, “get out with a bag of Onion Snoodles. “Available travel methods, on foot.” And we’re attempting to get
to C1 on our travel map. Okay, so you can see we start
here at A1, Abbigal Lane. Team, what do you think? Enjo is C1, and there’s
just B1 in between us, should we do as the book
suggests and go to the right? – You know, gotta play it by the book. – You know, this is a group decision, it’s a first mission, we could go rogue, but okay, let’s head on over to E. Street. (cheering) – Love E. Street.
– Awesome bands on E. Street. (laughter) – So to page five we go. Here is our map of E. Street. – Ooh, ahh.
– Ooh, very cute. – And time for a little more flavor text, so Markeia would you read under start? – Indeed, “Gah, snarls
Grumple in irritation “as Meziah’s cloak tickles her nose.” “You see anything yet?” “The young mouse stands on
Grumple’s burly shoulders “peeking through a knothole
in the wooden fence. “Meziah scans the quiet
street on the other side, “taking in the hulking
forms of decaying cars, “and patches of tall grass that grow from “cracks in the ruined pavement. “It isn’t much cover from birds, “but all but useless
if you run into a cat. “It’ll be a lot of running for cover, “but the coast is clear, Meziah says “as he drops lightly
from Grumple’s shoulders. “About time, grouses Ringr. “Shh, hisses Whisper with a glare. “Ringr just winks and smiles crookedly “jiggling hamster cheeks full of nibbles. “You push aside the loose fence board “and push into the tall
grass on the other side. “You are going to risk the city street “and your tums turn sour as adrenaline “floods your little bodies.” (chuckles) – You don’t even need us by the way, Markeia’s gonna do this whole thing. – Yeah, I do appreciate you
made those voices canon. Okay, so a little housekeeping
at the top of this, it said to add one to our time on the Campaign Dashboard, we’ve done so. Then we place all of the characters on the Enter the Board Space down here. – Thank you.
– My pleasure. – Grumple’s a big old girl. (laughter) – We’re gonna place some Scavenge Tokens everywhere there’s a
magnifying glass on this page. Then an Encounter Card,
we’ll draw an Encounter Card and that’s probably going
to generate an enemy for us. Before we do I’d love
to read the flavor text on each of our character
cards, so Markeia, tell us a little more about Whisper. – Yes! – On the back there’s
actually a little flavor. – Okay, so the Tale of Whisper. “The providers found Whisper
last winter while foraging. “She was just a tiny thing,
unconscious and half-frozen. “They didn’t think she would make it, “but Tidbit nursed her back to health. “Something about Whisper is off. “She prefers to be alone, often leaving “the colony for a day or two. “Her senses are oddly acute
and her mending skills “are promising for such a youngfur. “I used to prefer to work alone. “This conversation keeps me
reminding me of that, Whisper.” – Ooh.
– Ooh, that’s good. – That’s like a perfume commercial. (laughter) – Absolutely Whisper, all right, love it. What’s your starting item? – Yes, well she has a chopstick. It’s a silent melee
weapon, and when moving she will treat all solid green
lines as dashed white lines so that’s really great. – Very cool. We’ll find out in just
a minute when we start movin’ around our little map here. It’s one cost per movement
to go through a dashed line and then to go through a
colored line it’s three unless you have two of
the same type of card. Okay, Omar, who’s Grumple really? – Who is Grumple? – Who? – “When the Calamity
hit, Grumple was saved “from a cage by Patch and Tidbit. “She is the only guinea pig in the colony, “a fact that causes a deep loneliness. “While most of the colony can
subsist on almost anything, “Grumple loves fresh veggies “and can be quite grouchy without them.” I will be playing to that. (laughs) “You wouldn’t want to fight me “on a bad day, and buddy, it’s
always a bad day, Grumple.” – Wow, super solid. This is the Tale of Ringr. There’s no E so it’s Ringr. “Ringr’s a hamster with
a passion for tinkering “and the heart of a scamp. “He’s one of the most popular
youngfurs in the colony, “no big deal, he’s
charismatic and mischievous. “His parents are both tradesfolk. “Pearl, his mother, is a master “at food cooking and preservation. “His father, Chuck lost
a leg in the swarm, “and now builds furniture.” Ironic, lost a leg and
then puts legs on things. “Gimme the right parts and
I can weaponize a butterfly. “I mean if that’s what
you’re into, are you?” That’s Ringr. Oh, I’ve got a ranged
weapon, it’s a One Shot. – Yeah, you have like a pistol. – Yeah.
– That’s funny. – I told you I can tinker. (laughter) – Ah, the Tale of Meziah. “Meziah was the first and only “offspring of Patch and Tidbit. “He was born just hours
after the Calamity. “Other mice called him firstborn, “a title that makes Meziah uncomfortable. “He is smaller than the other mice, “but has the sharpest eyes in the colony “making him an excellent marksmouse. “I hang back, if somebody
wants to hurt me, “why would I give ’em a chance, Meziah.” – Okay, pretty cool.
– I have a crossbow. I am Silent Death from a distance. It’s very on-brand for me. – And we should mention
this is a campaign game. As you can see, this is a
fairly thick storybook here. You can continue to play. There’s boxes for your deck
so you can accumulate cards and then be able to store the game to come back to it at a
later time for a new session. And the campaign
technically ends and we win if all of us complete our ultimate goal, which for Ringr is to build a workshop and acquire a toy truck, no big deal. – Oh, okay.
– Cool. – Let’s get that toy truck! – Yeah, Grumple, what
you doing with your life? – I want to build a garden. – Makes a lot of sense.
– Get those vegetables. – Get your veggies.
(Omar laughs) – Whisper wants to build
a Mender’s Hut and have a population of at least
20 other people, mice, guinea pigs, critters, at
least 20 other critters. – She likes being alone,
but she wants a big colony. – Oh, there’s a lot of sides to Whisper. – A lot of layers, a lot of layers. Honestly I have no idea what mine means. My goal is to have Mission
11 in your banished deck box and two or more Alliance Cards in your Colony Supply Deck Box. – I assume Mission 11
is in our Mission Deck. We’re doing Mission 1: Raid on Enjo, so to finish the 11th mission and then in our Banished Deck I assume means we put a card there once
we’ve finished that mission it goes into the Banished Deck. All right friends, now we’re
ready to flip our encounter. – Ooh.
– Ooh. – Wadda we got, wadda
we got, wadda we got? – 24, rat bandits, the
situation is hostile. (Markeia laughs)
– No! – 24 rat bandits? – No-no-no, it’s Encounter
Number 24. (laughs) Can you Grumple that for me? – “Rat filth!”
– “Snaps Grumple.” – “This lot would happily eat
each other if it came to it.” – Wow, so judgemental. “Set up one Scrapper Leader
and a number of Scrappers “equal to the number of
characters minus one.” So we’re gonna pull out four Scrappers, including their leader. They’re the ones with the
big wrenches in their hands. – That looks like a Scrapper Leader. – And then the leader has
the gun with a similar look. I assume they all have, ooh, yeah. There’s the leader, and
then one more Scrapper. – All right. – We’ve got four Scrappers comin’ at us. – We’ll say this guy’s the leader. He’s got a square base, the guy with the square base is the leader. – Square base is the leader
for sure, what a square. All right, and it also says
loot, broken equipment, so if we take out the rat bandits we will earn a broken piece of equipment. That’s a lot of work. – Okay, I’m a mender and you’re a tinkerer so we could do a lot with that. – I want my vegetables. (laughter) – I’ve shuffled these, if
you would randomly place them in the first four enemy
spots of the Threat Track. – Okay, randomly placing. – All right. All right. – That doesn’t seem random. (laughs) – It was so random, it really was, okay. – Perfect.
– That was a bad example. – Okay.
– Okay. – All right, so next up we’re gonna go with our bookkeeper’s
turn, Grumple, that’s you. Draw five cards from the deck here. – One, two, (laughs), I’m
already screwing this game up. Should’ve been the easiest part. (laughs) It’s all strategy, it’s all strategy. Okay, here we go, wadda I
got, wadda I got, wadda I got? Hey! All good stuff! – Yeah, no threat cards. – Nothin’ bad, nothin’ bad. Phew. – You got a little strength,
ooh, some wild cards. There’s resistance and instinct. – Good to know, you know
what I think I’m gonna do. I think I’m going to burn my wild card, my one wild card, hop one square over to then check and investigate
the magnifying glass there. – Okay. So let’s see, you’re big old Grumple and you’re gonna move one. – Yes, so I’m burning this.
– Discard that card please. – Thank you.
– The wild card. And then you will scavenge for two. Now this is a scavenge check of two, meaning you need at least
two to pass this skill check and it must be the yellow card. – So I will be using the yellow
card, which for me is three. – Sounds like enough.
– But also rolling, right? – You do, yeah, for
any skill check there’s four numbers that come into play. There’s the card you
play, there’s any bonuses on your character or
any bonuses on any items and then you roll the white die once. – All right, here we go,
hopefully it’s not a negative. (cheering) – All right, here is your scavenge token. – Everything’s comin’ up Grumple! (laughter) I’ve got two cheese. – Well, bookkeeper you just went up two pips on the food meter. – Up to seven food everybody. – Awesome.
– Nice. – Food comes in handy in between any player’s turn or at
the end of a player’s turn when we are in a state of
safety instead of hostility we can choose to nest, do
a little nesting action and when we do that we can remove wounds and spend some food to do so. – We take a short rest. – Burn that. You know I’m gonna hold onto these,
I think I’m good for now. Because with all those
fools in the corner, not to metagame, but I’m gonna hold on. – Okay, fair, you wanna be able to defend if it comes to that. – When.
(Becca laughs) – All right now in a player turn, had you drawn the Calamity
we would’ve dealt with that. You didn’t draw any threat cards you did your actions so
now we check the threat, no threat cards on those
enemies, they sit tight. So Ringr’s just gonna draw five cards. – I believe in you, Ringr. – Doin’ a better job than I did. – Thank you, no threats,
no threats, no threats. Okay, so we got some threats. (laughter) Two in fact, so if you
would shuffle those up and then place them under
the first two enemies. – And okay.
– Great. (Omar laughs) – Okay, you know what,
it’s actually better that the bigger number
went on the Scrapper Leader because that means that they do not have a ranged attack, they have a melee attack. Anyway I’ve got three cards to work with and they’re all agility
based so let’s see. I can use them to move and I can use them to do ranged attacks,
and I’ve got a One Shot. So that sounds smart to me. I could also do it from a hiding place. – If you get to the hiding
place to shoot ’em, yeah. – A hiding place is a place on the map with this picture of an
eye and a line through it. That means that as long as you are not a character that is
listed as big, like Grumple, you could go there and not
be seen by the enemies. – Grumple’s not a hider.
– No. – Grumple’s a doer. (laughter) – Here’s my plan, I’m
gonna spend one agility to move a little bit
closer and I’m gonna say, What up you stupid Scrappers, and I’m gonna go for this
weak Scrapper down here because I have a better
chance of hitting them with the defensive value of six here. So my goal is to get to six. Here’s what I can do: I can play a two, then I can play an additional card with the same number or symbol,
turns out this card has both, so I’m at four, then I’ll add plus one because of Ringr’s modifier
on my character ability, that puts me at five, plus
one because of my One Shot and this is a ranged weapon
too, so I’m two squares away from all those baddies,
so I have five so far and I’m gonna roll the dice.
– No, that’s six. – I have six so far.
– And six is what you need. – That’s all I need but
I might get a minus. But I won’t get a minus, I’ll get a plus. (cheering) – All right, so let’s see I was targeting the Scrapper with the
gun in the back there. Took him out, only had a health of one. – That’s it!
– Goodbye. Removed from play, and I’m
outta cards so my turn is over, but let’s go ahead and look at the end of the player turn, we check the threat. If it is a hostile
environment and there are more threat cards than enemy
cards which there are not, so the enemies don’t get a turn. (cheering) Oh wait, so by taking it out I made it more likely that they would come for us. – Also true. That’s all right, they
made it like that, not us. – That’s true. – So I draw five, correct? – You sure do. – Two, three, four, five. – You’re all so good at getting cards. – Hey, all right, and also
good at getting no threat. – Yes. – Okay, so how many spaces
do I need to get into hiding from here ’cause I’m here? – Well, that’s an interesting question. So there is this green line in between you and the hiding space. And if it’s a colored
line that means you either need to have a card that
can spend three movement to get across it or if you pay a total of two movement
cards that are the same color or same number then you only have to, that counts as one
movement if you’re paying at least two cards to do some movin’. – So if I spend these two cards here even though it’s four it’d only cost me one movement to get across. – Correct, and then you could
still move three more times, so that’s probably the way. – So I’m gonna go one,
two, three to get up here. – Sweet. – Which things happen in that space. I’m hiding and then there’s potentially looting and then something else? – Yeah there is, so you would
read the three of eyeballs. Since we can’t move it
do you want me to read? – Please, but read it like Meziah. – “The shadow of an
abandoned car looks like “it would make a great hiding place. “Rule reminder: hiding
spot, a character on “that symbol cannot be targeted “by an enemy in a different space. “An enemy will not move toward a character “that is hiding unless there are “no other characters to move toward.” Meaning they can melee hit you if they happen to be in that space. – All right I’m gonna spend
this to loot what this is here. – Awesome, so perfect, you’re
spending your instinct card. Great, so that’s a total of two, but you do still have to roll the dice. – Just in case. – Skill check.
– Yep, nope I made it. – Nice.
– Super made it. – So what did I get? – You tell me. – A battery. (gasping) – Those come in handy.
– That’s important. – Really handy.
– Yep. So that’s there, okay. – In the future we will fast travel by riding in tiny little power cars and so you need batteries to fuel them. – Okay, I guess I abandon that thing. – Yeah, actually once we use
one of these scavenge tokens that token is gone forever from the game, so we start leveling up
because these are cost two, sometimes there’s difficulty
level three and four. – Yikes. – And I’m about to blast somebody. (laughter) What’s the defense on the leader? – Seven.
– Well, everybody has seven. – They’ve all got seven? – Yeah. – I’m gonna take out the leader. So I have one of my agility here, and I’m gonna use the wild
card so that’ll be two. And then I’ve got a plus
two bonus, so it’s four and then my crossbow gives
me one so that’s five. – Okay.
– Yes. Come on, two. – No.
– No. – Back down to four.
– That is a not hit. – Worth going for it. They didn’t even see it come at them. – Oh no, that didn’t matter, my ability didn’t matter so that’s my turn. – Cool, and because you didn’t draw any threat cards then you didn’t make it any more
dangerous for other players. – Thank you for my five cards. – Hope I didn’t curse them. – Oh, yay, no threat cards. – Yeah! – That means you’re gonna
get all the red cards, Omar. But you don’t have to draw
many, so actually it will be Ringr that is gonna
draw all the red cards. – You’re welcome. – Okay, so with my chopstick, Whisper does not pay attention
to solid green lines, they are like dashed white lines for her. That’d just be one movement. I’m gonna go for that scavenging area that we have right there. So how many spaces is
that, that’s one, two, that’s two movement, oh. Okay, so for that movement
I’m gonna use this card ’cause it was three, right? – Agility three. – Yay, so do that. Then I am going to go for scavenging and I’m gonna use this really
super sweet wild card for it. – Perfect.
– Yes. – Roll that die. – ‘Cause I don’t have any other pluses when it comes to smarts. (cheering) – So you got five, all right,
overkill, overscavenged. – And we’ve got cheese. – We got cheese!
– We have cheese! – We have two cheese. – Two cheese?
– Two cheese. – Yo, we’re up to nine cheese. – We have so much cheese. We got cheese on cheese on cheese. – Cheese on cheese. – So I used this for that,
yes, yes I did, yes I did. – Okay, but there is more to be had because there is more to scavenge there and I have the possible
willpower to do it, so we’re gonna go for that other scavenge. I still just have this one, but we’ll see, I just need a plus one. (cheering) – There you go.
– What do we have? – And Whisper found two gears, two gears. (gasping) – Yeah, that’s scrap, our
Scrap o’ Meter goes up. We can use that for crafting
broken items into fixed items. – Nice, scrap is up to seven everyone. – Solid scrapping. – Whisper was super quick and super silent and you know just all the Whisper-ness, but still has a bit of movement. I want to make it to the hiding spot. – Three away, you could do it. – But I feel like I need
to save this for combat. Yeah, so is there anything
else on that space I can do? – Oh yeah, you can just
resolve this eye number one. Can you read that from there or? – You notice a human shoe,
once a fancy, vibrant red, it is now covered in a thin layer of dust. Some say when the humans disappeared all that was left were the
shoes and wisps of dust that drifted away on the breeze. – What about the rest of their clothes? – All shoes. (laughter) – Yeah, so Whisper sticks
her little paw in it and is like, they were
huge, and that’s it, that’s her thing with that. I’m gonna keep my cards, Whisper’s got a boxcutter and a will to rumble. – All right, two cards for Omar. – Because five total, right? – Here we go. (shouting) – What’d I say?
– There it is. – Nothin’ but threats.
– Those threats get turned over, shuffled up randomly, placed under the two threats. – Is it this one and this one or? – No, the ones without threats, yep. – Okay. – Okay, ready? There we go, and there we go. – Yeah, that means at
the end of this turn, they will indeed attack, but Omar, maybe you can do something to stop them. – I’m gonna go burn this one, hop on over and then I’m gonna use
both of these as defense. Let’s do it, let’s hop the line. – Okay, here, this space? – Yes, please!
– Next to the shoe? – And I am going to plant (laughter) for the inevitable battle. – Now it is time for the enemy turn. First we determine actions, so
let’s look at Scrapper Leader and there’s a two as the
threat number under that card so what is the name of the action? – “Aimed Potshot, this attack targets “the farthest character within its range.” – Okay, and then what’s the movement? – It does not have a
movement, it has a zero. – Movement of zero, range of three. – So it doesn’t move, it
just stands there shooting? – So because Meziah is
hidden, I am actually the furthest away so I am targeted. Wow, bro, is that me? All right, and what is the
kapow, attack value in there? – The kapow is four. – Okay great, so I need
to defend with four. I have zero cards in my
hand, I’ll just take a hit. One hit token please. – Do you wanna roll for it
or anything, give it a go? – Can I roll a four with this dice that only gets a plus three? – No. – I didn’t realize it
only had a plus three. – Now more baddies are
coming, so looks like the next Scrapper with the square base is going to attack and
that one has a one value. What’s the attack? – It has a movement of two. – What’s the name of the attack? – Clobber, after attacking if the target is not a big, it becomes rattled. – Uh-oh, that means you can not play one or more action card in a
skill test, so probably don’t want them to attack anyone not big so this is gonna move two. – Can they move over a solid line? – They move over a solid
line as if it were a one. All right, so that Scrapper is coming for one of you and we get to choose. – Grumple.
– Come for me. – What, you’ll be rattled! – No, no, no, I’ll be fine. – Okay.
– All right, go Whisper. – Take ’em Whisper. – Okay, and the kapow is five. – Can you defend for five? – I don’t believe I have to,
I have a defense of four, but because of my class
Odd1, “Use when being “attacked by an enemy in your space. “That attack automatically misses. “Move your figure across a dashed line “to an adjacent space. “You cannot Tumble if you are Trapped “or surrounded by solid lines.” I’m not surrounded by solid lines, they did just try to attack me, so I Tumble out of the space. – What? – Very cool, good moves, good moves. – So their attack did nothing to nobody. – They swing at you, you roll out, then they look up at me. – Yeah, and then Whisper’s
like, did you mean me? – Oh!
– Nice. All right, the final Scrapper
moves into the same space and is lookin’ right at you Grumple. – Dang it. – All right, you’ve gotta
defend against five. – Easy. Are you kidding me? Oh wait, great, two plus two equals four, plus my modifier equals
one, I’m gonna roll, as long as I don’t get a negative. – Dude, get a positive,
positive, positive. – Good enough, yay. Yay for zero. (laughter) – Yay for zero.
– Yay for zero. You do have to spend these cards. Well defended, and now that was the end of my turn so B. Dave, take it away. – Was that you or was that the end of his? – Oh yeah, I’m sorry all
those threats go away. – I thought that was the end of his turn. Am I wrong? – You are right. – Yeah, this is now your turn. – I tried to skip me. – No, I can’t forget about you. – Thank you, I can. – Very selfless. – All right, and that’s
a fun effect, that link. Now the baddies have taken their turn, it’s a little chill for a
while, we can do some things. – Now we take out some baddies. – We have to very
thoroughly shuffle this deck or we’re gonna get some
clumps, some terrible clumps. – Maybe so, and okay, (gasping) I have drawn the Calamity card. This here card says “roll
a die and add your time.” So our time is currently
one and we’ll add zero. – Yay for zero. – So we don’t yet resolve the Calamity because this Calamity effect on E. Street says Calamity three plus. – Yay for zero!
– Yeah, yay for zero. – And there we go,
resolve the Calamity entry on the current, so I guess
just goes in the discard and we will have to shuffle at some point. – All right.
– You’re welcome. – I say we’re winning. (laughs) – Don’t jinx it, we’ll
be cursed by hubris. – One threat on that
Scrapper Leader if you would. Okay, now I’ve got a wild,
one defense, and one melee. I could shoot at the baddies in my space and then run away in the adjacent space. So I’m gonna come after the
Scrapper with the square base. – Ah, squarey. – Yeah. So I’ve got one, two, three, four, and then I could get a plus three– – To hit, right?
– It is very possible. – I can only roll a plus
three for this to work, so we’ll just see what happens. – I believe in you.
– A plus three! – That’s not enough. – That is not plus three. – But I could also run into a hiding spot so that’s what I’ll do
with my final cards. (shouting) Bam.
– Good running. – Glad you’re here. (laughter) Now duck so I can shoot this dude. – Wow, all right, I can do that. – Get down. (laughs) Everybody, get down. All right, no threat though. – Yes.
– Nice. – Ooh, but I don’t have enough, well I theoretically can
shoot it, I need to be seven? – Yes.
– Yes. – I’m sitting at four, I
would also need a plus three ’cause I can only shoot with my dexterity. – If you play this one as your agility, now you have to play agility, which is the green wing in order
to do a ranged attack, but there’s a little bonus way where you can get in a
little more points of damage if this is the first card you play, if it’s either a wild or an agility then you can play any card
of the same color or number on top of it to add to that attack even if it wasn’t the same
base attribute you needed, so you can add your ones to that. – Excellent, so question,
I have Team Focus, “use before rolling any
resolution dice for a skill test,” which you just said this
is, “reduce the difficulty “of that skill test by one for “each other character in my space.” (gasping) So with you here with me,
and I’m like, get down, I step on your back to stabilize. (laughter) So it goes down by one, all right. – Such a little mouse with
big ears, you need the boost. – So I’m already at four, five, I’m just seeing what my options are. You know what I’m gonna spend them all because I’ll be seven, eight,
nine, I’ll be at 10 I think. Let me make sure I’m doing
this right, so there’s one, right, two, three, four, five, right? So I’m gonna go six, seven, eight in case I roll poorly
’cause I need seven, right? – Yes.
– I’m gonna go for eight. (cheering) Yay, I notched the leader. – Yes!
– Leader down. – Boom-boom-ba-boom-ba-boom, amazing. – So those are spent. – Thank you, slide up those
monsters, the threat stays. – These are spent, I’m gonna give these two defense to Whisper. – Oh, well played.
– Thank you. – ‘Cause they’re all right
there, right on top of you. – ‘Cause you have two or
fewer, yes, two or fewer. – And I’m in hiding. I’m like, take one of ’em out,
Whisper, keep your hands up. – Whisper looks over, looks like she’s about to talk and then she just nods. (laughter) Okay, so two more cards,
yay neither of them. (cheering) All right so I will use one of these then to move into this space because I’m about to get melee crazy. – Yeah, welcome back. – Okay, I’ll target the one that has the threat on him, so just do that. So I’ve got a three when it comes to melee my weapon gives me a plus one and then I get a plus one naturally. So five, I have five here. – Oh, excuse me, sorry,
sorry, before we go on, my toothpick crossbow,
“when you defeat an enemy “with a defense of five
or plus we get an extra,” what is that, the salvage, the gear? – “Using this weapon get
one scrap,” we’re at eight. – Scrap it up.
– Scrappin’. – Didn’t mean to interrupt,
but I was suddenly like, ah! – That’s a great interrupt. (chuckles) Okay, so I have five naturally
so I have to get a two? – Yeah, you can do it.
– Yeah. – Is there anything else
that I can put on there, I’m trying to trick this out. – If only you had a red or a three. – I know, if only, okay,
well we’ll see what happens. (cheering)
– A three plus! – Okay, so Whisper did
this whole whisper-quiet flippy-thing behind the red heel and then exploded out of
that, taking down Scrapper and then stands up next to Grumple and just brushes off her leaf cloak. – Scrapper got scrapped. – Brush your shoulders off. This card should be fairly well shuffled. – Excellent, thank you. – And looking at this,
does anybody need anything? ‘Cause I can give a card if
someone wants a defense thing. – You can only give one? – Give an action card to a
player that has two or fewer, it doesn’t have a limit on that. – So here’s my thought and
it might be your thought, I say give it to Grumple so
Grumple can put this dude away without drawing any more threat. – What would you want? – I say a two and a one spans the gamut of what might be drawn,
you could add to an attack. – I might need the
defense just to stack up. – Oh, the two would
help because if you add this two defense, you could
start a defensive action and then any other twos are playable after you’ve started a defensive, or no, any attribute for defense. And then that’s four, plus the five on Grumple’s innate defensive
ability could defend against the five damage
Scrapper’s throwing out. – Can I gift two cards? – Yes.
– All right, no problem. – Yeah, ’cause it’s up
to two or fewer, so yeah. – All right.
– Right. – Wow, we’re gonna get
a piece of broken loot when this last Scrapper’s defeated. – All about that broken loot. – And I believe that makes
this environment now safe. – Well no, it’s not beaten yet. – When the Scrapper’s gone. – Yes.
– Right. The Scrapper needs to act.
– The Scrappers gonna attack. – Is the Scrapper gonna go for me and then I just Tumble out of
the way or what’s going on? – Oh right.
– We decide, right? – We decide.
– Oh yeah! Silly Scrapper. – We’re all like, ha, ha,
you can’t even hit her. – Aww, sorry Scrapper,
what does Whisper say? – Whisper’s like, they never learn. (laughter) And then javelins out of there. – Your threat card over there, please. – All right. – All right, we did all that preparation and Omar you don’t even need to defend. – Well, Grumple can put him away though and that’s the thing. – Yeah, let’s see. Grumple. – Ooh, last three cards. – Is it three?
– Here we go. – Wait, well, hang on. (gasping) – So, we put this under the
Scrapper, thank you so much. Okay, that’s a three there. You both have ranged weapons. I don’t have any melee ability and I only have a melee weapon,
but Grumple’s had enough and I can Throw “a heavy
object or character “sharing my space up to two spaces away, “out of sight,” so what I would like to do (laughter) on my turn is just grab
the Scrapper and go, get out, and just chuck them
into another space right into– – Throw them like here? – Yes, yeah.
– Then we can all shoot. (laughter) – Right past Whisper. – Whisper doesn’t even
move, and just be like… (laughter) – No flinch. – Just like Buffy with the truck. – Yes, and then just looks
at Grumple and is like, yes. – Amazing, great, so Throw
has a two in the corner which means you have to discard up to two in order to do that action and Markeia, we might’ve let you Tumble
for free over there. – I think we did, but it was really cool. – It was super cool. – So I know not to do it from here on out. – Doesn’t it have to be a wild
card even for him to Throw? – That’s correct, yes,
it has to be white cards and white cards are the wild cards. Okay. – He’s too big and stinky. – How ’bout to balance out the fact that we forgot to pay
the cost for you to do your cool Tumble ability
you just take a wound token, we’ll heal him up when we
nest in just a minute anyway. – Hey, we’re cheese on cheese on cheese. We’ll be good. – I’m gonna burn this
then to get out of there. – Where you going? – I am going to hop up to the exit. – Sure.
– I can do that, right? – Yeah, now if you spend two yellows you can get across that green line. – You go straight there. – We’re in the endgame now. – And then you just choose to vacate. – Yes. Now outside of OOC, I would like to gift this to your Ringr in the
hopes that it gives you luck. – Now we know how Grumple
survived to tell the story. – (laughs) I left them all behind. – I wouldn’t mind the
other because chances are at the end of this turn
Scrapper’s coming after me and I can’t Tumble my way out. – So as I am leaping out,
here you go, best of luck. – Whisper’s like… – Solid nod. That’s right, it is the enemy turn, so Scrapper’s coming at Markeia for five. – Actually it’s a three,
so it’s a Potshot. – So it will move zero
and have a range of three except B. Dave and I are hidden. – So it’s still coming after me, but at least this kapow is
four as opposed to five. – Nice, okay. And you’ve already got, oh, you’re op. – Yeah, so with that extra card, so if three of defense with a card value, I have one with my chopsticks,
that gives me four, and then another two, so I
have a total of six defense. – Plus die roll. – You just need to beat four. (cheering) – Yay zero!
– Yay zero. – Okay, so we discard that threat. – Very glad that there
was a three under there. (laughter) – Now we give it a little shuffle. – Shuffle-shuffle-shuffle,
shuffle-shuffle-shuffle. It’s gonna be your turn, correct? – It is.
– I’m waiting for ya. – I’m the only hamster around here, and I know how to defend my friends. – Put ‘im away.
– Oh, just four. Okay, four ’cause Omar gave me one, ooh, we got some wild cards. Okay cool, here’s what’s
up, I’m just gonna shoot with my range and that’s
gonna be one agility card plus I am a plus one agility character and I have plus one on
range with my One Shot so that’s three, then
I can play other cards with a one on them and that
puts me up to five, come on. Bad die, bad die, good die,
good die, good die, right here. That’s one short. (groaning) – And you could’ve put
the two wild with that. – Well, no it would have to match something in the first card played. That’s okay, worth a shot. – Literally. (laughter) – Then I didn’t draw a threat
so nothing’s coming for me, so I’m gonna five my
wild over to you Meziah. – Oh, thank you, gotta make
it count, gotta make it count. You shot him from there without moving, so I can shoot him from
there without moving? – Yeah, and actually as I do that, I’m gonna spend my final two to, you know what, I’m just gonna peace out ’cause that’s the kind of hamster I am. – Welcome.
– I’ll hold them off. – What’s up bruh? I think they got it,
right, they’ll find us. – You just left them? – Oh, what’d you do? – I went ahead. – All right, Meziah’s had enough, to cover my friend’s accent. So I’m gonna go two agility, and then I’m gonna add this other two to it. So two, four, I have
two agility on my own, six, seven from my crossbow, so I just need it to be not negative. – Why’d you say I like that? You just needed it to be positive. – I spoke so highly of you
Meziah, I told all the kids. – I’m gonna hold onto all
three of these cards now. – So Markeia’s gonna
need to defend against that Scrapper comin’ at
her, but there’s something we’ve been leaving out of the enemy turn. We were playing on a
little bit of easy mode. We actually roll the black die and that’s gonna be added to
that enemy’s attack value, which is a thing we’re kinda overlooking. – I should’ve left with Grumple. – So it’s at least five,
maybe as much as eight then. – Well, if you’re gonna
put it into number terms. – Heaven forbid, right?
– It’s true. But guess what, a wounds a wound. – But it could also be less than five. – It’s true, but a wound is a wound and Markeia doesn’t have any
cards with which to defend. – So I’m gonna be rolling both of these? – You don’t roll at all. – You just take a wound token. – Oh, there’s no way for me to… – Oh, ’cause you haven’t gotten them yet. – Unfortunately for any skill test you have to have at least one card to play and then you can add
to that with modifiers, but if there’s no original
card, can’t add to it. – I hate to redcon a redcon,
but since I didn’t know that and I was sitting on this
can I give her the one because I wouldn’t have left
her with nothing had I known– – Let’s redcon a redcon.
– Redcon a redcon, redception. – So try for somethin’ here, right? If I get a negative… All right I got a zero. – Yay zero?
– Yay zero. – I get a positive– (groaning) – Boo negative two.
– Boo negative two. – Because their kapow was five– – There was a chance. – There was a slight chance
’cause it was three and four, but then it got knocked down to two. – We spent that, so let’s go
ahead and give you a wound and then draw your cards and we’ll get rid of that threat for the Scrapper. – All right, anyone’s game. (laughter) – Don’t forget your wound. – Cool, all right. – All right, oh, okay, okay. – So, the Scrapper will
be attacking again. I love how everybody just left Whisper. – Not everybody. – We thought you could handle it. – Yeah, I’m gonna try to go for, I’m just rolling the white die
to fight the Scrapper, right? – Yes, it’s just a regular skill test, it’s only on oppose skill test that you also roll the black die. – And stack ’em all
up, put this dude away. There’s no point in hoarding it. – Well no, I can’t, I
can only do the ones. – Oh, I thought those were threes. I thought they were all threes. But hey you have a pretty good defense. – Yeah, yeah, so I’ve got three melee here and then four with my
chopstick and then five with my natural ability,
but their’s is a seven so I have to get a two or a higher still to be able to do it. – Uh-oh, it is an opposed skill test. – What is going on here, what have we been doing this entire game? – Reading is hard, friends. Okay, resolve an oppose skill test and we’ve recently learned
an oppose skill test means the black die is rolled as well, so you roll them together. – All right, so I’m rolling now to see if their defense gets knocked down any. It does not. – Okay.
– In fact it increases. Oh, okay.
– So did mine. – Push, but it’s not enough. – You had a five, you needed a seven. All right, so let’s go ahead and give the enemies their chance. – Well no, I still have this. – Okay. You could run away. – Yeah, get out of here. – I’m gonna have to.
– Yeah, leave. – I’m two wounds in, I
can’t so I’m going to leave. – ‘Cause I will stay hidden
and just blast this guy. – You’re the only character
left, they do come for you. – Oh, he knows when I’m hiding? – He knows when you’re hiding as long as you’re the only one left. – Where’s that coming from? – He’s not doing anything
because it was me attacking him. – This is still out.
– Oh, okay. – It is his turn. – So now it’s the enemy turn.
– You can come at me. – Scrapper’s comin’ at ya. You’re gonna roll them at the same time if you have a card to defend with. – But I can defend with anything, right? – Yeah. Okay, so you had three and they have six. You’re gonna take one wound, no big deal. Hey, guess what, we got so much cheese. – Use the three to get out of there. – I’m takin’ him with me, that’s my backup plan, that’s my fallback position. – Let’s grab that threat card. – But he moved over to
this space then, right ’cause this was only a melee move. – Thank you, yes that was melee. – What’s his move? – After attacking if the target is not a big, it becomes rattled. – Thank you for reading that. Okay, here is your rattled and that’s not fun, you may just wanna run. – Yeah, I’m leaving,
not worth it, I’m out. – Yeah, that loot would’ve
been nice and all, but– – It’s not worth it, I’m just gonna go. – Peace out. All right, friends now
we have left E. Street so we’re all collectively
on this little location map and when leaving by this
exit, move your party to an adjacent space on the travel map. Pa-chew. Enjo, page 43. – Enjo’s where we’re
trying to get to, right? – Should we all take this chance, every person and eat
cheese to remove wounds? – Absolutely, but it’s actually at the end of a player’s turn when
the situation is safe. – So maybe it will be. – See what happens. All right, Omar, if you would please, read us a little bit
about the land of Enjo. – “Frankie and Benji were mice. “And they sat beneath the
desk in the office cubicle “staring longingly at the temple to food “that stood proudly in
the nearby break room. “Bold, primary colors
covered the temple’s exterior “save for the plexiglass
that allowed worshipers “to gaze upon the edible marvels within. “Frankie and Benji sat and stared dumbly “at the temple as humans approached it “and fed it offerings of
paper and metal disks. “And the temple repaid
them with pungent delights “wrapped in crinkled
bags or at least it did “when it found them worthy. “Those who were deemed unfit
were denied their prize. “They would curse and strike the temple “demanding access to the
withheld love of their god, “but their only recourse
was to slink away in shame “or to sacrifice more paper and coin. “Frankie and Benji dreamed
desperately of joining “the temple and feasting
upon its many marvels, “but it seemed that the joyous
event would never arrive, “but one day the building
shook with terrible ferocity “and the break room collapsed “revealing a solid blue sky beyond. “Frankie and Benji watched “the distant planet plummet from the sky. “They heard automobiles
crash in the streets below. “Summoning what courage they had, “they crept to the crumbling edge “where once there had been a break room. “Wind whipped at their fur, and lo, “down on the streets, two stories below “was the temple, unmolested by its fall “and uncaring of the break room’s demise. “It stood there, as tall
and as proud as ever, “angrily daring, any and all to try “just try to oppose the god of treats. “The streets that were
never empty lay empty. “There was not a human being in sight “and Frankie and Benji exchanged glances. “Things were looking up.” – (laughs) Solid. – Question, do I still
have these four cards from the last hand or do I start over? – At the beginning of each and every turn you have the ability to discard and draw, but I think you can choose to keep them. – I think I’m gonna hold on,
this isn’t a bad setup for me. – Okay, go to page 45. – Oh, Enjo, that’s adorable, I get it now. I’ve been trying to figure out
this entire time what it was. – Enjo! – I get it, it’s enjoy,
but enjoy is all mossed up. (Omar laughs)
– Exactly. – So good, I love it. Okay, let’s add one to our Time o’ Meter. – The loots.
– And it says, oh yeah, more loots. “That’s it, says Grumple
and she gives a whistle. “Jeepers, says Ringr in hushed tones. “You stand in the shadows
of a large red mailbox. “Before you sits a tall
heap of concrete chunks “and beside it is the crumbling ruin “of a high-rise office building, “sunbeams streaming through
its corporate corpse. “At the crest of the heap is
a colorful vending machine “that catches the eye. “The letters, E-N-J-O clearly visible. “Enjo, whispers Meziah under his breath. “Jeepers, Ringr repeats. “Place our characters in our enter space. “Place the search tokens
on the indicated spaces “or scavenge and encounter.” Draw an encounter card. – Do it. – Can we eat cheese to fix wounds first? – At the end of someone’s turn
is when we theoretically can. If it’s safe, it may not be. – All right.
– It will be! – Let’s think happy thoughts. – We’re at Enjo.
– Yeah. – Safe. (cheering) This is card number 21, Nomads. – “Stay alert,” I warn, “this lot “has a feral look in their eyes.” The number of randoms
equals the number of us. And where do they go? – There should just be four,
they all have different bases. – But where, there? – On the enemy symbol,
perfect, you got it. All right, you know what? I am the bookkeeper.
– What? Just so you know it’s not that easy. (laughter) – Noted, we’ll see how we do. – Does morale or anything
change as we move on? – No, it stays as is, but we
have the potential to earn two loot if we handle all these nomads. – Let me do the talking. – Because this situation is safe we actually can
communicate with the nomads as you’ll see over here,
not only do they have their life and their defense value, they also have a communication value, and you have a communication ability where you can go there and
expend the yellow cards in order to communicate with them and if you succeed then we
can add to our population, they’ll just peace out off the board, go back to the homestead,
but if you communicate poorly you make the situation hostile. – What’s the value you need over there? – Communicate is five,
except the leader is six. So I wanna make sure that we have a chance to heal our wounds
’cause I know Markeia had to take a bunch of wounds and I have one so I’m not going to communicate this turn as much as I want to
because I wanna be able to do a nesting action at
the end of a player’s turn. So I’m gonna go over and
first draw up my cards. Thank you. – Get your scavenge on. – Get my scavenge on, but not quite. If I get a wild card I have
an ability I can do instead. All right I have five cards and two of them happen to be threats. Markeia, if you would do the honors. They’re the same way.
– Are they? (laughter) I was putting a lot into that
shuffle too, I was like, oh. – But there’s not more threat than enemies so we’re still gonna get to nest. – We’re chill, yeah, we can nest and we can maybe have
a chance to communicate as long as the next person
doesn’t draw, you know. Okay, let’s not think about that. Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna spend a three
to make my way across this here thick green line. Then while I’m there, I’m going
to spend one instinct card in order to scavenge, and
then I can add one to it. I have plus two as my character
ability so that’s three. Could potentially do it. I’m just gonna add one to be safe. All right, so I’m gonna add two brilliance plus two in my character ability plus, okay I made the two, we’ll do it. – Yeah.
– Yep, definitely good. – Two food for the party. Now we’re at 11, don’t feel bad about it. And I would like to nest, “at
the end of this player’s turn, “as long as the situation
is safe the party can nest. “So let’s resolve in the following order. “Each character may spend one
cheese to remove one heart.” Okay, so each character
can just do that once. So spending one cheese.
– I’m spending one cheese. – Spending one cheese.
– I’ll keep this here in case. – Three cheese spent puts us at eight. And by heart I mean wound obviously. “Change all of the toxic
wounds to regular wounds,” but nobody has those, “remove
all negative status effects,” ah-ha, your rattled goes bye-bye. There we go.
– Fine. – “Discard all batteries from items,” don’t worry we didn’t equip
your battery in any item. “Five, may spend gear tokens
to repair broken items.” We don’t have any broken items. I almost had one when I did my cool Finder ability, but not quite. But we do add one to our time, which could make a Calamity
occur or be more likely. – Oh. – I pass turn because the
enemies don’t need a turn yet. – Ey, okay, so I’m going to take these to to get
into their same space. I’m gonna come over here
and spend three brilliance, make that four brilliance, I have a bonus, five brilliance to talk. – I mean you got a thousand brilliance. – Oh, thank you. So is this opposed because
they’re not hostile? Do I just roll the one
or do I roll them both? – Let’s just read, communicate, “when situation is safe, target
and enemy sharing your space “and resolve and opposed skill test “of the brilliance category” or instinct. “The difficulty of the test is “the target’s communication value.” – So I do one die or two?
– Both die. – So the boss is six? – Yes.
– Mm-hm. – And the other guys are five? – Mm-hm.
– Yes. – Go low, go low. – I’m already sitting at five, so I’m just gonna take this guy, not this boss, not the boss. – Not this boss?
– Yeah, this nearest guy. – So hexagon or? – I’ll go for the stop sign guy. – What’s a seven-sided? – Septagon.
– Septagon. – ‘Cause if you went for that
one and you were successful. – I’ll talk to the regular guy with the red on him, the non-leader guy. – Okay.
– Blue. – I do not make it. – So that’s gonna make
things a little more hostile. – By a little do you mean like? – There’s just one hostile, so a little is the same as a lot. (Omar laughs) – New plan, shoot ’em. (laughter) – Yeah, they’re not so happy anymore. No more talking. – No really, I’m gonna shoot him. – Shoot him. You can perform a ranged attack
from up to one space away. – I’m like, hello friends,
and then pow. (laughs) – They shouldn’t have hissed at you. – They should not.
– This is a wild world. – What’s the defense on the leader? – Six. – Just one of ’em has a defense of five. – Is that the one that
has a threat on him? – Yes. – I’ll take out the one with
the five and the threat. – Okay. – I definitely will and
should’ve taken out the leader, but that’s all right. I definitely notched that guy. – All right, Meekling with
the hexagon base is done. – So what was his defense? – That was five.
– So we get an extra resource. – Oh yeah, five plus. – It is my toothpick crossbow
when you defeat an enemy with a defense of five or plus using this weapon gets one scrap. – Scrap it up. – I shot something usable
off of him, pew. (laughs) – Nice. – He’s like, my monocle. (laughter) Unfortunately that also
leaves me with no defense so when they start fighting
I’m kind of point blank and helpless, but that’s
cool, that’s cool, cool, cool. – Oops.
– That’s it for me. – Okay, Markeia you need
one, two, three, four, five. – I knew what this was. – I knew when I got involved. Well, you’re still good ’cause no threats. (cheering) They’re just not sure what they’re doing. – That’s how you play the game. – Ooh, wow, I got a lot
of twos going on here. I feel like there’s stuff
I should do with that. – Murder is the thing
you should do with that. – Murder, I should do murder? (laughter) – She’s got no melee. – Yeah, I’m all melee. – You can do a ranged attack. – I can ’cause I have that right here. – And that one too, you can do six. – Oh, and that. I mean, I guess. – Is the chopstick ranged? – Yes, ’cause I’ll throw
it and it has a rope and then I just pull it back in. – Try and take out the leader,
that’s a pretty high number. – So I have a natural range of one, so I guess if I used one
of these to then move, I’m sorry, can’t really see. – Everything costs more
to move through except– – Not for my character ’cause– – Oh nice, good abilities. Or you could move over
here if you wanna be ready to grab scavenge next time. – I would really like to scavenge so let’s go ahead and do that. Thank you.
– Yeah, no problem. All right, so you spent
one brilliance or instinct. – Yes. There, and now I’m targeting, well, I’ve got seven, (chuckles) everybody else has six, it doesn’t really matter, I’ll take out the leader. Okay, so the leader stays
six and I just went eight. – Nice. That’s called death.
– Yeah. – This Meekling Leader is no more. – We tried to talk. (laughter) – All right.
– I’ll move these up, and now I will go for that scavenge. So it is two and I have two so yay. (cheering) Whatever it is, I want it. (chuckles) – What’d you get? – Two cheese!
– Two cheese! – Two cheese!
– Two cheese! – Oh crap, I should’ve left
myself with a card. (laughs) I’m coming around, I’m coming around. – That’s okay, we’ve got cheese. Now we can no longer nest
’cause the world is now hostile, but that’s all right, that’s all right. – Can’t eat Parmesan with my accountant. – Now the enemies get a
turn because the threats are equal to the number of enemies left so let’s look at that first one. An Assault Scurry with a movement of two. “After attacking, if
possible move this figure “two spaces towards the
nearest scavenge token.” So that is for the square base. And they’re in a space with an friendly so they don’t move and let’s see, their attack value is five. – I have no defense, so if I can’t defend I just take the two hits. – They’re both Assault
Scurries, they’re both gonna deal two wounds to B. Dave
and then they’re going to scurry on over to the
nearest scavenge tokens and because there’s two scavenge tokens I’m gonna send one over here
and one over here to me. – Okay. Good thing we nested. – All right, one, two, three, four, five. – All right, let’s clean up this mess. – Grumple, do something. – Oh, great. – Oh, I’m sorry, actually we
should’ve erased those threats when they resolved so now
they’ll just happen again and now a little Calamity’s happening. – Just great. – All right, so now you’re
gonna roll the black die and add it to our time,
which is now three. “If the total is equal to or more than “the Calamity value,” which is six, “then we will resolve the Calamity.” – Everyone ready?
– Yes. You did it, you saved us. – Very nice.
– Well done. – Not today Calamity. – Dang it, discuss and I’ll shuffle. – You’re big but still agile
enough to dodge Calamity. (laughter) – All right, could you shuffle? – Oh, yeah. I do have a question, so
originally they were neutral and the threat was
resolved, is there any way that it’s safe now and we can try to– – Absolutely not. – Is there any way back
to safe once it’s hostile? Like you have one shot at it. – You get one shot.
– One opportunity. – I mean that’s how war initiations work. Once in a lifetime, come on. – So six times in a row you gotta be the role or things get nasty. – What’s their defense, six. – Yeah.
– Let me do maths. – But you might knock it down. – And you can attack from there. – B. Dave, you’re actually on
the eye with the number two, so Omar you could read
that passage if you like. – “You kneel to get a
drink from the puddle, “but Whisper stops you,
it’s poisoned, look. “And she points to the rusted remains “of a crushed luxury sedan nearby. “Then you see what she’s pointing at, “a thick green fluid
of some sort is leaking “from the old wreckage
and into the puddle, “tainting the water,
even in their absence, “the corrosive mark that humans “left upon the world has endured.” Ah, we’re the worst. “Retrieve mission card three
from the Discovery Deck, “and add it to the bottom
of the Mission Deck.” – Great, so we’ll add
that to our deck of cards. It’s for later on in the campaign. – I am going to burn these two and hop on over to this
middle region right there. I’m makin’ my way downtown. (laughter) – Where is the exit, by the way? – Enjo, is it Enjo, right? We have to get to Enjo. – No, the exit is where this mouse is. This Meekling as it were. Okay, well too late, really
could’ve use a little defense ’cause they’re coming at me. Okay, so the first Meekling
with the square base is up here and they are
going to do a three, so what does Bite and Flee say? – “After attacking remove
this Meekling from play “and remove the nearest scavenge token.” – And then they move two.
– They have a move of two and a kapow of three.
– Got it. – The nearest enemy is
gonna be you Whisper. Their movement is two and
they attack for three. – I’m just saying Grumple’s
very big and is within range, oh, neither one of us
have cards, never mind. – Yeah, that’s how movement
works for an enemy. – So I have three natural defense. – You have to have an action
card to play to add it to. – All right, well then I
guess I just take a wound. – And then it leaves?
– Then it flees. – But it takes one of our tokens with it. – Do we wanna know what we lost
or just let it, fate decide? – I think just let it happen. Oh, no-no-no, they
actually go away forever. – I don’t wanna know.
– Don’t wanna know. – Do I take the threat with it or do I move this up, what goes on here? – We’ll actually resolve this where it is and then we’ll slide it up,
so this threat can go away. – Okay, it’s an Assault Scurry, after attacking, if
possible, move this figure two spaces toward the nearest, it’s two movements again. – It’s actually on the space with me, I’ll just take a wound because
I don’t have any cards. All right, now it moves
onto my turn, enemies. All right, yeah, I gave
’em a good shuffle so no, I’m gonna need three more cards. – This stays here or that
was their attack turn? – It’s gone and the Meekling
will slide up to the top slot. Just one more enemy. – We got this, we got this. – How many more do you need?
– Three please. – Three cards?
– Three? (laughter) (cheering) – Oh snap, okay, I’m
gonna spend one blue card in order to go up here and
there’s a three with an eye. – No whammy, no whammy, no whammy. – “If this is your first time on this page “during this campaign go to 45-6,” 45-6, “you press yourselves flat
against the cool concrete slab. “Holding your breath you
sneak a peek over the edge. “From your vantage you spy a
gecko war band, clear as day. “They are well-armed and organized, “sneaking through the
shattered land, hunting. “It seems like forever,
but they finally pass. “Clue, plus one,” yeah,
“retrieve encounter card 12 “from the Discovery Deck and add it “to the bottom of the Encounter Deck.” All right, so that’ll be
added to the very bottom, you don’t shuffle the Encounter
Deck, it just will come up. I’m having a really good time resolving these numbers so I’m just
gonna go up to the Enjoy and while I’m here, this is C number one, Ringr’s frustrated, that’s me. “Okay, we’re here now, but
like how do we get inside? “Grumple brushes some dust off of you,” and presses your furry face,
“and you press your furry faces “against the plexiglass to
peer inside at the treats. (Becca laughs) “And look, I think I see Cheesy Crunchums, “oh, and is that a bag of Onion
Snoodles,” squeaks Meziah. (laughter) – I know what I sound like. – “Even Grumple who prefers fresh veggies “wouldn’t turn down an
Onion Snoodle or two. “You frantically search the
machine for a way to get in, “but the only opening is
buried under the rubble. “If you are on Mission One, go to 45-2. “Moving the rubble requires
a strength group task, “difficulty, 10,” ooh, this
is our first group task, I’m gonna move this, the Group
Task Counter to the 10 dial. And it’s a strength challenge. – Like we do it now or
when we’re all there? – This can be cumulative
over multiple turns, we can keep adding to this
group task area right here. “Only characters on the
one space can contribute,” so where I’m currently standing. “Success, each character that contributed “puts their influence card into play, “which is a card inside our box, “and the one becomes an exit. “When leaving by this exit
we’ll go to a certain page.” Now something we didn’t
mention about exits. If there’s multiple exits on a page, we all have to leave
through the same exit. I’ve already spent my only strength card, and I’m just gonna hold
tight because I really wanna use my cool Finder ability, so pass turn. – Right, so uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco. No threat, which is good, all right, this is what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna spend one three to move across the red line and be in the
same space as Whisper, right? Then I’m gonna use my Team Focus ability to reduce the difficulty of
shooting this dude by one. Then I’m going to spend two brilliance and two of these to put
a round in his face. So actually, you know what, I’m gonna make sure this guy’s dead. – Oh I see, because you
used your wild of ranged. – Yes, so two, four, six, eight, nine. – Unfortunately you need one
wild to use your Team Focus. – That’s actually not terrible. I’m gonna hold onto this one, so I have some defense, I learned that lesson. So I’m still gonna put, two,
four, six, eight, nine points on this dude’s face though,
so let’s see if it’s enough. – Okay, and he’s gonna roll the opposition die at the same time. – No, he very much gets
shot, like a lot. (laughs) – Very cool, good shootin’s,
and that is our final enemy, which makes this area now safe. – Which means nesting! – Had to lead him to the promised land. (laughter) – We have a loot of two scrap,
which brings us up to 11. And it’s the end of your turn, oh we still don’t have
any broken items though. – ‘Cause we don’t have to leave yet, so you can draw and see
if you get a wild card to give to you to salvage a broken item. – Well, we also, I think, should continue to finish this group task and use all our strength to break in the Enjoy, Enjo. – Okay, Enjo. – Absolutely, but I want to
nest ’cause I have two wounds. – Actually I can call the nest at the end of my turn,
yeah, I’ll call the nest. – Okay, so each character may
spend one to remove a wound. – I will spend one.
– I’ll spend one. – I will also spend one. Dang, Grumple. That puts our cheese at seven. “Change all toxic wounds to wounds, “remove all negative status
effects,” we’re all good. “Discard all batteries
if they were in items, “and then we can spend gears
to repair broken items, “and then we add one to the time.” Nesting done, Markeia. – It’s like I almost don’t
know what to do with myself with no enemy to have to, ah. – Calamity, spoke too soon. – Why did you say it?
– I don’t know! I won’t from here on out.
– Cursed by hubris. – At least there’s no, ah. – What a nice game, be terrible if somebody were to mess it all up. (laughter) – So you’re gonna roll the
black die, add it to our time, which is now four, and if you roll a six you will trigger the Calamity. – You won’t.
– You won’t, yay for zero. Yay for zero.
– Yeah, yay for zero. – Yay for negatives.
– Zero, zero, zero. (cheering) – Nice.
– Good friend. – Bye Calamity. – See you never, hopefully. – With that wild I could get us an item. – Sure.
– But? – But you don’t have two or less cards. You’ve got three cards, I
can’t give you anything. – What’s wrong with me, why did I do this? (Markeia chuckles) – I’m gonna go straight to Enjo. There’s other scavenging that
could be done by other people, so I will use this two
to go straight to Enjo where I’m gonna participate
in our strength group task and I’m going to go ahead and
put the one wild down there and then just ones, ones are
the thing for the group task, so all the ones are strength
things that you have and I’m putting three towards it. – And we actually should
count up with the group task instead of down, that was my mistake. – All right, seven more to go for that. – Solid turn, solid turn. – And Whisper pulls out
a little cracker sandwich that has some Cheez Whiz
in the middle of it, and she just munches very delicately. – Whoa, you been holdin’ out, Whisper? – Of course. – (laughs) No shame, no shame. – All right, wadda I got? Oh, don’t matter? – It still goes on the Threat Track because enemies might arrive. – There we are, all right, all
right, all right, all right. – Grumple McConaughey. (laughter) – Time is a flat circle. What I would like to do is get
to Enjo as soon as possible. So I can use this to cross,
that’s a green line, right? – It’s three to cross, right? – Yeah, it’s gonna cost you threes. – To get up there? – Yeah.
– Great, great. Burn.
– Ooh, ooh. – That’d get you across
one, not the second one. – (sighs) That’s fine. Let’s burn it, I’m up there, I’m as close as I can get at the current moment. – Sweet. – And then I’m going to give this to Meziah. – Ah, thanks Grumple. – Okay, I’m gonna draw two cards. One is a threat, one’s
a three of brilliance. – It’s a good thing those guys ran. – Right? All right, oh man. – You can use the one for the digging. – I just really wanna use my cool ability to get us an item, but
guess what, over it. I’m going to, while I’m
here, spend this wild card on our group task, it puts us up to five. – Do you have to be on
this square to do that or can you do it at any time? – I’m there.
– She’s there. She was there first. – All right, I have a brilliance of three, so what I’m gonna do is
burn this number three. I’m using my movement to go one, two, and then now that I’m
here, I’m gonna spend this yellow card and roll a die and it’s gonna be a positive number. (Omar groans) – But Ringr has plus two instinct. (cheering) No big deal, I’m like
a super cool youngfur. (laughter) It’s three cheese! – Hey cheese, we’ve been
eating a lot, so that’s good. – One, two, three, all
right, not mad at it. – You gotta eat cheese to find cheese. (laughter) – Just like they always say. – Whisper just looks over
at Grumple, is like… (Omar laughs) – Hey mice in glass houses
shouldn’t row boats. (laughter) – Would anyone like this one? Oh, hold on my turn’s not over and I’m gonna play a
one to the group task. – Ooh, brings it up to six. – But you’re not there anymore. – If you give it to me though,
I’ll make sure to use it. – It’s yours.
– Right. One, two, three. All right, threat, but I’m not afraid. So I can get one to get here, right? That’s the shortest route, right? All right, so hold on,
I’ll do that one there, and then I need, unfortunately
I need three to get across. – Yep, do it. – And then I’ll add
mine to the cause here. – Yes.
– All right. – Seven.
– Eight? – Eight?
– Oh, I didn’t add one, I didn’t add one. (chuckles) – Yay maths, all of us.
– Just throw me that look. – Now there is one thing that can happen even when it’s safe, we
have to check threat. So if there are four or more threat cards we have to read the lightning bolt entry. Can you get to that one, Omar? – I can, “Surge, time plus one. “If there are enemies
in play the situation “becomes hostile and
resolve an enemy turn, “otherwise discard all threat
cards from the Threat Track.” (laughs) Okay, great. – All right, I’ll nest
at the end of my turn. – Okay nesting. – Time just got plused one? – Yes.
– Yes. – Although she did it right there. – Now, next time we see a Calamity it’s gonna happen almost automatically ’cause that’s gonna put us
up to six time if we nest. – Okay.
– But let’s do it. – I mean, at least we’ll be healed. – We’re really close
to Enjo at this point. – All right, it’s up to six time, and we did that all in order of course, we spent our two cheese
and then we did number two, number three, number four, number five, and number six was time. – Markeia’s turn. – Right, I will take four cards please. This is definitely going
to, so we’re at eight. – Hold on, in case you got Calamity, let’s deal with that first. – Oh gosh, no, no, all right. (shouting) I think, yeah, yeah, there you go. And how many cards you have over there? Oh, you already spent the wild. – I did, okay. – Well, that’s enough for us to– – It puts us at nine, one more. – Oh, okay, there you go. – All right.
– All right, so our group task is something to be read? – Each character that contributed, did you put something in there, Omar? – No. – Grumple gave it to me to then give. – No, Grumple gave strength to me, yeah. – Do you wanna pass one of
those to Grumple over here so– – It’ll take me forever to get there. – Okay, yeah, you’re right, okay. So everyone except Grumple puts their influence card into play,
so open up your box. – I won’t forget you
Grumple, very influential. – I can give you these two
cards so you can get into Enjo. – We hold ’em up here.
– Ah. – Whisper.
– Ah. – It’s ’cause the Grumple
card’s too powerful. (laughter) – All right, so we now
have that number three of our particular strength in play, it’s in our hand and can go in the discard like a regular card, I believe. Now this location that
we’re at becomes an exit. When we leave by this we go to page 47. Markeia, it’s still
your turn, do you exit? – It’s totally still my turn. Yes, I am, and I’m going to
give three cards to Grumple. – Oh, just two.
– Two. I mean a total of three for exiting and whatever you wanna do with it. – That’s very kind of you to
get Grumple over the wall. You leaned down a chopstick. (Markeia laughs) – Yeah, actually Whisper
totally does that. She finishes her cracker cheese sandwich and then looks over at Grumple and actually tumbles over a little ladder (chuckles) for the little
wall, and then whooph. – Solid, all right, onto Grumple. We check the threat and there’s nothin’ there, so here you go. – Don’t be a bad thing. Okay. It’s fine, it’s fine.
– Everything’s fine. – All right, I need three
to get over to Enjo, and I burn these to make
three, and I am out. – Grumple– – Moves surprisingly quickly
for such a big guinea pig. – I would like to gift this to you, Ringr. – Thanks! Ooh, I’m gonna take three cards. Thank you. – Startin’ to get low down on there. (gasping) Uh-oh, it happened. – Here’s my turn. – Finally got the wild! – I know, but I wanna make
sure I get outta here, so with that in mind, let’s see if I can make it over that token. I need one, two, three if
I spend two cards in order of the same color to start crossin’ stuff. You know what, I just wanna
see what item happens. Items are awesome. – I think we need to get
out of here with one item. – I’m going to spend all
of my many brilliances to be able to move through
these thick old lines, one, two, three, now that I’m here, let me just discard this search token and gain a broken item. – Yes! – Double A Armor, it’s noisy,
but it’s plus one defense and if you pay a battery
you get an additional one, but we have to pay four
gears in order to repair it. So I’m gonna take a nesting phase. – I have a battery to donate.
– Sweet, okay. So I’m gonna take this nesting
phase and add one time. Oh, well that happens
last, first things first. Anybody have any hearts to heal, nope. Okay, I’m gonna spend four
scrap to repair the broken item. And go from 11–
– Two in there myself. – I got armor.
– Cool. But it’s noisy so you can’t hide. – It’s not the kind of hamster I am. All right, now I’ve got two more cards and I can’t use ’em to
get out of here quite yet. Do you want anything or? – Hold onto ’em ’cause worst
case I can give you my three to get you out of here on my turn. – That’s chill, I pass the
turn, lemme move that time up. – Also, I said I wouldn’t leave you, what I meant is I most
likely won’t leave you. – No, you should go and then I’m gonna go. – Let’s see what’s what.
– Yeah, okay. – Oh.
– Oh, something maybe. – Something happens with the four, right? – We just add one time, it’s fine. – Oh, is that it? Oh yeah, because this thing.
– It ended your turn. – So you want me to go? – Yeah, and I’ll take a
three if you don’t need it. – Yeah, you know what, you know what, since we’re near the end, you can have my three so you remember
where it came from. (sighing) – It’s beautiful.
– It is. And I’m out. – That’s why they call him the Meziah. – Yeah, follow me. (laughter) – Now we check the threat and let’s discard all those threats and go up one in time. And I just need to, I can’t
take it, I had two cards. – Well, it says two or fewer. – Oh yeah, two or fewer. – It has two or fewer! – You’re good, you’re good, you’re good. – Happy day.
– Yep. – Just two. – All right, let’s see. – Oh, if that had been a Calamity. (laughter) – Nervous laughter, nervous
laughter, all right, let me just come where my friends went. Wait up, bros. All right, and then we go on to page 47 for yet another storybook
adventure inside of the Enjo. – That is so cool.
– I love the springs. – I know, so this is the beauty
of a storybook adventure, it just keeps going on, you
go into a next adventure, you can always put all of
your character components and the things you’ve added to your deck inside of your character specific box, throw it in the box
for your next playtime. Friends, it’s been really
fun to have you here. Thank you for adventuring with me. – Thank you, and thank you for saving us from the Gecko Scourge. – Do what I can. – Yeah, it was nice
mousing around with y’all. (sighing) – Terrible joke.
(laughter) A mouse joke. – Whisper’s like… (laughter) – Y’all, don’t worry, someday we’re gonna get those Onion Snoodles. – Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. – Someday you’ll find your dream garden. – Thank you, thank you, that’s funny, that is legitimately a real-life goal that I have, so that’s not bad. – You, Omar or you, Grumple? – Me, Omar, I want a garden. – Oh, well there you go. Be the Grumple you wanna see in the world. – All you need is dirt.
– Oh, I didn’t know that. – Yeah, you’re welcome, all right thanks to you guys at home for watching. We’ll see you next time
on Game the Game, bye. (upbeat music)

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